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This week on Dexter, we welcome back our favorite serial killer to our living rooms. Tonight‘s the night, so sharpen your knives, grab a few empty blood slides and get ready for another great season of Dexter.  Read more »
What did you think of last night‘s Dexter premiere? Did you, like me, think the religious theme and the additions of Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks as a pair of spirituality-inspired killers are good omens for the rest of the season? Or were you so distracted by Dexter‘s terrible dancing and that very generous naked woman (talk about a blast from the past! ... sorry) at his high school reunion that "Those Kinds of Things" felt more silly than scary?Either way, I think you‘ll want to see these clips from next Sunday‘s Dexter episode, ‘Once Upon a Time...‘, which are definitely on the scarier end of the spectrum.   Read more »
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This week on Dexter, a new consultant is brought in to help decipher the religious clues of the fruit stand murder, and Deb has to handle two big proposals. So polish your crosses and grab your rosary for this week‘s episode.  Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Dexter gave us a lengthy look at one of this season‘s most intriguing and mysterious new characters: Brother Sam (played by Mos), an admitted murderer who got off on a technicality and has now devoted his life to seeking redemption and helping other ex-cons do the same. Or is he, as Dexter believes, just using his newfound Christianity as a "cover" for his immovable inner darkness?We don‘t know the answer, and neither does Dexter, and this mutual "not knowing" serves the intrigue of Brother Sam‘s storyline, as well as serving as a nice narrative counterpoint to the story playing out with Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos) and Travis (Colin Hanks), to which we‘ve been selectively privy so far, while Dexter remains completely in the dark about the men destined to become his future enemies. But we still don‘t know much about them, beyond that they are Christians who think they‘re doing God‘s work by murdering and mutilating "sinners." But what, exactly, do they believe, and how did they come to believe it? Why those victims, and why those rituals, and why are they working together? Their interactions are so loaded, hushed and shrouded in unfamiliar extremism that I feel like I‘m no closer to understanding Gellar and Travis‘s actions and motives than Dexter is. And he doesn‘t even know that they exist yet.As the season goes on, I‘m interested to see how the (so far) separate Brother Sam/Gellar and Travis threads become woven together, and whether the sense of mystery in these first two episodes will soon lead to exciting twists and shocking answers, or just more "not knowing." But: one positive thing about all this "not knowing"? It makes watching and analyzing the episode sneak peek videos more exciting! Even if all we come up with are more questions. Check out three sneak peek videos from next week‘s Dexter: Read more »
Did you watch Michael C. Hall on Conan last night? It‘s amazing how one man can be so likable while chatting about such unlikable things. Conan hit the nail on the head (the HUMAN head? Ha!) when he described Hall‘s character as "creepy, but engaging at the same time." And the same goes for Hall, at least when he‘s making a disturbing joke or two about moonlighting as a murderer.When Conan asked which kill from the show has been his all-time favorite, Hall coolly replied, "I think of Dexter‘s kills as ... I think of my children, if I had them. I love them equally." Conan laughed, "That‘s the sickest thing I‘ve ever heard!" Hall‘s been playing Dexter for so long that I don‘t blame him for cherishing his character‘s kill moments. As mere fans of the show, we do it, too. But Hall‘s not made of stone like Dexter Morgan, and revealed his all-time favorite kill was so disturbing that it even haunted his real life dreams. Find out which one in the clip below!Hall also talked about other disturbingly delightful things, like his biggest fan (she‘s 7), fans who ask him to pretend-murder them in photos, and how he initially researched his Dexter role ... by stalking random strangers. WATCH: Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Dexter, an old serial killer comes to retire in Miami while Deb has a long first day as lieutenant picking a new person to join homicide. Meanwhile, Travis and Gellar become even creepier, if that was at all possible.  Read more »
