Articles for Dallas Season 1

The major networks may like to take off during the summer, but not TNT, which has an ambitious lineup of nine shows, new and returning. All summer long TNT will have big events like the second season of the alien invasion series Falling Skies, the premiere of its Dallas reboot, the final season of The Closer and more.  Read more »
This summer, the Erwings will to return to the small screen to extend their legacy on the  drama series Dallas. Serving as a continuation of the original soap of the same name that ran on CBS from 1978 to 1991, the show features John Ross Ewing III and Christopher Ewing, sons of J.R and Bobby Ewing respectively who are now all grown up.  Read more »
Dallas was a huge primetime soap opera in the ‘80s, but since I was still learning my ABCs at the time, I didn‘t watch it. In fact, I know almost nothing about the original series. I know Patrick Duffy‘s Bobby Ewing stepped out of the shower because an entire season was a dream, and I know that someone shot Larry Hagman‘s J.R., though I honestly don‘t know or care who did it.I say this because I feel like whether or not you watched the original Dallas is a big factor in whether or not you enjoy the new reboot on TNT (Wednesdays at 9pm).  Read more »
This week on Dallas, the future of Southfork hangs in the balance as everyone begins moving back home. Why is everyone moving back to Southfork? Will there finally be peace and love in the Ewing family? Stop laughing; we all know that will never happen.  Read more »
This week on Dallas, the Ewings plan their goodbye barbeque in the middle of love square shenanigans while JR tries to get Marta to Fatal Attraction John Ross out of the way.  Read more »
If you‘re a fan of the programming offered by basic cable networks like TNT, USA and A&E, this is a good day for you. While TNT announced the renewal of two of its original scripted shows -- Dallas and Rizzoli & Isles, A&E renewed Longmire, and USA picked up a new series from the creator of White Collar. Read more »
This week on Dallas, JR wins the day (for now) while Christopher finally decides to get his hands dirty with some blackmail. Also there is a lot of love square stuff I still refuse to care about. Plus JR takes his eyebrows on a victory tour, including a jaunt to Cowboys stadium where he waves to all of adoring Texas on a giant screen. After finally securing Southfork, JR decides it‘s time for a much-needed vacation. All that scheming, backstabbing, and double-crossing can really take it out of you! So he leaves Southfork in the not-remotely capable hands of Jon Ross and hops into a helicopter for far off places. "Now that you‘ve finally won Southfork, where are you going?" Jon Ross asks. "To Disney World to terrify children!" JR cackles, and off he goes into the sky. Finally free to feel the wind rush through his eyebrows. Read more »
This week on Dallas, it‘s all about crazy exes and making deals with the devil. While everyone else is scheming, discovering giant butcher knives and looking through obscure legal documents, JR Ewing is in Las Vegas getting mani-pedis. It‘s delightful.  Read more »
This week on Dallas, there are several love confessions, double the pregnancy trouble and a murder that is going to put John Ross in some hot water. Farewell Fake Marta! We hardly knew you and your crazy eyes. Honestly, I‘m going to miss Marta. Every time Marta showed up on screen, usually skulking around drawing hearts around John Ross‘ name, you knew something nuts was about to go down.  Read more »
This week on Dallas, the Ewing family bonds together to spring John Ross from the pokey as another pair of siblings get a bit too close for comfort. We learned in Forest Gump that life is like a box of chocolates, but Dallas is teaching us that family is like a homemade cake. Just like making a cake from scratch, family is often messy for the Ewing clan. Unlike cake baking, however, the Ewings almost never get to enjoy the sweet moments for very long. Read more »
This week on Dallas, all the family squabbling finally takes its toll in a deadly fashion. Poor Bobby could only take so much of the petty bickering before his brain literally just shut down. That‘s what happens when your intensity meter is dialed up to a 400 at all times.  Read more »
This week on the season finale of Dallas, the show goes out on a dramatic, shocking high point after a season of summer fun. When it was announced that TNT was planning to reboot Dallas, old fans and newbies alike were skeptical on whether it could be done. The show proved everyone wrong by mixing high soap opera, good performances, and the best eyebrows in show business (sorry Peter Gallagher). Just like ABC‘s Revenge did last fall, Dallas proved that audiences still love a good old fashioned soap without the all-knowing irony. Read more »