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We‘re only hours away from the season 11 premiere of Dancing with the Stars, and the tension is mounting. The professionals and celebrities are closer than ever to the beginnings of dancing immortality. But which songs will catapult them into the mirror-balled spotlight? The list is out! Read more »
Welcome to the 11th season premiere of Dancing with the Stars!This season boasts some of the show‘s most highly-anticipated stars, and this is the place to follow along as the dancing excitement gets under way. Throughout tonight‘s two-hour premiere, I‘ll be updating this site with a live recap and commentary. Forget what the judge‘s say - what do experts know about ballroom dancing anyway? Stay here and you‘ll get a real, non-expert opinion. Read more »
Well, we‘ve made it through the season 11 premiere of Dancing with the Stars. After only the first 12 dances, there are already a few front-runners and a few looking to disappear soon. Some of the stars surprised us (hello Kyle Massey!), while others performed pretty much exactly as expected. Read more »
The first week of Dancing with the Stars performances is over. The celebrities have shown us what they can do (for now). Scores have been received. And the voters have done their voting thing.Now it‘s time to see those votes in action! Tonight, one of this season‘s 12 celebrities will be eliminated and sent packing. The other 11 contenders will continue on -- but not before a couple of hours of Results Show mania. Read more »
David Hasselhoff managed only one week on Dancing with the Stars? Say it ain‘t so, Hoff!Unfortunately (at least for all you Germans out there), Hasselhoff did indeed become the first casualty of season 11. The Hoff didn‘t exactly give an incredible performance: his 15 points tied for last place in the judge‘s rankings. Still, Hasselhoff‘s star presence and entertainment value seemed enough to ensure his presence for at least a few more episodes. Read more »
We‘ve seen some truly outrageous things happen over the span of 20 Bachelor(ette) seasons and one of the even more insane Bachelor Pad, but if rumors prove true and ex-Bachelor Brad Womack is about to brush himself off and try again on season 15, that might just take the cake.We‘ll find out soon enough if Brad, so badly maligned for rejecting both his finalists on season 11, is willing to risk his reputation once more to look for love on TV. ABC reps have announced that the newest Bachelor will be announced during Dancing with the Stars next Monday, September 27, the taping of which he will attend with a buddy: Bachelor host Chris Harrison.A couple days ago, People posted info from an anonymous source saying Bachelorette alums Chris Lambton and Ty Brown were the frontrunners for the next Bachelor gig, but since then Brad‘s name has floated to the top of the rumor pile.  Read more »
Can‘t get enough Dancing with the Stars? Feel like six days are too many between program airings? Do you wish that you could do more for your favorite couple?If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then DWTS wants to help you out. Through the official Dancing with the Stars show page, you can remedy your withdrawal pangs via show interaction contests, team support pages and a live Twitter feed from the stars themselves.  Read more »
Jennifer‘s Tears Are OK: Patrick Swayze‘s widow is just fine with Jennifer Grey‘s high emotion during Dancing with the Stars rehearsals and performance. Lisa Niemi, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, reacted to Jennifer Grey‘s Patrick Swayze evocations, voicing continued support for her late husband‘s one-time co-star. Read more »
Monday was the official start of the fall season with 12 shows premiering on the major networks. With all networks going head-to-head, the ratings can predict what shows will succeed and which will fail.  Read more »
After a surprising Monday that saw most new shows succeed (with the exception on FOX‘s Lone Star, which is already on death watch), Tuesday was a lot more stable. Since it‘s the night that features some of the biggest returning champions (NCIS and Dancing with the Stars), this should come as no surprise.  Read more »
It‘s Monday, which means we are but hours from this week‘s Dancing with the Stars performance show! And, according to a report from TMZ, we know how those performances will sound. Read more »
Dancing with the Stars Meets Melissa & JoeyNot getting enough DWTS from the show itself? ABC Family would like to help. On Tuesday‘s Melissa & Joey, Mel gets asked to join a local version of Dancing with the Stars.  Read more »
Most of us believe in giving second chances, but does that charitable spirit apply to our Bachelors?ABC is banking on it, as they announced tonight during the live airing of Dancing with the Stars that tall, handsome and once nationally scorned Bachelor 11 Brad Womack, the 37-year-old bar owner from Austin, Texas famous for rejecting both his finalists the first time around, will reprise his soulmate-seeking role as Bachelor 15 this winter. This news should come as no surprise to those who have been tracking the spoilers. But ABC did their best to try to punk the Dancing audience this evening. After host Chris Harrison tweeted that he would be sitting next to the new Bachelor, viewers were shocked to see Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad contestant Jonathan Novack, known to have all the romantic charisma of a baby weasel, sitting in Harrison‘s shotgun seat. Call it ABC‘s way of tricking us into feeling relieved when they actually announced Womack‘s name.Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron had some sage words of advice for Womack: "Brad, this time, pick somebody."The redemption storyline for Brad has already started, and we can look forward to it only snowballing until the next Bachelor season begins in early 2011: Read more »
