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Dancing with the Stars season 5 begins tonight with a whole new stable of celebrities set to prove they have what it takes on the dance floor.  Last week we ranked the bottom six, now its time to look at the other side of the equation, the top six.  These ‘power rankings‘ are built around the notion that winning Dancing with the Stars is a combination of ability, celebrity, attitude, and, well, luck.  I weigh those factors then I temper the info with a good old-fashioned guess.  So one more time, here are the power rankings for Dancing with the Stars season 5.  Order is not important. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars is back, and the competition is as fierce as ever. Tonight it is the women‘s turn to show their skills on the dance floor.  The premiere week is billed as a men vs woman showdown with two nights of competition and one elimination.  Does this give one or the other an unfair advantage?  The Nielson ratings will tell.  A variance of a million viewers could equal a lot of votes for one gender or the other.   Check back often as we update this post with analysis of tonight‘s competition. Read more »
Yesterday, on the premiere of Dancing with the Stars season 5, Jennie Garth, Melanie Brown, and Sabrina Bryan sat the bar incredibly high for this year‘s competitors, perhaps too high.  If these girls keep driving the intensity, it will be difficult for anybody to catch up.  Or will it?  Tonight the men take to the floor, some of which are also in the favorites category.  Helio Castroneves, Wayne Newton, and Floyd Mayweather, are all expected to leave their mark tonight.  Check back often as we bring you live highlights from tonight‘s competition. Read more »
Tonight is the night.  One Dancing with the Stars hopeful will be going home, flanked by two more in imminent danger. The critics and fans think they know who it is, but there is only one way to find out, and that is to watch.  We‘ll be updating this entry all night as the results show unwinds to bring you highlights of the festivities leading up to the announcement, as well as the final word on who will be punching their dance ticket tonight.  So keep refreshing for more updates. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars arrived this week to defy the odds makers.  Many predictions fell flat on their faces as the dancers got the reality competition off to a whole new level.  Monday, the women produced the highest scores of any Dancing with the Stars premiere so far, and Tuesday the men proved that most of them were up to the challenge.  Supermodel Josie Maran was the first to take the walk of shame, and the least famous contestant, Albert Reed, found his celebrity in the Dancing with the Stars niche.  Now that we have some real world data to work with, let‘s take another shot at the power rankings, beginning with the bottom five. Read more »
Yesterday, I revised our Dancing with the Stars bottom five, today is the real power rankings.  This time, I go out on a limb and call the winner, as well as the runner ups.  Whether I‘m right or wrong, who knows, but I‘ll give you my best shot.  So from number six on up to the grand prize winner, here is the Dancing with the Stars top six power rankings. Read more »
Last week, Sabrina Bryan and her partner Mark Ballas ruled the competition with a Dancing with the Stars debut for the record books.  Along with Jennie Garth and Derek Hough,  Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough, and Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Bryan leaped ahead of Dancing with the Star‘s usual grace period and set the tone for the rest of the season:  no surrender.  Will the top dancers from last week repeat in the first co-ed night of competition, or will a new team fast step their way to the top?   Tune in with us as we provide live blow by blow action from tonight‘s competition. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars aired a special two hour episode on Monday and promptly dominated the ratings.  On a night when almost every show slipped in the ratings from its premiere, Dancing with the Stars remained strong, easily winning Monday night‘s ratings crown.  CSI: Miami was the number two show in all the land, handily taking down the 10pm time slot.  Two and a Half Men was the go away comedy champion of the night, receiving 13 million viewers.  However, the biggest story of the night might be Heroes losing 15% of its season premiere viewers. Read more »
Yesterday was a wildly uneven performance night for the celebrities of Dancing with the Stars.  Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough came to the front with a performance that the judges deemed worthy of a professional. Melanie Brown played it safe, Jennie Garth had a disastrous misstep that cost her and partner Derek Hough a lot of credibility.  Sabrina Bryan stayed viable coming in second.  Here are the live thoughts. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars had a lot of surprises again this week.  After the season 5 premiere blew the roof off our expectations, the following week of competition was a mixture of tame to fantastic.  Some front runners fell behind, and some up and comers moved ahead.  Read on for who we consider the top four to be. Read more »
