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Little by little the Fall TV season has been getting started with manyof the CW and FOX shows premiering over the past two weeks.  Buttonight marks the official start of the season with nine season orseries premieres tonight.So set up multiple DVRs and get ready for the busiest night in TV.  Read more »
Dancing with the Stars kicks off this season with the eight male contestants taking the dance floor and doing either the fox trot or the cha-cha-cha. Of course, there were surprises - stars who were surprisingly not as bad as we imagined, and stars who are as bad as we imagined - ok, that wasn‘t exactly a surprise. Here are those that stood out to me:1. Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff and being sexy - So they didn‘t disappoint. A lot predicted this part to ooze with sex appeal (though his face doesn‘t look nearly as bony as it did on the Chelsea interview), and right off the bat we see that in their first performance - or costume at least - very low plunging neckline top for Aaron and something very furry barely covering Karina‘s boobies.Don‘t forget to catch: DancingWith the Stars: Season Premiere Live Thoughts Read more »
While everyone else was interested in the off-stage drama of theun-fianced Maksim and Karina from Dancing with The Stars, the onlything about the Emmy dance routine we cared about was the plethora ofSo You Think You Can Dance alumni. Backing the Dancing with the Stars(ex)couple were Season 4 alumni Mark Kanemura, Katee Shean, JoshuaAllen, Season 3 (and ABDC‘s) Hok Konishi and Dominic Sandoval, as wellas Season 1 and fellow Quest Crew member Ryan Conferido. The routine waseven choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance choreographers andoccasional guest judges, Tabitha and Napoleon. And fear not, if you happened to miss the sizzling routine, we‘ve got the video for you.  Read more »
Across the board, the ladies were a tad bit better than the gentlemen on Dancing with the Stars. Except for a few robotic movements (Natalie Coughlin) and a few misdirected foot work (Kathy Ireland), the ladies were better than the guys. The highlights of the night, however, were all thanks to three standouts: Mya, Kelly Osbourne, and Joanna Krupa. Macy Gray was also entertaining, by the way, she deserves special mention. And she also rocked it.1. Joanna Krupa - Sure, there should be no surprise here. But just the same, I think after watching her, the Dancing with the Stars fans thought to themselves that we have this season‘s favorite to win it (though this isn‘t exactly an enviable position per se). The sizzling blonde couple really brought the house down and danced the first hot and sexy salsa for the night. "What a specimen!" Bruno gushed, and we know too well what he meant.Also catch: ‘Dancingwith the Stars‘ Season Premiere Week - Ladies Night, Live Thoughts Read more »
After all 16 couples performed on the premiere week of Dancing with the Stars, there‘s no clear indication if this season‘s going to be dominated by the guys or the girls. Leading the pack for ladies are new Dancing with the Stars season 9 golden couple Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough with 34 points, with yet another blonde person Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff trailing them by a mere 2 points. Mya should‘ve been way up there, if it weren‘t for a disagreement in the scoring / choreography, but as things stand, she and Dmitry Chaplin round up the top 3 at 31 points, tied with surprise wonder Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel.On the other side of the spectrum, three couples have the lowest scores at 19, so judging from the scores alone, it‘s not a giveaway who‘ll get the boot on tomorrow‘s double elimination. The three 19-scoring couples are very adorable Macy Gray and Jonathan Roberts, footballer Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova, and surprise, surprise Edyta Sliwinska and Ashley Hamilton.Don‘t forget to catch: DancingWith the Stars: Season Premiere Live Thoughts and  ‘Dancingwith the Stars‘ Season Premiere Week - Ladies Night, Live Thoughts Read more »
In this series, we will study the 16 couples on Dancing with the Stars season 9 and predict who has the best chances for success, and who is doomed to humiliation.Who is Louie Vito?Louie Vito is a professional snowboarder, and among the country‘s best ones. One of those highly considered for the 2010 Olympic team, Louie competes in both Pipe and Slopestyle disciplines. The 21-year-old is a veteran of several Winter X-Games competitions, alongside winning the USSA Grand Prix Halfpipe Series twice. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance alumni and current Dancing with the Starsprofessionals, Chelsie Hightower and Dmitryi Chaplin opened a movingtribute to Patrick Swayze during last night‘s DWTS results show. Thepair danced to "She‘s Like The Wind," which all you Patrick Swayzelovers know, Swayze sang himself during Dirty Dancing. While it wasn‘tthe "I Had The Time of My Life" routine, Chelsie and Dmitryi performeda lovely, touching, and surprisingly sensual routine. We‘ve lovedChelsie since her time on So You Think You Can Dance, but she hasimproved massively in technique and performance since those days.Chelsie has rarely looked so lovely or in control than in this piece,making So You Think You Can Dance fans and alums proud everywhere...and Swayze fans across America tear up.   Read more »
The ninth season of Dancing with the Stars recently kicked off. Today‘s record 16 couples range from former child stars to an Olympic swimmer, from RNB standouts to the UFC main man. Here‘s a preview of what‘s to expect on this season of Dancing with the Stars: Read more »
It‘s time to place your bets, Bachelor fans! ABC will finally reveal the identity of the much awaited love searcher for The Bachelor 14, according to host Chris Harrison, who wrote a posting on his Twitter account on Tuesday."Here it is... The new Bachelor will be announced Tuesday Oct 13th live on Dancing with the Stars [on] ABC!" Harrison announced, giving ABC viewers another reason to tune in besides watching Mark Dacascos, Joanna Krupa and Donny Osmond hit the dance floor.  Read more »
I personally want to see more things from Macy Gray on Dancing with the Stars, but after watching her performance again, I rethink my position and finally concede that she indeed has to go. On the other hand, I have absolutely no sympathy for Ashley Hamilton, who was like a log dancing with Edyta Sliwinska."Ashley had no idea how to dance," said Sliwinska, who was also the partner of Ashley‘s dad George, who had a much better finish than his son. "He came with no experience but he worked way harder than his dad and he did an amazing, amazing job." Read more »
Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer is out with an injury. RadarOnline reports that Lacey, who is partnered with Mark Dacascos this season, "has suffered injuries in and around her hip muscles." She will need three weeks of physical therapy to recover. There‘s no official announcement as to what this means for tonight‘s show but I‘m guessing Mark Read more »
Following last week‘s double elimination, 14 couples remain on Dancing with the Stars. If there were clear winners and losers on last week‘s dance-offs as far as the scores go, last night, there are just two sides: the good and the bad. Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff with their muppets score a high of 27 points, so did Mya and Dmitry Chaplin. Rounding off the top three is Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson, whose showmanship and skills merited 25 points. The rest scored 18‘s, 19‘s, 20‘s, and 21‘s.Don‘t forget to catch this: ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ - Week 2, Live Thoughts Read more »
Do you also think it‘s cruel that two contestants got booted off Dancing with the Stars after just one dance (well technically two but the other dance wasn‘t really a whole thing)? Tonight, one more couple will say goodbye, while 13 will continue.To see how your favorite did last night, click here for the recap. Read more »