After last week‘s surprise elimination of David Hasselhoff, are we in for another shocker this week? Probably not. Read more »
Michael Bolton fans were saddened by his quick elimination in week 2 of Dancing with the Stars. After a poor jive performance -- and some harsh judging -- Bolton was done. Read more »
The show‘s about dancing right?Anyone following the news from Dancing with the Stars this week would be hard-pressed to remember that dancing -- and not controversy -- is the attempted focus of the program. Sure the celebrities bring gossip and popularity contests to the dance floor, but, in the end, the dancing is supposed to reign supreme. Read more »
Well, Dancing with the Stars fans, we‘re going to shake things up a bit for week 3 of this season. Instead of our regularly scheduled live recap, BuddyTV will be at the live DWTS taping on Monday, October 4! Read more »
A canceled performance! An injured "star" ... er, I mean star, sans quotes (sorry, Audrina)! Dancing with the Stars, please say it ain‘t so!It Sprains Me to Say This ...Is the Dancing with the Stars curse already rearing its ugly, two-stepping head once again? Meh, sort of. While nowhere near as bad as Jewel‘s fractured tibias last year or Stacy Keibler‘s seizure in season 2, according to TMZ, The Hills star Audrina Patridge suffered a minor sprain during dance rehearsals yesterday. We hear she‘s "pushing through." So brave.  Read more »
This is getting harder each week.It‘s not so bad in the beginning, when you have a chance to predict the elimination of really bad dancers or people you don‘t care about. But after awhile, it gets tough. Like I‘m predicting the untimely demise of a friend or something. Almost like I want them to go. Read more »
During the third week of Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, Margaret Cho became the latest celebrity struck down by the mighty hand of elimination. The comedian‘s entertaining performances and even more entertaining costumes were unfortunately not enough to continue through to the fourth week of this tough competition. Read more »
This week, BuddyTV went to Los Angeles and had a chance to talk with many of your favorite Dancing with the Stars performers! Read more »
Not getting enough Bristol on Dancing with the Stars? Then you‘re in luck.While Bristol Palin certainly counts as the "star" with the least amount of celebrity background on this season of DWTS, she is far from an obscure figure. Along with her mother‘s political fame, Bristol is known through her teen pregnancy, her subsequent public-speaking career and her not-media shy ex-fiance. But is that enough? Read more »
Well, at least some of the stars made this week‘s predictions easier. After last week, when I honestly enjoyed just about everything that danced before my eyes, it‘s almost a relief to have a couple of lesser dances in the mix. Not that I want anyone gone much more than I did before. If we could just get Margaret back and spend the whole season watching 10 dancers each week... Read more »
This week‘s Dancing with the Stars elimination was a serious blow to fans of abs everywhere. After weeks of serious effort and goofball expressions, The Situation was eliminated during the fourth Results Show. Read more »
Another week, another elimination. We‘ve lost three stars already, and a fourth will fade away tonight. Will our fears (or hopes) be justified? Or will the elimination shock us? Read more »
It‘s time for the show!We‘re in week 4 already? Wow -- time flies, doesn‘t it? Three pairs have already been eliminated, leaving only nine pairs left to dance tonight. In the next two hours we will find out which of the pairs will rise to the growing challenges and which will falter. Read more »
Do we really have to eliminate someone? Couldn‘t we just pretend that this week doesn‘t count? It would just be so much better if no one had to leave! Read more »
Welcome back to week 3 of Dancing with the Stars!This week‘s recap is a little different than usual, because I, your fearless recapper, am not here. I‘m in LA, actually watching Dancing with the Stars live and in person! Crazy, huh?  Read more »
Time to lose another one!Tonight is the Results Show for week 2 of Dancing with the Stars season 11. Last week, we said good-bye to David Hasselhoff, and now we have to see another star depart for good. No matter how certain (or uncertain) we are about tonight‘s winners and losers, nothing is definite until the Results Show. Read more »
Welcome back, dance fans and celebrity stalkers!It‘s week 2 of Dancing with the Stars, and the remaining 11 pairs definitely have their work cut out for them.  Read more »
OK, Jennifer Grey fans -- it‘s time to warm up your DVRs, because you‘re going to need them this Monday! In addition to her regular stint on Dancing with the Stars, Jennifer Grey will also be appearing as a guest star on Monday‘s House. Both shows air at 8 PM (ET/PT), and you can find Dancing with the Stars on ABC and House on Fox. Read more »