The first competition episode of Dancing with the Stars in the wake of the outstanding premiere continued to surprise, but not necessarily in flattering ways.  Some of the off the cuff energy that made last week‘s launch so impressive was dialed back this week.  For some couples, the performances were beyond restrained, bordering on horrible, which naturally means it is once again time to assess the power rankings.  So, here we go with this week‘s bottom five. Read more »
Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan might be in the bottom of our most recent power rankings of Dancing with the Stars, but she‘s still considered a favorite in some areas, due in large part to her previous experience with dance. Whether she‘ll be able to translate her hip hop background into a ballroom win remains to be seen, but in the meantime, she recently shared some behind-the-scenes dish about Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
At last week‘s Dancing with the Stars, the rivalry between Sabrina Bryan and Helio Castroneves heated up as the Indy Car champion took a one point lead.  Meanwhile, favorite Jennie Garth took a fall, and the second model of the competition, Albert Reed, was voted off despite Wayne Newton coming up in the bottom.  Who will take the front this week?  Keep refreshing for quick thoughts. Read more »
There‘s a lot to discuss here.  Some movers, some shakers, if you will.  Once again, Dancing with the Stars was the dominant force of the night, raking in nearly 20 million viewers, down from last week but impressive nonetheless.  The biggest story is probably the continuing struggles of NBC, but they may not be as bad as they look.  There were some big expectations placed upon NBC‘s Monday night schedule coming into the season and the line-up has yet to live up to them.  It‘s hard for any show to do well against Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Last week, the second model, Albert Reed, was shown the door on Dancing with the Stars.  This week it is anybody‘s guess who will stand in the red light at the end of the night.  Mark Cuban, Wayne Newton, and Floyd Mayweather have all cheated the Dancing with the Stars‘ executioner‘s axe. Will they be in the bottom?  Stay tuned for live thoughts as the show continues. Read more »
Yesterday we brought you the bottom of the Dancing with the Stars barrel, today we focus on the midriff.  Unlike yesterday, this power ranking is not in order of suspected elimination, this is more the ‘best of the mediocre.‘  Which Dancing with the Stars competitor has the best chance of slipping into the top tier, and which is on their way in the opposite direction, and who could go either way. Read more »
With the recent elimination of Wayne Newton, not to mention the erratic scoring this past Monday, power-ranking Dancing with the Stars is no easy task.  Front-runners have fallen, mid runners have leapt to the front, and the number of sure misses have dwindled.  Yet, we are undaunted.  Without further pomp, here is the new bottom three.  Now sorted by the expected order of elimination.  That‘s right, the gloves are coming off. Read more »
Sabrina Bryan is an early favorite for Dancing with the Stars, but that show is far from the only thing on this busy performer‘s plate.She continues to work with The Cheetah Girls. Some fans have pointed out that her work with the musical group – along with her dance training – has probably given her a leg up in the competition. The group has just released an album, and at the end of this month, they‘ll have a second new release of a different sort. Read more »
Last week was the highest scoring week on Dancing with the Stars, with the women beating out the men, and Mr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton sent packing.  Will the women continue to dominate, or will the men please the judges and America more?  Keep refreshing the page as I provide you with live thoughts during the show. Read more »
Tonight is the Dancing with the Stars results show in which the fourth contestant will be eliminated.  For the first time on TV, Wade Robson will be dancing.  Gloria was supposed to perform, but couldn‘t.  Sabrina Bryan earned the first perfect 30 in last night‘s episode.  Floyd Mayweather says that ballroom dance is better than hip hop dance.  Bruno compared Helio Castroneves to sunlight, and that‘s what his name means in Greek.  Jane Seymour is annoyed at Carrie Ann for accusing her of breaking the no-lift rule.Keep refreshing the page; I will provide you with live thoughts throughout the show. Read more »
We brought you the bottom four dancers who are still vying to join the ranks of Kelly Monaco and Drew Lachey for the title on Dancing with the Stars, and today, here are the top four. For the most part, the rankings follow the judges‘ scores, with a few minor tweaks. Read more »
