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Dance Moms returned to Lifetime last night, louder and more spellbindingly horrific than before. I‘d believe you if you told me that dance coach Abby Lee Miller spent her between-seasons break chewing on broken glass and taking screaming lessons from Al Pacino. She‘s that scary.Although, as I watched the episode last night, I realized that Abby reminds me more of another Hollywood mainstay: Mama Fratelli from The Goonies! (Earlier this week, my BuddyTV comrade John Kubicek compared Abby to the bus driver, Ms. Crabtree, on South Park, while is also completely accurate and perfect.)Say what you (or rather, I) will about Abby‘s methods, but the woman GETS RESULTS. And she also makes for some of the most outrageous moments on reality television. Here are my favorite jaw-dropping and laugh-out-loud moments from last night‘s Dance Moms premiere. (If you missed it, watch the episode on Lifetime before it‘s gone.) Read more »
Like TV shows, there are some spin-offs that work and there are some that just don‘t. We won‘t know for sure until we watch them, really. So here are four spin-offs to watch out for, because they‘re in the works whether you like it or not.  Read more »
The Dance Moms are up in arms this week when Abby has the girls channel their inner Charlie‘s angels when performing a dance equipped with faux guns. I have to say, I think the dance moms have a point this week when they initially object to their daughters using weapons as props and their outrageous outbursts might actually have some merit. However, I know that in the world of dance Abby thinks she knows best, so grab those guns and put ‘em up girls! Read more »
Despite all of the drama from this week‘s episode, I can‘t think of anything else more exciting to talk about first than Nia finally making it to the top of the pyramid. After a season and half of watching this sweet girl quietly take criticism it actually made me a little teary when the girls screamed in excitement when Abby revealed her picture. This is true sportsmanship - no one is yelling at anyone else because they aren‘t on top this week, and not one of the girls throws a tantrum about why they are better than Nia. The Dance Moms can take a lesson from these youngsters about being happy for someone else for a change.  Read more »
This week is action-packed, with a jaw-dropping Vegas showgirl-inspired routine, a personally ordered male stripper and a dance featuring beef jerky. Intrigued? Who wouldn‘t be? Let‘s dive into this week‘s Dance Moms. Read more »
The episode kicks off with a blowout between Holly and Abby Lee which lands Nia and her mom in dance detention. The most ridiculous thing is that the argument starts when the two actually AGREE that Nia should be Paige‘s replacement in the trio with Chloe and Maddie. True, maybe Holly shouldn‘t have interrupted the class, but in the end there is actually no disagreement between them, and poor Nia is forced to storm off with her mom. Will this be the end of another one of Abby‘s dancers? Let‘s dive into the rest of the episode and find out! Read more »
Alright, this whole engagement situation is getting a little out of hand, and Melissa has taken it to a whole new level when she threatens to sue her fellow Dance Moms just for talking about her engagement. I can understand Melissa‘s frustration about having nosy friends, but what do you expect? They are around each other constantly and the other moms are just trying to act excited about the obvious engagement (which Melissa STILL has not formally admitted to). Never once did I get the impression they were being malicious about it, but rather have been trying to get it out of her by joking around. I mean come on, they took her to look at wedding gowns and got her a stripper - these aren‘t exactly "mean girl" behaviors. Clearly Melissa‘s outrageous reaction and threats to sue are indicative that she has got some other legal issues going on with her ex. The worst part is that the girls are dragged into it, and Maddie almost has to forfeit the competition because her mom refuses to fess up. Reality check, Melissa, if you are going to be on a reality show you should expect all of your business to become public. If you thought this was supposed to be a show all about dance, think again. Read more »
Again, Abby uses a theme this week that I wouldn‘t have expected to be synonymous with young girls - Nip and Tuck. This seems to be more of a dig at the moms than anything else, as we learn that Kelly has been hoping her husband would reimburse her for her maternal duties and get her a new pair of ladies. (Preferably back to her pre-baby C cup size.) Abby claims this is teaching the girls a lesson about body image, but I‘m not sure she really teaches them anything or that they even get why they are dancing about plastic surgery.  Read more »
