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When we last left Wisteria Lane Gaby was dealing with a dangerous man, Lynette gave birth with the help of a serial killer, Bree faced her legal woes and lost her company and Susan was having a yard sale after her husband made some terrible financial decisions.For this season of Desperate Housewives, get ready for some new faces, new twists, and new laughs. To help keep up in what hopes to be a revived season for Desperate Housewives, BuddyTV is looking for a Fan Columnist to recap season seven. We‘re looking for a fan that notices every detail but can highlight just the important ones, as well as have fun with the show and add their own take. If this sounds like you, and we hope it does, keep reading. Read more »
Are you an obsessed TV fan like us? Do you have that one show that you just can‘t miss? Do you talk to your TV while your program is on? It‘s ok, here at BuddyTV, we understand.If you have a passion for TV and have something to say, we want to hear from you. We‘re looking for a dedicated fan columnist who wants to see their name in a byline on BuddyTV week after week, and receive other exclusive BuddyTV perks.   Read more »
Holiday themed episodes are one of TV‘s oldest and best traditions. And if you‘re a fan of TV (that‘s why you‘re here of course) then you know that Halloween themed episodes are a great way to get in the spirit of season and gear up for the big night. So lock the doors, get out the candy, and prepare to be spooked because it‘s that time of year again where our favorite TV shows treat (or trick) us with Halloween themed episodes. With All Hallows‘ Eve right around the corner we‘ve rounded up a motley list of TV shows that will be airing haunting episodes and channels that will be celebrating all month long. Take a look at the list of upcoming Halloween episodes and see if your favorite show has anything creepy planned. Read more »
Sesame Street exists on the premise that kids watch TV -- a lot of TV. The show merely takes advantage of couch potato-tendencies in order to educate and inform. It makes sense then that Sesame Street would parody just about everything already appearing on television for the education of the children.Related: Banksy‘s Simpsons Intro: 5 More Epic Couch Gags from Episodes Past Read more »
This week Smallville is getting a very big guest star: Teri Hatcher. The current Desperate Housewives star famously played Lois Lane on the ‘90s TV series Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman, and now she‘s taking on the role of Lois Lane‘s mom.  Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
Relationshipsare tricky business, particularly if you‘re either a rich and famous Hollywoodstar or a fictional character. In Shipping News each week, I‘ll break down foryou the three most note-worthy (to me!) relationships -- i.e. ships -- o‘ theweek into the Tip-Top Ship Shape (for the best ship of the week), That Ship HasSailed (for romances that fell apart) and You Sunk My Relation Ship (for the mostdevastating moment in a romance we‘re shipping for). Got a duo you‘re totallyshipping for? Drop me a line in the comments, and you may see them featuredhere.Tip-Top Ship Shape: Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo and Jessica Simpson& Eric Johnson"Yay! We‘re getting married ... to other people!"Granted, some peeps may be calling shenanigans on the fact thatformer Newlyweds Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson‘s engagements to their respectivesignificant others, former VJ Vanessa Minnillo and NFL player Eric Johnson,just happened to fall within a week of each other (with Lachey scoring theproverbial "FIRST!" comment on the message board of life). But I, forone, am glad these two kinda dull crazy kids are finally settling down --again.  Read more »
What show ideas are circulating around the rumor mill? What new show ideas do we have to look forward to and who is making them? Buddy Bites for you!‘Desperate Housewives‘ Showrunner to Develop ‘Hallelujah‘Marc Cherry, executive producer of Desperate Housewives, is pushing forward with a new idea. Hallelujah focuses on the small town of Hallelujah, Tennessee, "which finds itself torn apart by the forces of good and evil. Prospects improve when a stranger moves into town looking to bring justice, peace and a little bit of faith to its residents." It sounds like Desperate Housewives meets Buffy meets Eureka meets Twin Peaks? I‘d give it a view! You go, Marc Cherry. [Variety]  Read more »
Today the NAACP announced this year‘s nominees for the Image Awards, and they feature many of the nominees you might expect. The sad truth is that there is still a lack of diversity on television, and these nominations only serve to highlight that by nominating nearly every African-American actor on TV, regardless of actual quality.  Read more »
Thanks to an interview with an astronomer, the Internet has gone crazy over new truths written in the stars. Instead of the 12 zodiac constellations we‘ve all known and loved, it turns out that there‘s a 13th zodiac sign out there. And it‘s called Ophiuchus. Weird... Read more »
Ready for the return of the plastics to North Shore High School? Meaghan Martin certainly is. The actress, known for her roles in ABC Family‘s 10 Things I Hate About You and Disney‘s Camp Rock movies, stars in Mean Girls 2 -- premiering Sunday, Jan. 23 on ABC Family -- alongside Jennifer Stone (Wizards of Waverly Place), Maiara Walsh (Desperate Housewives), Nicole Gale Anderson (Make It or Break It), Claire Holt (H20: Just Add Water), Diego Boneta (Pretty Little Liars) and Tim Meadows (Glory Daze).BuddyTV‘s Carey Proctor and other members of the press had a chance to chat with Meaghan Martin about what it was like to work on the sequel to 2004‘s hit Mean Girls, how her role differs from that of Lindsay Lohan‘s in the first film, and how to deal with real-life high school bullies, among other things. See what Meaghan had to say.  Read more »
On Tuesday evening, the FOX network went for all-out decimation with regard to its "bubble" shows. Every program not certain of renewal is gone. Before the cancellation bloodbath was over, Human Target, Lie to Me, Breaking In, The Chicago Code and Traffic Light all fell off the FOX schedule.So what does this mean for the fates of bubble shows on the other networks? Read more »
ABC is pretty confident in its current lineup because most of its current shows are returning to the exact same time slots. Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Body of Proof, The Middle, Modern Family, Grey‘s Anatomy, Private Practice and Desperate Housewives are keeping the network anchored with returning favorites on nearly every night.  Read more »