Articles for Dancing with the Stars Season 3 has released updated odds on which celebrity contestant will win the latest edition of the hit reality show. The source for betting odds on all things entertainment-related, originally opened wagering on "Dancing With the Stars" just minutes after ABC unveiled the show‘s famous participants, which include an NFL legend, a pair of former teen heartthrobs, a former politician turned talk-show host, a conservative political pundit and a country musician, among others. The odds-on favorite when betting opened, former "Saved by the Bell" star Mario Lopez, remains the favorite to take the dancing crown at 3/1 (i.e., win $3 for every $1 bet). lists actress Vivica A. Fox with the second-best odds at 4/1 to add the "Dancing With the Stars" crown to her list of credits that already includes "Kill Bill" and "Independence Day". Monique Coleman of "High School Musical" fame is listed at 9/2 while former teen heartthrob Joey Lawrence is at 6/1 to win ABC‘s celebrity dance-off. Hoping to avenge wife Lisa Rinna‘s fourth place finish last season, former "L.A. Law" star Harry Hamlin is a solid contender to win the celebrity dance-off at 13/2. Read more »
Mario Lopez, the front-runner on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, suggested on the show‘s season premiere last week that he had no dance training.The Internet Movie Database ( says "Before being cast in ‘Saved by the Bell‘ (1989), Lopez was a dancer…his true passion in life is dancing. He has aspirations of one day dancing at Radio City music hall in New York City." Of course, IMBD is not exactly a bastion of truth and accuracy.Neither is the New York Post, which reports that Lopez‘s rep told them Lopez had done hip-hop dancing but had no "formal ballroom training" and that a former dance partner of Lopez from the San Diego‘s School of Creative & Performing Arts said Lopez had "been in dance training since he was about 5 years old."Mario Lopez is best known for his role as A.C. Slater from TV series Saved by the Bell. Read more »
In the week leading to the beginning of the ‘06 fall season, Dancing With The Stars dominated with a surprising 20.2 million viewers. This trend is a powerful improvement over Dancing‘s first season.Dancing With the Stars had two outings during the week, following the huge premiere the follow-up results episode, where Tucker Carlson was voted off the dance floor, also did well and enabled ABC to win the week‘s ratings crown. Read more »
With nine celebrities left on Dancing with the Stars, I say it‘s about time to take a look at what the first few weeks have told us about the couples and what we can expect down the road. A couple of early favorites have emerged from the pack, but there are some dark horses as well. Jerry Springer & Kym JohnsonAt the ripe old age of 62, Springer looks like he‘ll be the next Star eliminated from the program. This is unfortunate, because Springer has proven himself to be quite a delightful fellow, unafraid to be self-deprecating, but also giving the dances his all where so many in his situation might have made a mockery of it.Odds of Winning: 4,374,492,550 to 1Emmitt Smith & Cheryl BurkeEmmitt, who has to be on bad knees at this point, is doing a more than admirable job in his stint on Dancing with the Stars. Had he entered this contest ten years ago, he may have been the front runner, but it seems his flexibility is gone, which is what happens when you‘re pulverized by 300-pound linebackers for fifteen years. Regardless, his dances have style and I hope he stays on for a little while longer.Odds of Winning: 60 to 1Harry Hamlin & Ashly DelGrossoHere‘s the problem with Harry Hamlin: he‘s taking himself WAY too seriously. It‘s Dancing with the Stars, Harry. The show is silly by nature. However, Harry seems to go into every dance like a method actor preparing for their biggest movie role. He dances okay, but the TV viewers love someone able to poke fun at themselves. Harry‘s not that person.Odds of Winning: 40 to 1 Monique Coleman & Louis van AmstelYou‘d think that Monique would be one of the better performers on Dancing with the Stars; she‘s not. Monique seems like a nice girl, but the lack of true dancing ability is going to catch up with her sooner rather than later. Maybe if Monique‘s light switch suddenly goes on and she figures dancing out, she‘ll have a shot. But that‘s unlikely.Odds of Winning: 25 to 1 Sara Evans & Tony Dovolani On the last episode of Dancing with the Stars, Sara Evans performed my favorite dance of the night; a jive to “These Boots were made for Walkin‘â€?. So, why don‘t I have her closer to the top? That dance‘s allure was largely attributed to the choreography. Sure, she performed very well, but so could most anybody. Sara is a likable presence, and a game dancer, but she has little shot of winning. Odds of Winning: 18 to 1Vivica A. Fox & Nick Kosovich What Vivica lacks in technical ability, she makes up for in style. The true dark horse on Dancing with the Stars, Vivica A. Fox has always had