This is turning out to be one of the strongest seasons of Dancing with the Stars yet. The women continue to dominate their XY counterparts. This week, pugilist Floyd Mayweather was the latest man to stumble out of contention, leaving eight really strong couples remaining. Read on to see who I‘ve placed at the bottom of the list, based on Monday night‘s performances of the Viennese waltz or the paso doble. Read more »
Melanie Brown might have wound up on the bottom two of the last episode of Dancing with the Stars, but otherwise, things seem to be going swimmingly for the Spice Girl. The reunion tour with her fellow Spice Girls has found an incredibly receptive audience. One of their shows sold out in an amazing 38 seconds, and new shows have since been added in order to meet the demand of the fans.The Spice Girls started filming the video for their new single Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) at a top secret location in the U.K., with Melanie and Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham flying in to participate. But don‘t think that this means that Mel‘s lost her focus on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
When the list of celebrities was released for season 5 of Dancing with the Stars, some critics were underwhelmed, and BuddyTV‘s own John Kubicek calling out the addition of model Albert Reed in particular as especially preposterous because the show is for “D-list celebrities to try to revive their drowning careers. Albert Reed is not on the D-list. He‘s not on any list.”With a cast that garnered this response, you might think that ABC is having to dig pretty deep to try to find anybody to actually compete, but apparently there are still some ABC and Disney personalities who are clamoring to join the show. Read more »
Tonight on Dancing with the Stars the final eight couples will take on the Samba and the Rhumba.  Who will rise to the top in the fierce competition of the Latin dances?  Marie Osmond? Sabrina Bryan? Jennie Garth? Helio Castroneves?  After the not so surprising elimination of Floyd Mayweather last week, Mark Cuban has to bring everything he has to stay out of the bottom two in the competition. Read more »
After Marie Osmond‘s collapse last night, the question for Dancing with the Stars fans is will your votes be counted?  The terrifying incident was a liability nightmare for ABC.  If Osmond were to collapse while in the air, or in the middle of a risky move, she could be seriously injured.  Despite the fact that Osmond claims to have had extensive testing to find the cause of the recurring condition, would ABC have even let her on if they knew she was prone to faint?  Well see. Read more »
ABC is shaking things up in a big way. With Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor running shorter seasons than most reality shows, the network needs to fill in those empty time slots by the end of November. Thus, today ABC announced the premiere dates for the second seasons of October Road and Notes from the Underbelly, while also setting a date for Dance War, the Drew Lachey-hosted competition from the producers of Dancing with the Stars.Dance War will premiere Monday, January 7 at 8pm, occupying the time slot currently held by Dancing with the Stars. After it‘s final performance show on November 26, the network will fill the hour during December with various holiday specials. Read more »
After Marie Osmond‘s collapse on Dancing with the Stars, a lot of fans and critics are pleading for the star to either step down, or be ejected from the show.  There are a lot of questions being raised, particularly about ABC‘s health screening process.  Osmond openly admitted to frequently suffering blackouts, and her reasoning for the blackouts ranged wildly from ‘forgetting to breath,‘ to insinuating that the air quality of the studio was to blame.  Meanwhile, damaging information concerning Osmond‘s past has begun to circulate that suggests there may be an even darker side to her collapse. Read more »
As you might expect from the hard-charging, competitive businessman Mark Cuban, he‘s not a fan of not coming in first. He puts it bluntly in his first blog post after he was sent home from Dancing with the Stars: “I hate to lose.”But if you might expect him to follow this up with some sour grapes, excuses or some other sore-loser type commentary about his ouster from Dancing with the Stars, Mark will confound that expectation, because he‘s taking a decidedly positive view of the whole experience.Because, as he puts it, “Fortunately, I didn‘t [lose]. Even though I didn‘t get the votes to stay on as long as I hoped for. I won in every single way possible.” Read more »