Well this is awkward. Aaron Carter admitted to having a crush on Chelsie Hightower. For those of you that don‘t know, Aaron is a celebrity on season 9 of Dancing with the Stars and Chelsie is a professional dancer. No, they aren‘t coupled up. Aaron‘s partner is Karina Smirnoff and Chelsie‘s partner is snowboarding champion Louie Vito (who sort of likes Chelsie, too; he said so in one of their interviews together).And that‘s not all. It‘s Karina herself who spilled the beans regarding this little infatuation on her exclusive DWTS blog over at Fancast.Who got booted out? Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ - Week 2, Live Results  Read more »
There was more to this week‘s Dancing with the Stars than the contestants‘ quick steps, jives, and tangos. Yes, the music! This week, it ranged from something from Moulin Rouge to a Jackson 5 classic.For the full list of music used in this week‘s dance routines, it‘s under the cut. Read more »
OK, we all know Kathy Ireland‘s religious (after their salsa last week, she said "All things are possible with God" right after Bruno pointed out that there was an utter lack of sex in the salsa). Talking about their departure from Dancing with the Stars, the former model said her stint on the ABC show, albeit a very brief one, was "a miracle.""It‘s been such a blessing, the entire experience. I‘m surprised that I was able to get on the dance floor in the first place. It was a miracle," Ireland told Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America, adding that it was partner Tony Dovolani who was able to teach her "grace and elegance" - and she also called Tony "the Fred Astaire of our generation," something I‘m not sure he‘ll appreciate.Catch: ‘Dancingwith the Stars‘ - Week 2, Live Thoughts Read more »
"There are no if‘s, ands or buts or possibilities or chances, I‘m going to win Dancing With the Stars."Former child pop star and Dancing with the Stars celebrity Aaron Carter reportedly said in a radio interview that he, alongside partner Karina Smirnoff, will hands down win the ninth season of the show. The declaration was made hours before their Monday night performance, where their Muppet-inspired tango routine drew raves from the judges, MTV News reports. Read more »
If you‘re not having enough fun watching the current crop of celebs on Dancing with the Stars, ABC wants to know who would you like to see dance again in their dance floor.The network has launched a sort of contest on their official site to determine the star which hardcore Dancing with the Stars fans would like to see make a return for a very special performance later this season. The type of dance has already been determined - the very exciting paso doble - as is the music - "Eye of the Tiger" (why again?), but for the next two weeks, there will be voting to pick the star to give the special performance. There are currently nine candidates so far: Read more »
As you may or may not know, ABC is currently doing a contest of sorts to determine which star fans would like to see strut his/her stuff again on the Dancing with the Stars dance floor. The favorites have been Joey Fatone, Drew Lachey, and Mel B. who recently announced via Twitter that she would indeed like to make a return on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars pro Chelsie Hightower recently revealed that dating his celeb partner and snowboarding champ Louie Vito is not totally out of her mind, kind of rebuffing an admission by another Dancing celeb Aaron Carter that he is crushing on her."Possibly. Louie‘s awesome. We have fun together," said Chelsie, adding that the couple‘s upcoming rumba on tomorrow‘s Dancing with the Stars episode will be "sensual."  Read again: Dancingwith the Stars: Aaron Carter Publicly Confesses His Crush on Chelsie Hightower Read more »
This episode of Dancing with the Stars proved to be a little tricky for the men. Their best bets Aaron Carter and, to a certain extent, Donny Osmond both scored 21 points, while the rest really just struggled. As for the lady celebs, Mya is finally making it clear that she‘s the one to beat this season (and not Aaron Carter, as he previously pronounced himself). If it weren‘t for Len, Mya could‘ve scored the season‘s first 30. Just the same, she took home Dancing with the Stars season 9‘s first 10, and scored a night-best 27 points. Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough scored 23, Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazo notched 26 points, and Kelly Osbourne had a lukewarm 20 points.Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Week 3 Live Thoughts Read more »
Last week Dancing with the Stars took off and started to fly,with 9s being thrown out like they were candy.  But this week, despitesome great dancing, there was a dark cloud over the performances, andits name was Len Goodman.The elder statesman of the Dancing with the Star judges‘ tablewas crankier than normal during the week 3 performance show, doling outlow scores like he was the Estonian judge at a figure skatingcompetition.  The most offensive bit of Len‘s foul judging came duringMya and Dmitry Chaplin‘s breathtaking Rumba.  While Carrie Ann Inabaand Bruno Tonioli gave out the season‘s first 10s, mean old Len gavethe pair a 7.  Read more »
According to People Magazine, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will withdraw from competition on Dancing with the Stars during tonight‘s live results show due to injury.The magazine says that DeLay has stress fractures in both feet, and that doctors and producers on Dancing with the Stars told him not to perform during last night‘s performance, but he went through with it anyway.  Read more »
This week‘s music on Dancing with the Stars ranges from the very easy to understand - Shakira‘s Underneath Your Clothes for Mya and Dmitry‘s awesome rumba - to the cheesy and ultimately not-so-successful - John Paul Young‘s Love Is In The Air for their samba. In the mix are also something from Bonnie Tyller, Lionel Richie and even Lady Gaga!Click below for the rest of the music used on this week‘s Dancing with the Stars.Find out who went home: Dancing with the Stars: Week 3, Live Results  Read more »
This week on Dancing with the Stars, Mya and Dmitry Chaplin receivedthe first 10s of season 9 for their Rumba, winning over Bruno Tonioliand Carrie Ann Inaba.  But does being the first couple to get a 10 makethem the frontrunners, or is it a bad omen?History suggests that being the first couple to receive a 10 from thejudges is not a good thing.  In almost every season, the first coupleto get a 10 didn‘t win, so Mya and Dmitry might want to get ready for asecond or third place finish.  Let‘s look at the Dancing with the Stars Curse of the First 10. Read more »
There was supposed to be a monkey on Dancing with the Stars thisweek.  Well, technically a chimpanzee.  But the chimp never saw thelight of day thanks to PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment ofAnimals.As Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron mentioned, Tuesday‘sresults show was supposed to feature a chimp and a baby as guestjudges, hopefully there to mock the fact that Len Goodman‘s unfairjudging was equal to that of a child monkey.  Read more »
Dancing with the Stars fans have been accustomed to many classic dancestyles, but for week 4 of season 9, the show is throwing thecontestants a curveball.  This week, the couples will have to performone of four brand new dance styles to Dancing with the Stars.Week 4 will offer four very different and challenging styles, twoclassic American and two classic Latin.  Couples will face theCharleston, the Country Two-Step, the Lambada or the Bolero.  Let‘slook at these four very different dances to prepare for the new Dancing with the Starschallenge.  Below we have a preview of the four new dance styles, andwhich couples will be dancing which styles, thanks to their officialTwitter accounts.  Read more »
