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Having made a career out of stand-up comedy, Howie Mandel was unsure about a hosting a primetime game show with “[26] models holding 26 cases, no trivia and no stunts,” which is why he turned down NBC‘s offer to host Deal or No Deal.  After saying “no” for the third time, his wife, impressed with the show‘s unique platform and potential, finally convinced him to take the gig, and now Mandel claims hosting is second nature to him. “It‘s the easiest gig I‘ve ever had because it‘s so natural to me.  There‘s no pressure.  If something arises that‘s funny, I‘ll be funny, but if it‘s serious and dramatic, then I can be that,” Mandel told the New York Post.  Tonight, viewers will get to see the 51-year-old comedian in action once again when the third season of Deal or No Deal premieres with contestant Donna DiBiase and guest banker, Donald Trump (The Apprentice). Read more »
Charlene Miranda, a resident of Fall River, Massachusetts, will be joining Howie Mandel on the stage tonight for the latest round of NBC‘s Deal or No Deal.  Miranda will also be appearing on Friday‘s episode. Miranda, 25, decided to try out for the primetime game show at the behest of her 4-year-old son, Ayden.  After learning of a casting call, Ayden, an avid follower of the show, begged Miranda to audition.  Miranda drove to Boston for the casting call at the Boston Trade Expo Center, arriving at 10:30 am for the 9am call.  She was one of the last Deal or No Deal hopefuls in a line of around 10,000, and waited for seven long hours. Read more »
Season Three of Deal or No Deal is back in full effect, and tonight, Tim Krajewski, the contestant from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is thrown in for a little twist as he is given two $1 million cases, increasing his odds of becoming a millionaire. BuddyTV had a chance to chat with Tim earlier this morning about tonight’s episode and you can read the full interview transcript below. Read more »
Although the third season of NBC‘s Deal or No Deal already started last month, host Howie Mendel reveals that fans can expect more exciting twists and surprises in the episodes to come. “Well, we started the season with a surprise banker, Donald Trump.  We have an NFL show with superstars from the NFL, we have big celebrities stopping by, and big reunions.  There‘s always a bunch of surprises…huge surprises, hot women, and me,” he told Read more »
NBC‘s Deal or No Deal has teamed up with the Ford Motor Company and its “Warriors in Pink” campaign to raise awareness about and fight breast cancer. On Friday, October 19, the show will air a special “pink” episode, with host Howie Mandel wearing pink socks and all 26 models donning stunning pink dresses while holding pink briefcases.  The ladies will also tell viewers to log on to for more information about Ford‘s efforts and how people can get involved in the cause. Read more »
Deal or No Deal‘s telecasts on the first week of October showed Cynthiana native Alicia Whitaker-Pace leaving the Los Angeles studio $306,000 richer.  She would have walked out a millionaire had she not accepted the banker‘s deal, but when the going got tough, she said her husband Jerrod decided to take a more realistic standpoint. “I looked at it like a game,” Whitaker-Pace, whose chosen suitcase turned out to be a million dollar case, said.  “Jerrod looked at it realistically.” Read more »
Ashlee Mundy may not have walked away with $1 million from last Friday‘s Deal or No Deal, but she‘s not sulking.  After all, she has already experienced a much more significant victory: beating breast cancer. Mundy, 31, auditioned for the show in Indianapolis and managed to impress casting directors. "I told them I was a 31-year old breast cancer survivor, I was energetic about life.  I had never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I just dropped my BlackBerry in the toilet and I fixed it," Mundy recalled to Eyewitness News. Read more »
Ellen DeGeneres, most known for her Emmy-award winning daytime talk show, is set to appear on NBC‘s Deal or No Deal, not as a celebrity contestant nor guest banker, but as one of the 26 briefcase models. According to Access Hollywood, NBC will be shooting DeGeneres‘ Deal or No Deal episode on November 9, and will air it sometime in January 2008.  TV Guide, however, is reporting that fans of DeGeneres will get a sneak peek into the episode as the 49-year-old actress-comedienne plans to bring her own film crew to the shoot.  The teasers will air on DeGeneres talk show in November. Read more »
This week, Deal or No Deal will be jumping on board with NBC‘s “Green is universal” campaign as it features Jim Henson‘s Kermit the Frog and an Arkansas woman who returns to finish her game, as well as New York man who tries his shot at becoming a millionaire. Kicking off this Friday‘s episode of season 3 is host Howie Mandel as he enters the studio riding a cruiser bike with the 26 models on bikes behind him, all wearing dresses made from army surplus parachutes. Read more »
To many viewers, Deal or No Deal‘s 26 models are known as the beauties that hold the game show‘s briefcases, handpicked for their slender figures and attractive looks.  But among the girls, Brooke Long and Leyla Milani have decided to conceal their body with a fat suit and take on the streets of New York to play along with Entertainment Tonight‘s investigation. Both Deal or No Deal models took out their typical provocative outfits in exchange of padded suits and latex makeup.  Each were rigged with hidden cameras as they packed on over 300 pounds to see how it feels to live like 66 percent of America, overweight and often mocked by strangers. Read more »
