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There‘s a price to pay for being an awesome guest star on many of the coolest sci-fi and fantasy shows on television, and Mark Sheppard knows that price more than anyone. "I‘ve become a liar," he told BuddyTV.Indeed Sheppard, who has had roles on everything from Battlestar Galactica and Firefly to 24 and Medium, and who can currently be seen as Crowley, the King of Hell, on the CW‘s Supernatural, is an expert liar. When Crowley was seemingly killed back in December, he knew his character was still alive, but he had to lie to everyone he talked to about it. When I spoke to him, he wouldn‘t even tell me where he was or what he was eating because any clue to his whereabouts might tell fans what show he‘s currently working on, which could spoil a big surprise reveal.  Read more »
If the world really does end in 2012, the Doctor won‘t be around to save us like he always do. While the brilliant BBC series Doctor Who was recently renewed for a 14-episode seventh season, the man in charge of programming for BBC One announced that it will be held back until 2013.Why? So that they can tie season 7 in with the 50th anniversary of the Doctor Who franchise in 2013.  Read more »
The 2011 installment of the pop-culture insanity that is Comic-Con is now but weeks away. Those privileged enough to have tickets are anxiously awaiting the official schedule announcement so as to better plan out every minute of their San Diego weekend. While the official 2011 Comic-Con schedule is still to come, several TV shows have officially announced their attendance. Read more »
No show on television is as fascinating to follow as BBC‘s Doctor Who,and Saturday‘s mid-season finale, "A Good Man Goes to War," proved why.The episode brought back a number of characters from past seasons asthe Doctor called on old debts to help him in his quest to rescue thekidnapped Amy Pond and her new baby, Melody.But that‘s not all. The episode also answered the single biggest mystery on Doctor Who:Who is River Song? Viewers first met the enigmatic companion of theDoctor played by Alex Kingston three years ago in season 4, when shedied. Due to the show‘s complex time travel, River and the Doctor arein opposite timelines, so the first time he meets her is the last timeshe meets him. River has always warned the Doctor against spoilers, notgiving away too many details about who she is and what her connectionto him is.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Doctor Who, "The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon."High Five Highlights:1. The Doctor‘s suspicious romantic interest, River Song, is back with a vengeance.2. The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River meet a new breed of spooky aliens who are quite easy to forget...3. Whoa, Cowboys! The gang busts right through security into the Oval Office of President Richard Nixon.4. A mysterious astronaut poses a fatal threat to The Doctor himself. Who or what is this astronaut?5. Amy Pond seems to be experiencing a little morning sickness, but whose baby is it? Read more »
The TV-panel fun keeps on going with Saturday‘s Comic-Con schedule. Many of the biggest fan favorites have their panels on this day, so you‘ll have to plan carefully if you want to hit all of your favorite TV shows throughout the day.Just so you don‘t have to wade through everything in the Saturday schedule for the San Diego Comic-Con, we‘ve come up with a list of just the television-related panels for your convenience. If you do want the entire schedule, click here. Read more »
Finally! Comic-Con has begun to release its schedule for the 2011 festivities at the San Diego Convention Center. As you might imagine, there are plenty of TV-related events going on throughout the days. In case you didn‘t want to wade through the entirety of the events schedule, we have a listing of just the television events and panels. Read more »
The Sunday schedule at the San Diego Comic-Con may not be quite as busy as Saturday, but the panels are even bigger. With TV shows taking over Hall H for most of the day, you know it‘s going to be big.Just which panels are scheduled? If you want to know about only the television panels at this year‘s Comic-Con, we‘ve got you covered. If you do want the entire schedule, click here. Read more »
Comic-Con is coming! And BuddyTV will be there. This year we are sponsoring a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 21. The panel, "Obsession: How TV and Movies Go from Fascination to Phenomenon," will feature a host of television writers, actors and more. One of our esteemed panelists is Amy Berg, the co-executive producer of Eureka and a former supervising producer of Leverage. Read more »
There‘s a lot going on at Comic-Con every day. A casual attendee might get a little bit overwhelmed when trying to choose exactly which panels to attend on every day of the convention. That‘s where BuddyTV can help. Read more »
At the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, lots of TV personalities showed up to promote their shows. A few of the favorites amongst these personalities turned up again for the TV Guide Fan Favorites panel on Thursday, July 21. Read more »
Shortly before Supernatural took the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con‘s Hall H by storm, the cast and producers took the time to meet with reporters. Mark Sheppard shared his thoughts on Comic-Con and where Supernatural is going in the upcoming season. Read more »
Even with the disappointing news that next year‘s season 5 will be the last one for Eureka, there are still plenty of episodes and excitement left for the show (currently airing season 4.5). Eric Wallace, writer of the recent episode, "Omega Girls" -- and several other Eureka episodes -- spoke with BuddyTV about his comic-book writing, the relations between comics and television, and his sci-fi influences. Read more »
Yep, the sixth season of Doctor Who just went there. As if the identity of the mysterious River Song wasn‘t enough, we had to deal with a space-wide conspiracy that ends with the Doctor‘s death. Add to that the Silence, the Flesh and a potentially crazy TARDIS, and you have a season that takes the whole Doctor Who saga to a whole new level.Sure, the next season won‘t be here until late next year, but you can relive all of the Doctor‘s adventures all over again with the Doctor Who Complete Sixth Series, now out on DVD and Blu-ray. And BuddyTV is giving away just that to you. Yep, it‘s a contest! Read more »
The Doctor is about to meet a new friend. The iconic BBC series Doctor Who announced today that actress Jenna-Louise Coleman has been cast as the new companion for Matt Smith‘s Doctor.  Read more »