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It‘s been a long, dark winter. No stars! No sequins! No samba! But all that ends tonight with the premiere of the 12th season of Dancing with the Stars. And BuddyTV will be bringing the show to you via our live recap. Read more »
Greetings to the sequin-deprived viewers of Dancing with the Stars! We‘ve finally reached the premiere of season 12, and it‘s time for the dancing to begin. Who will wow us? Which stars will swiftly fall? Just how crazy can the costumes get? It‘s time to watch and see! Read more »
OK, so there aren‘t going to be any Dancing with the Stars results this week, but that‘s hardly going to stop me from predicting next week‘s elimination. The ax will fall soon enough, so it‘s time to start with the predictions! Read more »
Reality television can be good or it can be bad. More often than not, it falls under the category: so bad it‘s good. Either way, BuddyTV is a big fan which is why we‘re excited to announce a brand new contest! Thanks to Reality Rocks, we‘re giving one lucky reader the chance to win the new SlideHD Flip Cam. To learn more about the upcoming Reality Rocks Expo, the SlideHD Flip Cam and how to enter on BuddyTV, keep on reading.   Read more »
As of today, we‘re halfway to the next episode of Dancing with the Stars, right? There are a whole bunch of news items filtering out into the world to indicate the maximum time separated from dancing. So, while the celebrities and pros are busy rehearsing, we can get busy gossiping. Read more »
It‘s all about Kirstie Alley today. At least, it seems that way from the newsy items. I guess that‘s what going on The Tonight Show and engaging in a Twitter war will do. Read more »
We‘re on to the second week of Dancing with the Stars now, and it‘s still anybody‘s game. Until tomorrow‘s Results Show, that is. But what can we expect in the meantime? Read more »
That week of no eliminations is over, so somebody on Dancing with the Stars has to go. Will a famous frontrunner take a fall, or is the doomed star more obvious than that? It‘s time to make predictions! Read more »
When is it time to let someone go? The time, alas, is now. Tonight, we will have the first elimination for season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. The stars have all gotten a good chance to show their stuff with two weeks of performances already complete but one of them must go. Who will it be? We‘ll know before the hour is up! Read more »
We may be done with Dancing with the Stars broadcasts for the week, but DWTS news never dies. If anything, it tends to get even busier right after The Results Show, when the stars and pros have a millisecond to breathe. Read more »
We‘re coming up on the third week of Dancing with the Stars‘ 12th season, and it is still very much anybody‘s competition to win (or lose, for that matter). With last week‘s elimination of season 12‘s obvious last-place celebrity, everyone will have to step up their game in order to keep going. Read more »
It‘s week 3! One pair has left the dance floor for good. Ten pairs remain to vie for that oft-elusive Mirror Ball trophy. With cumulative scores varying by only a point or two, there is no clear front-runner, and the next elimination is far from determined. What will happy next?I guess we‘ll just have to watch and see. Read more »
We‘re back (and so are all of the dancers) for another week of Dancing with the Stars! After debuting their dancing skills in week 1 of the 12th season, each of the celebrities gets another chance tonight to strut their stuff. But someone will be eliminated after this round of dancing... Read more »
The dances are done. It‘s time for the reckoning. For the disappearance of one pair from the ballroom. For one couple to bite the dust, even more than Kirstie and Maks did.But who will it be? We won‘t know until tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, but it‘s time for the predictions! Read more »
So many emotions... And you know that they‘re only going to be heightened by tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show. It seems almost tragic that the dancers had to share such personal stories, only to have one pair ruthlessly cut by the cruelty and fickleness of judges and the voting public.But what can you do? Someone‘s got to go. Read more »
We are but hours away from the fourth week of Dancing with the Stars performances, just enough time to fit in some show news. Today, it‘s all about the pros: In addition to teaching stylish moves to their respective celebrities, some of the DWTS professionals have found time for extracurricular activities. Read more »