No longer a question of whether it‘s a Deal or No Deal, as with the title of the game show he hosts, for Howie Mandel, the ink is dry on a contract as the face of  The online retailer has tapped the Deal or No Deal star for a series of ad campaigns meant to boost this year‘s holiday sales. is currently on an upswing, having posted four successive quarters of growth and earnings.  The company appears to have turned things around from last year‘s unimpressive numbers.  According to its vice president for marketing, Howie Mandel was a seamless choice for their new advertising push. Read more »
Howie Mandel is living the good life now, thanks to the successful run of Deal or No Deal.  The game show has been averaging 11 million every Wednesday for this season, but Mandel has expressed some concern regarding overexposure for the program. The Deal or No Deal host has become concerned that the program could go the way of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, whose ratings fell after being turned into a regular instead of a special show.  His apprehension comes as Deal or No Deal goes on the air thee times this week in what‘s billed as What‘s the Deal Week. Read more »
NBC gets generous this Christmas as Deal or No Deal showers its audience with amazing gifts and prizes in a special two-hour episode on December 25.  Fans can expect a heavy dose of entertainment as the models appear in festive green and fur lined dresses and classically dressed Christmas carolers sing to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Hosted by Canadian actor-comedian Howie Mandel, Deal or No Deal is a high stakes international hit show where a contestant attempts to win a huge amount of money by selecting a brief case among the 26 cases presented by the models in this exciting game of odds and chance. Read more »
NBC received a fine yuletide present via its two-hour Christmas Day special edition of Deal or No Deal, which led all shows in both hours starting at 8pm.  The network emerged ahead of the pack in overall standings for the night, according to Nielsen‘s Fast National Ratings. NBC finished with a 5.5 rating/11 share, thanks in part to Deal or No Deal‘s two-hour triumph. Read more »
On the last episode of Deal or No Deal, a dirt bike fan attempted to take on the Million Dollar Mission and got a surprise visit from motorcross champion James “Bubba” Stewart.  The evening was followed by Brad Falcon of Maui, Hawaii who tries to win the top prize of $ 1 million as he plays with five $ 1 million cases.Falcon continues to play the game of chance in tomorrow‘s episode of Deal or No Deal. Read more »
After an Arizona nurse, who gives under-privileged mothers pre-natal care in a special Mom Mobile, tried her luck with six $1 million cases on Monday, Deal or No Deal returns tomorrow to carry on with the Million Dollar Mission and to feature its first ever celebrity briefcase model. Read on for a preview of this Wednesday‘s episode. Read more »
From the producers of Deal or No Deal comes yet another series that dares viewers to run off and join the circus with its American version of the international hit series Celebrity Circus. The new show has been added to NBC‘s “All-American Summer” lineup that is expected to provide momentum leading into the network‘s exclusive coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Unlike Deal or No Deal, a high stakes international game show of chance and odds where contestants try their luck at becoming a millionaire, Celebrity Circus is a live competition series that invites celebrities to participate alongside avant-garde professional circus troupes in a visually arresting format. Read more »
Deal or No Deal host, Howie Mandel, is scheduled to drop by at the National Association of Television Program Executives or NATPE‘s Annual Conference & Exhibition this year.  This year‘s edition kicked off yesterday and is scheduled to run until Thursday, January 31, at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Mandel will be on hand to promote NBC Universal‘s syndicated version of Deal or No Deal, which is slated to get off the ground soon. Read more »
The Million Dollar Mission continues tonight in a special 90-minute installment of NBC‘s Deal or No Deal.  In tonight‘s episode, an Arizona woman goes head to head with the Banker for a shot at $1 million. Deal or No Deal returns tonight, still fresh from last week‘s outstanding numbers that saw the game show in the top 10 list of shows with the greatest overall viewership. Read more »
Deal or No Deal‘s quest to give away $1 million continues tonight in another special, hour-and-a-half-long installment of the Million Dollar Mission.  Kicking things up a notch from last Monday night‘s show, tonight‘s edition finds one Philadelphia native holding an unprecedented 11 $1 million cases.To date, none of the 190-plus contestants in over 140 Deal or No Deal episodes has been able to bring home the $1 million grand prize.  The closest anyone‘s ever come was the $750,000 Michele Falco of New York bagged in a special $6 million game.  Apart from that, no one in the show‘s three seasons has even breached the half million mark. Read more »
Could this be the end of the line for Deal or No Deal‘s Million Dollar Mission?  We‘ll find out tonight when Katie Henslin of Forest Lake, Minnesota plays with 13 cases containing the coveted $1 million.  Last week, we reported that despite its desire to enrich a lucky contestant by a cool million, Deal or No Deal producer, Scott St. John has stated unequivocally that they will not go beyond 13 briefcases. Could this mean the end of the Million Dollar Mission?  Or could this be a reversal of the traditional perception of 13 as an unlucky number?  Can Minnesota‘s Henslin make it a lucky number for her?  Find out in tonight‘s edition of Deal or No Deal. Read more »
