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Dancing with the Stars is back and who better to discuss the new show than Ian Ziering, member of the new cast.  Ian is most often recognized for his performance as Steve Sanders on the long running drama "Beverly Hills, 90210".  While he loved every moment of that experience and continues to be amazed by the show‘s appeal, he‘s now stepped into an entirely different venture as a ballroom dancer.  Ian was kind enough to take time from his practice schedule to talk to BuddyTV about his experiences on 90210, his initial hesitation to join Dancing with the Stars, and the pressure of being paired with two-time champion Cheryl Burke. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars premiered its fourth season last night with a two-hour episode. Like a lot of people, I watched rather hoping Heather Mills‘ prosthetic leg would fly off, although I didn‘t go so far as to place a bet on it. So how did Heather Mills do? Actually, not too badly. The judges critiqued her posture a bit, but said all her problems were in her top half, probably because she was tensing up when she worried about her leg. But she and her partner Jonathan Roberts scored pretty much in the middle of the pack. Read more »
Last night America got their first look at Dancing With the Stars‘s eleven couples, and what a look it was! Critics are grumbling already, comparing the Dancing With the Stars premiere to the lackluster beginning of American Idol. That’s a bit of a reach if you ask me, some of the performances were a bit flat for sure, but there certainly isn’t a Sanjaya in the bunch. So the question is now, who is going to be the first couples to be retiring their Dancing With the Stars dance card? Read on for our predictions. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars two-time winner and professional dancer, Cheryl Burke, is not concerned about winning the dance show’s fourth season. She asserts that she is all for the experience and the enjoyment of the show. She told People, “I don‘t think it‘s pressure. Even after coming in last season after winning with Drew in the second season, it wasn‘t about, ‘Oh, I have to win again’…‘It‘s about who I‘m dancing with and making my partner the best dancer he can possibly be.” As for her trophies, she keeps one at home in San Francisco with her parents, while the other one is still in her storage since she was on tour for quite some time. She expressed her positive sentiments regarding her career and her achievements saying, “Just being known for a skill you‘ve worked on your entire life is an amazing feeling.” Read more »
The fourth season of Dancing with the Stars premiered Monday with much anticipation from the viewers as it showcased the much talked about Heather Mills. Despite the controversy surrounding the possibility of her prosthetic leg go flying off during her dance routine, she was pleased with the outcome of her dancing debut.Mills, being the first contestant to perform on Dancing with the Stars, garnered good reviews from the three judges. In fact, Len Goodman, one of the three judges on the show, commended her performance. He said, "There was far more right about that routine than wrong…I think you are an inspiration to people to get out and dance." Meanwhile, judge Bruno Tonioli added, "You‘ve got more guts than Rambo." And despite Mills’ tense upper body, she exuded grace and confidence, which was enough for her and her partner Jonathan Roberts to garner 18 points. Read more »
Nowadays, celebrities are seeking various ways on how to reinvent and rejuvenate themselves after getting into deep trouble. Fortunately, there is a television show that can do just that. Dancing with the Stars, a reality show that features celebrities paired with professional dancers in a competitive environment, has worked wonders for Jerry Springer and now, Heather Mills.Jerry Springer, a 63-year old television personality, is popularly known for his controversial tabloid program The Jerry Springer Show. In addition, he is also a radio host and a musician. He joined the third season of Dancing with the Stars and was paired with Kym Johnson, and finished in fifth place of the competition. Read more »
There comes a time in every person‘s life when you have to ask yourself: Who would I rather see dance, an idiotic, monstrous, ‘roided up ex-baseball player or a one-legged English woman?  Now, you may be thinking,  “I‘ve never considered such a quandary.”  Well, maybe not in that specific sense, but when you break it down, it is a question that cuts to the very core of our existence.In fact, some ABC executives did have to make that decision.  It has been reported that former Major League Baseball MVP Jose Canseco made a big push to get himself cast on this season‘s Dancing with the Stars.  The producers turned him down.  The one-legged English woman I‘m referring to is, of course, Heather Mills, the former wife of Paul McCartney and victim of a motorcycle accident that cruelly snatched one of her legs. Read more »
In a brash move, FOX is foiling attempts by ABC to steer Dancing With the Stars clear of American Idol by extending their singing competition by seven minutes, cutting briefly into Dancing With the Stars introductory moments, and possibly the first performance.   The confrontation will take place Tuesday, March 27th when former No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani will be guest coaching on Idol in an attempt to achieve the impossible:  transform Sanjaya into a real singer. Read more »
Gambling websites like have been taking bets for some time on whether Heather Mills‘s leg will "fall off, not be purposely taken off, during a dance routine" during her run on Dancing with the Stars. But now Mills is so sure her prosthetic leg will stay put that she‘s placed her own bet. "I‘ve bet a few hundred dollars it‘s not going to come off.  So I‘ll win some money." Mills told Jay Leno on the Tonight Show this week.  Read more »
Popularly known for her sensual and invigorating moves, Cheryl Burke has easily established herself in the entertainment scene. This award-winning dancer has further escalated to fame and stardom with her triumphant inclusion on Dancing with the Stars. Exotically beautiful, she stands out from the rest of the crowd with her Filipino, Irish and Russian roots. Sexy and sultry, she graces the dance floor with her hip routines which gets the viewers hooked. Read more »