Abby really turns up the pressure this week when the girls not only have to prepare a nearly perfect routine for their individual Joffrey auditions, but also be familiar enough with a brand new dance to compete with in another competition. The dreaded Candy Apples will be in attendance both at the Joffrey auditions and the New Jersey competition, so Abby‘s reputation is definitely on the line. Let‘s see if the girls‘ "Jailbird" inspired routine is enough to beat Cathy, and if any of Abby‘s girls earn the Joffrey scholarship! Read more »
A whole new batch of moms is brought to us from Miami, and if you think you know Dance Moms, you haven‘t seen anything yet. These feisty moms would give Abby Lee‘s company a run for their money. Even the young girls (and boy) of the "Stars" dance team have more of an edge to them, and they clearly aren‘t at a loss for talent down in Miami. This team is shaping up to be some serious competition for anyone who crosses their path. Read more »
Tensions run high this week not just between the moms, but also among the coaches, and it all begins when Susan can‘t handle her daughter‘s punishment for her childish behavior in the last competition. The Stars‘ mom proceeds to throw a tantrum when the list is revealed and her daughter isn‘t on top, and thinks that no matter what she does, she should always be first in line. Can we say delusional? She should watch Abby Lee and her Dance Moms because then she would realize that dance coaches punish the dancer even when the mom acts out. Let‘s see how far arguing with the coaches gets her - at least it will be an entertaining season if she keeps this up. She‘ll be the most hated mom in no time.  Read more »
The theme of this week‘s performance is "insecurities" and the coaches won‘t let their tiny dancers hold anything back. In an effort to bring out their inner artists, Victor and Angel have the whole team take a break from rehearsals and talk about their own insecurities. I have to applaud the exercise and attempt to make them connect with the dance rather than just performing it for a trophy. After winning performances last week and making it to the top of the list, we can expect to see solos from Lucas, Sammy and Kimmy at this week‘s competition. Read more »
It‘s been a while since the conclusion of Project Runway All Stars and Mondo Guerra‘s redemptive win, and while the casting for Project Runway‘s next season is under way, we could use a little time within the crazy fashion world in the interim. So here‘s some bit of Project Runway "news" for you: Mondo has cut his trademark hair! Yes, last week when he showed up to host a fashion event in Denver (where he‘s based), the petite designer sported a new look, described as "a flat Mohawk." Read more »
The girls (and boy) of the Miami Stars team are on fire this week - and I don‘t just mean their dancing. In the middle of rehearsal, the team is forced to evacuate the studio when a massive fire blazes just steps away from the Stars building. I don‘t know which is hotter this week, the fire or the moms‘ tempers! There is more than just a fire that fuels this episode, so let‘s jump in and see how the Miami moms are handling each other after last week‘s break.  Read more »
The girls of the Miami Stars dance team really weigh in this week - literally. Besides all of the other drama that the moms are causing for their daughters, the petite performers must face the ultimate humiliation and step on the scale in front of their coaches and fellow dancers. Supposedly this is meant to teach them about the world of dance and what they will face if they continue to make dance part of their life. However true this may be, I just can‘t come to grips with making 9 and 10 year old girls (and boy) get on a scale to let them know how unfit they are to be a professional dancer. I‘m actually shocked that we never saw this happen with Abby Lee and her dancers, but I guess this is how they do it in Miami.  Read more »
The Stars are getting dark and creepy this week for their "Twisted Circus" theme performance at the Starbound competition in Fort Meyers. Now, when I hear circus I think of evil clowns, but thank goodness Victor shares my fear and chooses not to include them among his cast of circus folk. With Hannah as a fortune teller, Lucas as a mime, Sammy as a contortionist, Kimmy as a circus guest and Jessi as the ring leader, it‘s one twisted combination that can‘t go wrong.  Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
Victor and Angel set an example this week when their theme is appropriately titled "Abandonment" to reflect Sammy and Abby‘s recent threat to quit. After the blowout last week, I‘m surprised that Abby had enough humility to come back to the moms and let Sammy continue with the other Stars. Then again, she showed up late and was anything but apologetic for their behavior. Coincidentally, Angel abandons the group by not attending the competition, and the moms are feistier than ever.  Read more »