There will be four new dances on this week‘s Dancing with the Stars - the bolero, the Charleston, the Lambada, and the country two-step. And I think we can pretty much figure out which couple is going home based on these dances and how they‘ve performed so far.The Bolero, which will be sampled by Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazo, and Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova, is a slow Cuban/Spanish dance with lots of passionate and romantic arm movements. The Charleston, to be danced by by Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas, Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson, and Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel, is a fun dance with lots of heel kicks.  Read more »
It was a fun night on Dancing with the Stars, what with the four new dances that were introduced. Right off the bat, the country two-steppers really struggled, and I‘m wondering if it had something to do with the weirdness of the nature of the dance (as opposed to traditional ballroom) or they‘re just really, inherently bad.Take, for instance, Chuck Lidell and Anna Trebunskaya, Mark Dacoscos and Lacey Schwimmer, and Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower. All three struggled quite noticeably. While I don‘t think any dance can save Chuck Lidell, a less difficult dance could‘ve been better for Mark and Louie - Louie and Chelsie could have done much better if they danced the bolero, something that can emphasize their chemistry. Read more »
The four new dances on Dancing with the Stars certainly changed somethings up a bit.  Melissa Joan Hart went directly to the top of theleader board with her Charleston while Aaron Carter and Louie Vito bothstumbled big time.  But who will be sent home on Dancing with the Starsin week 4? First, check out a full recap of all the week 4 Dancing with the Stars action>> Read more »
In one word, because he sucked.There wasn‘t really much surprise when MMA fighter Chuck Liddell was kicked off Dancing with the Stars. Along with Michael Irvin and, believe it or not, Aaron Carter, Chuck was among the candidates to head home. With his first performances, some even couldn‘t understand why he was included in the roster, other than being among the Token Stiff Guy Who Just Might Be Amusing.Read how Chuck got KO‘d here. Read more »
For the past two weeks on Dancing with the Stars, Mya and DmitryChaplin have become the frontrunners thank to two amazing performancesthat earned raves and 10s from judges Carrie Ann Inaba and BrunoTonioli.  But mean old Len Goodman, whose standards are impossibly highfor Mya and Dmitry, only gave them a 7 and an 8.  Read more »
Even barring this week‘s elimination, it was only a matter of time I guess before Chuck Liddell said goodbye to the Dancing with the Stars dance floor. It was quite obvious from his very first number alongside professional partner Anna Trebunskaya. That being said, the chunky MMA fighter feels sorry at least for his pro partner."I‘m okay.  We worked real hard and I feel bad. I feel like I kind of let her down a little bit," he said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I wish I could of done better for her.  She worked real hard with a guy that‘s not real good at dancing."Check how Chuck got booted off Dancing with the Stars here. Read more »
Following the Dancing with the Stars tribute to Patrick Swayze, next week‘s results show will feature a massive tribute to Michael Jackson, performed by 16 professional dancers and choreographed by seven of the show‘s pros, including Derek Hough and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Read more »
Only 10 couples remain on Dancing with the Stars, and now that almostall the dead weight has been cut (except for Michael Irvin), we have aclearer understanding of which couples are destined for the finale, andwhich ones won‘t be around much longer.However, thus far on Dancing with the Stars I see two clear favoritesfor the finale, and a third spot that is wide open to a number of othercouples.  But who will be there at the end?  Read more »
Can‘t get enough of Dancing with the Stars? Apple user? Judging from the ratings and the gadgets of most of my friends, most probably yes on both accounts. ABC has recently launched a special Dancing with the Stars app that will cater to the more interactive DWTS fans, who can use it to vote via SMS, view video highlights, and get elimination updates.Or you can just watch it on ABC and interact with other fans via BuddyTV. Read more »
Mya, no doubt, is the frontrunner this season on Dancing with the Stars. Yet unlike other previous frontrunners, not everyone is digging her style. Much has been said about Len Goodman‘s prodigious judging of her routines with Dmitry Chaplin - not enough content one week then too much going on the next - and if anything, I think it has riled up both fans and non-fast to sort of root for her, just to show Len how annoyingly inconsistent he had been. Nevertheless, ask any Dancing with the Stars celebs this season and they‘ll tell you that they think Mya is indeed the one to beat this season. That being said, is it too soon to proclaim a Mya season? Read more »
After the sizzling lambada last week, the heat may have been too much for Derek Hough, as the professional partner of Joanna Krupa reported via his Twitter that he‘ll be off Dancing with the Stars this week, at least temporarily. Derek Hough is presently recovering from flu-like symptoms, with ousted Maksim Chmerkovskiy taking over.What‘s the lesson here, kids? Keep your shirt on people. I kid. Read more »
At last the paso doble! I thought they weren‘t going to get there.Last night‘s edition of Dancing with the Stars featured a sort of inflation in the judges‘ score, most notably Len, who either had a near-death experience or a very, very good night‘s sleep to warrant the sudden generosity and at times excessive patronizing. Just all weeks past, though, there were good performances, and those that reminded us why train wrecks are painfully fun to watch.Don‘t forget to catch how the DWTS week 5 performance night went. Read more »
Of course John predicted it right, but I‘m sure no saw it coming. Natalie Coughlin became the sixth person eliminated from  Dancing with the Stars (seventh, if you count Tom DeLay), and in the process, her elimination marks the earliest exit for an individual Olympic gold medalist since the show‘s 2005 debut. Three former Olympians - Speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi and gymnast Shawn Johnson - won their respective seasons. There were other Olympians who did worse, but they were of the team variety.What does this mean? Read more »
Natalie Coughlin‘s elimination from Dancing with the Stars isstill shocking fans, but it‘s time for the nine remaining couples toprepare for another grueling week.  Not only will the couples faceeither the Waltz or the Jitterbug in week 6, but they also have to dealwith a Mambo Marathon, a double elimination and a dance-off.  Read more »
And the injuries continue on Dancing with the Stars. A couple of weeks after Tom DeLay withdrew from the competition because of a sprained ankle, Kelly Osbourne also injured herself when the buckle of her shoe slammed into her foot during this week‘s paso doble. Still, she was able to perform in the group hustle shoeless, but she was immediately rushed to Cedars-Sinai hospital immediately after the show with daddy Ozzy."At the end of our paso doble, Kelly banged her foot on the floor, which may have caused an injury," said her professional partner Louis van Amstel. "She is at the hospital right now to take an X-ray and an MRI to make sure she will be OK to dance. Kelly will keep me updated on her prognosis."And yes, Natalie Coughlin was eliminated. Read how it happened here. Read more »
She may be steaming hot on the dance floor (read: topless lambada, but not her, pro partner Derek Hough), but former swimsuit model Joanna Krupa says that with all the time she‘d been spending on Dancing with the Stars, she can barely do anything with boyfriend businessman Romain Zago, much less make love."Dancing With the Stars definitely hasn‘t helped my sex life," Krupa tells E! Online. "I have no time for anything except rehearsal. When I get home from rehearsals, I don‘t want to be bothered. Cuddling is enough for me. I‘m mentally and physically exhausted, so my fiancé will just have to wait." Read more »