attitude in her film roles, and this spark comes through in her dancing. The most encouraging part of her performances thus far has been her steady improvement week to week. If she keeps this up, who knows how good she‘ll be by the end of the season.Odds of Winning: 10 to 1Willa Ford & Maksim Chmerkovskiy Willa Ford is the token Really Hot Chick on this season of Dancing with the Stars, and she doesn‘t mind flaunting it. Willa isn‘t the most polished of dancers but, as the judges have stated, she may have the most raw ability of anyone on the show. If she can reach something close to her ultimate potential by the final few weeks, she may be able to pull an upset.Odds of Winning: 7-1 Joey Lawrence & Edyta Sliwinska Joey Lawrence has shown that he can dance. This much is obvious. He has also shown a propensity to break the rules of the different dances, which the judges have chided him for. In most seasons of Dancing with the Stars, Joey might have been the runaway favorite. He only has one problem; he‘s exactly like Mario Lopez, except worse.Odds of Winning: 4-1 Mario Lopez & Karina Smirnoff Mario Lopez is a ringer. Although he says he had never danced before, it has become clear that while growing up, Lopez was an avid student of dance. But who cares? He has been dynamic and flashy, with a rare amount of technical expertise for a (supposed) amateur. The only thing standing in the way of Mario Lopez winning Dancing with the Stars is himself: once he stops breaking the rules, he should easily come out of this season as the victor.Odds of Winning: 3-2-Oscar Dahl  Read more »
In the most disturbing news of the last three millenia, it has come to light that none other than Dustin Diamond is involved with a soon-to-be released sex tape. Dustin Diamond is, of course, best known for his portrayal of Samuel “Screechâ€? Powers on the early 90‘s NBC hit “Saved By the Bellâ€?. Dustin Diamond is anything but a hearthrob and I can only imagine the horrors to be seen on his debut sex tape.The tape apparently shows Dustin in a kinky tryst with two females. The tape is tentatively titled “Saved By the Smellâ€?. Ewww. “Saved By the Bellâ€? alums have been staying in the limelight as of late, with Mario Lopez‘s impressive turn in the ABC hit Dancing with the Stars. Will Screech‘s sure to be disturbing sex tape steal headlines from his "Saved By the Bell" co-hort, Mario Lopez? I sure hope not.-Oscar Dahl Read more »
Despite consistently scoring low by the judges, underdog Jerry Springer finally achieved his seemingly self-less goal of mastering the Waltz, much to the apparent delight of viewers everywhere. A day after Springer scored a 22, the second lowest of the night, the Dancing With the Stars competitor and former white trash Phil Donahue seems poised to make it through another week. Message boards for Dancing With the Stars are lit up with fans who are connecting emotionally with the 61-year-old former Cincinnati mayor.In the beginning, Jerry‘s reasoning for taking on the Dancing With the Stars challenge, "I want to last long enough to learn the Waltz so I can dance with my daughter at her wedding", was pegged as a ploy for the sympathy vote. However, after an emotional finish to the coveted dance last night Springer‘s sincerity seems to have proliferated into a grass roots campaign aimed at keeping him in the game. Read more »
When Dancing with the Stars announced their “celebrity�? line-up for this season, the one selection that received the most reaction (this is speculative) was the choice of Jerry Springer. Springer has become something of a cultural icon, a man eminently recognizable and, in all likelihood, the most famous person ever to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Springer might be more infamous than straight-up famous, but the point remains the same: the American people know who he is. The words “Jerry Springer�? bring up a very specific idea in people‘s brains of what Springer represents, and that‘s as the mediator for “Trailer Park�? culture. The voice of reason in the domestic disputes of rural, lower to lower-middle class people. But you know this already. What‘s the point?Jerry Springer has led a long and prolific career, yet the only thing he is known for is “The Jerry Springer Show�?. Prior to Springer appearing on Dancing with the Stars, fans of his show likely assumed that his talk show persona was more or less who he was. Of course, this is not true. Springer does the same thing that Stephen Colbert does on “The Colbert Report�?; play a character. My theory is this: Jerry Springer contacted ABC, not the other way around, because he wanted to specify his true persona to a generation of Americans who only thought of him as the guy who encouraged cat fights and unfortunate incidents of nudity. He wanted people to see his humor and his heart, both of which he has in spades, and wanted to free himself of his talk show mask.Or maybe not. Perhaps he had some gambling debts he needed to pay off and when ABC contacted him he jumped at the chance. We can never know. What we do know is that having Springer on Dancing with the Stars is a welcome addition and that millions of viewers will be upset when he leaves.-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer  Read more »
