Articles for Dirt Season 2

FX has finally scheduled the return of Dirt, the drama series starring and executive produced by Courteney Cox.  All-new episodes of the show will hit this month, kicking off with the installment “Welcome To Normal,” which premieres tonight at 10pm.  Like fellow sophomore entry The Riches, the network has opted to bring back Dirt with a shortened run, despite the fact that only seven out of the 13 episode ordered were completed prior to the strike.Read on for a preview of the second season opener of Dirt.Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
The second season of Dirt concludes tonight following only seven episodes of Hollywood scandals ripped from the headlines.  The show has finished the shortened season before the strike began and rather than resuming filming on the remaining episodes of the original 13-episode order, FX has decided to stick with what it‘s got, even if it means unfinished story arcs. The series stars Courteney Cox as Lucy Spiller, the unrelenting editor-in-chief of DirtNow tabloid magazine as she exposes the secrets and lies of celebrities with vindictive accuracy.  Working alongside Lucy is expert paparazzo Don Konkey (Ian Hart), who uncovers the often repugnant truth behind shining celebrities through his pictures. Read more »
At the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation event held yesterday in Los Angeles, Courtney Cox (I refuse to add Arquette to her name) was asked about the status of Dirt, the F/X series she has starred in for two seasons and twenty total episodes.  Matter-of-factly, Cox said:  "It just got canceled.”  Dirt‘s second season was drastically reduced due to the writers‘ strike, finishing with only seven episodes.  The cancellation isn‘t a major surprise.  The F/X, known for its cutting edge and critically acclaimed original shows, was bombarded with negative reviews when Dirt hit the air.  Courtney Cox, yesterday, did say that she and her husband David Arquette are “developing all kinds of stuff right now.  What kind of “stuff” that will be is still a mystery.   Speaking of other F/X original series, The Shield has received a premiere date for its final season. Read more »