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If you like your animated comedy shows, you better be home tonight, or at least have your TiVo ready.Four shows are opening their seasons tonight, including the unprecedented 20th run of The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and American Dad.  But the most highly anticipated premiere, if observers are to be believed, is Family Guy, which is opening its sixth season with an episode curiously called “Love Blacktually.”  Family Guy airs at 9pm on Fox.  Details of the episode are behind the cut so if you don‘t want spoilers, don‘t click. Read more »
Variety reports that Seth McFarlane‘s Family Guy stage show will be featured next month at the Carnegie Hall.  Titled “Family Guy Sings!,” the production is set to showcase on November 24 and 25 and will feature the cast of the FOX animated series in a live performance of two uncensored episodes of the show.  Additionally, the show will feature musical numbers from different episodes and some material that has never been aired.The production is backed up by a 40-piece orchestra headed by Family Guy composer Walter Murphy.  Additionally, fans will be treated to a preview of The Cleveland Show, Family Guy‘s spin-off scheduled to air next month. Read more »
While Sarah Palin spent the weekend basking in overexposure because of cameo on Saturday Night Live, the FOX animated comedy Family Guy was making a not-so-nice dig at the Alaska governor and her running mate, John McCain.Sunday‘s episode featured a time travel road trip with Stewie, Brian and Mort Goldman traveling back to 1939 and the German invasion of Poland. Nazi jokes were plentiful, but one in particular stood out. While dressing in Nazi uniforms for a disguise, Stewie noticed something strange on the shirt: a McCain/Palin button. Read more »
Seth Macfarlane wouldn‘t be the creator of Family Guy and numerous other successes if he wasn‘t the source of cheeky and subversive comments.  That‘s why this summer‘s Television Critics Association press tour was marked by the animation maverick‘s remarks.  He managed to crack at President Bush‘s former chief of staff Karl Rove, and it doesn‘t seem as though he‘s stopping anytime soon.  On last week‘s Paley Media Center‘s Writers Room Panel, Macfarlane was the man who caught the eyes and ears of everyone.  The 34-year-old satirist graced Beverly Hills, California in his black leather jacket and Chucks, matching his very words.  He wasted no time raging in support of the Family Guy writers, who were on his side.  MacFarlane, who admitted to dislike public speaking, even joked that he was starving and that he had a bottle of Jack Daniel‘s in his jacket pocket as the only thing to keep him up.  Read more »
Just in time for the election, BuddyTV brings you our list of the 15 worst politicians from TV.NEXT>>Mayor Adam West does not deserve to hold any sort of public office. On Family Guy, West is the insane mayor of Quahog who has a strange affinity for cats and once brutally murdered the mascot for a national pizza chain. Nonetheless, the clueless residents of Quahog continue to keep him in office. He also once had an affair with Luke Perry, which is probably he closest thing to a compliment we can give him. Read more »
The last episode of Family Guy certainly caused a ruckus among the politically conservative with some critics echoing the oft-mentioned “crossing the line” bit.  The adorable Stewie and Brian time-traveled to Poland in 1939, the year when Nazi Germany started its campaign for world domination.  When they beat up and tried to steal the uniforms of some random Nazi, Stewie noticed something eerily contemporary on his chest – a McCain/Palin campaign button. Not a lot of Family Guy fans were surprised, however, as it was something they were expected to see on a show like Family Guy.  It is said that only South Park reasonably rivals the Seth MacFarlane-helmed series when it comes to boldly going where few cartoons have gone before.  On the other hand, its rep’s defense sounded a lot like South Park people said:  “The show is an equal opportunity offender.”  Fox News insinuated that the reference was to be expected, as MacFarlane is a huge supporter of the Democratic Party.  They fail to mention, though, that it was the GOP VP bet who said Obama was “paling around with terrorists.” Read more »
On the last episode of Family Guy, everything‘s back to normal – no time machines, no Republican Nazi pins.  Chris‘ boss gave Peter unlimited gas so he decided to put it to good use.  He tried replacing Stewie‘s milk with gas or go to space, but these didn‘t work so they went on a family vacation somewhere.  They went to ground zero in New York, and predictably got another chance to make their stance clear on invading Iraq. Back in Quahog, Stewie made like Macaulay Culkin, home alone, and at one point he had to get a job and use Meg‘s hats in lieu of diapers.  In a very funny sequence, Stewie went into Chris‘ room, got a copy of some smut magazine, and finally had the chance to get to see a woman‘s privates, but what he saw alarmed him and put him in a rather violent mood (pictured). Read more »
On the last episode of Family Guy, it looked like Brian was screwed for good when the Griffin family found a “new Brian” when Lois pointed out that the family pet was perhaps getting a little old.  This happened after Peter and his friends tried doing their own version of Jack Ass, including a very funny scene involving Quagmire‘s privates and bees.As it turned out, the “new Brian” was some competition.  He played the piccolo to wake Peter and Lois up, listened to Meg‘s problems, appealed to Peter‘s gross side, and was friendly even to the old Brian.  Eventually, leave it to Stewie to miss Brian (and the way he gets annoyed when he pronounces certain words) and asked him to go back.  And when Stewie found out that the new Brian “disrespected” his favorite toy, the new dog found himself dead, in pieces, and in a trash can. Read more »
