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ABC unveiled its Fall schedule today and it features an ambitious lineup of new series to premiere all season long.  The schedule features eight new shows, including a Wednesday night that contains nothing but new programs.  This is identical to the strategy ABC used two years ago when it premiered three new hour-long shows on Wednesdays.The new Wednesday, however, features four new half-hour comedies which I will tentatively title the Back to You reject lineup, as three of the sitcoms star former cast members of that failed FOX sitcom, including Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton and Ty Burrell.  The other big change to the schedule is that Ugly Betty has been bumped to Fridays, wedged between Supernanny and 20/20.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »
I know you all have been dying to hear who will be at this year‘s Comic Con. I have some good news for all the Twilight and Supernatural fans out there. Although guest lists haven‘t been confirmed yet, both camps will be present for panels, which is no surprise. Other Comic Con essentials confirmed are Chuck, Lost, Fringe, True Blood, Smallville, Vampire Diaries, and the new Peter Jackson flick District 9. Check out our tentative TV panel schedule and our confirmed show list:  Read more »
Remember that witch film with Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, and Cher?  ABC is adapting the 1987 movie The Witches of Eastwick, opting with the shortened version Eastwick, a drama series set to air on the network during the 2009-2010 season.Eastwick stars Rebecca Romijin, Lindsay Price, and Jaime Ray Newman, who‘ll play the three women whose lives are about to change when a mysterious stranger arrives in town and unleashes their supernatural powers.  Read more »
The Saturday and Sunday Comic-Con schedules were released over the weekend. I thought things would get really good on Saturday, but the list is less than impressive. I suppose with four full days of Comic-Con, you can spread out the really big panels. Once again, below is a list of our picks for the day. Check it out and if you see anything missing, check the full list here.One thing I‘m curious about is the Chuck panel. Why is it at 10am? Doesn‘t Chuck deserve one of the better time slots? Wouldn‘t NBC push for a better panel time? Chuck already had some struggles last season, but this season promises to kick-ass and the new kung fu twist is perfect for the Comic-Con fans. I stand perplexed. Either way, it looks like I‘ll be spending my morning with a donut, cup of coffee and my favorite show Chuck.Check out our list of picks below. Check out the other schedules: Thursday Friday Sunday Read more »
While ABC can‘t bring Kyle XY back from the dead, fans can still catch Matt Dallas as he lands yet another show on the network. According to, the 26-year-old actor has been cast as a "hot, young love interest for Rebecca Romijn on Eastwick."A TV adaptation of the 1987 movie entitled The Witches of Eastwick starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, and Cher, Eastwick is a drama series set to air on ABC this fall. Aside from Romijin, Lindsay Price and Jaime Ray Newman will take the center stage as women whose lives are about to change when a mysterious stranger arrives in town and bestows unique powers in them. Also featured on the show is Paul Gross (Daryl Van Horne), a potential love interest for one or all of the ladies.   Read more »
Another name joins the cast of the third Twilight film Eclipse, and unlike that other guy who plays Riley--he‘s an unknown at the moment, so apologies if I can‘t remember the name--this guy isn‘t much of a newbie. Read more »
Things have been busy in the world of Chuck lately. While the show is currently in production for its fifth episode of season 5 (click here for lots of details and spoilers about that episode), a whole lot more is going on as well. A sexy new CIA nemesis has been cast, and one of Chuck‘s stars has shown up in a web series cameo. Read more »