Sorry, jive fans. It‘s "Classical Week" on Dancing with the Stars. And, no matter how sadistic the DWTS producers may be, no one will be forced to jive to a symphony. Read more »
Well, we made it through Classical Week. Some of the Dancing with the Stars performers, however, may not have made it through unscathed. With some lackluster performances, crazy judge moments and shoe malfunctions, there are definitely some stars in danger of DWTS elimination.Who will it be? Time for some best guesses... Read more »
It‘s looking like week 4 will be a great time for Dancing with the Stars news items. That is, assuming you like dating gossip and knowledge of injury. But what could possibly be better than that? Read more »
The music swells. The tympanis beat out an ominous sound. A lone bassoon plays an eerie tune. The sounds of elimination fill the air!They are all but harbingers of the necessity that is the week 4 eliminations on Dancing with the Stars. No matter how much work went into understanding that complicated "classical" music (no lyrics?!), one of the celebrities will be making a final exit from DWTS tonight. Read more »
Let us now begin the fourth week of our dear Dancing with the Stars. It is to be a civilized week, and a week of proper etiquette and goodness. This is because we now enter Classical Week on DWTS. And, with Classical themes, there must be proper behavior.Or something like that. Read more »
As was announced and then beaten into our heads during the week 4 Results Show, Dancing with the Stars will be celebrating Patriot‘s (or, apparently, Patriots‘) Day this week. If you‘re like me, however, this announcement was met with little more than, "What?" Read more »
It‘s your patriotic duty to watch Dancing with the Stars. At least, I think that‘s the message that the DWTS producers want to get across in this Patriot‘s Day-themed week. Or maybe not. Maybe it‘s just a good gimmick to get people to watch more dancing. Either way, there are eight dancers left to fight for that ultimate in patriotic prizes, the Mirror Ball Trophy. Whose dances will win the hearts of America tonight? Let‘s find out. Read more »
OK, so the stars loved America last night, but did America love the stars back? Even in this country where all are created equal, not everyone gets the same amount of love. And, for one Dancing with the Stars contestant, that lack of love will trump any patriotism, leading straight to elimination. Read more »
There have been rumors for awhile now that Pia Toscano, American Idol‘s big-surprise elimination a couple of weeks ago, has been dating Dancing with the Stars‘ Mark Ballas. Despite both semi-celebrities claiming to be taking it slow, evidence has pointed to a burgeoning relationship.Now, it‘s about to go one step further: Pia Toscano will perform live on next week‘s Dancing with the Stars. And Mark is scheduled to dance to her tune. Read more »
With so much earnest pride and jubilation during last night‘s performances, it seems almost wrong that someone will have to leave Dancing with the Stars tonight. Alas, it must be so. Even the most heartfelt of DWTS shows must end in elimination. But which star has been rejected by America? Read more »
In a Dancing with the Stars season that has been somewhat lacking in the crazy-drama department, Petra Nemcova‘s elimination this week counts as noteworthy. The model had tied for the bottom spot during the week 5 performances, but many viewers were shocked to see her go. Why did it happen? Read more »
We‘re coming up fast on yet another theme week on Dancing with the Stars. Having conquered stories, America and classical music, the stars must now face off against that most deadly of foes: the guilty pleasure. Read more »
It doesn‘t get any guiltier than "Friday," so it‘s fitting that a Dancing with the Stars remix of the YouTube sensation would appear during Guilty Pleasures Week. Granted, it‘s debatable whether the song counts as a pleasure.Pleasurable or just guilty, "Friday" now has an "official" Dancing with the Stars remix, thanks to two of the remaining pairs (and one very special friend). Read more »
It‘s Guilty Pleasures Week! Has there ever been a more appropriate theme for Dancing with the Stars, a show which is, for many, the guiltiest of pleasures? I‘m going to go with no. But however you feel about DWTS, this week‘s theme means we‘re in for some awfully fun performances. Read more »