Showtime recently released a video in which the Dexter writers sat around and discussed each season‘s "Big Bad," how they came up with the characters, and the overall lesson (if you can call it that) that Dexter took away from each season‘s villain. It‘s a great overview of the series thus far, and a fascinating glimpse at how the people who make the show look at their own work. I highly recommend you take seven minutes to watch it now.Though the themes and structure of each season indicate this without the writers actually having to tell us so, I was still most interested to learn that they begin each season with a question they want Dexter to investigate, and then structure the Big Bad around that question.  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Dexter, Miami homicide searches for clues about the Horseman murder case while Dexter searches for answers about God from Brother Sam. The newspaper comes up with the clever nickname "Doomsday Killer" which is met in response with an elaborate killing.  Read more »
Spoiler alert: Unless you‘ve watched Dexter season 6, episode 4, "A Horse of a Different Color" or want to know what happens, read no further!Last night‘s Dexter episode brought Miami PD and Dexter significantly closer to pinning the right man (or rather, men) to the city‘s new gruesome series of murders. And, even more exciting for viewers like me who are more obsessed with the who and why than the how (even though the how is extremely theatrical and disgusting, in this case), the episode gave us lots of new information about who Professor Gellar and Travis are and why they are taking their religious extremism to such, err, extreme measures. Read more »
SPOILER ALERT: In this Dexter scoop, the who and why are all speculation, but the what and how are spoilers.Well, at least we know this Sunday‘s Dexter episode is accurately named. In his spoiler roundup this week, TVLine‘s Michael Ausiello threw Dexter fans a major, mysterious curveball with his answer to one fan‘s question: "What‘s up next for my favorite serial killer?"  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Dexter, the homicide division learns more about Gellar while Dexter gets up close and personal with Travis. Quinn and Batista look for a lead in Tallahassee which leads Quinn into possibly complicating things.NumerologyDexter is busy in the lab looking at the angel wings that were attached to Erin when she was killed. At first he finds nothing, but then he finds a small repair. He is then called into the conference room for Deb‘s briefing on the Doomsday killer. It turns out that more numbers, this time 1244, were found in Erin‘s throat. Masuka‘s far less attractive new intern points out that the number 1260 appears in the book of Revelations, so the numbers may be a countdown. After the briefing, Quinn awkwardly asks for his engagement ring back. Read more »
Spoiler alert: Unless you‘ve watched Dexter season 6, episode 5, "The Angel of Death" or want to know what happens, read no further!Last night‘s episode of Dexter saw our titular character quickly catching up with what the audience already knows about the identities of the Doomsday Killer(s), plus learning even more about peculiar Travis Marshall‘s backstory, while Quinn and Batista tried to get info out of Gellar‘s old teaching assistant. Well, Batista tried to get info. Quinn just tried -- and unfortunately succeeded -- to get some.Then, at the end of the hour, we learned the answer to last week‘s big spoiler mystery: It was Brother Sam after all who would get shot several times, in his own garage and by an unknown (attempted?) killer. But I wouldn‘t go throwing the d-word (dead) around just yet, since the promo for next Sunday‘s episode, ‘Just Let Go,‘ shows Brother Sam in a hospital bed. But, dead or alive, Brother Sam now has the power of vengeance on his side, as Dexter will work overtime to discover who shot his friend. And make them pay.But according to one report, Brother Sam‘s shooting isn‘t the biggest shock that Dexter fans will get mid-season, as there‘s a new big spoiler mystery making the rounds. Read it, venture your guesses, and then watch three sneak peeks of next week‘s episode below: Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Dexter, the hunt is on for the man who shot Brother Sam. Dexter is then forced with a decision that could have a huge impact on the rest of his life, or at least for the final six episodes. The Hunt Dexter is following Travis through a market, waiting for him to lead him directly to Gellar. Dexter is interrupted by a call from Deb about Brother Sam. Dexter drops everything and goes to the shop. This is too bad, because Travis was right next to Gellar and this whole Doomsday problem could have been solved in no time. At the shop, Sam is being wheeled into an ambulance, still alive. Dexter shows his mad skillz at blood splatter analysis and impresses everyone in the room. He then steps away to check in with Harrison, but instead scrapes the dried blood on the bat from before for analysis.  Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