Kym Johnson is known not only as a professional dancer, but as a model and television celebrity as well. Gorgeously stunning, she simply captivates the crowd with her thought-provoking poses on the March 2006 issue of FHM Australia. Blazing with charm and magnetism, she consistently exudes professionalism in the field of tap, ballet, jazz, modern dance, ballroom, as well as acrobatics. At present, she is part of Dancing with the Stars season 4. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars participant Leeza Gibbons proudly deems her participation on the celebrity reality dance show as a gift to her mother. She explained, “My gift to my mother is to dance … with her spirit.” She also added that her mother, who’s in the late stages of Alzheimer‘s disease, “loved the whole celebratory nature of dance.” Coincidentally, Gibbons turns 50 while her mother turns 72. Leeza Gibbons, a 50-year old American talk show host, is a native of Hartsville, South Carolina. She graduated from the University of South Carolina where she studied journalism and mass communication. Previously, she co-hosted Entertainment Tonight and also appeared on television shows like Extra, The Simple Life and The Geena Davis Show. At present, she is the host of her own radio show entitled Leeza Live. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars has come along way since its launch in June 2005. Over the years, the popular celebrity dance show has showcased a number of public icons and celebrities who have lapsed since their peak on the entertainment industry. Just like what we reported earlier, there have been many speculations about the show’s “healing powers” in rejuvenating the careers of the has-beens, as well as those personalities in need of an image makeover, just like what happened to Jerry Springer and Heather Mills.  Read more »
In the beginning, it was sort of like watching the freeway waiting for car crash.  Heather Mills joining Dancing With the Stars was just risky.  Not only because of her obvious physical challenge, but also because of her high profile tabloid bating divorce from former Beatle Paul McCartney.  None the less Heather Mills‘ stunned Dancing With the Stars viewers with her initial appearances.  Despite rumors of sores forming from the friction being exerted from her prosthetic leg, to early reports of aborted practice sessions, Mills came out to inspire audiences everywhere.  Now, sadly, the feisty Brit is acknowledging that her problems are only worsening. Read more »
This week the men do a quickstep and the women a mambo. Pretty much everyone‘s improved since last week on Dancing with the Stars.Biggest surprise of the night: Heather Mills‘ perfect back walkover.  Judge Carrie Ann Inaba was almost speechless with amazement, but eventually managed to say that the level of difficulty of the move was far higher than anyone else‘s. Also, unlike all the other women on the show, Heather wore pants. So we wouldn‘t pay attention to her leg? Oh, like anyone‘s not thinking about that the whole time. Still, as Bruno said, she was "red hot Heather" tonight, scoring 8s from all three judges. Read more »
Sopranos‘ tough guy Vincent Pastore famously dropped out of Dancing With the Stars just weeks before the fourth season began, but it seems he should have dropped out even sooner.  His experience in the rehearsal phase alone left the sixty year old actor walking with a cane for several weeks.  Pastore was replaced by Cheers vet John Ratzenberger who approaches the part of elder under dog with a little more zeal.  Read more »
Dancing With the Stars is back with the remaining ten performances.  After last week‘s upset, all bets are off as far as the judging goes so a wise viewer is just along for the Dancing With the Stars ride.  The judging has never been my favorite part of this competition, its all about what‘s going on out on the dance floor. So let‘s get to it... Read more »
Heather Mills, participant on Dancing with the Stars season four, was touched when a former critic turned into a supporter on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM morning radio program. Her former detractor actually commended her and asserted that she deserves an apology after all the condemnation and criticisms she has endured in her bitter divorce from former husband Paul McCartney. Mills, 39, became the subject of controversial news because of her announced separation last year, after four years of marriage with McCartney. In addition, her participation on the celebrity dance program Dancing with the Stars has also attracted much hype because of her then questionable ability to perform dance routines due to her prosthetic leg.  Read more »
Reality TV has become an interesting destination for people at all points in their respective careers.  It‘s a landing spot for some, a take-off for others.  Some use it to rehabilitate their public image, some use it to let the public know that they are still alive. A show like The Surreal Life is a last-stop for Z-list celebs, although a couple have parleyed their appearance on that show into something bigger (Flavor Flav, for instance), if not necessarily better.Point being, people agree to be on reality TV shows for a wide variety of reasons.  Typically, these reasons are easy to ascertain.  Occasionally, though, motivations are murky.  In Heather Mills‘ case, her reasons for appearing on Dancing with the Stars are murky at best.  I don‘t mean this in a negative way, but when you look at every other member of this year‘s cast, they have obvious motivations: increased exposure.  But I can‘t imagine that is something Mills is after. Read more »
Joey Fatone‘s is a geek, there‘s no denying it. This week he embraced his geekiness and shared it with audience, bringing his R2-D2 to rehearsals and working with his professional dance partner Kym Johnson to choreograph a Star Wars-themed tango. Kym dressed as Leia from Return of the Jedi, and Joey had a Jedi robe and a lightsaber, and their music was a reworked disco-esque version of the Star Wars theme song. A little over the top? A little cheesy? Maybe, but it seems to have worked well for them.  Read more »
Even though I have never placed a single bet online, I love following the odds makers’ predictions during reality TV season.  To say the bookies are ‘hit or miss‘ in their divination is an understatement, but the show they seem to have down almost every year so far is Dancing With the Stars.  (For the record, if you do bet, please, avoid all American Idol predictions.)  So, according to the bookies, who has the upper hand in this year‘s Dancing With the Stars? Read more »
I‘ve been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks:  why is there such a huge divide between the way the Dancing With the Stars judges score the contestants, and the way the voters at home score them?  You could easily say that it is the judges knowledge of craft that separates them, but knowledge of craft is supposed to equate to a sense of the aesthetic generality of an art form.  Who is right?  The Dancing With the Stars judges, or the majority?  Here‘s what some of you had to say: Read more »
There have been reports today from various sources stating that Playgirl had offered Dancing with the Stars‘ participant Ian Ziering $100,000 to appear naked in the pages of Playgirl magazine.  Initially, I believed the report because, well, we‘re talking about reality TV.  Sex tapes seem to come out on a weekly basis.  It‘s hard to be skeptical of any reality TV news.  However, as it turns out, this was all a terrible reports that there is no validity to the offer and cites a Playgirl representative, who says, “Playgirl doesn‘t have those kinds of funds to work with.”  This makes sense, and I trust TMZ; they tend to be right most of the time. Read more »
Dancing With the Stars producers take note:  there are some celebrities that just are definitely not cut out for your show, despite the freak factor.  So do us all a favor and cross each and everyone of these people of your season five Dancing With the Stars list of potentials.   Read more »