As we reported, Dancing with the Stars star Melanie Brown recently met up with her fellow Spice Girls for filming the video for their new single. Ever the competitor, though, she didn‘t let that stop her from preparing for the next dance. She flew out her Dancing with the Stars partner to continue to train.The Spice Girls are keeping a blog about their experience through the reunion and Mel B just made the second entry on their site. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars has, without question, jettisoned its dead weight and the contest is getting increasingly more difficult to call.  Even as the lower rung has turned in their dancing shoes, the ‘favorites‘ have shuffled ranks several times over the course of the contest.   With that in mind, here is the power rankings for Dancing with the Stars season 5 from who we expected to be eliminated next, to who looks likely to take the contest. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars is down to the top scoring contestants and it is now anyone‘s game.  This week will be the first time the stars will have to do a group dance.  Some of the more powerful egos still exist in the contest, so the rehearsal segment alone will be worth the price of admission.  This is a live article so check back often for updates. Read more »
It‘s results night and that means that one of Dancing with the Stars best contestants ever will be do a Tango for stage left.  No one was even close to mediocre last night but two dancer‘s who have been in the Dancing with the Stars‘ bottom two, Jane Seymour, and yesterday‘s number one by the judge‘s cards, Melanie Brown.  Jane was in the bottom two last week, and Brown was there a few weeks back, despite pulling high scores.  This could be anyone‘s loss. Read more »
This is arguably one of the best seasons of Dancing with the Stars when it comes to the quality of competitors, and there‘s no question that it‘s just as entertaining as always. But, probably, one of the things I love best about watching ballroom dancing, on Dancing with the Stars and elsewhere, is all the fabulous costumes that the dancers get to wear. The prospect of dressing up in those bedazzled, befeathered dresses makes me wish that I could be a professional dancer as well. Unfortunately, my two left feet and my crippling fear of jumping around in four-inch heels means that the only way I can get my dancing kicks is by watching it on TV. I may not be adept at judging their technique, but I‘m pretty sure that I‘m qualified to judge their wardrobes—I have years of experience from watching America‘s Next Top Model and Project Runway, after all. Here, I give you my ranked list of last night‘s Dancing with the Stars performance show based on outfits Read more »
If you would have asked any Dancing with the Stars fan who the last person they expected to be eliminated from the contest last night, the answer would have been Sabrina Bryan. We called out the Cheetah Girl as weak leading up to the contest simply because of her incompatibility with the shows demographic, but quickly changed our tune once her extraordinary skills were displayed. Surely, last night was a bitter victory for our precognitive abilities, and a sour pill for audiences as Bryan‘s exit generated one of the largest expressions of shock in the shows history. Read more »
Since the elimination of Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas from Dancing with the Stars, fans have had a lot to process.For one thing, the elimination itself as a major surprise for many viewers. Many described themselves as “stunned,” “shocked,” “angered,” and “disappointed.” And once they got over trying to understand how a frontrunner was eliminated, there was something else to consider: what exactly was going on between Sabrina and Mark? Read more »
Edyta Sliwinska has graced the dance floor on the hit competitive reality show Dancing with the Stars for the past five years. She brings grace and poise to her performances and seems to be a fearsome teacher of ballroom as well. This season, she dances with All My Children star Cameron Mathison. She spoke to BuddyTV about her reaction to Sabrina Bryan‘s elimination, how much she trains with Cameron and the fun she has with designing her own dresses. Below you will find an audio file as well as a transcript of the interview. Read more »
The celebrity ballroom dance world of Dancing with the Stars is still reeling from last week‘s elimination of frontrunner Sabrina Bryan.  This opens up the field for all the other dancers, each of whom can conceivably make it all the way to the end.  What will happen tonight?  Will Melanie Brown continue to dominate and get another perfect 30?  Or will another dancer leap forward to take the lead?  I will provide you with live thoughts during tonight‘s broadcast of Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Last night was the performance show for the Dancing with the Stars‘ top six couples.  Scary Spice Melanie Brown and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy ended the night at the top of the judges‘ leaderboard.  And, after a competent but lackluster performance, Jane Seymour and Tony Dovolani ended the night at the bottom.  But at this point in the competition, it‘s really anybody‘s game, especially considering the erratic voting tendencies of America‘s armchair ballroom judges.  Who will be booted off tonight?  Keep reading to get my live thoughts throughout tonight‘s broadcast. Read more »
