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Drake and Josh is a comedy series on Nickelodeon created by Dan Schneider following the various antics of two teenage boys residing in San Diego, California.  Read more »
Entertainingly funny, Josh Peck knows how to grab the attention of viewers with his witty punch lines and antics. This young actor has a natural knack for comedy, evident in his effective portrayal of goofy roles. Even though he isn’t as dreamy as other teen stars nowadays, he has acquired his own following who greatly appreciates his keen sense of humor. Cuddly and cute, he maintains a level of amusement in whatever endeavor he partakes, which keeps the viewers out of boredom. At present, he stars on the show Drake & Josh. Read more »
Drake Bell is one of the most promising young actors nowadays. His innate talent as an entertainer, whether as an actor, singer, guitarist or songwriter, has enabled him to shine in the limelight. His revitalizing presence, more often than not, makes him the life of the party. Handsome and witty, he possibly excels in whatever endeavor he puts his heart into. His distinct taste in music, highly influenced in old school and classic rock, amazingly captivates listeners of all ages. As an actor, he proves that he is highly capable of winning the crowd with his acquisition of the Nickelodeon Kids‘ Choice Awards in the "Favorite Male TV Actor" category for his inclusion on the show Drake & Josh. Read more »
Get ready for another Drake & Josh movie. Sparked by the success and popularity of the Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake Bell and Josh Peck returns with yet another TV movie called Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp.  Fans can catch the premiere on Friday, August 3 at 8pm ET/PT.Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp marks the second TV movie following Drake & Josh Go Hollywood.  It revolves around Drake’s journey to fame and fortune as Spin City Records pursues him for their label.  But Josh’s lack of experience as a manager, not to mention his fondness for big shrimp, leads him to a messed up record deal he sealed for his wannabe rock star stepbrother.  Music, drama and comedy muddle up the plot as the stepbrothers struggle to uphold their rocky friendship. Read more »
In case you haven‘t heard, Drake & Josh‘s new Nintendo DS videogame is now available in the market.  Released on Monday, July 30, Drake & Josh: Talent Showdown marks the second videogame based on the Nickelodeon sitcom starring Drake Bell and Josh Peck.Published and developed by THQ, Drake & Josh: Talent Showdown follows the lives of two very different stepbrothers and their adventures with school, girls and their mischievous sister Megan.  It features all the humor and wackiness from the television show while allowing players to take delight in an adventure-style gameplay as they help Drake and Josh win the infamous talent show, Teen American Talent, which is the hottest competition everyone‘s talking about at Belleview High. Read more »
Tonight is the premiere of Drake and Josh‘s second movie, Really Big Shrimp.  In this hour long episode, Drake gets a music deal but Josh finds a way to screw it up.  Helen plans her wedding and Mindy steps on Josh‘s toes.Drake (Drake Bell) is performing at the movie theater tonight and Josh (Josh Peck) has arranged for a big time scout from Spin City Records to come by to check it out.  When their family comes to check out the performance, they run into Helen, Josh‘s boss, who‘s getting married next week.  She doesn‘t have enough room to house her family who will be in town so Walter (Jonathan Goldstein) offers her their house.  The Spin City executive loves the song and schedules a meeting for a possible record deal. Read more »
Drake Bell, one of the stars of Nickelodeon‘s series Drake & Josh, proved that his charisma goes beyond his onscreen role.  Last Friday, he performed at the Jackson County Fair‘s closing concert, cramming up the grandstand with more than 6,000 shrieking fans.The Drake & Josh star and his band entered the spotlight at about 8:30pm.  Dressed in tuxedo jackets and top hats, they made the crowd laugh with their antics and enthralled them with their performances, filling the fairgrounds with the ear-splitting screams of thousands of young concertgoers. Read more »
This coming fall, Drake Bell, one of the stars on the television series Drake & Josh, will be featured in Mattel‘s “I Can Play Guitar” commercial to help kids make their rock star fantasies come true.  While today‘s technology has sprouted various video games and play guitars for a hint of “real” guitar play, Mattel‘s version features a unique plug and play learning system intended to inspire even the youngest fans. Read more »
As reported recently, Miranda Cosgrove, cast member on Nickelodeon‘s Drake & Josh, has a new TEENick comedy called iCarly. The upcoming show, however, is distinct from the other shows previously worked on by the 14-year-old actress, as well as the network, since it offers fans the chance to submit homemade videos that could be included in the program. Fan interaction comes in through Cosgrove‘s character, Carly Shay, an eight-grader who stars in a webcast that will be featured on the show. Video submissions uploaded to the site,, may make it into the web cast or the show. Read more »
