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The third season of Everybody Hates Chris premieres tonight on The CW, with executive producer Chris Rock making his first ever appearance on the show as the school guidance counselor, Mr. Abbott.  He meets Chris when the latter is sent to his office after failing his eighth-grade exams.  Instead of helping Chris, Mr. Abbott subjects him to several mental evaluations before finally concluding that he needs to take a remedial course. Chris Rock told TV Guide the character is his own sweet revenge on all the less-than-helpful advisers who refused to keep the budding comedian past the 10th grade.  “I‘ve always found most guidance counselors kind of have one foot in and one foot out of the school," he said.  "Yeah, if there‘s a troubled kid, I‘ll talk to him.  Otherwise, I‘m going to sit here and smoke.‘" Read more »
Ever since Chris entered Corleone, racist bully Caruso has been hot on his tracks.  The redheaded troublemaker has mercilessly picked on Chris for the past two seasons of Everybody Hates Chris, but tonight‘s episode will have Caruso on the other side of the fence for a change.Upon getting a dose of his own medicine, Caruso (Travis Flory) relinquishes his title of the school bully.  While this is seems to be good news for Chris (Tyler James Williams) and his best friend, Greg (Vincent Martella), the two realize that it is up to them to come up with a fast solution when the students desperately scramble to obtain power in the school. Read more »
Tichina Arnold is fearless when it comes to comedy.  Just ask Everybody Hates Chris executive producer Ali LeRoi, who has worked with Arnold for three successful season and watched the Queens, New York native turn her loud-mouthed character Rochelle into one of most endearing and likable television matriarchs today. "Tichina doesn‘t have shame when it comes to comedy," LeRoi said.  "She doesn‘t worry if she looks cute.  She‘s willing to get ugly for a joke." Read more »
Becoming a celebrity can easily inflate a person‘s ego, and for many of today‘s young Hollywood stars, the danger of getting caught up in the fame and fortune is always present.  Fortunately for the young stars of the CW‘s Everybody Hates Chris, namely Tyler James Williams, Tequan Richmond, Imani Hakim and Vincent Martella, their older costars have been quick to ensure they remain grounded as the show continues to gain success and popularity. "The kids are great…  we don‘t deal with any big heads on our show, at all.  I don‘t stand for it,” series actress and comedienne Tichina Arnold told the CW Source.  “On and off camera, they‘re still children.  They have a lot of fun, and we make sure that everyday is interesting.” Read more »
The CW announced its fall schedule today and it features all good-looking people.  I suppose one could make the argument that all television features good-looking people, but not to the extreme extent that the CW has taken it.  You see, most of the CW‘s Fall schedule not only features good-looking people, the series themselves are about those people being good-looking, or at least it‘s a very important part of the series.  There are three hours of new programming on the CW‘s Fall schedule, one of which may include the most highly-anticipated new series going into next season.  Before any Reaper fans go ballistic and worry about why the series isn‘t on the Fall schedule, don‘t worry.  The CW has ordered 13 episodes of Reaper, which will hit the air at mid-season.  There‘s a very good chance that it will take over Smallville‘s time slot at some point, but nothing is set in stone.  Read more »