Citing personal issues, country singer Sara Evans has stunned fans by abruptly leaving the popular reality show Dancing with the Stars. There is no word yet from ABC on how the show will deal with Evans departure, but it has been assured that she will appear on one more episode, this Tuesday‘s performance show. Sara Evans has not made a formal statement regarding the specifics of her “personal issues”, but this Yahoo report claims that Evans filed for divorce from her husband last Thursday. Adultery was one of the reasons cited for the divorce.  Read more »
A new Dancing with the Stars episode airs tonight and it will feature Jerry Springer performing a disco routine. If your first reaction to that sentence isn‘t “Has the Rapture also been scheduled for tonight?” then you, like me, have become desensitized to the utter ridiculousness of current reality television. Imagine reading that first sentence three years ago. How incredibly confusing would that sound?  Read more »
The creators of Dancing With the Stars are hoping the millions of viewers of the hit ABC reality show aren’t strictly couch potatoes as they prepare to take the show on the road in a huge 38 city tour.Hoping to mimic the success of So You Think You Can Dance, which brought its contestants out to packed venues earlier this year, Dancing With the Stars show-bookers have assembled a line-up featuring contestants from all the star studded seasons. Included will be: Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke, Willa Ford, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Harry Hamlin, Ashly DelGrosso, Lisa Rinna, Louis Van Amstel and many more.Kym Johnson, who never really got the chance to soar with Jerry Springer tethered to her waist, will be trading up to the infinitely more nimble Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block.The Dancing With the Stars outing hopes it can tap into the success of former reality reality-show-come-road-shows So You Think..., which ended this weekend, and, of course, American Idol. The potential audience for the tour is culled from the approximately 19.5 Dancing With the Stars viewers who tune in to the competition every week. Read more »
We‘re here. We‘re finally here. It‘s been a long couple of months. We‘ve seen political pundits (Tucker Carlson), Beauty Queens (Shanna Moakler), and Talk Show Hosts (Jerry Springer) ply their dancing trade but come up short. Some dancers have surprised us, some have disappointed, and some have gone home unjustly.Dancing with the Stars is almost over. Stop crying. It will be okay. Everyone will be fine. Soon enough, Dancing with the Stars will be back, with a whole new batch of celebrities who think they can dance. For now, however, we embark on what should be a thrilling finale to an entertaining season. Read more »
If you‘re a fan of Dancing with the Stars, here‘s a chance to win a $100 gift certificate just in time for the shopping season. Just for telling us your opinions, you‘ll automatically be entered for the drawing. Your privacy is important to us, all survey answers will be aggregated and no personally identifiable information will be stored. We really appreciate your help!Here’s the link to get started: Read more »
That was unexpected. No one, and I mean no one, expected Emmitt Smith to come close to winning Dancing with the Stars, let alone become the champion. It is an astonishing run from a man who‘s knees and bones must be creaky after years of playing Running Back in the NFL. Heck, he‘s the NFL‘s all-time leading rusher. Who knew he had anything left in the tank?But, alas, we must give it up for poor Mario Lopez who looked as if he had his heart set on winning this thing. What does Mario have now? A fledgling acting and hosting career, that‘s what. For Emmitt, this is just a cherry on top of an already historic career, and he can ride off into the sunset, totally satiated. Not Mario. Read more »
After a phenomenal third season, ABC has decided another year is just too long to wait for ratings glory of the Dancing With the Stars Variety and is preparing a new troupe to take to the air as early as May. If the experience is a success, fans might get a double shot of Dancing With the Stars next season as well. Read more »
As is reporting, the Dancing with the Stars finale received the highest ratings of any episode of television this season. This is incredible for a number of reasons, especially when you go back and realize exactly where this show came from.Two summers ago, ABC aired Dancing with the Stars as a time-filler, a show that would air for a few weeks in the summer, hopefully acheive some okay ratings, and that would be that. Now, it‘s become the biggest show on television. It just goes to show the thirst that America has for reality television and talent competitions in general. Dancing with the Stars is well-produced and I would venture to say that it gets the absolute most it can from its premise.No wonder ABC is bringing it back in March.For all the numbers and whatnot, head over to Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer Read more »