Last Friday, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs became yet another venue that held thousand of screaming fans eager to experience Drake Bell‘s rock out performance.Bell, the 21-year-old star of Nickelodeon‘s Drake & Josh, enthralled more than 7,000 concertgoers as he strapped on an electric guitar and blastoff his 45-minute set of Paul McCartney-esque pop tunes.  He was backed up by a group of young rockers who shared his taste in music and together they delivered a banging performance. Read more »
Although Zac Efron has been touted as the intended recipient of High School Musical co-star and rumored girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens‘ notorious nude picture, the actor is not the only one caught in the maelstrom of this scandal.  Drake Bell, who is one half of Nickelodeon‘s Drake & Josh, has recently been implicated as the original inspiration for Hudgens‘ misguided actions. According to an anonymous source from People magazine, the young actress allegedly e-mailed pictures of herself in all her naked glory to Drake Bell two years ago.  According to the report, Hudgens sent the revealing images as an ardent fan, before she herself rose to fame and stardom. Read more »
Before moving on to star in her own series, tween star Miranda Cosgrove received some brotherly advice from her former Drake & Josh co-stars, Drake Bell and Josh Peck. "I think it helped to watch Drake and Josh do it first so I knew exactly what was coming," Cosgrove, known to many as Drake‘s little sister, Megan Parker, on Drake & Josh, told the New York Post.  "Drake & Josh told me just to be myself and have a good time. Read more »
Nickelodeon stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck have spent the past four television seasons appearing in the hit teen series, Drake & Josh, and now, both are ready to move on to bigger and more mature ventures. "Ending it is bittersweet," Drake Bell, who launched his acting career at the tender age of 5 and is currently writing songs for his third album, told Variety.  "It‘s like graduating high school.  You miss all your friends, but now I can do my music more and other stuff.  I can‘t wait to tour again." Read more »
Next month, Drake and Josh star Miranda Cosgrove will star in her very own Nickelodeon show, iCarly.  Back to back episodes will air on Saturday, September 8, as part of TEENick.  After the premiere, its regular time slot will be Sundays at 7:30 ET/PT.The series also stars Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, and Jenette McCurdy.  Drake and Josh fans will recognize Trainor as Crazy Steve from the series.  He has also appeared on Crossing Jordan and in the movies Bring It On Again and Donnie Darko.  Kress has appeared in many sketches on Jimmy Kimmel Live over the years and has also been seen on Drake and Josh and The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody.  McCurdy has previously been featured on fellow Nickelodeon show, Zoey101. Read more »
Drake & Josh star Josh Peck is leaving the world of tween television behind with several new and more mature film projects slated for release in the near future.  The movies American Primitive, Drillbit Taylor and The Wackness all feature the 21-year-old actor in roles that are a far cry from his small screen persona. American Primitive is set in the early 1970s and follows the lives of Harry Goodhart, a British widower father, and his two teenage daughters, Madeline and Daisy as they relocate to Cape Cod.  Once there, Harry struggles to keep a secret from his children, a secret that can tear their family apart. Read more »
The Internet is one of the most popular media in today‘s tech-savvy society, and Nickelodeon is banking on the web‘s drawing power with the new tween series, iCarly.  The show stars Miranda Cosgrove, previously seen on Drake & Josh, as a 13-year-old student who hosts her own web series.  The show is also the first program to integrate viewer-submitted videos into storylines. Cosgrove, 14, says the show‘s unique interactive element is what appealed to her the most. Read more »
Miranda Cosgrove, cast member on Drake & Josh who now leads her own series iCarly, reveals that she has a lot in common with her character Carly Shay.  Just like her teenage character, the 14-year-old actress loves to hang out with friends and family."But [Carly] always knows what to do when a situation goes wrong - and I‘m not like that at all," Cosgrove told the Daily News.  "I‘m sort of tech-savvy - I IM [instant message] my friends all the time and I‘m always online - but she seems like she‘s more into Web sites." Read more »
The premiere of Nickelodeon‘s newest live-action series, iCarly, which stars Miranda Cosgrove (Drake & Josh), was considered a huge success as it drew 13 million viewers when it aired over the course of the weekend of September 8 and 9.  According to Nielsen, the Sunday‘s encore at 11:30am scored the highest-rated telecast of the series for the entire weekend with 30 percent more viewers than the Saturday 8pm premiere. iCarly made TV history as the first series to incorporate kid-generated original content into its scripts.  It centers on a 13-year-old teenage girl, Carly Shay (Cosgrove), who starts her own web show, along with her brother and legal guardian, Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor), Carly‘s neighbor, Fredrick "Freddie" Benson (Nathan Kress), and her best friend, Samantha "Sam" Puckett (Jennette McCurdy). Read more »