NBC‘s Deal or No Deal is heading out of California during May sweeps. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the hit game show hosted by comedian Howie Mandel will be embarking on an around-the-world tour, bringing along with them millionaire wannabees from the United States.  The show will drop by its local counterparts in Estonia, the Philippines and South Africa. Read more »
Last week, an attorney based in Columbus, Georgia went before the state Supreme Court and argued that the NBC hit game show Deal or No Deal is host to a form of illegal gambling. Jerry Buchanan, the attorney who filed a lawsuit against NBC, pointed out that a show segment called “The Lucky Case Game" is a form of illegal gambling.  The segment allows viewers at home to send text messages to earn the chance to win big money.  Each text costs 99 cents. Read more »
Chris Higdon didn‘t come home a millionaire, but he did manage to win an impressive $27,000 from the hit NBC game series, Deal or No Deal.  Despite getting the five-figure prize money, Higdon admitted that there‘s very little he can recall about that special day. “I don‘t remember anything that happened when we taped it,” Higdon told the Scranton Times-Tribune, referring to his Deal or No Deal episode, which was taped last October. Read more »
Fans of Deal or No Deal can finally try their luck at becoming a millionaire as NBC‘s high stakes international game show of chance and odds kicks off a nationwide search for contestant with an open casting call at Pearlridge Center Uptown in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday, March 29. The casting call is expected to begin promptly at 10am, with all hopeful participants lined up by 1pm, which is the cutoff time for the casting.  All those standing in line by 1pm will reportedly be guaranteed an interview. Read more »
As reported previously, Deal or No Deal will be holding a casting call at Pearlridge Center Uptown in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday, March 29.  At the same time, however, NBC‘s high stakes international game show of chance and odds will also be looking for potential contestants in Wisconsin.Deal or No Deal‘s casting call in Wisconsin will kick off this Saturday at Hanes Mall in Salem from 10am to 8pm.  Those who want to attend are expected to be there early since the line will be cut off no later than 4pm on Saturday.  On the other hand, the early birds can already line up Friday afternoon, while those arriving before 9am Saturday will have to form a line outside the mall starting at the Food Court entrance. Read more »
As reported recently, Deal or No Deal is holding casting calls in various areas of the county to look for potential contestants to participate in NBC‘s high stakes international game show of chance and odds.  As expected, many hopefuls are now signing up for a chance to become a millionaire. Unfortunately, not everyone who waits in line will land a spot on the show. According to Lucas Conklin, who serves as casting director of Deal or No Deal, he is looking for contestants that viewers will root for while watching the show. Read more »
Two contestants will need “The Force” with them when NBC airs a special Star Wars-themed episode of Deal or No Deal on April 28.  This will be a treat for fans of the worldwide pop culture phenomenon given that the show will be transformed into a gilly of Star Wars characters and themes complete with models dressed as Imperial storm troopers.In this two-hour "winner take all" episode, two contestants, Elyse McCrillis and Brad Flinchum, will battle against each other for a chance to win close to 2 million dollars.  They will each play their own game and whoever has the highest amount at the end of his or her game will take home both winnings, leaving the other with nothing.  Viewers will be thrilled to see how these contestants re-think their strategy.  Will they play it safe or take the risk and go all the way in order to be the winner? Read more »
Howie Mandel, who currently hosts the international high stakes game show Deal or No Deal, is spinning back to his comedic roots as he stars and produces a new comedy series for NBC.  The show, which is called Howie Do It, has been given a straight-to-series order, effectively bypassing the usual “make an expensive pilot” route to primetime that networks have relied upon in the past."I can‘t tell you how excited I am to be in business with NBC once again," Mandel said.  "Working with them on Deal or No Deal continues to be a phenomenal experience." Read more »
On Monday‘s episode of Deal or No Deal, President Bush made a guest appearance in support of an Iraq war veteran.  Unfortunately, his presence didn‘t bring much luck to the contestant or the show. Deal or No Deal, NBC‘s international high stakes game show of chance and odds, matched its lowest Monday rating ever despite the highly publicized visit by the 61-year-old commander-in-chief.  The two-hour episode attracted 10 million viewers and only earned a 2.7 rating among adults 18-49 and a 7 share, which is 27 percent down from its prior season average. Read more »
There‘s a lot to take in here.  NBC head Ben Silverman held a conference call today regarding NBC‘s upfronts.  He went over the NBC Fall schedule, the new series that will premiere next season, what NBC‘s midseason will look like and which shows will return, when they will return and with how many episodes.  NBC‘s big thing is that this schedule is a 52-week schedule, with staggered premiere dates and very few re-runs.  Ben Silverman claimed that next season, NBC will premiere more series than any other network ever.  That‘s probably true.  Read more »