Apparently Heather Mills has been keeping a diary about her experiences on Dancing with the Stars. Here are a few selected clips for you:On rehearsing for the waltz:"Jonathan was in a quandary and wanted to change the beginning of the routine because every time I stepped backward, I would scrape his Achilles tendon with the heel of my shoe. But then when I stepped forward, I‘d make his toes black and blue, not realizing my artificial leg was standing on his foot whilst I inquired why he was screwing his face up." Read more »
Almost a week has passed since Leeza Gibbons was asked to retire her bondage gear and waltz on home, were you surprised by Dancing With the Stars ejection of Gibbons?  you‘ve been letting us know all week long who you think you should turn in their Dancing With the Stars  ballroom pass, here is what some of you had to say. Read more »
With the weaker couples begin to drop the Dancing With the Stars competition is beginning to heat up in a big way.  Tonight‘s performances will include the ultra hot Rumba and Samba, two dances that require not only a lot of motion, but a lot of passion.  This is where the ability and the charisma need an extra bond of chemistry to sell the dancers.  Who has it, and who doesn‘t? Read more »
Ever heard of the “healing powers” of the show Dancing with the Stars? Many speculate that the popular celebrity dance show is some kind of makeover vehicle for “has been” celebrities, evident in the positive image transformation of its participants like Jerry Springer and Heather Mills among others. Once again, another participant of Dancing with the Stars got a career jumpstart: former Blossom actor Joey Lawrence is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of CSI: NY.Lawrence, who ranked third place on Dancing with the Stars season three, will appear on an episode of CSI: NY on Wednesday, April 25 at 10 pm on CBS. In an interview with TV Guide, Lawrence dishes out on his valiant gig. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars, the results show.  Clyde the Glide should be eliminated, but America loves their athletes, so you never know.  As much as I love Clyde, I do not ever want to see him dance again.  It‘s ABC‘s fault for asking a 6‘7” person to be on the show.  Foolish.  Anyway, what follows are my live thoughts while watching tonight‘s episode.Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris = The Dream Team.  John Ratzenberger is a good man.Someone punch me in the head: Billy Ray Cyrus really IS on the show.  I thought I was hallucinating. Read more »
After two years of service, TV Guide Channel has decided to let go of Joan Rivers and daughter Melissa as the network’s Red carpet hosts. The new host, who comes in the form of Lisa Rinna, former participant of Dancing with the Stars season two, is set to make her debut at the Emmy Awards on September 16, 2007President of TV Guide Channel Ryan O‘Hara said in a statement, “TV Guide Channel is very appreciative of Joan and Melissa Rivers‘ contributions to the success of our red-carpet programming over the past three years. We wish them the best in their future endeavors.” Read more »
This hasn‘t come from the most reliable of sources, but it‘s been picking up a big head of steam in various UK press outlets and, while those are far from reliable, it‘s worth discussing.  According to some unnamed ABC sources, Dancing with the Stars is making a big push to get Victoria Beckham (aka "Posh Spice") to appear as a contestant on next Fall‘s season of Dancing with the Stars.This makes some sense when you consider that Victoria‘s husband, footballer David Beckham, will be in the midst of his first season playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer.  Victoria will need something to keep her busy in L.A., right?  This would be a major coup for Dancing with the Stars, seeing as they‘ve typically dealt with only C and D-list celebrities up to this point, and Victoria, at least in her own country, has achieved stratospheric fame.  Read more »
Tonight saw the demise of Clyde from Dancing With the Stars, which makes us three for three so far.  How did you do?  Did your predictions come true?  Who would you like to see waltz their way out of the Dancing With the Stars ballroom for the last time?  We collected YOUR best observations right here. Read more »
Dancing With the Stars’ Heather Mills sprung into action when the entertainment system died on a LA to London flight.  With her Dancing With the Stars’ partner Jonathan Roberts in tow, the former Mrs. Paul McCartney took it upon herself to dance everybody’s blues away.   Instead, the grumpy passengers gave her performance straight zeros across the board.Mills was on her way back to London for a little respite before jumping back into training for the next week when the entertainment system broke down.  A Virgin spokesman was quick to point out that the dance number was strictly Mills’ idea, and was not sanctioned by the airline. Read more »
As Tom Bergeron kept pointing out this week, it’s the halfway point on Dancing with the Stars. I think Len said a couple of weeks back that he felt that no one was practising enough to stand out, that "everyone‘s the same" so far on this season of Dancing With the Stars. But I don’t think that’s the case anymore – it seems to me that there are four with a chance to make it, and three with no chance at all.   Read more »
This week‘s Dancing With the Stars was a real shock for me.  First there was the talk of ‘Male Menopause’ in response to a tiff between Len and Bruno, then there was the surprisingly mechanical performance from Ian and Cheryl, a couple that was previously a favorite in my book. Heather Mills made a slightly more graceful recovery from her fall last week, but was obviously playing it safe.  It paid off.  Last week‘s fall proved that the audience is handicapping her, if one of the other couples had suffered such a slip they would have been in the bottom.  So while I understand Heather’s reigning in to prevent a repeat incident, I don’t think being less daring is what she wants to do. Read more »
Dancing With the Stars has yet to reach the point where it gets hard to call the final couples.  It was pretty obvious after last night that we would see John, Heather, and possibly Billy Ray in the bottom two.  With the sharper tongues starting to emerge from the judging table, how much impact is the scoring having now on the at home voting?  You‘ll recall in the beginning of the season there was a huge disparity between the judges and the voting audiences at home, is that still the case for Dancing With the Stars? Read more »
A lot of people seem surprised by Heather Mill‘s ejection from Dancing With the Stars last night, are you?   In reviewing our user comments, I found a lot of you were anticipating this result.  What follows are some of the best comments leading up to tonight‘s Dancing With the Stars result show. Read more »