Spoilers ahead.Back when Dexter season 6 began, the producers and writers teased that this was Dexter‘s year to get back to his roots; that, after a season of serious moping, the serial killer would be "getting back to basics."At the time, we interpreted those as thematic hints -- which, in a way, they were, as the beginning of season 6 not only brought on new religious quandaries for Dexter, but also a renewed, familar verve in his killings. A verve that then got sidetracked, thanks to the cleansing wisdom and light of Brother Sam, whose death this week solidified his role as Dexter‘s ideal: A completely cured, all-forgiving, reformed and redeemed killer. A beacon of hope for the hopeless Dexter -- a beacon that was all-too-soon snuffed out by one of the men he was trying to save. But even then, Sam never wavered from his message, telling Dexter to let go and forgive instead of seek revenge and enact violence. And so Brother Sam walked toward the bright light, his dying wish spoken and his purpose served -- but neither as effectively with Dexter Morgan as Sam hoped.And that‘s how we got to the end of Sunday‘s episode, which showed just how literal those writers were being when they promised a "back to basics" story: Dexter decided (or discovered?) that for him, Brother Sam‘s message was unattainable, and he denied Sam‘s dying wish by killing Nick -- effectively choosing his Dark Passenger over his Light Mentor. And that‘s when Brian Moser showed up, just in time to be the devil on Dexter‘s shoulder, now that his flesh-and-blood guiding angel had died and gone to heaven. Back to basics, indeed. Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Dexter, Dexter takes a roadtrip with his new imaginary friend Brian, former brother and Ice Truck Killer. It seems that Jonah has taken to his dad‘s old hobbies and is trying to become the new Trinity Killer.  Read more »
Spoilers ahead.Last night‘s episode of Dexter, "Nebraska," took Dexter on two trips. One was his actual road trip to Nebraska, to visit a real-life ghost of his past, Jonah Mitchell. The other was the mental trip he took with the ghost-projection of his dead brother Brian, who returned last week to play the role of Dark Passenger in contrast to Brother Sam‘s role as Dexter‘s Light Mentor.  While the simultaneous season 1 and season 4 callbacks provided a nice change of pace from the frustrating slowness that is the Doomsday Killer storyline, neither trip really reached its full potential. Both trips were too short-lived and predictable, too hesitant to dip fully into darkness, and too obviously contrived as ways to advance Dexter‘s path toward the light. Read more »
America‘s favorite serial killer just got a little more serial, and less likely of getting caught any time soon.Showtime announced today that it has renewed Dexter for seasons 7 and 8.Star Michael C. Hall has also signed on as part of the renewal. "On behalf of the entire Dexter family, we relish the invitation to delve ever deeper into Dexter‘s world," said Hall after today‘s announcement.  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Dexter, it seems that everyone has issues with their sister. Also, Gellar ups the ante in getting his favorite disciple back. I‘m sure that they have a Hallmark card for that situation.Welcome HomeDexter is back in his familiar stomping ground, but he now has to deal with a bigger threat than Jonah and his imaginary serial killer brother to deal with. He has to handle a very pissed off Deb. Dexter tries to make her happy with donuts, also known as the keys to any cop‘s heart. Unfortunately, it doesn‘t work. You know you are in trouble when you can‘t make a cop happy with donuts. (Is that joke too easy?) It doesn‘t help that he is going to be late for work due to going to Sam‘s funeral, which is ironically held at the place where Dexter killed Nick. Sam liked Dexter so much that before he died he left him his bible. He even rubbed his blood on it as a good memento. Read more »
