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Tonight, Wayne Brady hosts the OTHER singing show, Don‘t Forget the Lyrics. Last night, NBC premiered The Singing Bee, and now it’s the FOX show with a nearly identical premise. Contestants must, one at a time, give the correct lyrics to 10 of the biggest hits of all time in order to walk away with one million dollars. When they first start singing, the music and lyrics are there but as they go on, they disappear, leaving contestants on their own.Tonight’s singer is pretty bad. The show runs like a karaoke version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, complete with lifelines. Brady has more life in him than Regis Philbin and Meredith Viera combined and provides some lighthearted humor throughout. It‘s still not enough to save the show. Read more »
Premiere Date and Time: Thursday, September 6, 9pmNetwork: FOX    Time Slot Competition: Grey‘s Anatomy, CSI:, The Office and Scrubs, SupernaturalHost: Wayne Brady Read more »
The recently concluded 59th annual Emmy Awards had its share of stunning upsets, most notably, Boston Legal eagle, James Spader, snatching the Best Dramatic Actor from heavy favorites James Gandolfini and Hugh Laurie.  While we don‘t hear either Gandolfini or Laurie whining about their defeat, rapper Kanye West lived up to his reputation as a crybaby loser when he shouted “I never win!”West was pitted against The Office‘s Rainn Wilson during one of the awards ceremony‘s intermission stunts.  In typical fashion, the artist who has made a living of complaining about being passed over or shut out in prestigious music awards, wound up on the short end of the duel. Read more »
Karaoke-style game shows like Don‘t Forget the Lyrics are becoming the music industry‘s strong ally towards survival and perhaps, even immortality.  Don‘t Forget the Lyrics and its contemporary, The Singing Bee, are providing the music business a much needed boost in more ways than one. For one thing, such singing competitions are intended for the regular people who may or may not be endowed with any actual singing prowess.  As such, the programs bring various tunes from different genres, as well as generations, to a greater number of people.  Secondly, because of certain fees the shows have to pay for use of musical intellectual property, Don‘t Forget the Lyrics and its kind contribute substantially to an already flailing industry. Read more »
Wayne Brady, host of Don‘t Forget the Lyrics, has appeared in kid-friendly projects as a mainstay on ABC Family, took his young daughter Maile Masako to the Emmy awards, and went to Kansas City last month to support a local charity for families in crisis, but the actor-comedian is hoping the public won‘t peg him as a family-oriented and wholesome guy.“I think that it gets tough if there are people who want to slap that label on you that you have nothing to do with,” Brady told The Kansas City Star during a phone interview.  “I think that I‘m respected by families, but for the most part I‘ve gotten the chance to do films where I‘m the bad guy or TV appearances and guest spots.” Read more »
On Friday, October 12, actor-comedian Wayne Brady, host of FOX‘s Don‘t Forget the Lyrics, performed at this year‘s "Girls & Guys Night Out" fundraising event, helping to raise thousands of dollars for Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, an organization that provides a supportive environment that helps empower young women. The event took place at the Denver Marriot City Center, from 6pm to 10pm.  More than 840 guests showed up for the event, all hailing their support for Girls, Inc.  The guests were given a string of festive beads for every raffle ticket that was purchased.  Some of the items that were raffled off included a men‘s and women‘s Ralph Lauren shopping spree worth $3,500, a Tiffany Atlas Diamond Square women‘s watch valued at $6,400, a two-night stay at the newly renovated Tivoli Lodge in Vail accompanied by gourmet dining and massage packages, and a Desert Dreams package with a two-night stay at the Scottsdale Marriot Suites Old Town. Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.Network: FOXAre You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Premiere: Friday, September 5, 8pmDon‘t Forget the Lyrics Premiere: Friday, September 12, 8pmAre You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Host: Jeff FoxworthyDon‘t Forget the Lyrics Host: Wayne BradyPremise: On Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, adults compete against grammar school children for a cash prize.  On Don‘t Forget the Lyrics, contestants sing and must remember the lyrics to famous songs for money. Read more »
The FOX reality series Don’t Forget the Lyrics returns to airwaves tonight at 9pm, with the contenders vying for the grand prize of a million dollars.  Hosted by Wayne Brady, the show requires contestants to take the stage and the microphone and choose several songs from a wide range of genres, decades and musical artists.  Each song they pick must be sung completely and correctly, even with missing lyrics flashing on screen.  If the contestant successfully sings the correct missing lyrics, he or she moves on to the next round.  Each successful level will enable the contestant to decide to keep playing or take the money and leave.  If the contestants get nine songs right, they will enter the tenth level in which they could win the grand prize of a million dollars. Read more »
People think they know the lyrics to popular songs. However, when there‘s a lot of money at stake, not everyone can keep singing when the music stops. Many have tried but few have succeeded.  So far, the second season of Don‘t Forget the Lyrics, which premiered on September 12, has seen a roller-derby queen from Cincinnati, OH, trying to skate her way to the grand prize, followed by a flight attendant, a mortgage broker from New York and a country girl singer.  Next week, another singer will take the center stage  on Don‘t Forget the Lyrics and he comes in the form of former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis. Read more »
American Idol musical director Rickey Minor is snapping up a new gig: he will be joining The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as its new bandleader.TMZ reports that the veteran composer and producer, who worked as musical director for artists such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston, will replace departing Tonight Show band leader Kevin Eubanks.  Read more »
A friend once told me about how his friend‘s rich parents would have their children play something they called "the money game," where they would throw bills of various high values into the air and watch their sons beat the crap out of each other to grab whatever they could. Upon hearing this, my first thought was, "I would love to watch that." I can‘t help myself. My favorite part of staying home sick when I was a kid was watching The Price is Right. I love watching people try to win money.By the sound of it, Fox‘s new game show, Million Dollar Money Drop, aims to tap into that same guilty pleasure of our brains that made us tolerate Who Wants to be a Millionaire and gave old people the stereotype of loving Wheel of Fortune. Million Dollar Money Drop, hosted by Kevin Pollak premieres on Dec. 20 and gives teams of two $1 million up front and lets them wager amounts over seven multiple-choice questions. Money placed on incorrect answers will literally drop out of grasp (and into an alligator-filled cavern below?). [] Read more »