I find voting patterns on reality shows interesting.  On the last season of Dancing with the Stars, Jerry Springer advanced much further than any reasonable person would‘ve deemed fit.  However, there were obvious reasons for this.  Springer brought some good-natured levity to the proceedings, acting as the show‘s resident class clown.  Despite his lack of dancing ability, he put forth maximum effort and entertained the audience.  I thought the same thing would happen with Heather Mills this season.Heather Mills was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars this week.  This was going to happen sooner or later, but I just didn‘t imagine it would be this week, and that is mostly because Billy Ray Cyrus is still alive and dancing. Read more »
Joey Fatone’s been consistently in the top three on Dancing with the Stars this season. Previously best known as a member of ‘N Sync, he says his work on Dancing with the Stars has little in common with his boy band days.“When I was with ‘N Sync, it was demanding to be rehearsing constantly. But this? You‘re doing it every day, and it‘s a different dance every week. That‘s what‘s really crazy about the whole thing. You‘re learning these routines and steps that my body is definitely not used to at all. It‘s intense.” Read more »
Last week Dancing With the Stars fans saw the last of Heather Mills, was it anticipated?  Who did you think should have danced their good bye set on Dancing With the stars.  What is your prediction for this weeks Dancing With the Stars ejection?  Here‘s a small sampling of what you‘ve had to say. Read more »
We are down to nine couples on Dancing With the Stars and the demands are increasing in a physical sense, on that note, tonight’s competition separated the hopefuls from the hopeless.  Some couples came through with amazing performances, while others ambled along aimlessly.  All in all, it wasn’t an entirely unexpected night for Dancing With the Stars. Read more »
With the competition narrowed to six couples, Dancing With the Stars is turning the heat up big time.  Tonight‘s competition brings some huge challenges for couples who were on the cusp last week, most notably Ian & Cheryl, and Billy Ray & Karina, and the pressure is on between Apolo, Joey, and Laila for top honors.  Here is what the competition looked like when the dust settled. Read more »
Many celebrities showcased on Dancing with the Stars were pleased to be given the opportunity to revive their showbiz careers just like what happened to Jerry Springer, Mario Lopez, Joey Lawrence and Lisa Rinna among others, who acquired several acting or hosting gigs after their inclusion on the popular dance program. But in the case of Heather Mills, who was reported to turn down another reality show, she just kept on shunning away from the spotlight. After Mills was eliminated on last week’s Dancing with the Stars, she reportedly ditched some scheduled TV appearances on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The View. Her latest rebuff came in the form of U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother, as she declined to participate in the reality series. According to Times, the 39-year old had been approached with many British TV projects after her controversial stint on Dancing with the Stars but refused in nearly all invitations. Read more »
Lots of controversy on the boards and in the comments this week over just who deserved to go and who deserved to stay on Dancing With the Stars as the elimination drew near!   Everybody was almost universally in agreement that it would John and Billy Ray in the bottom two, but fierce defense of Billy Ray‘s bankability as a star erupted when the country icon‘s star status was drawn into question.  The big question was, how much of Billy Ray‘s country music support was going to be tuning into Dancing With the Stars?  As we saw tonight, just enough to keep him from going home.  So what do you folks think,  now that Billy Ray is considered the last of the odd men in, can he survive another week on his star power alone?  Or is he a fish out of water with the remaining competitors?  Here‘s what some of you had to say leading up to his save tonight. Read more »
There‘s a reason some TV shows last forever.  Cast chemistry is both one of the most veiled and most underrated aspects of a TV show‘s success.  More importantly, the longevity of a series can often be wholly dependent upon key cast members liking each other.  During those months when you‘re shooting a television series, the cast has no life.  They spend upwards of 16 hours a day together on set.  If the actors hate each other, you can imagine how hellish each day can be.  On the flip side, however, the successful casts will grow close, become a family.  Often on hit series, the actors have no choice but to become good friends.  Beverly Hills 90210 was obviously one of these shows.  Besides the obvious exception of Shannen Doherty, who was by all accounts a raving lunatic during her time on 90210, it looks as if the relationships forged on that set throughout the 90‘s have remained intact and strong.  All we need to do is scan the crowd of Dancing with the Stars for the last two weeks to see the incredible support for 90210‘s Ian Ziering. Read more »
Dancing With the Stars had its “Eliminate the Underdog” night with tonight’s elimination.  Let us face it, the bottom two couples were written on the wall from the beginning.  As the competition has gone on, the home voting has come to mirror Dancing With the Stars’ judge’s scores.    Likewise, the laying out of the safe couples was not that surprising no matter how hard they tried to bring suspense to the layout. Read more »
Although Heather Mills already left town immediately following her elimination from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, the 39-year old celebrity was still followed by buzzing news. It was reported that Mills went back to England despite having several scheduled guest appearances on television in the United States.According to the New York Post, Mills was supposed to appear on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The View, immediately following her elimination on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday night. Having a change of heart, she decided to just do an interview with Extra, taped Good Morning America and expressed her gratitude towards the cast and crew of Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
In the last few weeks on the Dancing with the Stars results shows, it’s seemed like Billy Ray Cyrus was pretty sure he’d be going home. He talked about how he was glad to have been there, and last week knew he’d be in the bottom two with John Ratzenberger. During last week’s performance show, he even insisted on “spotlighting” Karina in the waltz in case it was their last chance, earning himself an almost deliberately poor score. Billy Ray even told John he was “jealous” of his elimination, sparking speculation that he wanted to go home. However, Billy Ray’s wife spoke up this week, saying that’s not the case at all. Read more »
Dancing With the Stars has quickly claimed its bright spot in the reality TV firmament, could it be aiming for the video game console world next?  Rumors have been circulating that video game developer icon Activision is in the process of creating a video game for the Nintendo Wii console which will require players to utilize the consoles advanced motion sensing technology to actually take part in the competition physically! Read more »