America is in the midst of a dancing renaissance. Over the past couple of years, television has become more and more dance-centric. It all started with American Idol and, although the show is not focused on the art of dance, it brought those silly group song and dance routines into millions of homes. The landscape of network television hasn‘t been the same since.Dancing with the Stars and So You Think Dance have since infiltrated the airwaves, turning America into a dance-crazed nation. Why is this? Why, after years of dance-free airwaves, has America yearned to watch strangers cut a rug in prime time? Read more »
After analyzing the most recent two weeks of Nielsen television ratings and reviewing the BuddyTV FPR (Fan Popularity Rankings), many interesting observations and trends pop out. To begin, here are some quick hits from Nielsen television ratings from September 25, 2006 to October 1, 2006 and from October 2, 2006 to October 8, 2006: Read more »
Dancing with the Stars might be the least obvious show on television. It also might be the most perfect. No one could legitimately claim that, before Dancing with the Stars hit the air in the summer of 2005, they were jones-ing for a reality show that pitted C-List celebrities against each other in a ballroom dancing competition. The idea is completely ludicrous. The show could take place in any sort of competitive arena (FOX did this with "Skating with Celebrities"). How could anyone possibly have the urge to watch Harry Hamlin and an anonymous, scantily-clad, professional dancer perform a mediocre mambo? How does this have an audience?  Read more »
Dancing with the Stars is an odd show. As I‘ve stated earlier, the stakes are lower than any other reality show on television. These people aren‘t playing for money. They‘re already relatively famous. Do these things make the competition better or worse?Maybe the lack of discernible pressure allows for a more relaxed group of competitors and, therefore, a higher quality competition. Maybe the lack of significant monetary motivation allows the viewers to witness a more pure contest. Who knows? There are a number of reasons why the national audience may find Dancing with the Stars so involving, and, as I‘ve written before, it‘s likely a combination of a number of factors. This year, however, produced a wide variety of experiences, making for an interesting season. Read more »
Last night, Dancing with the Stars held its final performance episode of the season, with Mario Lopez facing off against Emmitt Smith. The episode lived up to its billing. Both men put on their best performances of the year and wowed the raucous crowd.The night featured three dances each from celebrity: one repeat dance from earlier in the season, a dance which both men performed to the same song, and the all-important freestyle routine.  Read more »
It‘s the finals, baby! We‘ve made it. It‘s been a long, hard road and now we‘re here at the Dancing with the Stars finals. One dancer who we expected to be here is (Mario Lopez) and one who no one expected to be here (Emmitt Smith) has exceeded all expectations and found himself in the finals. Who‘s going to put on the best show tonight? Each celebrity gets three dances each and, although Mario may be the heavy favorite, you never know what might happen. I know I‘ll be rooting for my man Emmitt all the way. The live blog will begin at 8PM ET/5PM PT. The updates will come every few minutes so don‘t forget to hit refresh. Read more »
Joey Lawrence, our favorite actor on "Blossom", the proprietor of "whoa", a man who has graced the cover of "Tiger Beat" numerous times (this is speculative), was shown no love by America and eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night. This was expected. On one hand you had Mario Lopez, who is similar to Joey in most ways, but a far better dancer. Then, you‘ve got Emmitt Smith, who brings a totally different style and vibe to his routines than either of the pretty boys.Joey Lawrence had a good run, and he definitely deserved to make it to the semifinals on Dancing with the Stars. Joey‘s departure sets up an incredibly interesting finale next week between Emmitt and Mario. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars kicks off its the all male semi-finals tonight, featuring NFL running back Emmitt Smith, former "Saved By the Bell" stalwart Mario Lopez and former teen hearthrob (and "whoa" master) Joey Lawrence. Mario Lopez is the favorite, followed by Joey and then Emmitt. As always, I‘ll be rooting for Emmitt all the way. The live blog will begin at 8PM ET/5PM PT. Don‘t forget to hit refresh; the updates come every couple of minutes. Read more »
