Articles for Falcon Beach Season 2

Falcon Beach is a teen soap on Global created by Shannon Farr and John Murray. Set in the fictional resort town of Falcon Beach, Manitoba, the show gives the viewers a taste of youthful drama with a panoramic view.  Read more »
Steve Byers gives new meaning to the word heartthrob. Handsome and charming, he captivates the viewers with his sapphire blue eyes and blonde hair. This sports and beach enthusiast takes delight in athletic activities, which keep his physique well trimmed. He has a boyish façade yet he can intensely transform himself as a mature guy highly capable of handling challenging roles. This actor shows much promise and potential, evident in his extensive acting knowledge, not to mention his budding showbiz career. At present, he stars on the television series Falcon Beach. Read more »
Undeniably pretty, Jennifer Kydd highlights as one of the most admired young actresses today. Her ability to render elegant and chic character roles establishes her as a graceful actress on the television world. Youthful and full of energy, she is extremely capable of beating down hundreds of actresses just to get the part she aspires for. Her fresh face, not to mention her cheery personality, makes her a favorite of the crowd. This exotic beauty evokes charisma in whatever role she partakes, a definite advantage to her blossoming career. She currently stars on the teen drama Falcon Beach. Read more »
Lynda Boyd was known as Darlene Shedden, the sexy owner of the local beauty salon and the ambitious “stage mother” of Tanya Shedden (Devon Weigel) on the teen series Falcon Beach.  Despite her good intentions as a mother, she disregarded her daughter‘s jaded outlook, as well as her emotional and physical vulnerability. Although Tanya was uninterested, Darlene pushed her daughter into a modeling career at a very young age, hoping to make up for the dashed dreams of her youth.  Moreover, she meddled with Tanya‘s life throughout the show, commanding her to stop seeing Lane Bradshaw, telling her to move back home and forcing her to pursue her modeling career again when she decided to quit.  In the coming months, the 42-year-old actress will be featured on a new comedy pilot. Read more »
As Jason Tanner on the drama series Falcon Beach, Steve Byers depicted a typical heartthrob with his beach boy looks, blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, and bronzed physique.  As the lead character, he worked with his mother at their barely breaking even marina while dealing with his teenage life and pursuing his dreams.  Known for being a versatile athlete, he was an expert jet skier, windsurfer, sailor and a competitive wakeboarder.  Apart from being a sports enthusiast, he was also notorious as a heartbreaker, being involved with Tanya Shedden, Paige Bradshaw and Courtney True.  Although the teen drama already ended, the 30-year-old actor remains in the limelight with his upcoming project. Read more »