Celebrities only get one chance at the Mirror Ball, but the professionals can always come back for more. With many of season 11‘s professional dancers having participated in past competitions, the possibility for repeat wins is always there. This season, three of the professionals even have a chance at an unprecedented third Dancing with the Stars victory. Read more »
It‘s already the fifth week? Crazy, isn‘t it? And there are only eight couples left to dance in the competition, so we know that tonight‘s show should feature some fierce musical battles! Read more »
We got through TV Theme Week, and now it‘s time for someone else to go. Who could it possibly be, now that many of the lesser dancers have left the ballroom floor? The dancers are smoother, and the judges‘ scores are tighter. What can we expect in week 5? Read more »
We‘re getting into the tough choices now -- a whole bunch of dancers putting on solid performances each week, and one pair still needs to be eliminated. Don‘t you miss the good old days of weeks 1 and 2 where we could easily point to a dancer or two who totally flubbed it? Actually, I kind of don‘t. But the tension is still getting to me! Read more »
In the closest thing we‘ve had to a surprise since week 1 of this season‘s Dancing with the Stars, fans saw the elimination of Florence Henderson during the week 5 Results Show. The elimination wasn‘t totally unexpected, but it was far from the most likely outcome going into the night. Read more »
As we go into week 6 of this season‘s Dancing with the Stars competition, the seven remaining couples face more than just each other. Each couple will, for the first time tonight, perform more than one dance as they fight to stay in the running for the Mirror Ball. Read more »
Time for week 6! Seven couples remain to dance in this season of Dancing with the Stars, and the competition has never been fiercer. With the poorer dancers and less popular contestants already eliminated, staying on the show is harder than ever. Whose dances will meet the high standards tonight, and who will dance themselves right out of competition?  Read more »
Rock week has come and gone on Dancing with the Stars, leaving us with the memories of some insane costumes and a lot of mid-level performances. While it was not the best night for most of the competitors, we did end up with some clear winners and losers. Read more »
Only seven pairs remain going into tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, and one of those pairs will not make it any further. However much we may want to keep them all around, someone always has to leave. Kind of sad, isn‘t it? Read more »
Ladies and gentlemen, we have an upset. Finally.Despite tying with Rick Fox for second place during the week 6 performance show, Audrina Patridge was eliminated in the current season‘s biggest upset. Could it be that the viewers prefer personality to perfect technique? Read more »
Were you disappointed when Audrina accepted her surprise defeat gracefully? Did you expect crazy ranting and objectionable language? Did you just want a scandal?Apparently we had the wrong Patridge for that. Read more »
Monday‘s episode of Dancing with the Stars is the show‘s 200th, and we can all rest assured that the event will receive the full attention it deserves. With only six dancers remaining in the competition and two hours of show to fill, the anniversary may even receive more attention than it deserves. But that‘s OK. Read more »
It‘s not just dances this week.In celebration of Dancing with the Stars‘ 200th episode on Monday, the show will have a host of special guest celebrities on hand to lead dance teams and to judge. And, as is so often the case when it comes to anniversaries, expect the old to mix with the new. Read more »
When ballroom dancing just isn‘t challenging enough, it‘s good to know that there is always ice skating. ABC has announced that a new program, called Skating with the Stars, will debut on the network as soon as the current season of Dancing with the Stars ends. Read more »
It‘s the 200th episode! Not sure yet what sorts of crazy excitement that means, but I imagine it will be an impressive spectacle of music and dance. Because that‘s what they do at Dancing with the Stars, after all! Read more »
We saw a lot of dancing this week. And it was a lot of good dancing! No clue if it was the 200th anniversary excitement or just the added motivation of making the final six, but the dancers were in prime form this week. Read more »
Half of the stars are gone. Only six pairs remain to dance. And tonight, yet another of their number will disappear forever -- or at least until he or she comes back to hang out in the audience in a week or two. Read more »
You‘ve got to be kidding me.It turns out that a winning personality, solid performances and the highest judges‘ scores of the night are not enough to keep you safe on Dancing with the Stars. What is enough? I honestly am not sure anymore. Read more »
Want to stay on Dancing with the Stars? It takes a lot more than good dancing. Read more »
Now that we‘re into week 8 of Dancing with the Stars, it‘s a safe bet that the most important news will emerge from the dance floor itself. Who will go, and who will stay? Whose dance rocked the ballroom? Still, there‘s some other news worthy of attention. Read more »
If I say that Kurt Warner will go home often enough, do you think it will happen? I‘m starting to wonder at this point. Read more »
Are you ready for some more ballroom craziness? Hope so, because we‘re definitely in for a lot of it tonight, with only five couples remaining in contention for the Mirror Ball and yet another new format getting in their way. Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