ABC’s Dancing with the Stars has earned quite a reputation as a makeover vehicle for “has been” stars and has created such rousing publicity even with rumored contestants that are set to appear on the popular dance show. Apart from actors, the popular program is also known to include sports figures just like boxing icons Evander Holyfield and Laila Ali, who joined the competition during season one and season four respectively. The latest hype surrounds yet another legendary icon who will attempt to redeem his stance in the eyes of the viewers. Yes, it’s confirmed! Oscar De La Hoya, also known as the “Golden Boy” of the boxing arena, is set to star on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.  Read more »
Apart from being a legendary sports icon, Emmitt Smith attracted much attention when he joined and won on the third season of Dancing with the Stars with professional dance partner Cheryl Burke. This three-time Super Bowl champion proved that he could thrive not just in the football field but also in the dance floor as well. And although he incorporated some improvised moves, he was still highly praised for his groove and natural charisma, which made dancing look manly. Read more »
Drew Lachey captured teens’ attention as a member of boy band 98 Degrees, but swept off viewers of all ages when he won Dancing with the Stars season 2. With the guidance of professional dance partner Cheryl Burke, he emerged victorious after 11 weeks of painstaking competition and was able to gain a perfect score of 30 for performances of the Pasa Doble, Tango and freestyle presentation. After leaving a positive impression on the program, he was asked to join the Dancing with the Stars Tour for both USA and Canada, and even made a surprise appearance on the April 17, 2007 results show. Read more »
After the successful first tour, Dancing with the Star will once again cruise throughout North American to bring its popular team of stars and professional dancers from the program’s first four seasons to fans’ hometowns. Produced by BBC Worldwide, AEG LIVE and Front Line Management Group, the Dancing with the Stars tour is set to start in Austin, Texas on June 20 and will end in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 24. Avid supporters can purchase tickets on Saturday, May 12, and can check out the show’s official website for other details. Read more »
Controversy in the making for tonight’s Dancing With the Stars.   We all remember the infamous Tamara Grey situation on American Idol, in which her phone number appeared for a very short amount of time.  On this week‘s Dancing With the Stars, a Joey and Kym segment was wrongly attributed to Billy Ray and Karina, and while their number was not on the screen it was given.   This was not, thankfully, the most exciting part of the evening however, that was in the dancing.  Who tanked, who scored the perfect score, read on to find out. Read more »
Another Dancing with the Stars former participant has landed a gig and he comes in the form of Mario Lopez. The Dancing with the Stars season three contestant will costar with Christina Milian, R&B singer, on CW’s comedy pilot entitled Eight Days a Week.Eight Days a Week, which will air in September, features Lopez as a smooth New York executive named Peter and Milian as a beautiful career woman named Olivia, who takes an assistant’s job at an art gallery. Created by Marcie Ulin and Meredith Lavender, Eight Days a Week entails similar themes in movies like “The Devil Wears Prada" and the popular drama-comedy series Ugly Betty. Read more »
Billy Ray Cyrus has left us.  Please hold back your tears.This was long in the making on Dancing with the Stars and, really, a good thing.  Billy had been cheating elimination for a few weeks and it was his time to go.  The man was even relieved to be eliminated, a sentiment I can totally understand for someone who isn‘t a very good dancer.  This has actually been one of the weirder developments this season: celebrities actively wanting to go home.  We saw this first with Clyde Drexler, who made it quite clear that he wanted his dance floor induced suffering to end.  Again, it was hard to blame him. Read more »
Overactive imaginations everywhere have cast Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno and his Dancing With the Stars partner Julianne Hough in a romantic light, but reality refuses to illuminate with them.  Even though Hough’s recent announcement that she is calling off  her wedding to beau and former dancer Zach Wilson produced a swell of hope amongst fans of a Ohno/Hough hookup, it turns out the delay was simply a scheduling conflict. Read more »
This week brings the semi-finals on Dancing with the Stars. Four couples are left: Laila Ali & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Apolo Anton Ohno & Julianne Hough, Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson, and Ian Ziering & Cheryl Burke. Well, it seems pretty clear from the comments this week that the readers on this site think that either Joey or Ian will be going home next time. I think it might be Ian – he doesn’t seem to have consistent levels of quality in his dances. (Or maybe I just like Joey better.) Joey’s had all tens before, but Ian hasn’t. Can Ian pull off a perfect score?  Read more »
After the success of last year‘s Dancing With the Stars road show, ABC is wasting no time in setting up the ’07 tour.  So far twenty-four locations across the US and Canada have been booked, even though the final line up has yet to be confirmed.  The full list of sites is available here (Tickets are on sale NOW!) Last year some of Dancing With the Stars hottest stars joined the road show including Cheryl Burke, Drew Lachey, Joey Lawrence, Joey McIntyre, Edyta Sliwinska, and Louis Van Amstel.  Who is most likely to attend this year‘s tour, and who would like, or not like, to see join up? Read more »
The talented American television personality Tom Bergeron is no amateur when it comes to hosting. From game shows to talk shows to reality competitions; Tom has hosted them all. It’s no wonder ABC picked him up to host the increasingly popular reality series, Dancing with the Stars. Now on the brink of the Dancing with the Stars season four semi-finals, BuddyTV sat down with Tom to talk about his experience hosting the show and to hear his predictions on how he thinks tonight and the remainder of the competition will unfold. Read the full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 audio below. Read more »
The most critical night for Dancing With the stars has arrived.  After tonight, the final three will be decided.  Will Apolo continue to dominate?  Can Ian pull ahead?  Was Joey‘s landing in the bottom two last week a Harbinger of things to come?  And will Laila be able able to keep the intensity high enough to burn her way into the finals? Read more »
You might think your local neighborhood dance instructor would give you the best insight on who is going to win this years Dancing With the Stars, but for thousands of online gamblers this simply is not the case. Odds makers from sites like bodog to sportbet have been calling the contest dead on from the beginning, and if they stay on track the final four will play out something like this… Read more »
