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Every day, we here at BuddyTV will let you know all the new shows airing that night to help you plan your TV-viewing schedule. In addition, we’ll highlight two episodes we think are worth checking out to help diversify your love of TV.This is going to be a big sci-fi weekend. Friday night Doctor Who returns for its fourth season premiere and Saturday brings the second season finale of Who spin-off Torchwood. Then on Sunday, celebrate with the craziest family on TV as the Walkers return with brand new episode of Brothers and Sisters. Read more »
Just as time is the medium of choice for David Tennant‘s character as the Time Lord in BBC/SCI FI‘s Doctor Who, a vision of the adventure-filled series‘ future has prompted current executive producer/head writer Russell T. Davies to announce he is passing on the torch.  Come 2010, when Doctor Who leaps into its fifth season, Steven Moffat will step in to run the show. Davies, credited as the force that effectively resuscitated and revived the sci-fi series in 2005, has decided to step down after 2009, in what he‘s suggested is in the best interest of the show. Read more »
The Doctor Who reboot on the Sci-Fi channel wraps up its fourth season tonight at 7:30pm and, if spoilers are to be believed, this finale entitled Journey‘s End does a good job of bringing closure not just to this season but to the past three as well (as some described it, seasons 1 to 4 is one gigantic season).In Journey‘s End, the Daleks are able to activate their master plan, which, of course, endangers the rest of the universe.  The only thing that can prevent such from happening is if the Doctor‘s secret army of companions join the battle.  There‘s a catch: a prophecy says one of them will die.  Now the question is who. Read more »
Torchwood fans, get ready for a money-can‘t-buy-experience!  Supporters of the hit series science fiction series are being offered an opportunity to go behind the scenes at the BBC studio where Torchwood is being filmed.  The once-in-a-lifetime chance has been set on Saturday and Sunday, November 8 and 9 as the network opens its doors just outside Cardiff to 100 lucky competition winners and their friends and families.In addition to Torchwood, BBC is offering this rare break to fans of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures.  Read more »
Fans of Doctor Who will be sad to know that David Tennant, the man who currently plays the central character of the BBC series, will be leaving the role before the new season begins two years from now.  The 37-year-old actor, who also appeared on the big screen with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, confirmed that he won’t be returning to the show for its next season."When ‘Doctor Who‘ returns in 2010 it won‘t be with me," Tennant, who won the outstanding drama performance prize at the National Television Awards, announced after receiving the award. Read more »
The last of the Comic-Con schedules have been released and we now have a full list of TV shows, movies, and other entities attending this year‘s festivities. You‘ve all been waiting for it: Sunday will play host to the Supernatural and Smallville panels. Can‘t wait? Neither can we. Unfortunately, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki aren‘t confirmed as of yet, but who knows what will happen over the next couple of weeks.Sunday is "Kid‘s Day" so there are a lot of Kid friendly activities included in the schedule. Obviously, those activities aren‘t in our top picks for the day so if you‘d like to check them out, view the full schedule here.The highlight, for me, is that Buffy The Musical will be the last Comic-Con activity this year. Way to go out with a bang!Check out our picks below.Check out the other schedules: Thursday Friday Saturday Read more »
The Saturday and Sunday Comic-Con schedules were released over the weekend. I thought things would get really good on Saturday, but the list is less than impressive. I suppose with four full days of Comic-Con, you can spread out the really big panels. Once again, below is a list of our picks for the day. Check it out and if you see anything missing, check the full list here.One thing I‘m curious about is the Chuck panel. Why is it at 10am? Doesn‘t Chuck deserve one of the better time slots? Wouldn‘t NBC push for a better panel time? Chuck already had some struggles last season, but this season promises to kick-ass and the new kung fu twist is perfect for the Comic-Con fans. I stand perplexed. Either way, it looks like I‘ll be spending my morning with a donut, cup of coffee and my favorite show Chuck.Check out our list of picks below. Check out the other schedules: Thursday Friday Sunday Read more »