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Predict Who You Think Daisy Will Send Home with Daisy of Love Fantasy TV>>Before you can start cheering on the contestants of the upcoming VH1 reality series Daisy of Love, let‘s do a background check on some of them - particularly those who look awfully familiar.  There‘s one with an MMA past, as well as a trio apparently part of an international rock band.  No wonder they got in the show so easily.  First off is Jeremiah Riggs, nicknamed "Big Rig" on Daisy of Love.  Apparently, he‘s one of the 32 MMA fighters who was chosen to compete in the opening round of 2008‘s The Ultimate Fighter 7.  He made his professional MMA debut two years earlier, and was even a former sheriff‘s deputy back in Mississippi.   Read more »
They‘re muscular, tattooed dudes with names like like Sinister, Big Rig, Torch, Weasel, Flipper and Cage. Are they A) American GladiatorsB) Characters in a new fighting game for the Playstation 3?C) Villains in an edgy re-envisioning of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? D) Romeos vying to win a run-down D-list celebrity‘s affections on a new reality series Read more »
Apparently, her heartbreak on Bret Michaels‘ Rock of Love would lead to more reality TV notoriety for her.  Daisy de la Hoya returns Sunday night to find her very own Daisy of Love, premiering at 9pm on VH1.Predict Who Will Be Eliminated with Daisy of Love Fantasy TV>>On "Don‘t Be Stupid," the debut episode of the series, Daisy gets over her failure to win over Poison frontman Bret Michaels.  What better way to do this than to find someone else?  She has gathered twenty alpha males in her Hollywood Hills mansion, and all of them are vying for her heart.  While there can only be one, Daisy gets to know each guy first and spends some quality time with them.   Read more »
The long national nightmare is over, because finally Daisy de la Hoya has her own reality dating show.  I know the entire world has been desperately hoping for this since she was the runner-up on season 2 of Rock of Love, and now it‘s a reality.  In the history of the world, no television series has ever been this important.Or not.  Daisy of Love turns out to be just another enjoyable trashy VH1 dating show with a house full of primo douchebags lusting after a chick with large fake breasts.  God bless America. Read more »
There was chaos and drama on the set as musician Lady GaGa filmed her latest music video, which stars the Swedish triplets from VH1‘s Daisy of Love.  Just last week, they worked on location at a Bel-Air estate and were greeted by a green-eyed monster: Lady GaGa‘s boyfriend.  The triplets, from the rock band "Snake of Eden," were merely following what was written on the script.  They were specifically chosen by Lady GaGa to make out with her for the video, created for the single "Paparazzi."  While many onlookers were entertained, there was one person who was far from pleased at the sight. Read more »
Even though Daisy of Love just premiered last weekend, the anticipation of the show was intense for Daisy de la Hoya.  To promote the VH1 reality dating series, she went on a guest appearance on the morning news show PIX in New York.  Amidst the rain, the star was all smiles for her interview."I have an array of men to choose from!" she said of the new series, and points out that none of the contestants are boring.  The niece of retired boxer Oscar de la Hoya, Daisy hit television screens as one of the girls vying for Bret Michaels‘ heart in Rock of Love season 2.  Though she was being cheered on by many, she was rejected in favor of another.  Now that that‘s over with, she has her own life and career to look forward to.  Read more »
From VH1‘s official press release:Fifteen guys are given the opportunity to show off their talents to Daisy in an old-fashioned "Show and Tell" challenge, followed by detention for the losers!  Read more »
Now that Daisy of Love has started, it‘s time to get into the sexually suggestive challenges, dates with Daisy and guys using strategy to target each other.  In this episode, the guys are asked to perform a show and tell for Miss Daisy.  Naturally, it includes rapping, blow-up dolls, and dudes whipping out their junk.The most talked about Show and Tell dude is Flipper, who decided to write a rap song dissing all the other guys in the house.  He‘s trying to create controversy where there is none, and he clearly understands the rules of how to get more face time on a reality TV show. Read more »
It might be an understatement to say that their looks are different, but Daisy De La Hoya believes she‘s the Angelina Jolie of reality television.  On an interview with, she was asked if she related to Jennifer Aniston after she got rejected by Bret Michaels on Rock of Love.  Daisy retorted otherwise.Knowing that Amber was the one chosen by the Poison frontman, Daisy said: "I don‘t think I can compare Amber to Angelina Jolie, so no.  I would be the Angelina Jolie, and she (Amber) would be Jennifer Aniston!" Read more »
This will probably be the most peculiar cross-over yet, but for some inexplicable reason, it makes a lot of sense.  One of the contestants of the VH1 series Daisy of Love, who obviously failed to win the heart of Daisy de la Hoya, has been spotted out and about with one of the former Rock of Love girls. It may seem a bit of a surprise, but Cage (real name Aric Nelson) has recently been seen swapping spit with the Bret Michaels‘ reject Angelique (better known as Frenchy).  To prove how much they‘re into each other, Frenchy put up a photo album of pictures they took together.  It‘s on her MySpace page, which lists Cage as #1 on her top friends list. Read more »
Earlier today, Daisy de la Hoya was admitted to a nearby hospital when one of her friends called 911 and reported a "possible overdose."  According to TMZ, firefighters and paramedics rushed to the Daisy of Love star‘s Hollywood Hills home upon being summoned. A source revealed that Daisy‘s friends dialed the emergency number when she started making strange noises.  When the authorities arrived, they found the reality TV starlet acting "crazy."  It was said that she couldn‘t stop yelling, screaming and thrashing around as they dragged her to the ambulance.  It even took several of the emergency personnel to bring her inside the vehicle and keep her calm. Read more »
From VH1‘s official press release:Daisy needs a man who can protect her from the dangers that rock star life can entail, so she sends her twelve contenders into an obstacle course riddled with paintball sharpshooters.  Read more »