I don‘t know what Natalie Coughlin getting the boot from Dancing with the Stars tells you, but it tells me only one thing: the fans, not the judges, have started to dictate the tempo this season. And on hindsight, while Natalie‘s elimination seems shocking if you‘d look at the scores and averages and the leader board, from a popularity contest point of view (that Dancing with the Stars is), it totally seems logical and even inevitable. Sure she had a bad week, and made worse with the scores being so close. So while Michael Irvin and to a certain extent Louie Vito are bombing on the dance floor, the fact some people may be constantly voting for them saved their asses. Can the same be said about Natalie, who scowls for than she smiles and appears totally uptight if she‘s focusing? I don‘t think so. Read more »
For starters, here‘s how the leader board on Dancing with the Stars week 6 looks:Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough - Waltz 26 + 10 = 36Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff - Waltz 25 + 8 = 33Mya and Dmitry Chaplin - Jitterbug 24 + 9 = 33Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer - Jitterbug 26 + 6 = 32Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson - Jitterbug 24 + 7 = 31Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel - Jitterbug 20 + 5 = 25Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower - Jitterbug 21 + 3 = 24Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas - Waltz 20 + 4 = 24Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova - Waltz 20 + 2 = 22How did performance night go? Don‘t forget to read this. Read more »
Predicting who will go home on Dancing with the Stars isn‘talways easy, and with a double elimination and a dance-off, it seemedlike this week might be particularly hard.  But thanks to the judges‘very strict scoring, it‘s fairly obvious what will happen tonight on Dancing with the Stars.Combining the solo and marathon scores, there‘s a huge six point gapbetween fifth place Donny Osmond and sixth place Kelly Osbourne.  Thatkind of gap is almost insurmountable in terms of audience voting, soright away, it‘s almost guaranteed that five of the nine remainingcouples on Dancing with the Stars are safe.  Read more »
And then there were seven.After the dust of Dancing with the Stars‘ dreaded double elimination has settled, we have seven remaining couples this season. And thanks to a dance-off, Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova, easily one of the worst performing couples to reach this far, is one of them.  Read more »
Dancing with the Stars is more than halfway over with only sevencouples remaining, and that numbers gets a lot smaller next week withyet another double elimination.Week 7 will give the finalists a bit of freedom, as each couple canchoose any dance form on the season so far they haven‘t done.  Combinewith team dancing, week 7 of Dancing with the Stars will certainlyseparate the leaders from the followers as we narrow the field down tothe final five.  Read more »
The Dancing with the Stars judges may have received some flak for letting bottom-dweller Michael Irvin stay in contention while dishing the walking papers to snowboarder Louie Vito on this week‘s double elimination, but for one of them, the dance-off between the two wasn‘t the most heartbreaking part of the evening.Carrie Ann Inaba said the first elimination, that of Melissa Joan Hart, was what struck her more. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars‘ Joanna Krupa is set to grace the cover of Playboy this December, but before you Mya fans think it‘s a ploy to rake in more votes, the issue will come out at around the same time the season ends, in November 24, so it‘s a trifle late for that purpose.Of course, this isn‘t the first time that 30-year-old Krupa has graced the magazine. She has already posed nude for Playboy in July 2005, but I‘m sure her steamy and nearly nekkid lambada with Derek Hough made more male fans interested. Read more »
The sickness is spreading on Dancing with the Stars.  Usuallyit‘s injury that causes stars and professional dancers to getsidelined, but shortly after Derek Hough stepped aside due to illness,now comes news that Lacey Schwimmer will NOT be dancing with MarkDacascos tonight on Dancing with the Stars.  Read more »
What did you think of this week‘s Dancing with the Stars performances? The leader board, for one, looks weird. Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff got a stunning 29 but their group paso was a letdown, so their overall score was only good for second spot at 53. On the other hand, Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough got only 27 for their first dance, but the 28 they got for the group tango lifted their score to 55, the night‘s best.On the other side of the spectrum, Mark Dacascos and Anna Trebunskaya (temp replacement to Lacey Schwimmer) had a sort of fall from grace, after a great two weeks or so and find themselves in the bottom of the pile at 43, four points below what-is-he-still-doing-here Michael Irvin, who, by the way, is just two points away from frontrunner Mya, who is astonishingly third from the bottom with 49. Crazy week. Here‘s how the rest of the leader board looks:Read how everyone performed - ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Week 7 Performance Night Read more »
The judges‘ scores and the team dancing have made picking this week‘s eliminated couples on Dancing with the Stars easier than ever.  There are such huge differences in scoring that it would be almost impossible for anything else to happen.  Read more »
Yesterday, I wrote: Wouldn‘t it be a riot if Aaron Carter got a 29 and then got eliminated? It can happen you know.Well what do we have here on Dancing with the Stars. Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff, dancing a mean jive and getting raves from the judges, and landing in the bottom 3. It‘s hard to get any more blatant than that. While likeability is all but subjective, things should be pretty clear at this point. Read more »
Sure, Dancing with the Stars fans might miss Michael Irvin‘s (over)enthusiasm, but the harder part of last night‘s double elimination was saying goodbye to the promising tandem of Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer. Promising, because prior to this week‘s crazy weird routine (due largely to Lacey‘s absence), Mark and Lacey were on a high, scoring two consecutive 26‘s and on Dancing with the Stars, they actually revealed they finally started feeling like contenders.But in any case, you ask what‘s next for Mark and Lacey, who is by the way, still very sick and just pushed herself to dance during the dance-off? First things first, the two are off to the big apple to do The View. Check out what happened on the results show this week. Read more »
Apparently, there was something we didn‘t see in the rehearsal vid of celeb Kelly Osbourne and partner Louis Van Amstel this Monday on Dancing with the Stars (or maybe they showed it, but I wasn‘t paying attention?). The duo was practicing for that week‘s salsa, and we saw the mini-breakdown from Kelly and her resistance to Louis‘ new approach, even breaking down in tears at one point.The Daily Mail reports, moreover, that Kelly Osbourne didn‘t just break down, she told everyone - including her erstwhile partner and the cameras - to back off, yelling "Can you give me space? I‘m getting anxiety and getting pissed off." Read more »
Things get back to normal next week on Dancing with the Starswith only one elimination, but the five remaining couples will alsoeach have two dances.  What can we expect from the remaining dancersand who might be the next star coming down with the Dancing with the Stars Flu?Luckily for us, Twitter gives fans an all-access pass behind-the-scenes of Dancing with the Stars, and with all the stars and professionals tweeting about their week, we can see what next week is going to look like.  Read more »