Wow. Guilty Pleasures Week provided a bit of a shake-up, didn‘t it? Those who looked set to go all the way took tumbles (figuratively and literally) while former long-shots blasted ahead. Add in Hanson sticking around all night to blast random pop-rock during the commercials, and you‘re talking about one crazy night on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Because it‘s always a good idea (from a programming and ratings standpoint anyway) to have more and more of a good thing, Dancing with the Stars will have a special hour of the show airing before the official Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show at the normal time. Read more »
It‘s just TV, people.Sometimes television makes people do stupid things. And not just buy-junk-from-infomercials stupid. Criminally stupid. The results of this stupidity can lead to violence, destruction of property and arrests. Read more »
All good things must come to an end. This holds true for Guilty Pleasures Week, possibly the greatest theme week in the history of Dancing with the Stars. Not only must we bid adieu to the cheesy pop songs we all secretly love, but one pair must leave the dance floor for good.Oh well. Read more »
Another celebrity has fallen to the unstoppable force that is Kendra Wilkinson‘s breasts. What‘s going on? Why does Kendra keep winning? Who exactly is voting for her and why? Honestly, I have no answers. Vague ideas based in nothing but distracted musings -- those I have. Fortunately, that‘s enough for some theories.  Read more »
Did you know BuddyTV is on Facebook? Did you know we have show specific Facebook Fan Pages too? Well, now is the perfect time to check them out because we‘re currently hosting a big sweepstakes for our old and new fans alike. The prizes: Grand Prize: a 32-inch Flat Screen TVSecond Prize: a $100 iTunes Gift CardThird Prize: 10 lucky winners will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card  Read more »
Week 7 has arrived on Dancing with the Stars, and it‘s time to add that second dance to each performer‘s weekly load. Instead of just giving us that one dance after a week of practicing, each of the pairs will perform in a group dance. Read more »
What exactly is a "Ballroom GreatGreat?" I have no idea. Thank goodness we get to find out during Ballroom Greats Week on Dancing with the Stars! Read more »
Irritable judges! Tumbling scores! Professionals making everyone else look bad! Talk about a crazy week on Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
Last night, reality competition reigned supreme, cops followed close behind and several shows proved that reruns really don‘t bring in the viewers.CBS‘ Dancing with the Stars ruled the night, with 19.59 million viewers the first hour, and 22.16 million the second -- typical numbers for the celebrity dancing competition, which is second in weekly ratings only to reigning champion American Idol. Check out our recap of last night‘s DWTS!The only show even close to touching DWTS‘ ratings last night might surprise you. The little show that could: Castle. Read more »
We‘ve reached that point in the competition when it seems like none of the stars are truly deserving of elimination. A certain level of dance ability is necessary to get this far, so we can‘t happily say goodbye to those without the talent. Because they‘re all pretty darn good.But someone‘s got to go. Who will it be? Read more »
Last night, NBC‘s The Voice proved its worth, fellow singers in Glee fared well and the Dancing stars hit a new low.The Voice, in its second week, saw a 10% increase in viewership from last week, with 12.68 million total viewers. This show has got chops -- and it needs them. It goes up against dominating force Dancing with the Stars, which saw a definite decrease last night. The ABC reality juggernaut‘s viewership was down 19% to 15.6 million, a season low. It looks like The Voice is a viable contender for Tuesday nights, because it‘s definitely sapping viewers from the DWTS results show. What do you think? Does The Voice have what it takes to overtake Dancing with the Stars? Or is it just beginner‘s luck? Read more »
We‘ve arrived at the inevitable point in the Dancing with the Stars season when viewers begin to ask, "What the heck?"Front-runners stumble. Struggling dancers receive reprieves on a weekly basis. The judges‘ comments get weirder. What‘s going on? How is one to make sense of the insanity? Read more »
Kendra Wilkinson may be out of Dancing with the Stars, but that doesn‘t mean she‘s taking it easy. As the reality star told BuddyTV in an exclusive interview, she‘s got plenty to keep her busy, even without the dancing. Read more »
Are we seriously in week 8 already? It seems so fast. The time has flown by. Almost ... instantly? That would be fitting, of course, since we‘ve arrived at Instant Choreography Week for season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. Read more »