On Dancing with the Stars this week, the contestants had to learn and perform two different routines, a ballroom number and a Latin number. You know what this means? Mediocre performances! No, just kidding. It means that there are twice as many outfits to consider when selecting the best and worst dressed performers of the night. Let the Dancing with the Stars fashion show begin! Read more »
Tony Dovolani has competed in the hit ABC competitive reality series Dancing with the Stars as a professional dancer and has become a fixture on the dance floor.  He holds international and American ballroom championship titles, and shared his expertise with his partner Jane Seymour this season.  Jane and Tony were voted out of the competition on Tuesday night, and Tony spoke to BuddyTV about his elimination and the hefty schedule he and Jane had all throughout the competition.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a transcript of the interview. Read more »
With the elimination of Jane Seymour and Tony Dovolani on Tuesday night‘s Dancing with the Stars results show, the pool of dancing teams has shrunk down to just five pairs. The competition is heating up every week, and each celebrity must work hard to learn the steps and to win America‘s votes. It‘s still anyone‘s game, especially considering that the voting public may have a fickle heart, but based on Monday night‘s performances, I give you my rankings for the five remaining couples on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars has only five more celebrity dancers who are still in the game: Melanie Brown, Helio Castroneves, Jennie Garth, Cameron Mathison and Marie Osmond. That means that very soon, within the next three weeks, a winner will be announced and the competition will come to a close.The show is not over yet, however. Fans of the competitive dancing reality show will soon be able to watch their favorite stars dance live with their favorite professional partners. The Dancing with the Stars tour kicks off on December 18, and tickets to the shows go on sale tomorrow beginning at 10am. Read more »
As we reported earlier, eliminated Dancing with the Stars partners Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas have taken their chemistry off the dance floor and into real life, with a first official date last weekend.As a professional dance partner and now close friend, Mark is still stinging from their unexpected elimination, and he is already looking forward to the chance to come back and show America what the two can do one more time on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Last week on Dancing with the Stars saw the ouster of Medicine Woman Jane Seymour and her partner Tony Dovolani.  It wasn‘t exactly surprising that it was her time to go, although they were enjoyable to watch.  Last week also brought the sad news that Marie Osmond‘s father passed away.  Will this affect the voter‘s in their choice of whom to send home?  Marie has certainly not performed as well as some of her other competitors, most notably Melanie Brown who scored another perfect 30 last week.  Will the tragedy in her family affect her performance tonight?  Will another couple overtake Mel and Maks for the top stop in the judges‘ eyes?  The bottom two was not revealed last week, so the remaining dancers don‘t know where they stand as of now.  Keep refreshing your browser to read my live thoughts during tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars performance show. Read more »
Last night on Dancing with the Stars, the five remaining celebrity dancers performed in two rounds of intense ballroom dancing.  Helio Castroneves and Melanie Brown ended the night at the top of the leaderboard, with scores of 57 and 56, respectively.  They have assertively set themselves far ahead of the rest of the pack. At the bottom of the pack, Cameron Mathison, Jennie Garth and Marie Osmond are virtually dead even, with only one point between each contender.but now it‘s down to the votes to see who says and who goes.  Keep refreshing your browser as I proved you with live thoughts during tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars results show. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars is hotter than ever, and on last night‘s performance show, I thought that all of the five remaining celebrity couples did excellent jobs on both rounds of ballroom dancing. I also thought that last night‘s performances all scored above-average marks on the fashion side of things. Everyone was dressed either in sleek, elegant attire or in appropriately wacky and fun costumes, which makes it very difficult for me to decide which was the best-dressed on last night‘s Dancing with the Stars, but I shall try my hardest. Let the Dancing with the Stars fashion show begin! Read more »