Unlike Dancing with the Stars contestant Ian Ziering, his Beverly Hills 90210 costar Jason Priestley dismisses the idea of joining the popular celebrity dance program. When asked by Canada’s Jam! Showbiz Entertainment news website if he has any intentions of joining Dancing with the Stars, the 37-year old actor has replied “Not a chance." Priestley actually takes delight in watching reality shows just like Dancing with the Stars. In fact, he has been spotted in the audience giving his support to Ziering. He also thinks highly of Ziering who takes his dancing sincerely. "Here‘s the thing about Ian - he is so ultra-competitive. He‘s not a guy who played team sports or organized sports when he was a kid. So as an adult he‘s really competitive. He‘s taking this all really seriously, which is very funny. But he‘s doing great. I‘m happy for him and he‘s excited about it," Priestley has mentioned to Jam! Read more »
Dancing With the Stars elimination night! The board has been buzzing all week long with predictions and opinions,  who should win?  Who will go home tonight? We‘ve collected some of your best comments right here. Read more »
Apart from being a makeover vehicle, Dancing with the Stars has once again served another purpose – it has brought together two individuals who are now love struck. Mario Lopez, former contestant on the third season of Dancing with the Stars, has reportedly moved in with professional dance partner Karina Smirnoff in Los Angeles, California.According to People’s source, "They recently moved in together… It was a big step to take, especially for Mario, but they both think this could be it. Things are going really well right [now] and they‘re loving being together all the time." Read more »
Ian Ziering was booted off Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday in a disappointing result for the legions of Ziering loyalists in this world.  Perhaps Ian wasn‘t the best dancer out there, but he put his heart into it, gave it his all, and maximized his potential.  It‘s not his fault that he was up against two world-class athletes (Apolo Ohno, Laila Ali) and a former Boy Bander (Joey Fatone).  Ziering, the now forty-something actor best known for playing a lovable goof-ball with a blond perm on a 90‘s era prime-time soap opera, wasn‘t expected to do much of anything in this competition.  He surprised a lot of people and, in past seasons where the competition wasn‘t as fierce at the top, Ziering could‘ve made the finals. Read more »
There’s no doubt that the best three couples are left at this point on Dancing with the Stars. But the question remains: who’s the best of the best? This week Laila Ali, Joey Fatone, and Apolo Anton Ohno will battle it out for the coveted mirror-ball trophy on the finals. The judges will choose one of their dances (with the other a freestyle) – any guesses as to what they’ll choose?  Here’s how the three remaining couples have scored in each dance so far:  Read more »
Fierce Dancing With the Stars competitor Laila Ali has told the New York Post that the contest hast completely obliterated the cartilage in her knee and she will likely need surgery once the contest is over.  Ali began the contest as a surprising favorite.  The woman‘s boxing champ displayed grace and style no often associated with her sport.   Fans of the sport, on the other, saw exactly what they expected from the champion boxer, solid physical sense and desire to dominate the dance floor. Read more »
Tonight is all or nothing night for Dancing With the Stars final three.  One will win, two will lose. It‘s down to the Olympic Gold medalist  Apolo Anton Ohno,  Former boy band member  Joey Fatone (N-Sync), and womans boxing champion  Laila Ali.   By all rights, tonight would be the night when the dancers give it there all.  Keep checking for up to the minute updates on the action Read more »
With the Dancing with the Stars finale upon us, BuddyTV had a chance to catch up with Dancing with the Stars judge, Carrie Ann Inaba the other day to talk about both her career and the show.  Carrie Ann - professional dancer, singer, actress, and choreographer - tells us what is most difficult about her job as a judge on Dancing with the Stars, some of her favorite moments from the show, and her thoughts about the final three celebrity dancers.Read the full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 audio after the jump.   Read more »
Dancing With the Stars has had more than its share of hot moments.  With beauty queens, music legends, actors, and athletes, the cast was overflowing with sex appeal, and it showed in every last episode.  Be the lifts, the bump and grinds, or just the glances between the competitors, season four was full of sizzling hot action.   We‘ve collected some of the hottest moments right here.  Read more »
Tonight is the night!  One of the three Dancing With the Stars couples will walk away with the coveted mirror ball trophy.   Will it be Apolo and Julianne?  Laila and Maksim?  Or the underdogs, Joey and Kym.  With no bottom two last week, it is difficult to predict, but we‘ll be right here to walk you through the suspense as Dancing With the Stars closes its fourth season with a winner!  Be sure to refresh often as we will update as news breaks throughout the program. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars season four has already reached its finale, leaving its mark with winners Apolo Anton Ohno, Olympic speedskater and professional dance partner Julianne Hough. And with the closing of the season, viewers are left with the question, what will happen next to the Dancing with the Stars contestants? While Ohno is savoring his triumph on the celebrity dance show, and while other participants are landing various projects and acting gigs, Laila Ali has something else in mind that involves surgery and cooking.So what’s next for Laila Ali? The 29-year old boxer and daughter of the boxing legend Muhammad Ali, has said prior to the Dancing with the Stars season finale that she will be going through a knee surgery immediately after the contest. In addition, she also wants to be the next Martha Stewart or possibly the next Rachael Ray. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars already sparked romance among its contestants in more than one occasion. Previously, it became the “love connection” for former season 3 contestant Mario Lopez and dance partner Karina Smirnoff, who now live together, and two-time Dancing with the Stars champion Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence, younger brother of former contestant Joey Lawrence. Recently, rumors had surfaced the news about some romantic sparks between Apolo Ohno and dance partner Julianne Hough.Ohno, hailed winner of Dancing with the Stars season four, denied the rumors. He told the New York Post, “There‘s no truth to [the rumors of a romantic relationship]. Our relationship was strictly professional. It was sometimes goofy, but strictly professional." Read more »
Dancing With the Stars and American Idol both dominated the top ten list of most watched shows, but due to Dancing With the Stars double the dancing competition that teams celebrities and athletes with professional dancers secured an amazing four spots, making it arguably the most watched show year round. Read more »
