Articles for Deadliest Catch Season 6

Deadliest Catch premieres its sixth season tonight, but unlike previous seasons, the new season kicks off on a depressing note, considering the first episode is also the final voyage of Captain Phil Harris. The owner and captain of the crab fishing vessel FV Cornelia Marie passed away at the age of 53, but not before taking viewers to the treacherous world of crab fishermen. Read more »
BuddyTV‘s David Niu dropped by Catchcon 2010 in Seattle last weekend, an event all hardcore fans of the Discovery Channel‘s popular cable show Deadliest Catch know well.  Niu asked the show‘s producers and ship captains to divulge 10 secrets show fans might not know, like who still gets seasick, who wants whiter teeth and how to prepare for that first trip to sea.  Read more »
Jake Harris is presently making waves on the net after being caught red-handed on tonight‘s episode of the Deadliest Catch by none other than his father, Captain Phil Harris. Read more »
Last week, the Deadliest Catch served viewers with a "shocking" episode that showed Jake Harris stealing pain meds from his father, Capt. Phil Harris, and admitting he was an addict, while Jake Anderson‘s father‘s truck was found without him. In terms of the drama, this week‘s episode was no different. In fact, it‘s was deemed even more heartbreaking than viewers had expected. Here‘s what went down: Read more »