Actress Monique Coleman and her professional partner Louis Van Amstel were booted off Dancing with the Stars last night, after three weeks of flirting with elimination in the bottom two. That Monique made it this far might be considered a minor upset; I thought at least two of the women (Vivica A. Fox and Willa Ford) were better dancers than she was. Nonetheless, Monique‘s removal from Dancing with the Stars was surprising to no one, and sets up what should be the best final three Dancing with the Stars has yet seen in its short existence. Read more »
All right, we‘re now down to four celebrities on Dancing with the Stars: Emmitt Smith, Mario Lopez, Monique Coleman, and Joey Lawrence. The favorite is still Mario, but with Emmitt closing in fast. The odds-on favorite to go home this week has to be Monique, but I wouldn‘t be surprised if Joey got the surprise boot. The live blog of tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars will, as always, start at 8PM ET/5PM PT. Once the blog starts, don‘t forget to hit refresh. Read more »
Let‘s keep this live blog train rolling. Will Jerry Springer finally dance bad enough to be eliminated? How much cleavage will be forced upon the viewing public? How many bad jokes will Tom Bergeron make? Make sure you come back to this page at 8PM ET/5PM PT for the start of the live blog. To see how it works click here to check out last week‘s live recap. When the show begins, don‘t forget to refresh the page. The updates come every couple of minutes. Read more »
There‘s been this pervasive belief that the winner of this season‘s Dancing with the Stars was a foregone conclusion. Mario Lopez was pegged early on as the favorite, and for good reason; Lopez reportedly spent his childhood as an avid student of dance. I say reportedly because Lopez has been adamant that, like the other competitors on Dancing with the Stars, he is an amateur. That is probably not entirely true, but it really doesn‘t matter. What matters is that, since the first week of the season, Lopez has been the most technically proficient and talented dancer on Dancing with the Stars.  Read more »
All right, we‘re back this week with an all-new Dancing with the Stars live blog. Since last Wednesday‘s episode, which saw Willa Ford unfairly ousted, the big news has been the impending departure of Sara Evans. Sara filed for divorce from her husband last week and, after tonight, will be leaving Dancing with the Stars to attend to her personal life. We wish her the best.The interesting thing will be how ABC deals with Evans departure. Will they bring Willa Ford back? Will this week be a non-elimination week? Hopefully, we‘ll find out tonight.Make sure to come back to this page at 8PM ET/5PM PT for the live blog. The updates come fast, so don‘t forget to refresh! Read more »
Football and ballroom dancing have not, historically, existed in the same cultural universe. The last place you‘d expect an analysis of dancing would be from a hard-core football fan, unless they‘re commenting on the moves of a particular cheerleader. Well, this has now changed. A recap of last night‘‘s Dancing with the Stars has appeared on the internet in the place you‘d least expect it: Read more »
Sara Evans is gone, as is her sad story. Time to get back to dancing. The biggest news of the season thus far has to be Jerry Springer and how he‘s captured the love of America. Despite being the least talented dancer from day one on Dancing with the Stars, Springer continues to excite the audience with soulful and entertaining routines. Is this the week where Jerry finally rides off into the sunset?Don‘t forget to come back to this page at 8PM ET/5PM PT for the live blog. Don‘t forget to hit refresh; the updates come every couple of minutes. Read more »
Well, he had a good run. You‘ve got to give it up to Jerry Springer who, fimly entrenched in his sixties, gave it his all every week and danced his heart out. His lack of technical ability could have easily made his routines a laughing-stock, but he had none of that. He brought style and panache to his crowd-pleasing numbers and made it much further in Dancing with the Stars than even the most blind followers of Jerry could have predicted. Read more »
So, we tried this with Survivor the other day and now we‘re going to do it with Dancing with the Stars. That‘s right, it‘s a live blog. So, if you‘re watching it live with me (like, right now), keep refreshing the page for life-affirming updates. Me and you, together, can make this think work. Let‘s begin.8:00: And we‘re off. My first impression: the announcer‘s voice is completely ridiculous and I love it.8:01: Oh yeah, I‘ve never watched this show before in my life. So, you know, keep that in mind. I do like most celebrity dancing shows, however.8:03: I‘m rooting for Emmitt Smith tonight. I feel it‘s my duty.8:04: Whoa! I remember when Joey Lawrence was a heartthrob. Now he looks like Howie Mandel‘s little brother.8:05: Tom Bergeron is the Bill Fitch of TV hosting. Always getting gigs, always has an under .500 record.8:06: How about that? My boy Emmitt is up first, doing the tango. He is worried that his excess of travelling will hurt his performance. Believe, Emmitt. BELIEVE!!8:08: So, that tango was okay, I suppose. I‘m used to the young pros on So You Think You Can Dance, and I‘m going to need to re-calibrate my dance criticism.8:09: Token UK judge is disappointed. You smarmy bastard. Carrie Ann liked it. The other guy was wishy-washy. 