With its fourth season hardly behind us,  Dancing With the Stars execs are starting to open up about negotiations for next seasons rosters.  So far, the hopefuls include former Spice Girl Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown, and Beverly Hills 90210 alumni Tori Spelling.   Dancing With the Stars is said to be using its increasing clout as a ratings heavyweight, scoring four of this seasons top ten ratings slots, to lure some more brand name talent to the show. Read more »
America’s Got Talent season 2 returns with a new host in the form of Jerry Springer, known for his tabloid talk show The Jerry Springer Show and as a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars Season 3.In a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, Springer talked about the show and his sentiments on taking over Regis Philbin’s hosting job. Read more »
Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria, is set to host the 2007 Alma Awards on Tuesday, June 5 at 9 p.m. on ABC. But her participation won’t be purely hosting. Apart from serving as the award show’s executive producer, the 32-year old actress will also be firing up a dance number with co-host Mario Lopez, former contestant on Dancing with the Stars season three, for a number with Dancing with the Stars professional dancers Karina Smirnoff, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Cheryl Burke. The Alma Awards, also known as the American Latino Media Arts Awards, are tributes awarded to Latino performers in the entertainment industry, such as actors, film and television directors and musicians, who have promoted positive portrayals of Latinos in the world of entertainment. Established in 1995 by the National Council of La Raza, the awards show takes over the previous Bravo Awards. The Alma Awards is also an approach to respond to the negative stereotyping of Latinos in the U.S. entertainment industry. Read more »
It’s the finale of Dancing with the Stars season four. Tonight the competition is still alive, says Tom Bergeron. In an “epic showdown,” Laila & Maks, Joey & Kym , and Apolo & Julianne perform one last dance to be scored by the judges. But first, the eliminated contestants all return. Paulina & Alec, Shandi & Brian, Leeza & Tony, Clyde & Elena, Heather & Jonathan, John & Edyta, Billy Ray & Karina, and Ian & Cheryl dance out onto the floor in the order of their elimination. Then we have the inevitable recap of last night’s performances, comments, and scores. Laila, Joey, and Apolo all comment on how the most important thing at this point is what the audience thinks.   Read more »
Only three couples are left on Dancing with the Stars, and tonight they dance a judges’ choice round, then a freestyle. The scoring by the judges will also include a dance they’ll do tomorrow – but the audience vote for tonight still counts for fifty percent of their final score. First up are Laila and Maks. In rehearsals, Laila says the freestyle might be hard for her because they can’t do a lot of lifts due to her size. First, though, they get to do the paso doble. The audience gives them a standing ovation, and Len says that while last time their paso lacked fire and passion, but “not tonight, old girl.” (That means he thought it was excellent.) Bruno liked it even more, calling them “totally captivating,” and says this was their best performance to date. Carrie Ann thinks every little thing about it was great too. Two tens and a nine for Laila & Maks.   Read more »
Len says last night‘s Dancing with the Stars was the best semi-finals he’s ever seen on this or in the UK. The judges choose Joey & Kym ’s jive for the encore dance. Tom plugs Len’s new Dancing with Len Goodman DVD. Enrique Iglesias sings, and Karina & Louie and Alec & Edyta dance. The crowd seems extremely enthusiastic about this. Tom plugs the Dancing with the Stars live tour but doesn’t mention Joey’s going on it. Joey & Kym say they’re okay if they don’t make it to the finals, as all the eliminated couples will be back next week anyway for the reunion finale. Apolo says the crowd’s cheers made his night.  Read more »
It’s the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars, with the couples allowed to choose their own ballroom and Latin dances. Len says it’s clear that the best four have made it to this point, and the judges are expecting greatness. First up are Apolo &  Julianne, who’ve chosen the quickstep and the cha cha, the first two dances they performed together, so they can show how far Apolo’s come since then. Apolo hopes for six tens tonight. They quickstep, and Len says he expected it to be good, but it was fantastic. Bruno says “the Apolo Express is off on a magic ride,” and he thought it was excellent. Carrie Ann thanks them for setting the standard high for the night, and calls it “perfect.” It’s perfect indeed, as all three judges give them tens.  Read more »
Last night was apparently the “most chaotic” episode of Dancing with the Stars ever, between the judges’ squabbling and the computer malfunction. Ian says that no matter what the judges thought, it was his most fun night ever.Man, do they ever recap for a long time. Or maybe it just seems that way. For the encore dance, the judges choose, unsurprisingly, Apolo & Julianne’s paso doble. “Will they make it to the semi-finals?” Well, that would be a shock if they didn’t. I think it’d take another computer error, actually.   Read more »
Only one week until the semi-finals on Dancing with the Stars. Who’s left? Tom Bergeron says it’s the showman, the fighter, the perfectionist, the Olympian, and the crazy bear. First up tonight are Ian & Cheryl with a foxtrot. Ian’s pleased with last week’s performance. Cheryl has a birthday, and they have a food fight with the cake. Cheryl says they’re going to bring out their chemistry “like no one’s seen before.” Ian thinks that maybe he and Cheryl are peaking at just the right time. But Len says they’ve “taken a bit of a dip,” and that it was “skippy & hoppy.” Bruno agrees, and calls Ian a “jumping goat.” Carrie Ann says his footwork was off, but that Ian brought a lot of exuberance and charm to the dance. They score two sevens and an eight. Read more »
Time for another Dancing with the Stars results show, and I realize I forgot to vote again. Oh well. They recap forever. Or at least it seems that way. For the encore dance, Len says they had a hard time deciding between Laila & Maks and Joey & Kym, but they flipped a coin and chose Laila. Meat Loaf performs, and Tom Bergeron jokes that they had to wait for Heather Mills to be sent home first because she’s a vegan. Oh, is it safe to tell the Heather Mills jokes now? I didn’t get the memo. Read more »
Samantha says “this will be the night that defines the season” on Dancing with the Stars. It’s certainly stepped up the difficulty, as tonight everyone’s getting judged on both a Latin dance and a ballroom. Len says they’re expecting everyone to step up their performances.First up in the ballroom round are Laila & Maks, with a quickstep. They point out that Laila’s the only female star left. Laila says she’s going to treat this as two chances to “knock one of these boys out.” And there’s no doubt she’s going to – Len says “the heat is on tonight and you’re turned the gas on.” Bruno says she rose to the challenge, and Carrie Ann says “Mama said knock you out!” They score two tens and a nine.  Read more »
