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You have no choice but to button up your tails because Downton Abbey is back and the Dowager Countess says so. When last we left our favorite aristocratic British family, the war was over, it was Christmas and Mary and Matthew had finally and blessedly gotten together. Also, Sybil ran away with the chauffeur, Bates was in jail after some awkward bare-shoulder action with Anna, Cora‘s hats enlarged in proportion to her awesomeness and the Dowager Countess was ruling Downton like a boss. Read more »
In the second part of Downton Abbey‘s season 3 premiere, the Dowager Countess and Mary hatch a scheme to convince Martha to save the estate, but like all things in Downton Abbey, it goes horribly awry. Still, it gives us the pleasure of seeing Maggie Smith‘s horrified facial expressions as Shirley MacLaine sweetly serenades her. The matriarchs are killing it this season so far, so it‘ll be extremely sad to see Martha go.Recap Part 1: The Wedding We‘ve All Been Waiting For >>> Read more »
The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards will honor the best in film and television from the past year. Hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the ceremony will air on NBC Sunday, January 13 at 8pm ET (5pm PT).  Read more »
This week on Downton Abbey, Edith‘s wedding day finally arrives only for her dream of marital bliss to turn into a nightmare.  Read more »
Welcome to the most fun you can get from an awards show. The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards honor the best in TV and film, and I‘ll be here for the full three hours with all the winners. Read more »
The Golden Globes are handed out to the best in television and movies, voted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Check out the top moments that everyone was tweeting and Facebooking about:2013 Golden Globe Awards: List of Winners and More >>> Read more »
If you were worried about the fate of Maggie Smith‘s Dowager Countess going into Downton Abbey‘s fourth season, I can put you out of your misery: she‘ll be just fine.  Read more »
This week on Downton Abbey, Branson and Sybil go on the run from the law like the Bonnie and Clyde of arsonists. That is, if Bonnie was pregnant and completely unaware of what was going on and Clyde just watched houses burn down and cried a lot. As a crime duo, they‘re a little lackluster. Read more »
The best episode of Downton Abbey season 3 is also its saddest. Unlike other current Emmy-winning gems like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, there‘s a certain comfort food quality to watching Downton Abbey. The worst danger in this lavish world usually involves missing starched shirts. At the end of the day, you can count on everyone to gather for a fancy dinner to hear Maggie Smith toss out a witty one-liner. Read more »
This week on Downton Abbey, Cora perfects her cold shoulder, everyone shouts the word "prostitute" and the Bates storyline almost gets interesting when he nearly shanks a guy in prison. If only every prison scene had come with a side of shanking, Bates‘ story this season would have been infinitely more interesting. Read more »
This week on the first part of an extended two-part Downton Abbey, Baby Sybil is christened Catholic, Matthew and Robert continue to butt heads over the estate management and Thomas should have maybe read that book He‘s Just Not That Into You. It would have solved a lot of problems for Thomas this week. Read more »
In the second part of this week‘s extended Downton Abbey, Robert goes insane about a cricket match, the fate of Thomas is decided and Matthew and Mary work out their baby problems. While this isn‘t the last episode of Downton Abbey we‘ll be seeing (that will be next week‘s polarizing Christmas special), this was the last episode of season 3 in the UK and it leaves us off on a surprisingly positive note. Read more »
In the season 3 finale of Downton Abbey, the Crawleys visit Scotland while the downstairs servants get into trouble. But the biggest shocker of all is the last minute death of yet another beloved character. Read more »
That crashing sound you heard on Sunday was a million teacups being thrown at the television, as viewers no doubt stared agog at their screens after the last few minutes of Downton Abbey‘s season three finale. In a dark season filled with plenty of death (we still miss you Sybil!) the finale brutally killed off an even bigger fan favorite.  Read more »
It‘s March, which can only mean one thing: March Madness! Here at BuddyTV, we‘re all about pop culture instead of NCAA tournaments. But we do love brackets. So instead of pitting your favorite college basketball teams against each other, we‘re pitting your favorite TV buddies in a death match to determine the ultimate favorite TV duo!  Read more »
It‘s a day of nostalgia across the Internet as word spread that the improv comedy show Whose Line is it Anyway? is being revived with the original cast -- minus one.Plus, late night host Jimmy Kimmel may host the Oscars next year. This comes on the heels of Seth MacFarlane being hammered for some of his jokes as well as a certain musical number he did during this year‘s telecast. And in casting news, another actor from Downton Abbey will not be returning for season 4, Marg Helgenberger and Audra McDonald will both be starring in pilots, and the prince in The CW‘s adaptation of The Selection has been cast. Read more »
Are you a huge Pretty Little Liars fan? Maybe you‘re more of a Downtown Abbey fan? Either way check out our latest BuddyTV Free Auction with the book that the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars is based on and Downtown Abbey season 1 on DVD.  Read more »
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The nominations were announced Monday for the 2013 Television Critics Association Awards, with cable shows yet again garnering most of the spots. The only categories where the networks came out on top were in outstanding comedy (by a slim margin) and reality TV. And non-TV programming is starting to get recognize more and more with Netflix‘s House of Cards. Read more »
The nominations for the 2013 Critics‘ Choice TV Awards were announced Wednesday morning, spanning a wide array of not only network and cable, but from Netflix as well with the popularity of House of Cards on the streaming/rental service. Read more »
The 2013 Emmy Award nominations will be announced Thursday, July 18 at 5:35am PT. They will be revealed by House of Cards star Kata Mara and Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul.Before we find out who will compete, I‘m taking a look at what you might expect to see Thursday morning. What old favorites can bank on nominations? What new shows have a shot?  Read more »
The 2013 Emmy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning, and as usual, it‘s a crazy mix of established frontrunners and a few new faces. American Horror Story: Asylum led all programs with 17 nominations, followed closely by Game of Thrones with 16. 30 Rock was the top comedy with 13 nominations for its final season.  Read more »