Last night on the Dancing with the Stars results show, Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts were the first couple to find out that they are safe and will continue on to next week‘s semi-finals. Instead, it was Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska who were the eighth couple to be eliminated.Obviously, this means that audience votes are weighed much more heavily than the judges‘ score, considering that Marie and Jonathan were the lowest-scoring couple of the night Read more »
Although it was not an earth-shattering Dancing with the Stars elimination like when we had to say goodbye to Sabrina Bryan, this week‘s results show was somewhat surprising when Marie Osmond and her partner Jonathan Roberts were the first couple to find out that they were going to make it to the semi-finals next week. With Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska now out of the running, there are only four couples remaining. We still days away from finding out who will be the next eliminated couple, but until then, I give you my power rankings for the top 4 teams on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
When Helio Castroneves was added to the roster of stars on this season of Dancing with the Stars, many fans of the show thought to themselves, “Who?” After all, while NASCAR racing‘s popularity has exploded over recent years, and NASCAR stars like Jeff Gordon have become the spokespeople for national brands, IndyCar racing hasn‘t quite reached that same level…yet.But thanks to Helio‘s wide-ranging exposure on Dancing with the Stars, that might change, and his recent second appearance on People‘s yearly list of “Sexiest Man Alive” can only help. Read more »
Welcome to the penultimate week of Dancing with the Stars 5.  In this semi-final round, only four couples remain.  They are Scary Spice Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, racecar driver Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough, actress Jennie Garth and Derek Hough and entertainer and Mormon Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts.  Last week‘s results show was mildly surprising when Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars instead of the lowest-scoring pair, Marie and Jonathan.  Keep refreshing your browser while I provide live thoughts during tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars performance show to find out if Marie really does have what it takes to beat the other three pairs and win it all. Read more »
Last night‘s Dancing with the Stars performance show featured the final four contenders in a stunningly high-scoring night.  Five out of the eight performances were awarded with perfect scores.  Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy ended the evening tied with Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough, both teams earning perfect scores of 60 out of 60.  Jennie Garth and Derek Hough are only two points behind them, and Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts round out the bottom with a score of 56.It‘s still anyone‘s game, however.  Last week‘s Dancing with the Stars results show, in which Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska were booted, proved that the judges‘ scores are not the end all and be all of the competition.  It‘s up to the votes now.  I‘ll provide you with live thoughts throughout this hour of Dancing with the Stars so keep checking back to find out who will be in the final three. Read more »
The outcome of last night‘s Dancing with the Stars results show was such that there is only one dancing Hough to enter the finals next, and that would be Julianne, as brother Derek was eliminated along with Jennie Garth last night. The final three teams that will be dancing their hearts out next Monday are speedster Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough, Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts, and Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Ranking these final three is probably the most difficult thing that I‘ll have to do this year, but I‘ll do my best. Read on to see who I‘ve picked to win Dancing with the Stars 5. Read more »
After selling more than 200 million albums worldwide, Celine Dion is now setting her eyes on the dance floor.  The 39-year-old Canadian singer has revealed to TV Guide that she wants to be on Dancing with the Stars not to flaunt her vocals, but to dance her heart out.Dion, who is a big fan of the ABC‘s Emmy-nominated competitive reality series, went backstage of the show on Monday night after pre-tapping two songs for the Dancing with the Stars finale next week.  According to TV Guide, one the songs will be her signature ballad, "My Heart Will Go On," famously known for the movie Titanic.  Though her cheerful sways and arm movements already hint on her desire to be on the show, she still candidly expressed her eagerness to compete. Read more »