Iron Chef America host Mark Dacascos and former NFL star Michael Irvin tried to improve their dance scores each week but sadly their efforts weren‘t enough to keep them in the running on Dancing with the Stars. On Tuesday night, both players were sent home in a double-elimination, leaving the show with its final five contestants. Still, both were amazed at how far they made it in the competition thanks to their loyal fanbase. Read more »
This season, flu is the injury of choice for Dancing with the Stars. Typically the show features a number of physical injuries, but forseason 9, the flu is the greatest menace on the show.  I guess allthose medical reports about this being one of the worst flu seasonsever are true. Read more »
Susan Boyle is set to sing on a show called Dancing with the Stars this week. Aside from the obvious disconnect in that development, something else is amiss here, since Kelly Osbourne is one of the five remaining contestants on Dancing with the Stars, and her not-so-tactful mother recently said something absolutely harsh about the Britain‘s Got Talent runner-up that included Gillette razors and God. Read more »
Following two great consecutive weeks on Dancing with the Stars, can Joanna Krupa and pro partner Derek Hough really win it all? Mya has something to say about that, but for the swimsuit model, it feels "amazing" to the show‘s frontrunner, especially in view of Mya‘s recent slip in the leader board."I feel like I‘m in a dream and somebody needs to pinch me only because I‘ve dreamt of being a ballerina since I was little. When I first signed up for the show, I‘m like, "Oh, I hope I can get to Week 2 or Week 3" because of the whole model curse they told me about. Being here every day is such an honor. I‘ve definitely exceeded my and Derek‘s expectations because I never knew I had it in me, but it shows, with determination and hard work, you can do anything."Don‘t forget to catch: Dancing with the Stars: Week 8 Twitter Report Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;}Dancingwith the Stars: Week 8 Twitter Report Read more »
From the looks of the leader board, things are back to normal. Mya and Dmitry Chaplin are on top, and Aaron Carter is in the bottom. The little twists include, Mr. Popularity Donny Osmond is actually in the bottom with him. The five remaining couples on Dancing with the Stars had two performances, and while everyone had trouble in the first dance (except Mya, who was nearly flawless), all hell broke loose in the second dance - and in a good way.The notable thing about this week‘s leader board is, a whopping 7 points separate the first placers and the runner up. Here‘s how the leader board looks on Dancing with the Stars Week 8.Don‘t forget to catch: Dancing with the Stars: Final 5 Performances, Live Thoughts  Read more »
This morning the People‘s Choice Award nominations were revealed, andas always, it‘s populism at its best.  On the TV side, the nomineesoften look like the top of the Nielsen ratings list, with a few notableand surprising exceptions.  Shows like True Blood and Gossip Girl crept into the Favorite TV Actress categories while Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show features Lost, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.However, those are the very cool exceptions.  For the most part, the list is full of CSI, NCIS, Grey‘s Anatomy, Two and a Half Men and other top-rated shows.  Here are the major television nominees for this year‘s People‘s Choice Awards. To vote for the People‘s Choice Awards, CLICK HERE. Read more »
After doing a review of Aaron Carter‘s season on Dancing with the Stars (found below), I can say that he does deserve to go home, and not just because he‘s unpopular or smarmy or a jerk (those things, unfortunately, remain to be proven categorically and have nothing to do with dancing). His season average is good for fourth place, which is close enough to fifth.Before you complain and say that Kelly Osbourne should‘ve gone home, Natalie Coughlin is just one spot behind Kelly, and the Olympic swimmer was eliminated eons ago, in what would perhaps go down as one of the more thankless stints on Dancing with the Stars. But back to Aaron.How did Aaron get the boot? Catch the recap of the elimination night here. Read more »
The Dancing with the Stars semi-finals are on the horizon andanything can happen.  While Kelly Osbourne has been at the back of thepack, she certainly has some strong fans, so a huge performance, orhaving another couple slip up, could boost her into the finale.But with three dances per couple for week 9, it will be harder thanever.  For the semi-finals, each couple will have to do a Ballroom andLatin routine they haven‘t done yet.  The third dance for each couplewill be the Dance-Off routines they prepared for the double eliminationshows but never got to perform.  Read more »
Are people changing their minds about Aaron Carter on Dancing with the Stars? E! Online reports that the former pop star was absolutely inconsolable at the backstage of the ABC dancing show after his elimination. Didn‘t all the crying turn off some viewers in the past?"Of course it‘s sad. You know how it is. But I‘m glad we made it this far," he said, while pro partner Karina Smirnoff added that it feels "empty" - "Like we were taken away."Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Week 9 Preview Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;}‘Dancingwith the Stars‘ Week 9 Preview Read more »
Football hall of famer and Dancing with the Stars alum Lawrence Taylor was arrested Sunday night after fleeing from an alleged hit and run incident. According to published reports, the season 8 contestant took off immediately after crashing his vehicle into a van. The former New York giants star was charged with property damage, a second-degree misdemeanor, and released on $500 bond later that night.Taylor, who finished 7th last season with professional partner Edyta ÅšliwiÅ„ska, reportedly rammed his Escalade into a 1984 Ford van two separate times and just drove off. He later told police that he thought it was just a guardrail he hit. It was then discovered that he attempted to change lanes and ended up driving into a van twice, causing it to hit the barrier four times before coming to a stop on the opposite side of the freeway.Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Week 9 Preview Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;}‘Dancingwith the Stars‘ Week 9 Preview Read more »
So some people thought it was immature and off-putting (as a reader put it) for someone of Aaron Carter‘s age (21) to be crying on a show like Dancing with the Stars? Or maybe it‘s because they thought it was insincere?. For his part, he said he grew up on the show, and that from the crying boy that he was, he emerged a man."There were a lot of epiphany moments and I learned a lot from [pro partner Karina Smirnoff]," Aaron tells People after his elimination this week. "It was almost like my father a little bit because my dad ... taught me so many different things, but the way he did it, he only had to do it once. She did the same thing. When it came to learning something about me, she only had to say something one time." Read more »
The Dancing with the Stars semifinal cast will be trimmed down to three this week, but not after several performances from stars. Multiple Grammy winner Alicia Keys will headline the night (apart from the contestants, of course), with the television debut performance of her new single "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart."Also on the agenda is another multiple Grammy winner, Leona Lewis, who is set to perform the first single off her brand new album Echo, which will hit stores in the same day as her performance. Completing the set is legendary group Bee Gees, who will perform their hit "You Should be Dancing" in celebration of their 50th anniversary and the release of their new hits collection called The Ultimate Bee Gees.Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Week 9 Preview Read more »