8:10: A total of 19 out of 30 from the judges. 8:14: A long commercial from Disney who‘s only goal, it seems, is to promote a staunchly pro-dream agenda. Umm, you‘ve convinced me Disney. I‘m no longer anti-dream.8:15: Monique Coleman, from "High School Musical" is up next. Her mom is here this week. So, she‘s excited. 8:17: Monique is performing the Jive to a cover of Glen Frey‘s "The Heat is On". Me and my buddies used to bump this song in my friend‘s Aerostar van. Yeah, we were cool in High School. The dance was good, mostly because the two are wearing matching yellow outfits. 8:18: The judges are loving it. Len Goodman seems to be speaking tonight with a number of cottonballs in his mouth. 8:19: Scissor Sisters perform on air tomorrow. Sweet.8:20: Three nines from the judges for a 27 out of 30. 8:22: Ted Danson is back on TV tonight. Chances of success: depressingly low.8:24: Harry Hamlin (of "LA Law" fame) is up next. To prepare for his upcoming tango, he went to an Argentine restaurant. He‘s making up a really silly story for the dance. "Passion, Passion, Passion," he says. Kudos to Harry for his exceptional gravitas.8:27: Bruno and Carrie Ann think he‘s a little awkward. Len thinks it was great.8:30: Who makes the Taco Bell commercials? God, they‘re awful.8:32: Harry‘s scores: 22 out of 30.8:33: Ashly "felt" Harry‘s passion, apparently. Well, that‘s fairly lewd. This is a family show, ABC!8:34: Willa Ford is up next and she‘s damn hot. However, during training their is some conflict between Willa and her pro. 8:36: Willa‘s performing in a pink number that is the definition of skimpy, but she‘s wearing this stupid miniature dunce cap on her head. She did a good job though.8:37: Bruno chides Len for his grumpiness. "Lovely American cheesecake," Bruno calls the dance. I guess that‘s good.8:42: WIlla‘s scores: 22 out of 30. Willa looks exactly like a younger, heavier Gwen Stefani. Which is awesome. 8:45: Jerry Springer is up next. Now, let‘s realize that Jerry is 62 years old. If he doesn‘t break a hip, it‘s a success. His partner Kim wants him to encapsulate the persona of James Bond for this tango. Yeah, I know.8:47: Springer does the best he can, which isn‘t terribly good. The crowd loves him though. Who doesn‘t love Jerry Springer. Bergeron makes a weak George Lazenby joke. 8:48: The judges are all very kind to Jerry. I have a feeling ABC wants to keep Springer on for some much needed comic relief. 8:50: The scores for the former mayor: 21 out of 30. 8:53: Before the commercial, we see Mario Lopez do a little shadowboxing, presumably to warm up. Now, I have no choice but to be a Mario fan; I‘m a big "Saved By the Bell" supporter. Since SBTB, Lopez‘s career has been really weird: playing Greg Louganis in a biopic, starring in the bike cop drama "Pacific Blue", co-hosting ESPN‘s short-lived ESPN Hollywood, and co-hosting the also short-lived male version of "The View". Mostly, I‘m glad that A.C. Slater has stuck around, if only at the fringes of celebrity. Somehow, it just makes me happy.8:56: Country star Sara Evans is up next and, I‘m sad to say, she is someone who I didn‘t know existed. Welcome to my personal zeitgeist, Sara. Stick around awhile.8:58: It‘s a country-western jive to "These Boots are Made for Walkin". This is pretty fun, I‘ll admit. I probably enjoyed this dance more than any other tonight. Maybe it‘s just the song. 9:00: The judges all love it. I‘m not crazy, after all. 9:01: If Stats Inc. put together a Laughs per Joke stat (LPG%) Tom Bergeron would be languishing far below the Mendoza line.9:02: The scores for Sara: 25 out of 30.9:03: My boy Mario is up next. Last week, Mario got lambasted by the judges for his flashiness. This week, they‘re doing the tango. They are going for an "array of emotions". We shall see.9:04: This may be the first tango ever danced to a Gwen Stefani cover.9:05: A.C. Slater can dance!9:06: Len Goodman is a cranky limey bastard. Bruno agrees that he shouldn‘t have "broken" the tango. Carrie Ann wants them to "respect the rules". Why do the judges on a dancing show hate dancing? Why do I care so much?9:10: many commercials....aaaaaaaaaaah 9:12: Mario‘s scores: 22 out of 30 (Len gives a 6)9:13: Mario is a little defensive about his rule-breaking. Bergeron: Lame Joke #9,5469:14: Vivica A. Fox (from "Kill Bill" and "Independence Day") is up next. She is practicing ballet for the tango this week. Vivica is in her forties, but still looks good.9:16: Vivica‘s tango was pretty boring and easy-looking. By the rules, though. Which is important.9:17: The judges all love the dance and Vivica starts crying tears of joy. She may not be emotionally stable.9:19: Vivica‘s scores: 27 out of 30. I politely disagree.9:22: Our final Dancing with the Stars performer tonight: little Joey Lawrence.9:24: They‘ll be performing the Jive to "Blue Suede Shoes", so Joey will be wearing...suede shoes. How fitting.9:26: Why is man cleavage so omnipresent in dancing?9:28: I‘ll admit that was pretty good. 9:29: They broke the rules also, because they used some lifts. Len hates it. "Is this Cirque de Soleil?" he asks. 9:30: Joey gets a 22 out of 30.And that‘s it for tonight‘s 90-minute Dancing with the Stars. I‘ll be back tomorrow for the Results Show, where Jerry Springer may be put out of his misery.-Oscar Dahl  Read more »