It‘s the Dancing with the Stars results show!  Tonight, we found out which couple was voted off the dancing stage and which three couples will advance to the finals next week.Here were the standings after last night‘s performance show: Melanie Brown and Castroneves tied at the top with 60 points apiece, Jennie Garth two points behind with 58 points, and Marie Osmond bringing up the rear with 56 points.  Although Marie and Jonathan were the lowest-scoring couple last night, we found out right away that their fans, who are legion, voted enough to save them and propel them onwards to the finals. Read more »
Tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars was incredible.  The level of dance has soared sky-high.  It might have been because the dancers got to choose their own styles this week, one ballroom and one Latin.  Or, it might have been because each celebrity dancer was treated to a master class by head Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman.   Either way, this is arguably the most talented group of semi-finalists that Dancing with the Stars has ever seen.Tonight‘s show  was also the highest scoring performance show that I have seen.  The judges awarded five perfect scores tonight out of eight performances.  Marie ended the night at the bottom of the leaderboard again--the only celebrity dancer who didn‘t earn a perfect score--but as last week showed, the judges‘ scores don‘t necessarily mean anything.  It‘s going to be tough to predict who will go home tomorrow. Read more »
Tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars results show narrowed the field from five couples down to four.  Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts were the first to find out that, despite scoring the fewest points last night, they had enough fan support to make it all the way through to the semi-finals next week.  This was probably due to sympathy for her father‘s death because she had the worst performances, based purely on dance abilities. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars returns for another week.  There are five couples remaining in the competition: Jennie Garth and Derek Hough, Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska, Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts, Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough, and Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  The couples who make it through to next week will have a master class  with Len, so there is more at stake here.Of course, we all know the sad news from last week that Marie‘s father died on the morning of the last results show.  She ended the night in fifth place, with a score of 49 out of 60.  She and Jonathan started out the night with a very tame rhumba, which earned them a score of 24, and ended with an only slightly less tame jive which score a 25. Read more »
Six couples remain in the ballroom dancing sensation known as Dancing with the Stars.  Tonight‘s results show was not as shocking as last week‘s, when Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan was unceremoniously kicked to the curb.The night began with the sad news that Marie Osmond‘s father had passed away this morning.  As a result, Marie stayed home today to spend time with her family and was not present on tonight‘s show.  We found out right away that she had enough votes to keep her safe from elimination. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Dancing with the Stars was packed full of a lot of great dancing.  The six remaining pairs, who are all very good, had to do two different routines tonight, one ballroom and one Latin, so there were 12 excellent performances.  With almost no filler at all, it was an enjoyable night of dancing all around, and thankfully, nobody fainted!  Continue reading for a recap of the night‘s events. Read more »
It has been said that this is the best season of Dancing with the Stars so far, and that is no cliche. From the perspective of scoring alone, this season has yielded more newly minted dance superstars from its celebrity stable than any other. With that in mind, tonight‘s results show saw the exit of one of the season‘s best, and surprisingly it was someone who had never been in the bottom two before. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars has dropped its dead weight and it is all fast-paced competition from here on out. Only the best performers remain, and every last one of them is focused on bringing home the Dancing with the Stars mirror ball. All eyes will be on front runners and favorites, Sabrina Bryan, Helio Castroneves, and Jennie Garth, but who may come up from behind to claim a top spot? Anybody, that‘s who. Read on for the results. Read more »