There‘s practically a gulf between Mya and the three other remaining celebs on Dancing with the Stars. Last week, seven points separated first and second placers, Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough, while two points separated the couple with the three other celebs. That‘s how tight things are - in the race for the runner-up position.This week is no different on Dancing with the Stars, except Derek and Joanna have pretty much cemented their runner-up position (but nonetheless still fell woefully short of the frontrunners). Here‘s how the leader board looks:Mya and Dmitry: 28+30+29=87Joanna and Derek: 27+27+27=81Kelly and Louis: 24+27+27=78Donny and Kym: 21+26+27=74Don‘t forget to catch: Dancing with the Stars: Semi-Finals Performance Show Read more »
It‘s the semi-finals on Dancing with the Stars, so just one morecouple will be cut before the finale.  With four talented and likeablecelebrities left, predicting the final three isn‘t as easy as you mightthink.  Will Donny Osmond overcome being at the bottom of the leaderboard?  Will Kelly Osbourne, the only dancer to never receive a 10, gohome?  Will the consistent and sexy Joanna Krupa somehow fall flat?  Orwill Mya, the clear frontrunner, miraculously get voted out in thebiggest upset ever?All those possibilities might happen on tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars results show, but which one will it be?  Let‘s look at the numbers.  Read more »
Do you miss Derek Hough‘s little sister on Dancing with the Stars? Prepared to miss her some more, as the two-time Dancing with the Stars winner just revealed that she currently rules out returning to the ABC competition, at least for the mean time."We are going to cross that bridge when we get to it," Julianne Hough says on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show.By the way, Julianne‘s brother Derek was eliminated. Check out what happened (plus the reactions) here. Read more »
The hits just don‘t stop for Aaron Carter. After being eliminated on Dancing with the Stars, the former pop star is following on the footsteps of former winner Helio Castroneves, as he faces some bad news from the IRS. Apparently, the partner of Karina Smirnoff owes Uncle Sam some $1 million in back taxes.It‘s unclear why the issue is coming at such an inopportune time, a week after getting the boot from Dancing with the Stars, when court documents filed last week indicate that his tax delinquency dates back to 2003, during which time he owed the federal government $965,285 from that year alone.Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Week 9 Results: Who‘s in the Finale? Read more »
Joanna Krupa was just eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, sending frontrunner Mya, Mr. Personality Donny Osmond and surprise finalist Kelly Osbourne to the finals. Of course, it‘s an upset, because Joanna and pro partner Derek Hough were second to Mya and Dmitry Chaplin in terms of scores and while their numbers are still worlds away from Little Miss Perfect, they had the best chance - nay, the only chance perhaps - of at least giving Mya and Dmitry some competition.Judging from the comments, however, it seems as though people‘s surprise and remorse are directed more at Derek Hough, the professional, rather than Joanna Krupa, the celebrity, who constitutes the "stars" part in the show‘s title and should really be the focus of the competition. Some are short of saying, we couldn‘t care less if Joanna goes, just keep Derek. Read more »
Judging from the scores and the averages, it looks like Mya‘s going to be a runaway winner on Dancing with the Stars this season. With the elimination of Joanna Krupa, can either of the two remaining celebs stand up to Little Miss Perfect and at least give everyone a good show? Let‘s assess Kelly Osbourne‘s chances.READ MORE:Can Mya Lose?Can Donny Win?Average: 23.9 (5th)Best dance: Quickstep (Semis) - 27, Cha-cha-cha (Semis) - 27Worst dance: Tango (Week 2) - 19 Read more »
Mya must have started planning her Dancing with the Stars victory party around week 5, when she zoomed in front of the leader board with no obvious capable challenger in sight. With the elimination of Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough this week, it‘s clear: this season‘s mirror ball trophy is for Mya to lose.READ MORE:Can Kelly Win?Can Donny Win?Average: 26.9 (1st)Best dance: 70s samba (Week 8) - 30, Salsa (Semis) - 30Worst dance: Viennese Waltz (Week 1) - 21 Read more »
Donny Osmond. The lone guy remaining. Mr. Personality. Showbiz legend. Can his winning smile, mainstream popularity, and acceptable dancing skills trump Mya‘s potentially annoying perfection to emerge Dancing with the Stars champion?READ MORE:Can Mya Lose?Can Kelly Win?Average: 24.5 (3rd)Best dance: Argentine Tango (Week 5) - 29Worst dance: Foxtrot (Week 1) - 20 Read more »
This season of Dancing with the Stars isn‘t even over but casting rumors are already afoot on the ABC show, with Levi Johnston, the ex-fiance of Sarah Palin‘s daughter Bristol and father of her first grandchild, as the first name to surface. But from the looks of it, the Playgirl model isn‘t too keen on the idea."I‘m thinking about it, we‘ll see" Levi said regarding the possibility of appearing on either Dancing with the Stars or Survivor." We‘ll see, I‘ve thought about it and I don‘t know. I don‘t know if it‘s my thing."Read more:Can Donny Win?Can Mya Lose?Can Kelly Lose? Read more »
Sure, she‘s the frontrunner for this week‘s Dancing with the Stars finals, but singer Mya is not leaving anything to luck, so she‘s stepping up her game even more, including practically living in the studio where they hold their rehearsals."Well, prayer," Mya laughingly tells the Huffington Post when asked how she‘ll step up her game. Read more:Can Donny Win?Can Mya Lose?Can Kelly Lose? Read more »
It‘s the finale of Dancing with the Stars this week, and Tuesday night the Mirror Ball Trophy will be given to one of the three remaining couples.  Read more »
This Dancing with the Stars is especially difficult to predict. There are two equally powerful sides heading into the finale, but onlyone will prevail.  Dancing with the Stars might finally answer theage-old question: which is more powerful, the heart or the mind?My brain is telling me that Mya and Dmitry Chaplin have to win. They‘re the best, and you only need to look at the judges‘ scores forobjective proof.  If Dancing with the Stars was totally based on merit, Mya would win in a landslide.  Read more »
There have always been something iffy when it comes to how the three judges score the routines on Dancing with the Stars. But that is to be expected because viewing and appreciating dances is, we are lead to believe, supposed to be subjective. That should probably explain Len‘s erratic scoring of Mya and Dmitry Chaplin early this season.However, as iffy as it is, Dancing with the Stars viewers like myself still trust the judges to some degree because their eyes are supposed to be keener and more trained. I look to the scores for a semblance of order, to get an idea how a particular routine fared. Consider, then, the final leader board: Read more »
After the final performances of Dancing with the Stars season 9,it looks like a two-person race for the Mirror Ball Trophy.  Mya andDonny Osmond finished the night separated by just two points whileKelly Osbourne, the sentimental favorite, was more than 10 pointsbehind the leader.  If she wins, it will certainly be a radical shock.That leaves Mya and Donny.  While Mya and Dmitry Chaplin have beenexcellent all season long, Donny has faltered, failed and been the mostinconsistent dancer, bobbing up and down the leader board like JoannaKrupa‘s head in Derek Hough‘s hands.  In week 5 he led the pack, but inthe last two weeks he‘s been at the bottom.More DWTS Finale Coverage:Finale Performance RecapBest and Worst Dances from the FinaleWho Will Win Season 9?The Best Dances of Season 9 Read more »
