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Chris Pratt was known as the character Harold Brighton "Bright" Abbott on the drama series Everwood, in which he earned several nominations for Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Sidekick. He portrayed the son of Dr. Harold "Hal" Abbott, Jr. and Rose Abbott, older brother to Amy and best friend to Colin Hart. Throughout the show, he was known for his promiscuity and string of relationships. Read more »
From 2002 to 2006, Gregory Smith lingered on television as Ephram Brown on the television series Everwood. The series, which was set in the fictional small town of Everwood, Colorado, featured Smith as the son of the widower named Dr. Andrew Brown and older brother to Delia. He also became the love interest of Amy Nicole Abbott. During his stint on the drama, he won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series for the Leading Young Actor category, and earned several nominations from the Satellite Awards and Teen Choice Awards. Read more »
I love the CW for bringing me Gossip Girl and for having the guts to resurrect 90210, but there‘s no denying that the network pales in comparison to the glory days of the WB.  For those of us who were teenagers in the ‘90s the WB was a truly special network.  They brought us such classic shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dawson‘s Creek, Gilmore Girls and Felicity, and such charmingly forgettable fare as Blue Collar TV, The Mountain, Tarzan and Black Sash.  It‘s hard not to feel affection for that bygone era, even if it did produce atrocities like 7th Heaven.The WB may no longer exist on television, but it‘s currently enjoying a resurrection on the Internet. launched yesterday and features full episodes of many of the shows mentioned above, as well as games, a blog, desktop wallpapers and some original web series. Read more »
Fans of Sarah Drew are happy to know that the 27-year-old Everwood actress is slowly making her way back to television with a number of guest appearances.  Previously, she had a little cameo on AMC’s Mad Men, and then just last month, she landed a role in the CW’s new drama series, Privileged, which is created by Everwood’s writer, Rina Mimoun. On Privileged, Drew is playing Joanna Garcia’s best friend. Drew will only appear in the eight episode, but this doesn’t mean that her stay will be brief. In fact, Mimoun believes that Drew is someone they all can’t get enough of."You can‘t just have her on once," Mimoun told Entertainment Weekly last month.  "[Her Everwood character] Hannah was never supposed to be on for more than, like, a two-episode arc, and she ended up staying forever!" Read more »
All eyes are on Meredith and Derek as they continue to prepare for their looming wedding.  But that’s not all that’s worth looking into, especially as Grey’s Anatomy concludes its fifth season with a two-hour finale slated to air on May 14.  According to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello, series creator Shonda Rhimes has tapped Debra Mooney and Liza Weil for the highly anticipated season ender. Mooney, known for her role on Everwood, most recently appeared on Eleventh Hour, ER, Cold Case, and Pushing Daisies.  On the other hand, Weil is credited for her role as Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls, as well as her roles on The West Wing, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and ER.  Weil also has ties to Rhimes‘ other show, Private Practice given that her real-life husband is cast member Paul Adelstein. Read more »
For those of you that don‘t know, I‘m a huge fan of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Imagine my utter delight when I got to interview Nina Dobrev who played Mia Jones in the Canadian television staple. More respectably, I was also a huge Everwood fan. Although he had a smaller part, Paul Wesley‘s Tommy Callahan still stole my heart when he stole Emily Van Camp‘s Amy Abbott away from protagonist Ephram Brown. And did you know that Paul was also in American Dreams? He played Tommy DeFelice. Remember? These two were hitting up my television favorites before I was old enough and wise enough to write about TV for a living. I made a point to catch up with them both at the Entertainment Weekly and SyFy Comic-Con party in San Diego earlier this year. Read more »
Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the set of America‘s favorite new show V. Obviously, i was excited to see the spaceship and lizard-alien gadgets but was surprised to find out V films in this huge green screen warehouse. I‘ve seen a big green screen or two in my time but this one takes the cake. But, despite the fact that I didn‘t get to run around on a spaceship, I was able to interview the amazingly talented and wonderfully friendly cast of the new hit ABC series.  Read more »
It‘s been some time since we last saw Gregory Smith on the small and big screen but now he‘s back with several movie projects and a TV pilot to make up for lost time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 26-year-old actor, best known as Ephram Brown on the TV series Everwood, has booked roles in Dream House, Whirligig and Conception. Read more »
Judging on people‘s reactions regarding the twin Mercy West promotions on Grey‘s Anatomy, fans of the show (1) like Jesse Williams‘ eyes and (2) aren‘t exactly fond of Sarah Drew‘s character.No ‘Jastina‘ Next Season on ‘Grey‘s Anatomy‘As it is, the Everwood alum says she is perfectly aware that April is not the most popular doctor in Seattle Grace, and when she found out her babbling / oversharing would get McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) shot in the finale, her reaction said it all: "Oh, come on, guys, really? They already hate my character, now they‘re going to hate her even more!" Read more »
It‘s already Comic-Con season, so we‘re assuming you‘re well aware of BuddyTV‘s panel this year. Tomorrow, we‘re kicking off "Obsession: How TV and Movies Go from Fascination to Phenomenon" (in Room 23ABC!) with a wide array of guests. Since you‘re going to be surrounded by experts there, we decided to help you out and check on how much you know about the panelists. After all, you wouldn‘t want to look like an ignorant sap as you grace the gates of Comic-Con, would you?  Read more »
The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con is finally upon us! Over the next few days, the geeks and nerds of the world will descend upon southern California like a swarm of interestingly-dressed locusts. And BuddyTV will be amongst them! This year, in addition to getting the latest Comic-Con scoop from your favorite TV shows, BuddyTV will also be hosting its very own panel: "Obsession: How TV and Movies Go from Fascination to Phenomenon." Read more »
As the 2011-2012 TV season draws to a close, networks are preparing for next fall. Dozens of new pilots are being cast and filmed with the hope of being picked up and placed on a network‘s fall schedule. As the saying goes, many will enter, but few will win.  Read more »
The Broadcast Television Journalists Association has announced nominations for the 2014 Critics‘ Choice TV Awards, and both network and cable TV lead the field. The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, Fargo, Masters of Sex and the recent HBO film The Normal Heart are tied for the most nods with five each.The Americans, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and Sherlock: His Last Vow all have four nominations. Read more »
There is no such thing as the perfect family, even on TV. The more flawed and screwed up they are, the more relatable they seem to be. Here are 20 TV shows that will make your family look normal in comparison. Read more »