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The second to last season of Dexter picks up from last season‘s cliffhanger -- sort of -- while setting up storylines for the rest of the season. If the premiere is any indication, it‘s going to be a very busy and entertaining season. Read more »
This week on Dexter, Deb‘s plan to "cure" her dear brother of serial killerness is going to rehab -- which means moving in with her and never leaving her sight. But Dexter is antsy, especially since he wants to try and put a stop to Louis bothering him. Will he get the urge to kill again? Read more »
If last week was about Dexter‘s world closing in around him with Louis and Deb on his back, this week he tries to take care of business. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to him, Dexter‘s killing of Viktor becomes exposed. Read more »
This week on Dexter, Speltzer‘s escape from last week comes to bite the department in the butt -- in more ways than one, leading Dexter to put matters into his own hands, despite what Deb may think. Meanwhile, the mob men are zeroing in on Dexter, without him still realizing it. Read more »
This week on Dexter, Deb‘s patience continues to be tested as more clues about her brother‘s past killings come out. Dexter has got quite the balancing act going on: with Deb, with Isaac and even Hannah. Read more »
This week‘s episode left me definitely surprised and more than annoyed, almost disgusted. The first 55 minutes slowly -- and a bit boringly -- sets up Dexter figuring out Hannah is someone who fits his code and needs to be taken care of. But then in a moment of testosterone-filled impairment, that goes all out the window. Read more »
This week on Dexter season 7, titled "Chemistry," our main character ends up having to answer to what his body wants (Hannah) and what his sister wants (Hannah dead). Meanwhile, LaGuerta ties Dexter with the Bay Harbor case. Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »
This week‘s episode, titled "Argentina," brings out all of Dexter‘s relationships and turns them upside down. He escapes relatively unscathed -- for now -- but it‘s yet to be seen what kind of impact these truths will have for the future. Read more »
This week‘s episode, "The Dark ... Whatever," has Dexter wrestling with his Dark Passenger, his reason for killing, as Hannah tries to convince him there‘s no "dark ... whatever," but that it‘s a choice for him to kill. And it leaves Dexter at a crossroads. Read more »
"I‘ve never made a mistake," Hannah tells Dexter late in tonight‘s episode when he accuses her -- rightly, apparently -- of poisoning Deb and causing her car accident. (She‘s inferring that if she wanted Deb dead, she‘d be dead.)But Hannah, as well as many others who normally aren‘t prone to mistakes, make a ton in this episode. The only one who seemingly is in complete control of the situation and is one step ahead is the one you would never expect: La Guerta.Dexter, who is normally so in control and so in command, makes mistakes because he‘s blinded by his love for Hannah -- love so powerful that he actually imagines a future with grayish hair and him still killing -- and his hate for Hector Estrada, the leader of the gang that killed his mother, and the only one left alive of that crew. Read more »
The season 7 finale of Dexter, titled "Surprise, Mother******!" isn‘t just the phrase uttered by Doakes in a few flashbacks -- which, by the way, seems out of place, so if you have a reasoning for its purpose, please let me know -- but at the end, it feels more like the show tells us as viewers, surprise! Because I sure didn‘t see that coming. Read more »
Spoiler Alert: This article contains details from the finale of Dexter season 7. Continue reading at your own risk.It started with the blood slide that LaGuerta found at the church where Travis Marshall died, and ended with her unfortunate death, which needed to happen. She couldn‘t continue to live as she chased Dexter -- and eventually Deb -- as the Bay Harbor Butcher.So what are some of the burning questions being asked after the finale? Read more »
Showtime has decided to plan out its entire year of original programming at once. Six dramas and four comedies will air throughout the entire year, including the third season of Homeland and season 8 of Dexter, plus the series premieres of new dramas Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex and the final season of The Big C.  Read more »