Mario "you naughty, naughty boy" Lopez, how dare you try to entertain the viewers! Same goes for you, Joey "I can tap" Lawrence!Man, do those "Dancing with the Stars" judges take their jobs seriously. At least they were consistent, giving both of those ballroom rebels 22‘s.Apparently it‘s verboten to break the hold between the two dancers which Mario did flagrantly during his tango with Karina Smirnoff. Joey, on the other hand, got nailed for some very purposeful acrobatic "lifts" of partner Edyta Sliwinska.Jerry Springer? He moved up 2 points over last week to 21 with his well executed Tango skills. Could the aging sultan of white trash be a force to reckon with? Read more »
We did it last week and the feedback was good, so we‘re going to continue with a live blog of tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars. If you want to check out last week‘s live blog, click here.8:00: AND WE‘RE BACK!! Dancing with the Stars returns this week, sans Harry Hamlin and his leathery tan. Somehow, Jerry Springer is still here, playing the role of favorite, something I am ecstatic about. 8:02: We‘re live and Tom Bergeron looks at me with that toothless grin. What are you up to, Bergeron?8:04: Mandatory cleavage for all females tonight, whether you like it or not.8:05: The Waltz and the Paso Doble are the two dances tonight. We get a tutorial in both genres. The Paso Doble is "the Bullfighter" dance. According to the tutorial, It must contain the flavor of the bullfight. What is that? Mesquite?8:07: Monique Coleman is up first and she was happy to tie one of her idols, Vivica A. Fox, for first place last week. Her partner says she is a diva, but means this in a good way. When did diva become a compliment?8:08: Monique dances the waltz pretty effortlessly. Frankly, I‘m impressed. Monique is about to cry once she finishes and I have no idea why. 8:10: Give it up for the band!! 8:11: "Like a little mermaid floating above a reef," says Bruno about Monique. Deep.8:12: Eights all around from the judges for a 24 out of 30. About as expected.8:13: Emmitt is up next after the commercial to dance the Paso Doble. He‘ll be playing the role of the bull. 8:15: Emmitt is pissed off after he got the lowest score last week. He wants to channel that anger into his dance. He and his partner decide to take a field trip to the Texas State Fair to look at a real bull. This will help him somehow.8:18: Emmitt really does his best to sell it. Works for me. He‘s still kind of a clunky dancer, though. He should get good scores.8:20: Bruno and Carrie Ann love Emmit‘s power. Of course they do. Len likes it too. 8:21: Three eights from the judges for a 24 out of 30.8:23: Bergeron announces that on tomorrow‘s episode of Dancing with the Stars, Nick Lachey will be our special musical guest. Why, God? Why?8:25: Willa Ford is up next and she is not dressed as skimpily as last week, which is unfortunate. She says tonight, for her waltz, she‘s going to nix the sexy and act like a lady. Willa and her partner take a field trip to take a ride on a merry-go-round. Again, this will help somehow.8:28: They start dancing and it looks fine to me. On something slow like the waltz, I can‘t really differentiate good from bad unless they really mess up. 8:29: All the judges love it.8:32: Len says that a couple weeks ago Willa was "a gnat‘s scrotum away from being eliminated." At least I think that‘s what he said. I don‘t know how to respond. I‘m pretty sure that that was pretty funny, yet it was so unexpected, it only baffled me. Who says stuff like that? Has Len been looking to work that onto a show for ages? Probably.8:34: Eva Longoria is in the house! How much did ABC have to pay her to be there? Six figures?8:35: Two nines and a ten from the judges for Willa for a 28 out of 30. Maybe it was pretty good. See, I don‘t know anything.8:37: Sara Evans, country singer, is up next doing the Paso Doble. She plays the role of the cape. At first glance, I think she needs to work on her "billowing". 