Tonight, we get to see five couples cut down to four. And, after two straight weeks of upset eliminations, it‘s anybody‘s guess as to which couples will be among the lucky four.  Read more »
Kurt Warner has been eliminated from season 11 of Dancing with the Stars. And he will be missed. Read more »
As we inch our way toward the semi-finals of this season‘s Dancing with the Stars, predictions begin to run rampant in the media. This week we have both season 11-winner predictions and predictions for next season‘s casting. Read more »
As we head into the Dancing with the Stars semi-finals, we are left with only four dancing pairs. Two of the pairs feature the season‘s frontrunners, Jennifer and Brandy. A third pair has the unexpected dynamo of Kyle. And then there‘s Bristol.  Read more »
Only one more elimination before the finals, and it‘s harder than ever to predict who it will be. Will Jennifer‘s perfect night be her last? Can Brandy‘s run at the top end tonight? Is there such a thing as too much Kyle? Should we expect Bristol‘s voters to desert her? Read more »
I wanted to watch Sarah Palin‘s Alaska with a blank slate. In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that this woman bugs the crap out of me and made me even more than "bugged" during the 2008 election. So I approached Sarah Palin‘s Alaska trying to see it like any other TLC show. There‘s one problem with that approach, though: Sarah Palin‘s Alaska won‘t let you forget who Sarah Palin is, or forgo the politics. As a result, the show comes off a little forced and disingenuous. The message seems to be: "Sarah Palin is all about family and she‘s a normal kinda lady!" But there‘s nothing normal about it. I like Alaska, and I‘d like to learn more about it, but instead I‘m learning about that darned new neighbor writin‘ a book about Sarah! Also, I assume not every Alaskan gets a private seaplane to go wherever they want, climb Mount McKinley, or fish feet away from a family of brown bears.  Read more »
The appearance of Bristol Palin in a video advocating safe sex and abstinence isn‘t too much of a surprise. After all, that‘s the basis of her post-election and post-scandal fame. But sharing the spotlight with The Situation? That‘s Twilight Zone territory there. Read more »
This is it everybody! The semi-finals! Only four couples remaining as we go into the last two weeks of Dancing with the Stars competition. Are you ready for the excitement? The drama? The over-enthusiastic Bruno comments? Read more »
Time for the semi-final results! The night when we find out who will be the top three celebrities on this season‘s Dancing with the Stars! Which stars will make it to the finals? And who will be eliminated? Read more »
Brandy has been eliminated from season 11 of Dancing with the Stars. If you‘ve been looking for proof that life is unfair, here you go! Read more »
Probably not a shock, considering recent Dancing with the Stars events, but Bristol Palin is the focus of just about every DWTS news story we‘ve got right now. Read more »
I could be objective about Brandy‘s elimination from Dancing with the Stars in the semi-finals. I could try to come up with reasons to explain why Bristol deserves a place in the finals more than Brandy. I could pretend that it‘s just another elimination and no big deal.But I won‘t. Read more »
Recent events aside, **Dancing with the Stars news doesn‘t **all have to be about Bristol, does it? Hope not! Read more »
Ah, Thanksgiving. The time of year when we gather together to stuff ourselves -- and a turkey -- silly and slip into tryptophan-induced comas with our pants unbuttoned. Oh yeah, and give thanks! Well, having gorged on television all year long, we here at BuddyTV would like to express our gratitude for the things we‘re most thankful for this year on TV.So heat up some cider, pause the DVR and dig into what our writers are thanking their lucky TV stars for:  Read more »
It‘s been a few days now since Brandy‘s shocking elimination let Bristol Palin waltz her way into the Dancing with the Stars finals. Time for heads to clear, tempers to cool and reason to return to discourse... Read more »
This is it! We‘re at the end of season 11! After beginning with 12 dancers, the DWTS field has progressively narrowed until there are only three remaining to dance in the finals. Which of the stars will take home the Mirror Ball trophy? We‘ll know after tomorrow night, but now it‘s time for predictions. Read more »
It‘s the moment we‘ve all been waiting for... The finals! Only three pairs remaining to dance their way into television history. And I have no idea of who it will be. Read more »
Time to stop procrastinating and time to start picking the winner for this season of Dancing with the Stars! At this point, the dances have been danced, the votes have been cast and the winner (known now only to the DWTS producers) has been chosen. I really have no excuse not to predict the final outcome.So here it is. I predict the winner will be... Read more »
This is it! The final show, the last night, the ultimate dances! After tonight, we‘ll know who won the Mirror Ball trophy and who went home empty-handed. It‘s been a crazy season, and absolutely anything could happen tonight. Read more »
Simple answer? She was the best dancer. But it‘s never that simple on Dancing with the Stars, so it is worth a look back at Jennifer Grey‘s time on the show to see why exactly she won the season 11 Mirror Ball Trophy. Read more »