This week‘s Dance Moms: Miami breaking news - a new star joins the team, and she doesn‘t seem to be a welcome addition. The tiny dancers are thrilled when their friend gets to join them for their "celebrity" themed dance, until her presence creates more pressure anxiety than they had anticipated. As Victor and Angel‘s obvious favorite, the moms are up in arms when the choreographers show clear favoritism and threaten to eliminate one of their daughter‘s solos so that Mia can have a turn in the spotlight. Even though Mia seems to be a great dancer, I can‘t say I blame the moms for getting defensive over their well-deserved spots on the competition team. Will one of the stars be kicked off the team to make room for Mia? Let‘s twirl right into tonight‘s episode and find out!  Read more »
The Dance Moms return with the second half of their second season, and they come out swinging.Much like Chinese factory conditions and African diamond mining, top-tier youth dancing is something that I‘m vaguely aware of but try not to think about. I understand that professional dancers, much like iPhones and expensive jewelry, have to come from somewhere, but it‘s not until I see the process in action that the painful reality is driven home for me. I‘d happily give $20 to any non-profit opposing whatever the hell is going on. Read more »
As a representation of how she thinks her tiny dancers act, Abby choreographs a zombie themed routine this week in hopes the girls might liven up a bit on stage. The living dead dancers head to Energy Dance in Chicago for their latest competition, but with the pending blow up between Kelly and Abby, I‘m not sure if Brooke and Paige will make it to the windy city. Let‘s twirl right into tonight‘s episode and see how it all pans out!  Read more »
Can it really be true? Did Maddie know that her music would skip last week before it happened? It‘s the scandal shocking the Dance Moms this week, and whether Maddie anticipated the music mess-up or Abby set it up to make her look good, it sure looks a little suspicious. I‘d like to believe that Maddie is just a great dancer and had enough experience to be able to dance through a glitch like that. But when you look back at the footage, she really doesn‘t even miss a beat. One thing is for sure, the moms aren‘t going to let Melissa get away easily with this one. Let‘s get right into tonight‘s episode and find out all of the juicy details! Read more »
It‘s no surprise that Abby favors Maddie most of the time, and this week is no different when she secretly plans to enter Maddie into not one, but two solo competitions. Because ‘Starpower‘ is so large this year, they split it into two completely different competitions at locations very close to one another. The wheels in Abby‘s head start to spin with the possibilities, and she decides to have Maddie dance at both locations with different routines to increase her chances of winning. I‘m not sure how I feel about this one, because it seems like a lot of pressure to put on Maddie but at the same time it gets her a great amount of exposure. Yet again, Abby has found a sure fire way to stir up drama between the moms and it doesn‘t look like they will let her get away with this one!  Read more »
Just when you think we might not see those Candy Apples anymore, they pop up right when you least expect it and Abby decides to fight back with a taste of Cathy‘s own medicine. Rather than taking the high road and continuing to try and beat their rivals with superior choreography, Abby stoops just as low as Cathy and adds a couple of her older dancers to the competition team. I know Cathy has broken the rules in the past and tried to sneak in some older girls, but I have to agree with the Dance Moms when they point out Abby‘s hypocritical actions. If she really believes her girls are better dancers than Cathy‘s Apples, she shouldn‘t have to pull out any secret weapons from her other dance groups. Will Abby‘s new additions help the team pull off the big win against their arch enemy? Let‘s twirl right into tonight‘s episode and find out! Read more »
Normally in Dance Moms we see that the tiny dancers are the sweet and innocent ones while their mothers are the sources of all the drama, but when it comes to Leslie and Payton, it‘s definitely a case of double trouble. The last time the competition team added this headstrong teen, her ego got in the way as she boldly told everyone that she thought she out-danced most of the others during their routine. And if you know anything about Abby Lee, you know a comment like this is a one way ticket out the door. If Payton wasn‘t bad enough, her mom Leslie is even worse. She continually argues that she just has her daughter‘s best interests at heart, but this translates into stepping over the other more experienced girls just to get Payton ahead. Needless to say, her addition to this week‘s routine was not welcomed by the other moms. Although I‘m pretty sure that they would have taken Payton if Leslie didn‘t have to come along with her. Did Payton help the competition team this week, or did she only cause more tension between the moms? Let‘s pirouette right into tonight‘s episode! Read more »