8:39: And it‘s a "Phantom of the Opera" themed Paso Doble. Hmm, I don‘t remember the bullfight scene in the "Phantom of the Opera." Again, to me, it looked like she did okay.8:40: Len says that the Paso Doble isn‘t Sara‘s dance. Bruno babbles something about Marie Antoinette and the guillotine. Carrie Ann is kinder, but still says that Sara needs to go for it a little more.8:44: GREY‘S ANATOMY!!!! OMG!!!8:45: Longest. Commercial. Break. Ever.8:46: Sara‘s scores: Two sevens and a six for a 20 out of 30. Sara cites her getting into her role as the reason for her perceived gloominess.8:48: Jerry‘s daughter is here to watch him dance the Waltz, the dance he wants to do well so he can dance it her wedding. He vows to be serious this time, and he gets pretty schmaltzy to the camera. He seems genuine, and I‘ve always liked Jerry, so I‘m rooting for the former mayor.8:50: Jerry‘s dancing well, but he‘s lip-syncing all the words to the song. You‘re not supposed to do that, right?8:52: Bruno loves it, says it was the best dance for him today. Carrie Ann says Jerry "touched us all". Len also loves it, calls it a "delight". Bergeron makes a freaking Bambi joke. Bergeron, you dog.8:55: I‘m pretty sure ABC could fit all the dances, at this point, into a one-hour show. There seem to be A LOT of ads tonight. 8:57: Finally back to get Jerry‘s scores: Two sevens and a eight for a 22 out of 30.8:58: There‘s a multitude of crying tonight. 8:59: Vivica A. Fox is up next to perform the Paso Doble. To learn it, Vivica and partner visit Las Vegas. Vivica says that her inspiration this week is Catherin Zeta-Jones. Well, then.9:01: They‘re dancing to a cover of a Bon Jovi song, which seems wildly out of place. Vivica looks to be doing quite well, though.9:02: Wait, was that Carl Lewis in the crowd? Tell me it was. Oh, it probably wasn‘t. Damn it. 9:03: The judges like it, don‘t love it. Carrie Ann wants more femininity from Vivica.9:05: Vivica‘s partner Nick looks like a vaguely European bad guy from a Seagal movie.9:06: Vivica gets three eights for a 24 from the judges.9:09: The Nine looks pretty good. I‘ll be watching tomorrow.9:11: Joey Lawrence is up next with the Waltz. His partner Edyta is showing some ridiculous cleavage. Bravo.9:12: Joey needed some time out to see his family. Nice to see him fit that in.9:13: They‘re dancing to the Eagles "Take it to the Limit", a song I really don‘t like. The dance was good.9:16: The judges really like it, give Joey three nines for a 27. Well played, sir.9:19: Mario Lopez is up next after the break. Tom wonders if he‘ll play by the rules. I‘m thinking that the producers may have staged this whole Mario and Joey breaking the dance rules thing to stir up at least a little conflict on the show. 9:22: Have I mentioned the excess of commercials? Good God.9:24: Mario is taking Karina, his partner, to meet his "large Mexican family". ABC decides to pump in the most cliche Speedy Gonzales-type Mexican music in the background. Classy. 9:26: This is the most Spanish-feeling of the Paso Dobles tonight, which is good. Mario can dance. 9:27: AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!9:28: Even Eva Longoria loves it. Maybe she‘s just here to get Mario‘s number, considering she just broke up with Tony Parker. Hmmm.9:29: Bruno and Carrie Ann love it, but Len says it lacked posture. Len is so cranky.9:30: Two tens and a nine for a 29 out of 30. Mario remains intense, no celebrating. All right, we‘ll see who gets eliminated tomorrow.-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer Read more »
Although the judges ranked Vivica Fox and partner in a tie for fourth among the eight remaining couples on Dancing with the Stars, Fox received little support from the public and was voted off on Wednesday. And yet, look at who remains on Dancing with the Stars: Country Singer and robotic (not a compliment) dancer Sara Evans and Jerry Springer, who might be the best former-mayor-talk-show-host-in-his-sixties to ever dance on national television.  Read more »
Jerry Springer‘s last dance will wait at least another week. The TV-radio talk-show host and former Cincinnati mayor made it through to the third week of "Dancing with the Stars" competition Wednesday despite a brutal rating from the judges.Springer, 62, twice the age of most of the celebrity contestants, had finished last in judges‘ balloting Tuesday. He was awarded only 19 (of 30) points for his quick step with professional partner Kym Johnson. But viewers spared Springer, and sent home Shanna Moakler, the 1992 Miss USA and co-star of the "Meet the Barkers" reality show. Of course with the competition becoming more and more difficult and demanding as the season moves on, it should be interesting to see how Springer holds up over the coming weeks. Read more »
After successfully making it through the first round of Dancing With the Stars last week, Jerry Springer has been left without a dance partner after Australian ballroom dancer Kym Johnson was taken out of the game with a knee injury.Springer will train with dancer Nick Kosovich‘s wife until he‘s assigned a new partner.Will this hurt Springer‘s chances? Many say Johnson was the only reason he made it through the competition at all, after forgetting parts of the choreography in the middle of a performance. (It also helped that competitor Tucker Carlson, who was sent home last week, spent most of his own performance sitting in a chair.)Dancing With the Stars airs Tuesdays on ABC. Read more »