We‘re still hours away from the week 8 performances on Dancing with the Stars, but there is plenty of news already. Who needs dancing, after all, when the stars provide so much entertainment?  Read more »
Are you ready for things to get a little bit crazy on the dance floor?I certainly hope you are, because we‘ve finally arrived at Instant Choreography Week! No matter how they‘ve performed in the past, each of the remaining five couples will have a tough time this week. They will have to perform two dances, one in the normal fashion and one choreographed "instantly" to music they learn during the broadcast. Read more »
Overtime during the Heat/Celtics game might have contributed to some of the falling ratings for primetime television last night, with Chuck, Dancing with the Stars and How I Met Your Mother all dipping considerably in viewers from last week. However, a few resilient shows managed to weather the ratings slump. Read more »
As expected, this week‘s inclusion of the Instant Dances made for some crazy results. Mix in injuries and some very motivated competitors, and who knows what‘s going to happen next? Read more »
This season‘s Instant Dances have come and gone. And, alas, one of the season 12 stars will have to follow suit tonight. Which Dancing with the Stars celebrity will it be? Unfortunately, the results don‘t arrive quite as quickly as that choreography did.But the results will come, and we‘ll be here to get them all. So let‘s get to it! Read more »
Last week, we saw NBC‘s The Voice make a promising leap forward in ratings. But last night, The Voice, as well as a score of other shows, dipped in ratings. Read more »
We should know better than to count out Ralph Macchio when he has a leg injury. If The Karate Kid could defeat the nefarious forces of the Cobra Kai dojo with a hurt knee, is it likely that a little dance contest would stop him? Read more »
We‘re getting down to the wire now, and only four pairs remain to dance in the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars‘ season 12. Which combination of popularity, dance skill and just plain luck will be enough to get a pair to the finals? We‘ll find out, starting tonight. Read more »
Have we really made it to the semi-finals already?The once wide-open field of season 12 Dancing with the Stars contestants has narrowed down to four pairs, each of which has a legitimate shot at Mirror Ball glory. Will Hines and Kym maintain their weekly dominance now that we‘ve come down to the wire? Will Ralph rally after last week‘s knee injury? Do Kirstie and Maks share enough charisma to take down the competition? Or is Chelsea the gifted dark horse in all of this? Read more »
ABC is pretty confident in its current lineup because most of its current shows are returning to the exact same time slots. Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Body of Proof, The Middle, Modern Family, Grey‘s Anatomy, Private Practice and Desperate Housewives are keeping the network anchored with returning favorites on nearly every night.  Read more »
Finales ruled Monday night, with Chuck, Castle, Hawaii Five-0, and How I Met Your Mother all enjoying hefty ratings increases with their season finales. And of course Dancing with the Stars fared well. We also said goodbye forever to a few shows.Castle wrangled a whopping 13.21 million, while Hawaii Five-0 managed 9.83 million. Both shows featured huge cliffhangers in their season finales, leaving fans hungry for more. How I Met Your Mother had 7.11 million viewers. Chuck‘s season finale drew 4.47 million viewers. All four shows are returning next season (Chuck for its final 13 episodes), but fans have a long summer ahead of them. Read more »
This was a lot easier when there were 11 choices for Dancing with the Stars eliminations. With only four all of whom are decently good performers it‘s nearly impossible to make a legitimate prediction about who is going home.But that‘s what I‘m here for, so I guess I‘ll try. Read more »
We‘ve made it to the penultimate Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, and it‘s anybody‘s guess as to who will be dancing in next week‘s finals. The last four couples standing all have had consistent performances throughout the season, and all stand a good chance of making it to the end.So who will it be? Read more »
CBS‘ drama The Good Wife proved its worth last night, and reaffirmed to viewers why it‘s being renewed for a third season. The season finale was up from last week, and beat last season‘s finale by a hefty margin.Up 25% from last week‘s episode, The Good Wife had a respectable 12.44 million viewers for its season finale last night, easily beating last season‘s finale. And with CBS moving the show to a new night and critics praising it, it‘s obvious that the show is building up steam. Are you excited for TGW‘s third season? Read more »