OK, that might be a little exaggeration, but just the same, one can‘t help but be reminded of Adam Lambert when Donny Osmond won Dancing with the Stars, relegating perennial frontrunner Mya to second place and season sweetheart Kelly Osbourne to third.Of course, no one needs to be reminded that Dancing with the Stars is a popularity contest, with popular votes accounting for half the judges‘ scores. That, however, doesn‘t make it right. It doesn‘t make it acceptable, because Mya is as clear as day the most talented technical dancer this season.Read more:How Donny WonWhy Donny Shouldn‘t Have WonFinal Performances Recap Read more »
Since I was rooting for Mya to win Dancing with the Stars lastnight, I feel a bit like the nerdy kid in high school who loses therace for student body president to the quarterback of the footballteam.  Donny Osmond won, and proved definitely that it‘s not about howyou dance, it‘s about how popular you are.Back when the 16 cast members for Dancing with the Stars season9 were announced, we asked fans to vote for who was the most famous. After more than 1,000 votes, Donny Osmond was light years ahead ofeveryone else with 62 percent vote.  Melissa Joan Hart was in secondplace with just 10 percent.  Read more »
If the ratings were any indication, not a lot of people were keen to see the outcome of Dancing with the Stars this season. Around 19.2 million people tuned in to ABC to see Donny Osmond take home the mirror ball trophy, the smallest audience for the show‘s finale since its inaugural season - and, ironically so, in the same one with the biggest cast of celebrities.And it wasn‘t a bad show at all. After all, comeback-ing diva Whitney Houston performed back to back tracks, including "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" while five couples took the dance floor, including fan favorites Mark Ballas, Lacey Schwimmer, Cheryl Burke, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy.More DWTS Finale Coverage:Donny Osmond Wins Season 9Final Performance Show RecapBest and Worst Performances from the FinaleThe Best Performances from Season 9Donny‘s Season in ReviewMya‘s Season in ReviewKelly‘s Season in Review  Read more »
And how can she not?Perennial Dancing with the Stars season 9 frontrunner and eventual runner-up Mya didn‘t mince words, and confessed that she did feel "disappointment" with the outcome of the ABC dancing competition.More DWTS Finale Coverage:Donny Osmond Wins Season 9Final Performance Show RecapBest and Worst Performances from the FinaleThe Best Performances from Season 9Donny‘s Season in ReviewMya‘s Season in ReviewKelly‘s Season in Review  Read more »
Fans of Dancing with the Stars who‘ve seen this season are perhaps privy to, well, emotional moments from Kelly Osbourne - not the least of which was an outburst in the middle of the season during tough rehearsal sessions. So how is she dealing with her third place finish this week?Surprisingly OK, she says. "I‘m on top of the world! I was in the finals! This is amazing!" Osbourne told Us Magazine.More DWTS Finale Coverage:Donny Osmond Wins Season 9Final Performance Show RecapBest and Worst Performances from the FinaleThe Best Performances from Season 9Donny‘s Season in ReviewMya‘s Season in ReviewKelly‘s Season in Review  Read more »
"If I have to go to prison, I will."Dancing with the Stars season 9 alum Aaron Carter tells TV Guide that he‘s ready to face the consequences of his tax case, including going to jail, supposing the accusations are proven valid. In the process, however, he is also advocating some changes in the law regarding kids who earn money.More DWTS Finale Coverage:Donny Osmond Wins Season 9Final Performance Show RecapBest and Worst Performances from the FinaleThe Best Performances from Season 9Donny‘s Season in ReviewMya‘s Season in ReviewKelly‘s Season in Review  Read more »
After winning Dancing with the Stars, there is no respite for Kym Johnson, Donny Johnson‘s erstwhile professional partner. The Aussie is headed to Broadway tonight for Burn the Floor, a ballroom dance show at the Longacre Theater. Johnson‘s partner is also from Dancing with the Stars, in fact, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who opened Burn the Floor in August also on Broadway. The couple will be performing through January 10.More DWTS Finale Coverage:Donny Osmond Wins Season 9Final Performance Show RecapBest and Worst Performances from the FinaleThe Best Performances from Season 9Donny‘s Season in ReviewMya‘s Season in ReviewKelly‘s Season in Review  Read more »
It‘s here, the big two-hour Dancing with the Stars finale extravaganza.  There will be comedy, dancing, a lot more comedy, a little more dancing, Whitney Houston and then, at the very end, about 10 seconds of actual results.Dancing with the Stars is down to show biz legend (legend being a code word for old man) Donny Osmond, fan favorite Kelly Osbourne and the rightful winner Mya.  I know Dancing with the Stars is about popularity and voting and an objective measurement of a person‘s fame, but if it were just about dance, Mya would win. Read more »
It‘s here, the final performance of Dancing with the Stars season 9.  Tonight‘s episode is a small 90 minutes, probably to make tomorrow‘s TWO-HOUR finale more bearable.  Seriously, how long does it take to read a person‘s name off a card?  Wait, I forget, we‘re dealing with Samantha Harris here.  I‘d better prepare for the results show to go a little long.Who Will Win?  Make Your Predictions Here>>But tonight is all about performances.  The final three celebrities, Mya, Kelly Osbourne and Donny Osmond, will compete in a marathon of three dances.  They‘ll each do a ballroom or Latin solo, a Freestyle, a Megamix (a mash-up featuring the Viennese Waltz, Samba and Jive). Read more »
It‘s here, the moment the Dancing with the Stars celebrities have been building up to.  Tonight one more couple will be eliminated, and three very happy pairs will be on their way to the finale.  Donny Osmond at the bottom of the leader board, Kelly Osbourne has the lowest total score of the season, Joanna Krupa seems like the least liked of the final four and Mya...well, her name is already etched onto the Mirror Ball Trophy, so she has nothing to worry about.Live from Hollywood, this is Dancing with the Stars! Read more »
It‘s time for the Semi-Finals on Dancing with the Stars.  Only four couples remain, and after dancing THREE dances each, it will be up to America to decide who goes home and which three celebrities will make the finale in their quest for the Mirror Ball Trophy and dancing immortality.Live, from Hollywood, this is Dancing with the Stars! Read more »
The semifinals are on the horizon for Dancing with the Stars, but only four couples will make it.  I‘d like for there to be some suspense, but the fact is that Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff have been living in the bottom all season long, despite typically high scores from the judges.  Now that they‘re on the bottom of the Dancing with the Stars Leaderboard, it seems all but certain that time is finally up for the pop star.But first, we get Susan Boyle dreaming a dream, and the return of Kenny Mayne and DanceCenter.  Live, from Hollywood, this is Dancing with the Stars! Read more »
We‘re down to just five couples on Dancing with the Stars, which means not one byt two solo dances for every team.  It‘s going to get a lot harder before the finale, and with just three weeks of performances left, it‘s anyone‘s Mirror Ball Trophy to win.Will we finally see the first perfect 30 of the season?  Will Len Goodman dare to raise his 10 paddle for a second time this season?  Will Aaron Carter continue to look and act like Spencer Pratt‘s slightly less douchey cousin?  There‘s only one way to find out.Live, from Hollywood, this is Dancing with the Stars! Read more »