Jill isn‘t fooling anyone with her new blonde ‘do when she storms into the Abby Lee studio almost forcing Abby to put Kendall back on the team. Excuse me, have you meet Abby? In what world would she think it‘s acceptable to walk into a rehearsal and interrupt the class during pyramid time. I‘d say this was a pretty terrible way to try and start off on the right foot with Abby, and I wouldn‘t be surprised if she never lets Kendall back on the team purely based on Jill‘s attitude. I know I wouldn‘t miss hearing her voice or watching her ruin her daughter‘s dance career every week. Poor Kendall, if she didn‘t have her mom‘s loud mouth following her around, she probably would have never left Abby‘s studio in the first place. Will Abby be the bigger person and decide to forgive and forget? Or will she throw Jill and Kendall out to teach them a lesson about loyalty? Let‘s jump right into tonight‘s episode and find out!  Read more »
Abby Lee‘s dancers seem to be dropping like flies lately, and this week when the headstrong coach notices a back injury in Brooke, she tells her to ‘use her pain‘ in her solo. Last time I checked, it‘s a little difficult to do an acrobatic number with a severe back injury, but then again I‘m not a professional dance coach. Not only is Abby quickly losing Brooke, but Paige‘s accident from last week has put her in a boot and off the team for the next 4-6 weeks. And in the dance world, it might as well be a year. Just as you‘d expect, Jill smells an opening and immediately pushes herself and Kendall right in with the hopes of replacing Paige on the pyramid. Will Abby finally forgive Jill and give Kendall her spot back? Let‘s jump right into tonight‘s episode and find out!  Read more »
The ALDC has their work cut out for them when the dreaded Candy Apples solicit an additional male dancer to add to their competition team. The strange thing is, no one has any idea where this secret weapon has come from. If you ask me, I don‘t think it should be allowed for a coach to bring in some random dancer from who knows where and add them to the team just for one competition. With this new dancer, Cathy has her perfect male duet all put together in hopes of beating Abby‘s combo of Kendall and MacKenzie. The two company‘s rivalry is at an all-time high when Cathy finds out her old Apple Jill has run back to Abby, and she will stop at nothing to beat them this time around. Will the boys beat Abby‘s girls this week? Or will the ALDC pull off another clean sweep at the Starbound competition? Let‘s jump right into tonight‘s episode and find out!  Read more »
I just can‘t help but get a little extra excited when Nia is on top of the pyramid, and this is her second week in a row! It‘s probably because I‘m a sucker for the underdog, but she has really come a long way since we met her in the first season of Dance Moms, and I‘m even more impressed that Abby is recognizing her improvement. Not only has Nia twirled her way to the top of the pyramid, but she is also honored with one of Abby‘s prestigious scholarships alongside Maddie that will help advance her dance career. I‘m embarrassed to admit it, but when the announcement was made I definitely had to grab the Kleenex. Let‘s all shout a celebratory Woohoo for Nia! Read more »
Abby Lee takes another risk this week and goes a little nutty both in her choreography and with her competition team. The theme of their latest routine is ‘asylum‘ and the girls have to act like they are patients of a mental hospital ... although I guess this should be pretty easy considering the dance teacher they see every day. If this weren‘t a challenge enough for a group of 8-13 year olds, Abby goes mental herself when she invites a completely new girl to dance with the team. Has this EVER happened? Not without weeks of probation and threats it hasn‘t. What‘s gotten into Abby? Has she changed her ways? Will the new girl fit in with the others? Let‘s jump right into tonight‘s episode and find out!  Read more »
It‘s all for one, and one for ... one this week on Dance Moms, when Abby puts the metaphorical ‘i‘ in ‘team‘. Instead of the usual group number accompanied by a couple of soloists, it‘s every girl for herself at this week‘s competition as everyone is given a solo ... even Kendall! Oh, and in case you‘re wondering, the one-hit-wonder from last week (Kaya and daughter) has already said goodbye to these Dance Moms. Are you surprised? Yup, Abby has pinned everyone against each other to see who will come out on top, but even more importantly, how well each girl performs determines her fate at next week Nationals competition. Who will impress Abby and who will foil under the pressure? Let‘s find out! Read more »