On tonight’s Dancing with the Stars, Tom Bergeron announces that “the good times are over.” It seems like they go over yesterday’s show forever. Heather Mills says she can’t take Carrie Ann’s advice about her posture because as soon as she thinks about her upper body she falls down. John seems amused by the judges’ criticisms. Ian says he’ll have to add Billy Ray’s “Bubba Chicken dance” to his recipe. As an encore, the whole group reprises their swing dance. I wish that I was watching this on a bigger TV, because I still can’t figure out what’s going on. It’s great though, and looks like they’re all having a fantastic time.  Read more »
This week’s Dancing with the Stars brings a variety of Latin dances and a group swing dance. With two dances to learn, it’s apparently been an exhausting week for everyone. One couple missed rehearsals for the swing dance entirely. Did it hurt the group dance? Not especially. Nobody scored a thirty tonight, but three came pretty close. Which contestant was called a “randy fighting cockerel” and which a “dancing teddy bear” by the judges? Read on to find out.  Read more »
First, we see a recap of yesterday’s Dancing with the Stars. Is this really necessary after replaying the whole show before this? Well, I guess they have an hour to kill. Heather talks about her fall, cheerfully saying “It doesn’t matter if I fell, we’re not going to pull back. If anything, we’re gonna do more.” Jonathan quips “More falls!” Gee, I sure hope so. She later says she falls “all the time” so it’s no big deal. Yeah, it’s not like you’re in a dance competition or anything, is it, Heather?Joey Fatone wears bunny slippers, for no good reason. Laila explains that she wants that trophy badly. Apolo is pleased with their perfect score this week, and starts to say something about not being a dancer, but Julianne interrupts him to say “You’re a dancer now!” Apolo says now they know what it takes to get a perfect score. To nobody’s surprise, Apolo and Julianne samba again for us. They‘re just as good as they were yesterday.Next week there’ll be a group swing dance; the pros from the Dancing with the Stars tour demonstrate it. And now it’s time to see which two couples are the first to be safe for the night. Read more »
Tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars brought two long-awaited events this season: someone finally scored all tens, and someone (by which I mean Heather Mills) finally fell down. Tonight‘s dances were the samba and the rhumba. Tom Bergeron points out  we‘re at the halfway point and no men have been sent home so far. First up are Ian & Cheryl. Ian says in rehearsals that the samba is "really hard," and Cheryl seems upset and goes off to pout. But they pull it together, and score all eights from the judges. Len says they‘re competent, but not knocking his socks off. Bruno compares Ian to a powertool, or something. I keep forgetting to turn the captions on and I never quite get what Bruno is saying. Carrie Ann says that Ian could be the best on the dance floor, if he‘s stop underestimating himself.  Read more »
It was a hard fought competition this week on Dancing With the Stars, for some.  For others, it was clear the fight had left them, and the scoring reflected that.  On tonight’s elimination show, for once, the scores between the voting audience and the in house Dancing With the Stars‘ judges were very much in synch.The procession through the safe couples was done in an ingeniously suspenseful way, saving pretty much the best for last, Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson.   On Dancing With the Stars, the countdown to the final two is done entirely for dramatic effect, not by score.  I don’t think there is any doubt, none the less, that Kym and Joey owned the competition last night. Read more »
This week it‘s the Paso Doble and the waltz.  Len says that he‘s researched why "everyone‘s the same" so far on this season of Dancing With the Stars, and says it‘s because nobody‘s practicing enough to really stand out. Last season the average practise time was 19 hours; this time it‘s 13 hours, and Len says nobody‘s polished enough. First up with the Paso Doble are Laila and Maksim. They recap their rule-breaking tango of last week, and Laila says she won‘t point fingers, but clearly blames Maks, who says he‘s going to do better this week. And they do okay, but not spectacularly. Len says they didn‘t have enough fire, and Bruno says they started like a blockbuster, but now they‘re bringing reruns. Carrie Ann says Laila‘s strength might be causing her to tighten up in the shoulders too much. They all give sevens. Read more »
Tonight‘s bottom two on Dancing With the Stars proved what I told you yesterday,  the on-air voting by the judges is completely inconsequential  this season.  This is of no concern for the enjoyment of the show, for sure.  Dancing With the Stars survives quite well without the kind of polarization that happens on shows like, say, American Idol.   What surprises me is that the discrepancy between the viewer vote and the on air judges is so visible this go around.  Big surprises for Dancing With the Stars‘ casual viewers who put a lot of value in the judges scoring. Read more »
Okay, I don‘t understand what the Dancing with the Stars judges are smoking. They scored Leeza and Tony higher than Apolo and Julianne?  Other surprises of the night: Ian Ziering missteps (but still scores as high as anyone) and Laila Ali "breaks the rules" and not in a good way. Read more »
Since last week, three stars emerged on Dancing With the Stars as most likely to be cut:  Clyde, Billy Ray, and Leeza.   After a night when at least two of those couples were able to bring it up a notch, most notably Billy Ray Cyrus and his partner, the bottom for Dancing With the Stars still seemed pretty predictable.  Many people considered Clyde Drexler a shoe in to be asked to leave the ballroom, but alas, this was not the case.  As a matter of fact, anyone expected to be in the bottom for Dancing With the Stars‘ first elimination wasn‘t even there,  instead two couples whose scores were mediocre, yet seemingly safe, surprisingly found themselves on the chopping block. Read more »
Tonight was the second half of the first wave of Dancing With the Stars competition, leading up to the first elimination.  After last week‘s pedestrian footwork, this week moved up slightly, throwing the girls into the Mambo, and the Quickstep for the boys.  Last week‘s bottom three have a chance to improve tonight, will they pull it off?  Will last week‘s golden boys and girls take a fall?  Read on to find out. Read more »
The fourth season of Dancing with the Stars is finally upon us!  Who has grace, who doesn‘t? Will the favorite emerge, will the weak link show its face?  Who will be the first to be eliminated?  Does this Dancing with the Stars lineup have the star power to make it?This Monday is an exhibition round,  nobody will be sent home until next week.  We‘re still voting for some reason, maybe I‘ll figure this out by the time it is over.Here are some quick thoughts: Read more »