It‘s elimination night, so somebody is going home from Dancing with the Stars. After her horrifying collapse yesterday, many fans are actually hoping Marie Osmond will voluntarily pack it in. Nobody wants to see Osmond take a nose dive in the middle of a fast paced dance, and the plucky entertainer has already admitted that her blackout spells occur frequently. Of course, health conditions aside let‘s not forget that Marie, along with Mark Cuban and Kym Johnson, was legitimately in the bottom last night, meaning that she could be voted out naturally. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars‘ competition episode got off to a terrifying start when celebrity competitor Marie Osmond collapsed following a spirited Samba.   Osmond, who turned 48 this month, went limp and fell to the ground while receiving feedback on her dance from the judges.  The mother of nine children has demonstrated a high level of fitness up until this point in the program, but admitted after the incident to suffering black outs before.  Aside from the fact that Osmond and partner Jonathon Roberts were the lowest scoring duo of the evening, it is hard to imagine that ABC will not ask Osmond to step down and circumvent the voting results from this evening. Read more »
After last night‘s Dancing with the Stars performance show, there were two couples who were clearly at the bottom of the leaderboard, with a distinct separation of three or four points from the rest of the pack. The two at the bottom were Floyd Mayweather and his partner Karina Smirnoff and, coming in dead last, Mark Cuban and his partner Kym Johnson. To my untrained eye, these two clearly deserved to be at the bottom. And sure enough, it was one of them who was sent home tonight. Read more »
Tonight on Dancing with the Stars, the women continued to bring it, all earning high scores, and the men improved from last week. Sabrina Bryan was the judges‘ favorite, followed closely by Jennie Garth, Helio Castroneves and Melanie Brown (Mel B). It‘s getting really exciting because the level of dance is improving week to week, and each competitor is clearly working hard to get to the top. But will it be another man who will say good-bye tomorrow? Read on to find a recap of tonight‘s show. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars third elimination results show was somewhat anti-climatic in tone.  There is still no lacking of amazement for how the producers are able to get with five seconds worth of information.   The elimination this week is especially murky, perhaps more than it should be.   With Wayne Newton perhaps the longest lasting completely awful competitor, and the top tiers in total flux, who will be sent home is difficult thing to predict.  With yesterday‘s scores, the only thing certain is that nothing is. Read more »
So far, inconsistency is the word for Dancing with the Stars season 5. This being the third competition week, it will decide who is the early front runner, Helio Castroneves or Sabrina Bryan. Of course, it could be neither. If another couple takes the highest score, both could find themselves with a new rival. Of course, another word that has dominated Dancing with the Stars fifth season is tie. Could the two top teams find themselves neck and neck, with the fans on the edge of their seat? Read on for the results. Read more »
Here we go again, the Dancing with the Stars results show.  The challenge for ABC here is to make five minutes of information into a full hour of entertainment.  So there will be guests, Queen Latifah and Jimmy Kimmel, and the protracted procession of ‘saved‘ celebs leading down to the final two in the red light.  What are your predictions? Read more »
Last week the Dancing with the Stars competition kicked off at a level never before seen.  These week, the competitors were prepared to sustain the intensity, or rise up to it with a thrilling night of fast stepping that saw the competitors going for broke.  Four days worth of training went into tonight‘s competition,  read on for a break down on who lived up to the week one challenge, and who didn‘t. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars sent one of its hopefuls packing tonight.  So far this week has been a surprising opening for the contest, showing that the Dancing with the Stars competitors have evolved to the point where there is no warm up period.  Dancers like Melanie Brown, Sabrina Bryan, and Helio Castroneves put on performances this week that at times rivaled their professional partners. On the other hand, the under performers were on a whole new platform of bad as well.  Read on for who the ‘baddest of the bad‘ are, and the final word on who went home and why. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars‘ fifth season premiere resumed tonight with the men coming out to play.  After yesterday‘s above average performance from the women, most notably Melanie Brown, Sabrina Bryan, and Jennie Garth, the men are on the spot.  There will definitely not be a ‘warm up‘ period  this season, the game is on now.  There are clear favorites, and if a man is going to be amongst them, he has to show it tonight. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars season 5 begins with rhetoric of warriors, and a gender vs gender motif. Tonight the women competed while the men watched, tomorrow it will be the men‘s turn to show if they have what it takes to dominate the ballroom. First the business at hand, which of the women exceeded, and which failed to deliver. The answers may surprise you. Read more »