Articles for Deadliest Catch Season 7

Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Deadliest Catch, "Old Man and Treachery."High Five Highlights:1. Jake and Josh Harris step up, learning more about the boat and how to run it.2. On the Wizard, even Keith starts to doubt himself when his strings produce no results, but his spirits are raised when the superstitious Captain sees a rainbow where his pots are being set.3. A Wizard crew member has the scare of his life when his leg gets caught in the line and he is in danger of being swept overboard, attached to an anchor.4. The Captain of the Seabrooke considers firing two crew members: a father and son.5. The Time Bandit and the Wizard both head for the same fishing grounds with both Captains needing to land significant crab to complete their season. Read more »
I guess it‘s that time again. Dancing with the Stars has been off the air for weeks, and we are even more weeks away from the next season of the reality show. Obviously, we can start the inundation of names for potential new "stars."One of the first names appearing on the scene for season 13? Lohan. Read more »
Saturday marked the 2011 Creative Arts Emmy Award ceremony, where technical awards were given out prior to the primetime ceremony on Sunday, September 18 on FOX.The big winner was HBO‘s freshman drama Boardwalk Empire, which picked up seven awards. The record for most Emmy wins by a series in one year is nine by The West Wing for its first season, and with four more categories at the primetime ceremony, Boardwalk Empire could easily beat it.  Read more »