Drake Bell, best known for his exposure on Nickelodeon‘s Drake & Josh, has just been added to the list of youth-oriented acts performing at the Kidfetti festival scheduled for February.With the purpose of emphasizing the bond between children, their families and their communities, Kidfetti attempts to inspire families on the importance of protecting and nurturing the mental and physical wellness of children.  Set to commence on February 22 to 23 in Ocala, Florida, the kid-centric fun fest promises to be an event to remember as it brings together performances by nationally-recognized, youth-oriented entertainers and musical performers, as part of a large, outdoor music and cultural festival focusing on the needs of children and their families. Read more »
Scranton, Pennsylvania‘s Steamtown Mall has hosted a number of events this year featuring popular celebrities like The Office‘s Rainn Wilson in May and Hannah Montana‘s Emily Osment in August. Similar to previous affairs, the most recent event featuring Drake & Josh‘s Drake Bell has been deemed a big success as the 21-year-old actor attracted a massive crowd of teens.  The distinction, however, is that Bell‘s show was much more orderly.Last Saturday, more than 3,500 people came to Steamtown to see Bell, who catapulted to stardom as Drake Parker on Nickelodeon‘s Drake & Josh. Although fewer people attended his event, compared to Emily Osment who attracted more than 5,000 shrieking fans during her show four months ago, the affair had lesser commotion. Read more »
Though Drake Bell has successfully moved on to pursue his own music and acting career, his visibility on screen has diminished compared to when he starred on the Nickelodeon teen series, Drake & Josh.  But now, fans will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the 21-year-old singer/actor as he promotes two of his upcoming movies slated to hit the theaters later this year.After four years of playing Drake Parker on Drake & Josh, Bell has welcomed the ‘bittersweet ending” of the series and has concentrated on his growing career as a musician.  He released his debut album “Telegraph” independently in 2005 but has earned more fame with his second album “It‘s Only Time,” which he continues to promote on tour and on gigs since last summer. Read more »
Drake Bell continues to thrive in rock and roll.  The 21-year-old former Nickelodeon star who catapulted to fame on the series Drake & Josh has landed yet another gig this year.  In fact, he is set to headline the Steamboat Family Snow Festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado from January 18 to 20. “In just three years, the Steamboat Family Snow Festival has firmly established itself as the signature family event of the season in Ski Town, U.S.A.,” Andy Wirth, executive vice president of marketing & sales and chief marketing officer for Intrawest, said in a press release.  “This event along with pioneering programs like Kids Ski Free and Kids Fly Free continue to further distance Steamboat from every other resort within the industry as the preeminent leader in family programs and entertainment.” Read more »
The end of Drake & Josh has given way to a new phase in show star Josh Peck‘s career.  The 21-year-old actor is easing his way back into the big screen by taking on more mature and challenging roles, with the most recent being a young troubled drug dealer in Jonathan Levine‘s The Wackness.  Peck said he was drawn to the project mainly because it meant working alongside Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley. “Sir Ben has been my favorite actor since as long as I can remember,” Peck told MTV from the Sundance Festival in Park City, Utah.  “Looking at a movie and really appreciating someone‘s process and just giving it all up.  I feel great acting is fearless and I think he embodies that.  I would have paid them to do this movie.” Read more »
Nickelodeon’s hit tween series, Drake & Josh ended its run last September, but the show, as well as its stars, are still receiving recognition. The nominees for the 21st Annual Kids’ Choice Awards were announced recently, with Drake & Josh earning a nod for Favorite TV Show. Series stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck, meanwhile, each received a nomination for Favorite Television Actor. Read more »
Drake & Josh star Josh Peck has been getting a lot of attention for his work on the coming-of-age film, The Wackness.  The movie received mostly rave reviews, and was the recipient of the Audience Award for drama at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. However, this is not the first time Peck, who plays one of the title characters on Drake & Josh, has been part of a critically-praised film, nor of a movie that’s been featured in the prestigious film festival.  In 2006, he co-starred alongside The War at Home actor Michael Rapaport in the comedy Special.  Reception was generally positive for the movie, and it hit theaters in the UK the same year.  However, it hasn’t been widely released in North America as it has been unable to secure a distributor – until now, that is. Read more »
Last week, Drake & Josh star Drake Bell was at Ocala, Florida, headlinining the Kidefetti Music & Fun Fest’s Saturday concert.  The 21-year-old actor enjoyed himself so much that he’s willing to have another go at the stage next year. "I love being part of [Kidfetti]," Bell told "I‘d like to come back again next year." He also had no problems with being away from home, as he claims there’s not much difference between Ocala and California. "It‘s awesome," he said of the weather in Ocala.  "This is just like home.  It‘s like California. Read more »