As a kid I loved reading those old Marvel "What if..." comics, because you could find out howmany different ways Spider-Man could die. It turns out that comic book writers hate Spider-Man asmuch as they do trying to find a girl to go out with them. In the grand tradition of hypothetical killings, Ithought it would be fun to pin our favorite sociopath, Dexter Morgan of Showtime‘s Dexter, against some of the most renowned killers inhistory. Let‘s start with Jack the Ripper. We‘ll look at different categories for each knife wielder to findout who the ultimate killer is.To be fair, let‘s put Dexter back into Victorian Era England to face off against Jack. If you put Jackin today‘s world, he would either die by being run over by one of those amazing new horseless carriages,or he would discover the greatness of fast food and not be so angry anymore. Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Dexter, Travis and Dexter work together to track down Gellar, Deb needs someone to tell her very obvious things to figure them out, and Quinn and Batista play a friendly game of "Punch Your Partner."2LOT-git to QuitDexter is talking to Travis in the old church grabs an axe to break through his chains. The next tableau that Gellar is looking to complete is the "Bowls of Wrath." I keep hearing that as the "Bowels of Wrath," which is what happens every time I try to eat a Grande Meal from Taco Bell by myself. Travis is useless when it comes to information, so it‘s a good thing that Gellar put a very obvious "2LOT" on the bottom of the painting of the next tableau. Dexter also finds a business card from the University of Miami. I wonder if those are clues. Read more »
Spoilers ahead!It doesn‘t take a whole lot of brainstorming to realize just how much season 6 of Dexter and season 2 of The Walking Dead have in common -- some good, and some not-so-good.Both shows center on death (though on Dexter, the dead only die once) and feature a whole lot of thrilling gore, punctuated by (sometimes vastly less interesting) character drama. The central characters struggle to do good despite -- or, often, with -- their darkest impulses, and to find hope when everything should feel most hopeless. Yes, most gripping TV dramas also grapple with these issues in one way or another. But not all of them feature lengthy debates about morality between main characters and their cynical Ghost Brothers, or body counts higher than the Chrysler building, or repeated depictions -- whether actual or in "tableau" form -- of the apocalypse. Dexter and The Walking Dead both do. Read more »
Can any killer, real or fictional, match up to the killer of killers, Dexter Morgan? In this series, we seek to find out, one murderous showdown at a time. Previously: Jack the Ripper.I noted in my last Dexter recap that the show‘s producers and writers are going a bit overboard withtheir twists, which is also what made Nip/Tuck become unwatchable. This got me tothinking about The Carver, Nip/Tuck‘s psychopathic serial rapist and killer. If you put Dexter up against him, who would win? You have one guy who is trying to rid the world of evil, and another who is tryingto rid the world of beauty. Read more »
I said everything I wanted to say about this week‘s episode of Dexter, "Get Gellar," here yesterday. (Highly intellectual summary: The final twist was stupid and I hate it.) But that‘s old news. Now we have new sneak peeks of next Sunday‘s episode, "Ricochet Rabbit," to watch and pick apart and discuss and (probably) get annoyed by. Let‘s take a look at three videos from next Sunday‘s Dexter, none of which explain why the episode is named after a Hanna-Barbera cartoon sheriff:  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Dexter, Travis goes rogue now that he is not tied down by his imaginary friend and secret lover Professor Gellar. He gets help from a new pair of disciples while Deb gets closer to the answer with the dead prostitute. Imaginary FriendDexter is still reeling from the revelation that Travis is acting by himself while imagining that Gellar is still alive. Dexter inspects Gellar‘s body, but is seen by Travis who looks him in the secret room. Outside, Travis is yelling at his fake boss. It turns out that Travis was the crazy one from the beginning. He killed Gellar trying to prove to him that they were the two witnesses from the book of Revelation. Unlike in the bible, Travis neglected to realize that when you stab someone in real life, they die. Travis runs away screaming about killing more people, and Dexter escapes the basement.  Read more »
Since Showtime announced it renewed Dexter for two more seasons, the news has largely been met with frustration and skepticism online. Fans wondered when the series would ever reach its long-awaited endgame -- and, in light of this season‘s dragging and disappointing plotlines, whether they‘d still care about their (former?) favorite serial killer at that point. Plus, on a show that relies heavily on twists, thrills and unexpected deaths, it‘s a little hard to buy into any immediate suspense when we know Dexter will survive -- almost surely uncaught -- for a couple more years.Probably not the reaction Showtime was hoping for, but I highly doubt they didn‘t expect it. Concerns about Dexter‘s sustainability as a series are about one day younger than the series itself.Well, Showtime president David Nevins wants us, the devoted but increasingly doubtful Dexter fanbase, to know that there is an end in sight. He tells EW that seasons 7 and 8 will likely be Dexter‘s last, and that the remaining two episodes of season 6 will set up the conclusion of the series.  Read more »
