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Bits and details on the background of Kali Bowyer, the woman who claimed that Chris Rock is the father of her 13-year old child, was discovered by TMZ, which may shed some light on the dilemma Rock is currently faced with. According to TMZ, the 36-year old Bowyer was convicted of DUI in Georgia, charged with theft by deception last summer and is presently facing charges of running an intricate cell phone scam. In addition, she was also involved with more than ten incident reports and a number of strange encounters with the police. At one point, she was even held at gunpoint and was forced to “ingest some white powder,” a story in which her 13-year old son disagreed with when he was questioned. To add further complications, Bowyer was also engaged with numerous bad checks and domestic disturbances, which prompted the police to doubt Bowyer’s claim and declaration that Rock is the father of her child. Read more »
A woman named Kali Bowyer claims that actor Chris Rock is the father of her 13-year old boy named Jordan. Rock‘s lawyer said his client is willing to take a DNA test but is too preoccupied in promoting his latest movie.Rock, a 42-year old native of South California, is an award-winning comedian actor and director. In addition, he is also known as the creator and the narrator of the show Everybody Hates Chris, a show about his teenage experiences while growing up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Prior to his work on Everybody Hates Chris, he did stand-up comedy in several comedy clubs and appeared on television shows like Saturday Night Live and In Living Color. He also worked in movies like Beverly Hills Ninja, Nurse Betty and Madagascar among others. Read more »