Singer-actor Drake Bell rose to fame with his lead role in the Nickelodeon hit tween series, Drake & Josh, but now that the show is over, the 21-year-old star is busy spreading his wings, particularly in the film and music industries. This year alone, Bell will appear in two comedy flicks, both of which will hit theaters in the coming weeks. Read more »
Drake Bell, star of the Nickelodeon tween series Drake & Josh, is heading to New York late spring to attend the St. Francis Preparatory School’s senior prom.  The event, which has been deemed “The Ultimate Prom,” is being made possible by Universal Motown Records and Hearst Magazine Digital Media, and will be held on Friday, May 30 at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan. “The Ultimate Prom” is also being featured in video series that can be viewed primarily through, the websites of participating artists and Universal Motown’s website. The series follows the artists and the seniors of St. Francis Prep as they pair off to search for the perfect dress and tux, discuss dates and receive prom makeovers. The artists are also serving as mentors to students with talent in the performing arts, with one lucky student being chosen to perform as the opening act come prom night. Read more »
Drake Bell and Josh Peck have both successfully moved on to pursue their own careers following their stint on the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh.  After four years of playing Drake Parker on the teen sitcom, Bell has welcomed the ‘bittersweet ending” of the series and has concentrated on his growing career as a musician.  He released his debut album “Telegraph” independently in 2005 but has earned more fame with his second album “It‘s Only Time,” which he continues to promote on tour and on gigs since last summer.  Bell has also acquired a number of movie roles, which kept him busy the past year. As reported before, he has an upcoming movie called College, a comedy about three high school seniors and their wild weekend visit to a local college campus as prospective freshmen, and the action-spoof Superheroes! On the other hand, Peck, who plays Josh Nichols, has been busy with The Wackness, Drillbit Taylor and the upcoming film Safety Glass and American Primitive.Next month, however, the two Nickelodeon teen stars will be reuniting again as they begin filming the new telepic Drake & Josh: Best Christmas Ever. Read more »
The on-screen stepbrothers reunite this holiday season for the kid-friendly comedy movie Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.  Though the actors have reportedly moved on to develop their own careers, neither of them forgot their beginnings on the Nickelodeon comedy series.  On December 5, fans of the show will be able to watch the comedy duo once more in the special release of their Christmas flick.On Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, trouble preys once again on the brothers as Drake (Drake Bell) stirs up mischief and causes Josh (Josh Peck) to be put in jail.  In order to stay out of prison, the two of them must fulfill their promise of giving a foster child and her family the “best Christmas ever."  Read more »
After a couple of spin-off movies, the irrepressible Nickelodeon teen duo Drake Bell and Josh Peck have another offering to their fans this Christmas, with the two-hour special Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh premiering tonight at 8pm.  The two are also producers for the movie.The television movie opens with Drake and Josh doubling as Santa and Santa‘s helper at the mall, when foster child Mary Alice, played by Bailee Madison, asks Drake to give her and her family the “best Christmas ever.”  As expected as it always happens on the show, Drake has Josh arrested for doing something stupid.  When Josh lands in jail, Drake is forced to get him out.  Yet in order to stay out of jail, Drake must keep true to his promise of giving that little girl the best Christmas ever.  However, the parole officer, played by David Pressman, is on their heels and wants him to fail. Now this is where everything goes haywire. Read more »
So, how did Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh go?  It‘s been half a week since it premiered, but it‘s as if the stepbrothers never really left.  I‘ve been watching Drake & Josh reruns for quite a while now, and they still never fail to crack me up, although eventually it slowly feels a little awkward—Drake (Drake Bell) growing up, Josh (Josh Peck) growing up (and, let‘s face it, becoming thinner than the Josh we first met), and Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) making you wonder, “isn‘t she the girl from iCarly?”It‘s what we expected, really.  Despite the fact that the main stars of the show have obviously grown up—this is, after all, the first new Drake & Josh anything to hit screens for over a year—it‘s the same things that we‘ve expected from the show.  The plot‘s simple yet complicated: Drake finds himself going miles to keep a promise he made to a kid (Bailee Madison) while trying to get away from a maniacal parole officer (David Pressman) and a prison sentence looming.  Oh, classic Drake & Josh plot. Read more »