Castle has had its fair share of interesting guest stars. And Castle has had its fair share of interesting episode themes. But never have the two been so entwined as in an upcoming episode set in the 1940s. Guest starring in that particular episode will be Mark Pellegrino. Read more »
Ready for another edition of Buddy Bites, kids? You know, our little news roundup thing. There‘s a fair bit of bad news for men in tonight‘s edition, and we start off with... Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Dexter, Dexter stops Wormwood from taking out everyone in his office and devises a plan of his own to draw Travis to him. Since tonight is the penultimate episode of the season, I‘m guessing he doesn‘t catch Travis. Read more »
Spoilers ahead.This is the way the world ends ... with a brother-sister bang, or an innocent baby‘s whimper?Apologies to T.S. Eliot for the way I just butchered his line. But it‘s the Dexter writers, not me, who named their season 6 finale after the end of his poem, and who made a possible incest plot (ewww!) and Harrison‘s endangerment (nooo!) the two biggest cliffhangers going into the episode. So they‘re the ones who should be sorry. At least, they will be sorry if either of those threats (brother-sister baby-making, or lion-costumed baby-killing) become realities. It won‘t be T.S. Eliot that I‘m butchering then.But I‘m getting ahead of myself. Take a look at the trailer and two sneak peeks from Sunday‘s Dexter finale, "This is the Way the World Ends," and judge for yourself whether, on the incest and murder fronts, the episode is headed for twist-filled awesomeness or disgusting disaster:  Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Dexter, the final showdown between Dexter and Travis takes place, with Harrison hanging in the balance. The producers have said that there are only two season‘s left, but they are setting them up to be epic. Read more »
After lambasting Dexter all season, I almost feel a little guilty for how much I‘m about to slam its season finale. To the show‘s credit, the season did have some moments of genuine interest, excitement and delicious dark humor. Not nearly as many or as rich as in previous seasons, but they were there. And, for the first time in weeks, as the season moved toward its final minutes last night, the suspense resonated. Unfortunately, it wasn‘t that visceral, thrilling,"OMG what is happeningggg?" sort of suspense we once expected from Dexter. We knew that this was the finale, and we‘ve watched enough Dexter finales by now to know that something shocking had to happen by the end of the hour. So the suspense became, in my mind, more like a detached curiosity: "Hmm, how are they going to wrap up this mess and try to pull us in for next season?" Which I guess isn‘t really suspense at all, but it was better than the pure frustration I‘ve felt through most of this season.  Read more »
Casting bits, anyone? I thought so. Tonight, we have a Gossip Girl returnee, a CIA agent-turned-missionary, and a Marc Cherry cameo. But first, live from New York... it‘s Saturday night! Tomorrow. Read more »
Another round of casting bits, then? Tonight, we have lots, including a new mystery character on Once Upon A Time, a Buffy alum heading to Grimm, and two athletes taking a trip to Hawaii. But let‘s begin in a courthouse... Read more »
This year‘s Screen Actors Guild Award nominations are a very mixed bag for television. The comedy side is full of stale, aging shows like 30 Rock and The Office while completely ignoring fresh, newer faces like New Girl or Parks and Recreation. For dramas, however, there were some big surprises, none more shocking than the nomination for Patrick J. Adams from USA‘s Suits.  Read more »
Showtime is getting off to a very early start planning its fall programming with today‘s announcement of a premiere date for the new seasons of hit shows Dexter and Homeland. Both will premiere Sunday, September 30, with Dexter at 9pm and Homeland at 10pm.  Read more »
As the 2011-2012 TV season draws to a close, networks are preparing for next fall. Dozens of new pilots are being cast and filmed with the hope of being picked up and placed on a network‘s fall schedule. As the saying goes, many will enter, but few will win.  Read more »