During the season 12 semi-final eliminations on Dancing with the Stars, Ralph Macchio was sent home. The popular actor had the lowest scores of the night (by a wide margin) and hadn‘t been dancing so well since that knee injury, so it wasn‘t a shock. Still, many thought that the star‘s fans might pull him through.What happened? Was it the cha-cha? Read more »
As we head into the season 12 finals of Dancing with the Stars, the questions are mounting. Will Hines be able to continue his season-long domination? Will Chelsea‘s energetic dancing skills propel her to the top? Can Kirstie charm the voters into a win?We‘ll know the answers in just a few days. But, in the meantime, we have a few answers from Dancing with the Stars co-host Brooke Burke. Read more »
I shouldn‘t be asking that question right now. After all, the winner of the Mirror Ball trophy depends primarily on the finale dances, none of which have been seen. But what is the Internet media for, if not to make random predictions in the absence of any proof?So here we go! Read more »
It all comes down to this, doesn‘t it? After weeks and week (and weeks) of Dancing with the Stars competition, we‘re at the finales with the last three celebrities standing. And our participation in the has come to an end -- the votes are cast.So who will win? Read more »
More season/series finales last night, with House, the (now cancelled) Chicago Code and The Event (also cancelled) all airing their final episodes of the season. Dancing with the Stars aired its penultimate episode of the season, with the finale happening tonight.House‘s season finale, which saw the departure of actress Lisa Edelstein, was down from last week. It saw a 6% drop versus last week, and a 23% drop versus last year‘s season finale, with 9.03 million viewers. Unfortunately for House, this is a finale low for the series. You can check out our House recap here. Read more »
So You Think You Can Dance returns on Thursday, May 26 for its eighth season. And everybody‘s favorite ear-splitting judge, Mary Murphy, will be back too. In anticipation of the season 8 premiere, the hot tamale-loving dance star talked with reporters about the dance contestants, her own return to the show and even Kirstie Alley‘s SYTYCD chances. Read more »
It‘s the final week of competition on Dancing with the Stars! Will it be Hines? Will Kirstie rally her followers to a win? Will Chelsea pull off a surprise victory? The finale dances tonight will help to give us and answer. Read more »
This is it, Dancing with the Stars fans!Tonight, we find out who will be going home with the DWTS Mirror Ball Trophy and who will just be going home. Of the 11 celebrities who began season 12, only three remain: Kirstie Alley, Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward. Each of the stars has a chance at ballroom-dancing glory, but which will it be? Read more »
When it came to the winner of Dancing with the Stars‘ 12th season, the final choice was hardly a surprise. Hines Ward earned a well-deserved victory after almost an entire season at the front of a well-matched pack of celebrities. It was always possible, I suppose, that one of his competitors would edge out a win, but it was never likely.The surprise of the night came elsewhere. Read more »
ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars aired its season finale last night and saw a significant rise in viewers. Not only that, but it beat NBC‘s The Voice by a wide margin (which is significant, and you‘ll see why). FOX‘s American Idol, oddly enough, saw a slight dip in ratings from last week. Dancing with the Stars crowned football player Hines Ward as its champion last night. It was up 29% versus last week‘s penultimate episode, and up 15% from last year‘s season finale (which saw a series low), with 22.59 million viewers. Looks like DWTS has still got it where it counts!Read our DWTS finale recap here! Read more »
The 2010-2011 TV season is officially over now that American Idol has wrapped up, so it‘s time to look back and see what shows and networks were the big winners and losers of the year. Deadline has two fantastic lists ranking over 140 shows in terms of total viewers and the strong demographic of 18-49-year-olds. A quick look at the list for total viewers reveals that reality competitions and CBS crime procedurals are still in power, taking the top 12 spots on the list.  Read more »