FOX won‘t air a fresh episode of Family Guy this week. But in the mean time, fans can catch the show‘s main voice ensemble as they perform at Carnegie Hall on November 24 and 25 for a reading of two episodes, backed by a 40-piece orchestra.Family Guy centers on a semi-dysfunctional family that lives in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. Peter Griffin takes the center stage as a bumbling obese blue-collar worker while wife Lois is a stay-at-home mother who tends to children Meg, Chris and diabolical infant Stewie.  Of course, there‘s also the talking family dog Brian, who walks on two legs, smokes cigarettes and engages in human conversation. Read more »
On the last episode of Family Guy, Peter had to go back to third grade in order to get that promotion at work (and the executive toilet privilege that came with it).  Apparently, she was able to land his job without finishing the grade.  In the process, he had to win a spelling bee to sort of fast-track his studies.  Meanwhile, Frank Sinatra, Jr. was in Quahog to perform.  Yet noticing the lack of audience on the bar where he did, Stewie vowed to turn the club into the next hippest thing in town. One appearance from someone was enough to drive the hordes of people away.Since there have been no new episodes of Family Guy since a couple of weeks back, the leading global publisher of mobile games Glu Mobile recently announced that they‘ve reached an agreement with Fox Mobile Entertainment for its hit animated series The Family Guy.  This comes in the heels of acquiring rights to do a mobile game version for Superman, Batman, The Dark Knight, Hancock, Speed Racer, the Beijing Olympic Games, and sci-fi television series Battlestar Galactica. Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
Just how far can an animated cartoon go with its political humor?  Apparently, Family Guy is finding out for itself.  The series caused quite a stir in the government circuit once again, when several characters mentioned the words “Laura Bush killed a guy!” several times.  On a recent episode, the opening scene featured Quagmire dressed as Napoleon Dynamite, Peter in a Laura Bush costume and Lois as a bleeding man with tire tracks on her chest.  She later reveals that she‘s portraying the guy allegedly killed by the current First Lady of the United States.  Viewers raised eyebrows at what happened, wondering which incident the scene was referring to.  Read more »
All of a sudden, the bad economy comes knocking on our doors, and nobody—not most of us, at least—can‘t help but give in and start tightening some belts.  Television producers are also feeling the pinch, and as ratings and advertising revenues slide, the inevitable‘s got to happen: budget cuts.20th Century Fox Television is the latest to order cuts in all production budgets, as tough economic times beckon.  This affects all of the shows produced by the banner, from established shows such as 24 and Family Guy, to newer shows such as ABC‘s Life on Mars, and even to shows that have yet to air, like Dollhouse. Read more »
BuddyTV‘s running a special feature on all of the wonderfully unique families on TV. Within the feature, there‘s a chance to win a flat-screen TV as well as a couple of Showtime prize packages with DVD sets for Dexter season 2, Penn & Teller: BS! season 5, Californication season 1, The L Word season 5, and The Tudors season 1. TV families always seem to be more interesting than our own. In fact, they‘re never normal. At one point or another, we‘ll all wished to be a part of some imaginary clan. Something deep inside draws us to the craziness, the tenderness or the drama. So we salute all these unique TV families. Read more »
Perhaps it is safe to say that Stewie Griffin is easily one of the trickiest, most fascinating characters on Family Guy.  The one-year-old with the snotty British accent and the perpetual scowl (Simon Cowell, anyone?) has been a personal favorite of mine because his sense of humor, for the most part, had been a lot more, well, cultivated, than the rest of the Quahog residents who, more often than not, just rely on insufferable pop culture references, attempts at political satire, if not blatant toilet humor.Take, for instance, the time when Stewie appeared on an MTV Video Music Awards.  After reading some lines from 50 Cent‘s “Wanksta,” he looked into the camera, addressed the rapper, and said, "Well, good luck finding the subject and predicate of that run-on sentence!  And what the bloody hell does it mean, "we don‘t go nowhere without toast"? Read more »
Cartoons on FOX are coming to an end, sort of.  It‘s going to be one exciting season finale Sunday for three of the network‘s acclaimed animated series.  The comedy begins at 8pm with The Simpsons, (then King of the Hill sneaks in with its series finale), followed by Family Guy and finally American Dad.Tonight‘s episode of The Simpsons is titled "Coming to Homerica," an obvious parody of the 1988 Eddie Murphy film.  Though the series is nearing the end of its 20th season, we won‘t be surprised if it would return for another run.  Read more »
Today FOX officially announced its schedule for the 2009-2010 TV season, and some of the changes are huge.  Aside from the great news that Dollhouse will be coming back for a second season, the other big story is that So You Think You Can Dance, which premieres its fifth season this Thursday, will air in the Fall as well for an immediate sixth season.The So You Think You Can Dance move is unusual, but helps to balance out the schedule since FOX has American Idol in the Spring.  It also gives FOX the chance to do direct competition with Dancing with the Stars, a show that in recent seasons has taken several professional from former SYTYCD contestants.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »