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ABC will launch an hour-long pilot following the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice, which will take the Wednesday niche at 10/9C. The upcoming show called Dirty Sexy Money is one of the new dramas to launch in the network’s fall schedule. Dirty Sexy Money follows the life of a young lawyer named Nick George. After the sudden death of his father, he inherits his father’s job as the personal lawyer of the rich and powerful Darling family. Now, he is torn between sticking with his idealism and getting involved in dubious endeavors. Here’s a little background on the cast: Read more »
Actors Blair Underwood and Tamara Feldman have been added to the cast of ABC‘s upcoming drama series, Dirty Sexy Money.  According to Variety, Feldman will be playing a recurring character. Dirty Sexy Money follows the story of Nick George, a lawyer who is tasked to look after the rich, powerful and often troubled Darling family.  The show features a stellar cast that includes Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), Donald Sutherland (Commander in Chief), Billy Baldwin (Waterfront), Jill Clayburgh (Ally McBeal), Natalie Zea (The Shield), Glenn Fitzgerald (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), Seth Gabel (Nip/Tuck), Samaire Armstrong (The OC) and Zoe McLellan (JAG). Read more »
When actress Natalie Zea signed on for a role on ABC‘s Dirty Sexy Money, she wasn‘t expecting anything grand.  However, as the cast expanded, with such esteemed actors as Donald Sutherland and Peter Krause being added to the list, Zea began to reconsider her notions of the series, and even questioned the validity of her involvement with the show. “You know, I got it before all these famous monkeys had gotten it, and it was me and Seth [Gabel] and Glenn [Fitzgerald] - we of the working actor status - I thought ‘These two gentlemen are lovely, this is just going to be such a nice little pilot,‘” Zea told UnderGroundOnline (UGO).  “And as the names started coming in, that‘s when I got scared that somebody made a mistake.” Read more »
Premiere Date and Time: Thursday, September 26, 10pmNetwork: ABCTime Slot Competition: Life, CSI: New YorkCast: Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, Jill Clayburgh, Glenn Fitzgerald, Natalie Zea, Samaire Armstrong, Seth Gabel, William Baldwin, Zoe McLellan Read more »
In BuddyTV’s 2007 Fall TV Guide, we stared at countless photographs of the new show casts to determine which were most pleasing to the eye (the “Beauties”) and which weren’t so pleasant (the “Beasts”). In the end, we settle on Private Practice, Cane and Gossip Girl as having the hottest casts, while Cavemen, Dirty Sexy Money and Back to You all came up short in the looks department.Dirty Sexy Money is second on my list of favorite new fall shows to look forward to but not because of the sexiness of its cast.Sure, by the numbers, the majority of the cast is above average in attractiveness. Both Peter Krause and Zoe McLellan (who play Nick George and Lisa George) are pleasingly doe-eyed, and I‘ve always liked Samaire Armstrong‘s (Juliet Darling) pixie-cute style. But Donald Sutherland, who plays Tripp, the wealthy patriarch of the central Darling family, is almost single-handedly responsible for bringing the entire cast‘s average attractiveness quotient down to about a 3.6 out of 10. Read more »
In BuddyTV‘s 2007 Fall TV Guide, we scoured the new shows for this year‘s biggest potential hits and misses. We found the ones that you should be following and which ones will probably get canceled early. The hits include Journeyman, Kid Nation and Dirty Sexy Money while the misses are Samantha Who?, Viva Laughlin, and Nashville.I‘m not sure if Private Practice will be a hit. Sure, it will start off strong, as the Grey‘s Anatomy viewers will all likely tune in to check it out, but there‘s a chance that it will be a pale comparison and crap out sooner or later. However, that initial spike should give it‘s follow-up, ABC‘s Dirty Sexy Money, a healthy initial boost. And with a stellar cast, clever writing and a strong season-long mystery, I think it may very well catch on with fans. Read more »
Boyish, 35-year old Greg Berlanti has more than enough charm and good looks to land himself a role on television.  Despite his handsome features, Berlanti‘s best work is behind the scenes as ABC‘s newest boy wonder when it comes to juggling shows as executive producer. The young man behind such programs as Dawson‘s Creek, Everwood and Brothers & Sisters is now just one program shy of tying TV genius, David E. Kelley‘s record of four shows simultaneously on the air.  Berlanti is currently at the helm of returning series, Brothers & Sisters, as well as freshman entries, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money. Read more »
From one setback after another in his former onscreen character’s complicated life, Peter Krause was understandably reluctant to breathe life into another television series role.  Thanks to the stubborn persistence of his former Six Feet Under producer/writer, Krause now finds himself embracing his new alter ego on ABC’s upcoming Dirty Sexy Money.It took a while for Craig Wright, former writer and producer on HBO’s Six Feet Under, to convince his friend and Six Feet Under star to do another television show.  The 42-year old Krause had rejected the offer to star in ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, not once, not twice, but a total of four times.  The actor had apparently felt a certain exhaustion following five seasons as Nate Fisher on Six Feet Under. Read more »
By the title alone, there‘s little doubt that Dirty Sexy Money will be rote with eyebrow-raising fare.  One such unconventional storyline has to do with the character Carmelita.  As a transgender, Carmelita already merits the perfunctory second glance or the occasional snicker.  But what really makes her fodder for wagging tongues is her choice of company on the just-debuted series. You see, Carmelita happens to be real tight with Patrick, eldest son of the powerful and unscrupulous Darling clan.  And by tight, I mean intimate between the sheets.  If that alone isn‘t mind-boggling enough, then take into account that Patrick is a New York Attorney General with aspirations of grabbing a seat on the U.S. Senate.  Not exactly the perfect picture for a future top-ranking government official. Read more »
Peter Krause narrates that "The love of money is the root of all evil" to start off the new show Dirty Sexy Money.  He is Nick George and is watching a plane get pulled out of the water.  His father was the lawyer for the Darlings, a super-rich family, and that job ruined Nick‘s family.  His mom left and his dad neglected him.  Yes, that "root of all evil" thing is a bit of a mission statement for this show. In the present, Nick is one of those lawyers who somehow manages to be successful working for the common man.  Nick blows off meeting with his dad, and shortly thereafter, the elder George is dead in a plane crash.  The funeral is a giant ordeal with the church barricaded off.  Nick tries to gain access, but can‘t because the cops don‘t believe it‘s his dad. Read more »
Making a show about the rich and famous can prove tricky nowadays, especially since the public can easily peek into the lifestyle just by glancing through other available media, particularly the internet.  This is why Dirty Sexy Money executive producers Craig Wright and Greg Berlanti made sure their new show would stand out. "Given how much access the average American has right now to the private lives of the very, very rich and the very, very famous, we knew that we had to have an average guy who could look at the world but also have a POV [point of view] about that world," Wright told the Fresno Bee.  "This show is very much an exploration of what that position is.  What does it mean to be near this kind of privilege, near this kind of excess, near this kind of wealth?" Read more »
Previously on Dirty Sexy Money: Nick George is a good guy, a lawyer whose dad mysteriously died.  Now he works for the same family his father worked for, the super-rich yet morally bankrupt Darling family.  Juliet tried to kill herself, Rev. Brian has an illegitimate son, Patrick is having an affair with a tranny, engaged Karen is in love with Nick, and Jeremy is a druggie rebel.  Tripp and Letitia (who had an affair with Nick‘s dad) must be so proud.Tripp (Donald Sutherland) and Nick (Peter Krause) are very different people.  This is illustrated by showing how both start the day.  Tripp gets woken by his butler, has a guy shave him, dress him, and gets his chef to cook an extravagant breakfast.  Nick is awoken by his daughter‘s hand, shaves and dresses himself, then struggles to hold a burnt piece of toast for breakfast. Read more »
Previously on Dirty Sexy Money: Nick‘s quest to find his dad‘s killer led to a billionaire named Simon Elder.  Jeremy hooked up with his twin sister‘s rival, Natalie.  Patrick‘s tranvestite lover Carmelita convinced him to run for Senate.  Reverend Brian took his illegitimate son home, posing as a Swedish orphan.  Tripp finds out (or always knew) about his wife‘s affair with Nick‘s dad.This week on Dirty Sexy Money, a Darling sex tape appears!  That plot alone could contain all three of the show‘s titular words.  As Nick (Peter Krause) prepares his daughter‘s lunch, the TV show‘s an interview with Patrick (William Baldwin) talking about how he‘s never committed adultery.  Nick tells his wife he‘s going to the cops about Simon Elder.  Tripp (Donald Sutherland) picks Nick up and tries to convince him to use the family private investigator to look into Elder discretely. Read more »
Previously on Dirty Sexy Money: Nick received a generous gift from the billionaire who may be connected to his father‘s death, Patrick decided to run for the Senate and keep his transvestite mistress, Reverend Brian continued to be the best/worst father ever, and in spite of Juliet‘s feelings, Jeremy went back to doing “the Italian Banker” with Natalie.FYI, I already looked up the title of this episode, and you‘ll be happy (or unhappy) to find out that chiavennasca is a type of grape used to make wine, not a sexual position.  Well, maybe it‘s also a sexual position, but I‘m sure of the grape. Read more »
All this week, now one month into the Fall TV season, BuddyTV takes a hard look at the new shows to determine which ones we were right about, and which ones have surprised us the most, both positively and negatively.Dirty Sexy Money came out of nowhere.  All the summer buzz surrounded shows like Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Reaper, Bionic Woman, and even Aliens in America.  Why did Dirty Sexy Money, with its preposterous cast and impressive behind-the-scenes experience, sneak up on us?  A few weeks before Dirty Sexy Money premiered on ABC, I got a chance to view the pilot.  It was an impressive hour of TV, teeing up an enticing series premise with precision and intrigue, sprinkling in the necessary exposition and back stories with ease.  Still, I was too high off the hype for Pushing Daisies and Chuck. Read more »
Samaire Armstrong, who plays a character with substance abuse issues on Dirty Sexy Money, has checked into an outpatient facility, without citing any specific reason for the admission.  A representative for the actress released a statement on Friday, October 12. "Samaire Armstrong decided to enter an outpatient facility to deal with some personal issues in a therapeutic atmosphere and is doing very well," the representative said.  "She continues to work on her show and will be completing her treatment in a matter of weeks.” Read more »
Former daytime actor Blair Underwood is one of the newest faces to appear on ABC‘s Dirty Sexy Money, but he already has high hopes for his character, Simon Elder, one of which involves a prominent political figure. "Simon speaks Russian.  [Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice speaks fluent Russian, and she‘s written a book.  They incorporated [former CBS Evening News] anchor Dan Rather in the first episode.  I would love for Simon to have a history with Condoleezza Rice and speak Russian with her,” Underwood told the New York Post. Read more »
Previously on Dirty Sexy Money: Juliet and Jeremy were at odds over his new girlfriend (and baby momma), her ex-best friend. Lisa told Karen to back off her husband. Reverend Brian earned Father of the Year honors by threatening his son‘s female bully to an eternity of damnation unless she was nice to Brian Jr. Tripp found out the truth about which Darling kids are his and which aren‘t, though we didn‘t get to see that conversation. And Nick George got into a limo with billionaire Simon Elder, played by the dashing Blair Underwood.Tonight‘s Dirty Sexy Money starts off right where we left off, with Nick (Peter Krause) and Simon Elder in the limo.  The billionaire wins over Nick by saying they both love philanthropy, then asking to set up  a meeting when he gets back from his latest humanitarian trip. Read more »
Previously on Dirty Sexy Money: Billionaire philanthropist Simon Elder made Nick an offer he might not be able to refuse, Reverend Brian and his son moved in with his parents after telling his wife about the bastard child, Juliet and Jeremy reconnected after discovering Natalie‘s pregnancy hoax, Tripp continued to steam about the possibility of one or more of his kids not being his, and Jeremy asked for a job.Tonight‘s Dirty Sexy Money begins with Tripp (Donald Sutherland) talking about "The Game," a high stakes poker game.  Buy-in: $20 million.  Simon Elder (Blair Underwood) will be there, and Tripp continues to struggle in his battle with the fellow billionaire over Nick George‘s (Peter Krause) soul.  The only confusion is which is the angel and which is the devil. Read more »
In the face of the controversial writers strike, there are a few shows that have elatedly been given additional script orders. One of the latest freshmen series to obtain more episodes is ABC‘s Dirty Sexy Money, the latest offering from Craig Wright.Although the series has not been a breakout hit for the network, it has performed decently in the ratings.  It presently ranks number 2 in its Wednesday 10pm slot despite having the strongest demo lead-in from the Grey‘s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice. Read more »
Previously on Dirty Sexy Money: Jeremy got a job and had the hots for a sexy Latina, Reverend Brian bonded with his illegitimate son, Karen slept with her not quite ex-husband, then got a divorce, Tripp and Nick hatched a plan to get the truth about Nick‘s dad‘s plane crash, and billionaire Simon Elder is looking more evil every day.Tonight‘s Dirty Sexy Money is all about Karen‘s (Natalie Zea) fourth wedding.  She starts the episode making out with her fiance in bed on the morning of the wedding.  Creepily, Reverend Brian (Glenn Fitzgerald) is watching.  He wants to talk about their vows, and Freddy has a cheesy idea about a golf theme, speaking of "holes in one."  Karen goes to her mother Letitia (Jill Clayburgh) and says she‘s having second thoughts. Read more »
On Dirty Sexy Money, chaos seems to be a normal thing for the Darling family whose members struggle with issues of power, wealth and deceit.  Off camera, however, the cast of the ABC drama is getting along very well. Though there were a few familiar faces, cast member William Baldwin reveals that when he was cast on the series, he didn‘t really know who was going to be involved. Read more »
Previously on Dirty Sexy Money: Karen got married for the fourth time, then got divorced an hour later.   Reverend Brian had his illegitimate son taken away from him by the boy‘s mother.  Juliet and Natalie Kimpton became BFFs again over Jeremy‘s objections.  Patrick‘s wife found out about his transexual affair, but vowed to stand by him after setting up ground rules with Carmelita.  Simon Elder continued to be an evil billionaire, aligning with Patrick, and Tripp and Nick teamed up to destroy him.Nick (Peter Krause) and his wife are in bed, picking colors to paint the house, then he goes to work.  First up, he deals with Tripp‘s vendetta against Simon Elder (Blair Underwood) for stealing Patrick (William Baldwin) away from him.  Tripp (Donald Sutherland) wants him to arrange a sit-down with Patrick and Simon for Thanksgiving weekend.  Patrick agrees, but only if Nick gets Carmelita to talk to Patrick‘s wife, Ellen.  Then Nick gets Simon to agree. Read more »
Previously on Dirty Sexy Money: Karen‘s rapid divorce led to her getting flirty with Simon Elder. Jeremy continued to make strides in hooking up with Sofia. Brian tried to get custody of his son by bribing the arbiter in his hearing.  Patrick‘s wife tried to lay some ground rules for her husband‘s transsexual affair, but when he strayed again, she shot him. Simon believed Tripp‘s parents had the elder Elders deported, leading to their death and Simon‘s orphan status, but Tripp claims it was actually Dutch‘s doing, giving Simon the perfect motive to kill Nick‘s dad.Reverend Brian (Glenn Fitzgerald) and Nick (Peter Krause) head into court to get the ruling in the custody case.  He was not given custody, and Brian is actually being arrested for bribing the arbiter.  HA! Read more »
If you‘re looking to cast a handsome, successful man, Blair Underwood is always a good choice.  The actor has had a string of successful film and television ventures, and now he‘s part of the talented and large ensemble cast of ABC‘s delightfully wicked drama, Dirty Sexy Money.  Underwood plays Simon Elder, a philanthropic billionaire with an ax to grind with the Darling family.Underwood spoke to BuddyTV about his role and the fact that Dirty Sexy Money was recently picked up for a full season by ABC, despite the writers‘ strike that prevents the final scripts from actually being written.  Still, with four episodes left to air, Underwood spoke about his character‘s relationship with his ex-wife, slated to appear next week, as well as his affinity for the cast, and also about some of his other upcoming projects, including a return to The New Adventures of Old Christine and the new HBO series In Treatment.  Continue reading for a full transcript as well as the audio file of the interview. Read more »
Previously on Dirty Sexy Money: Karen slept with Simon Elder. Jeremy convinced Sofia he‘s a struggling artist, and Nick‘s wife Lisa agreed to help him. Letitia revealed that Reverend Brian is Nick‘s biological half-brother.Jeremy (Seth Gabel) and Sofia are spending some quality post-coital naked time in the rundown loft he‘s renting, and she‘s eager for him to paint her.  Patrick (William Baldwin) is also post-coital, surprisingly with his wife Ellen.  He promises no more lies and no more Carmelita.  Then he gets a phone call from Carmelita, who thinks she‘s being followed, so Patrick rushes over. Read more »
By many accounts, Candis Cayne‘s portrayal of Carmelita on ABC‘s Dirty Sexy Money has been considered as 2007‘s most significant transgender character.  Cayne herself made it to Radar Magazine‘s list of the New Radicals, which names "the year‘s most notable rogues, renegades, and rule-breakers." Ironically, Cayne had just about given up on getting her acting career going when Dirty Sexy Money fell onto her lap and turned things around for the transformed former Brendan McDaniel. Read more »
Dirty Sexy Money was easily one of the best shows to premiere at the beginning of the season, but unfortunately its run was short-lived.  Due to the writers‘ strike, the ABC series only had the opportunity to air ten episodes before production was halted.  Fans now have to wait months before season 2 of the series begins in the fall, but thanks to the recent Paley Festival in Los Angeles, we now have some hints on what to expect. Creator Craig Wright appeared at the gathering along with Peter Krause, William Baldwin, Blair Underwood, and other cast members to discuss the future of the soapy drama. Read more »
It looks like Juliet Darling and the rest of the Darling family are going to have a big falling out.  Samaire Armstrong, who plays Juliet Darling on ABC‘s Dirty Sexy Money, will not return to the series as a regular cast member next season.  Her contract was not picked up by ABC.  She will, however, return periodically as a guest star, Armstrong‘s schedule permitting.  This means that the most entertaining spoiled twins on TV will be split up.  Dirty Sexy Money hasn‘t aired new episodes since before the strike, but has been renewed by ABC and will come back for a full second season come next Fall (which has been the norm for first year shows).  No specific reason for Armstrong‘s departure from the Dirty Sexy Money team or ABC has been given. Read more »
The future of ABC‘s Cashmere Mafia remains to be gloomy due to its low ratings which strongly hint on an unlikely renewal next season.  Regardless of the show‘s fate, one cast member is expected to linger on the network‘s circuit. Lucy Liu, who plays publisher Mia Mason on the Sex and the City inspired series, is now in negotiations for a role in the upcoming second season of Dirty Sexy Money.If all goes well, Liu would become a regular on the drama series, which stars Peter Krause as the attorney for a filthy-rich family in New York.  She would also be working alongside Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin, Natalie Zea, Glenn Fitzgerald, Blair Underwood, Seth Gabel, Zoe McLellan, and Jill Clayburgh. Read more »