Two more couples are going home on Dancing with the Stars, the Ballas Hough Band is performing live, and hopefully we‘ll get to see even more of Derek Hough‘s fantasy world.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour keeping an eye on the show, but I think this week is very predictable.The judges‘ scores this week on Dancing with the Stars have the bottom three couples separated by quite a bit from the top of the pack, so it‘s almost certain that Mark Dacascos will go home and Michael Irvin will (hopefully) lose to Mya in the dance-off.  I‘ve been right about who goes home for the past two weeks, so my confidence level is very high. Read more »
It‘s time for another double elimination week on Dancing with the Stars, and with only seven couples remaining, no one is safe.  Will Michael Irvin finally be ousted?  Will Aaron Carter avoid the bottom?  Will Derek Hough and Joanna Krupa top their almost pornographic Mambo moves?Live, from Hollywood, this is Dancing with the Stars!   Read more »
The competition is nearing the finish line on Dancing with the Stars, which means the first of two double eliminations.  Eight days from now we‘ll go from nine couples to five, and that work starts tonight.  With a double elimination, a dance-off and Taylor Swift, there‘s no time for interruptions, and unlike Tom Bergeron, I promise to keep the Kanye West jokes to a minimum.Last week I correctly predicted the shocking elimination of Natalie Coughlin, so I‘m feeling good about my Dancing with the Stars prowess.  Tonight, I predict Melissa Joan Hart goes home at the bottom, and Kelly Osbourne will defeat Louie Vito in the dance-off to eliminate him as well. Read more »
After Natalie Coughlin‘s shocking early exit from Dancing with the Stars, no one is safe.  Week 6 brings the Waltz and the Jitterbug, a Mambo Marathon, and a double elimination.  Who will succeed and who will crash and burn?  I have my Score Predictions, so let‘s see who comes out on top.Live, from Hollywood, it‘s Dancing with the Stars! Read more »
It‘s time to send another couple home on Dancing with the Stars, and I‘m prepared to be shocked.  Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova had the lowest score, but they are so audience-friendly that voting should keep them around, leaving another team to go.  Let‘s look at the scores: Read more »
After last week‘s four exciting new dances, complete with a ban on the Lift Ban, things are getting back to normal on Dancing with the Stars as the Top 10 couples face the Paso Doble and the Argentine Tango, as well as a group Hustle.  But things aren‘t all normal.  Derek Hough is out sick, so Joanna Krupa will get a special guest partner in the form of her Superstars co-star Maksim Chmerkovskiy.Will the new partnership work out for the best?  And will Tom Bergeron continue to make more wildly inappropriate sexual references?  I‘ll be here for two full hours with my analysis.  Live, from Hollywood, it‘s Dancing with the Stars! Read more »
The song is about to come to an end for the sixth couple on this seasonof Dancing with the Stars.  Four couples have plenty to be nervousabout, as does Bruno Tonioli, because the sight of special guestperformer Shakira shaking her hips could very easily turn himstraight.  But he has a secret antidote to Shakira, and it comes in theform of a possible encore performance from a shirtless Derek Hough.Live, from Hollywood, this is Dancing with the Stars!  But first, why not find out which DWTS judge you are in BuddyTV‘s newest personality quiz.  I was Carrie Ann Inaba, which is weird. Read more »
Tonight is a night of 4s on Dancing with the Stars.  It‘s week 4.  There are four new dances for the couples to perform.  Four is also the number of times I plan on reminiscing about how I‘d rather watch Tom DeLay dance than Michael Irvin.  And finally, four is probably the score Len Goodman will give Mya and Dmitry Chaplin for no real reason at all.So put on your cowboy boots and prepare for the Forbidden Dance.  This is Dancing with the Stars, and I‘m here for two wild and crazy hours.  And two is half of four. Read more »
It‘s week 3 and things are already heating up. Not necessarily with the competition but definitely between some of the competitors. Last night‘s performances were all around good but some were downright sexy. If you have no idea what I‘m talking about, please check out our performance rankings from last night. The couples who were amazing are obvious (Louie/Chelsie, Mya/Dmitry, and Natalie/Alec) but the couples who weren‘t amazing aren‘t as easy to pinpoint. My pick for tonight: Michael and Anna. This might not be relevant though as rumor is Tom DeLay will be exiting the competition tonight due to his injuries. Although I‘m sad Cheryl won‘t be performing anymore, I know it‘s for the best. Read more »
Will the third week be the charm on Dancing With the Stars? Watch along with me and find out. It‘s Latin night tonight and we‘ll get to see who can bring the sexy to the dance floor. God, I hope it‘s not Tom Delay. Please don‘t let it be Tom Delay. But you know what Latin night means? Hot outfits. You‘re kind of excited, aren‘t you?Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris start the evening off by introducing our remaining stars. If you‘re confused as to who the favorites are, check out the power rankings at the bottom of the page. If you haven‘t been keeping up with me, I have two names for you Natalie Coughlin and Louie Vito. Our Olympic champions have spirit and energy.Tom Delay might not be dancing tonight. His pre-stress fracture has turned into a full blown fracture. They‘re not telling us whether or not he‘s performing and what that means. Read more »
Week two of Dancing with the Stars is about to come to a close but before it does, we must say goodbye to one more couple. Some might say that tonight‘s elimination is obvious, but you never know how the public scores will affect our dancers. For those that don‘t know what I‘m talking about, I‘m 90% positive that Kathy Ireland will be going home tonight. She hasn‘t connected with her partner Tony Dovolani yet and I‘m afraid it‘s too late. Like I said, I could be wrong but I guess we‘ll just wait and see. Read more »
Tonight, both the men and the women celebrities will take the stage to start off week 2 of Dancing with the Stars season 9. Macy Gray and Ashley Hamilton were eliminated last week and there will be another elimination tomorrow night. Who will wow us tonight? Who‘s on the cusp of going home? I‘m guessing Tom Delay is in trouble this week unless the Republican party gets behind him. But these aren‘t party politics, thank god, and we all have the chance to vote for our favorites (Read: Natalie). Read more »
That‘s right everyone, it‘s time to find out who‘s going home. Week one of Dancing with the Stars has had it‘s ups and downs and I‘m on the edge of my seat to find out which two celebrities are going home first. Double eliminations will be usual occurrences this season so get used to them. Who do you think is going home? Who do you think came out on top? Stay with us to find out the results as they come in live. Read more »
That‘s right it‘s ladies night and the feelings right. Last night was a great start to the 9th season of Dancing with the Stars and I couldn‘t be more excited for tonight‘s performances. Maksim Chmerkovskiy will be performing, which is always a joy. We‘ll finally get to see if Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart and bust a move or two and by the end of the night, we‘ll know all our weakest dancers. So, who‘s ready for tonight? I‘d like to the holler at the "refresh" crew. If you‘re with me, let me know. And we‘re about to get started with Dancing with the Stars: Night 2... Read more »
It‘s time folks. Time to separate the dancers from the d-listers withtwo left feet. Every premiere of Dancing With The Stars offers aplethora of surprises -- just how wooden will Samantha Harris be? Whichcouple‘s off-stage chemistry will we be gossiping about come next week?What talented professional has been saddled with an impossibly awfulcelebrity? And above all, what celebrity who we never thought coulddance, can in fact shake a tail feather? Tune in with me tonight as wewatch the first half of the Dancing With the Stars hopefuls take thestage and dance, dance, dance!  Read more »