This week‘s episode of Daisy of Love included bromances, men putting mascara on their mustaches, guys saying they don‘t love Daisy, and one guy winning a special date that Daisy never showed up to.  Sometimes I‘m really happy I don‘t work for The Soup on E1, because it would be impossible to only choose one clip to replay.The challenge is to protect a Daisy mannequin from paintball snipers.  Thanks to sacrificing his body, Sinister is the winner.  After the competition, Brooklyn admits that he‘s still in love with his ex-girlfriend, so he voluntarily leaves the show. Read more »
Earlier reports have stated that reality television‘s Daisy de la Hoya was brought to a Los Angeles hospital for what was thought to be an overdose.  However, recent news has confirmed that the Daisy of Love star was actually under duress and needed some medical assistance. Daisy de la Hoya‘s representative, Cassandra Grill, announced that the star was merely exhausted the night she partied with her friends.  Though she was spotted hanging out with several pals, she got tired and blew off paparazzi while being ushered to her car.  Read more »
From VH1‘s official press release:Daisy loves rockers, and today, she wants to see which of the guys can rock her world with rewritten, hard-rocking nursery rhymes. Read more »
Daisy de la Hoya is no stranger to controversy, especially since she‘s the star of her own racy reality dating competition, Daisy of Love.  She‘s already been the victim of scandalous photos and recently got hospitalized for too much exhaustion.  With that, Daisy admits that it‘s a difficult life to maintain, and she really doesn‘t care if anyone looks up to her.While she knows that she‘s watched by millions of teens worldwide, Daisy de la Hoya says it‘s the unconventional background she has that makes her unique.  "I don‘t want to be a role model," she revealed.  "I like to push the envelope and I like to stand out. It‘s kind of like a tough thing for me because I‘m not Miley Cyrus, I ‘m something completely different." Read more »
From VH1‘s official press release:Only eight guys remain in the house and Daisy challenges them to create the cover shot of her new single.  Read more »
Being on reality television, Daisy de la Hoya has always expressed her passion for a variety of things.  There‘s her music, her search for love, and her well-known interest in tattoos.  She‘s stated numerous times that she is amazed by body art, which led VH1 to ask her to participate in a new feature of theirs. Each week, the Daisy of Love star will be judging a number of tattoos submitted by fans.  Those who wish to join in are required to upload images of their body art - from backs to arms to shoulders - for Daisy herself to browse through.  At the end of each week, she‘ll be picking three of the coolest body art among the submissions. Read more »
Being a reality star seems to have so many perks for Daisy de la Hoya.  She not only had twenty guys compete for her affections on Daisy of Love, but she has other shows competing over her as well.  Daisy has had interview after interview ever since her VH1 dating spree premiered.The musician who rose to fame on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels recently appeared on the late night comedy show Chelsea Lately to discuss the developments of the dating competition.  Daisy de la Hoya talked about the guys in her Daisy of Love house and even her family history, particularly her relationship with boxer Oscar de la Hoya. Read more »
From VH1‘s official press release:Tensions are running high in "Casa De La Hoya", so Daisy gives her suitors a chance to release some steam... in a brutal cage fighting challenge. Read more »
It may be the guys who have been braving paintballs and cage matches for her, but Daisy de la Hoya is the one being very emotional over each of them.  The star of Daisy of Love is having a difficult time choosing which among those competing for her affections really is the right one for her.  It‘s a tough decision to make, and it can‘t be helped if tears are met along the way.On her MySpace blog, Daisy de la Hoya talked about the obstacles in dealing with the Daisy of Love contestants.  It‘s even worse since she admits that she wears her heart on her sleeve.  Read more »
The reality show gods have smiled down upon Daisy de la Hoya, showering her with even more appearances on various types of media.  While she‘s already popular for her stints on Rock of Love and Daisy of Love, the star just keeps on dominating the entertainment industry (and we‘re not really sure why).   The supposedly charming Daisy was recently asked to model for the 2010 Guitar World Buyer‘s Guide.Together with her fellow reality TV celeb Megan Hauserman, Daisy de la Hoya can be seen on the publication, which will hit stores on July 14.  Since the two of them have been known for their music and attitude, they became the natural choice for the magazine.  Read more »
From VH1‘s official press release:The six remaining guys must love their rocks off for an extremely sexy date with Daisy. Read more »
Going head to head with Fox on the sixth episode of Daisy of Love, it was 6 Gauge (real name Chris Kummer) who was eliminated from the show.  He obviously felt like he didn‘t deserve to be booted out of the competition, especially since he believes that his fellow contestant wasn‘t really there for Daisy. "I was upset the fact that I was being a genuine, nice guy," 6 Gauge said on his interview with VH1.  "Maybe we didn‘t get to spend as much time together as some of the other guys, but the fact is that Fox is obviously lying about his situation." Read more »
From VH1‘s official press release:Daisy likes a man who can cook (since she can‘t even make toast), so the guys prepare a five course meal. But during a volatile dinner, Daisy must consider which of the five guys are truly compatible with her, and which one is just not meant to be.  Read more »
Claiming that it was all stress, a friend of Daisy de la Hoya‘s thought that what she needed to ban that was an exorcism.  A while back, it was reported that the star of Daisy of Love had to be rushed to the hospital for a "possible overdose."  Later on, her rep revealed that it was mere exhaustion.  Whatever the reason, Daisy did not behave normally - yes, that remains questionable - that night.The 911 call which brought the paramedics and the fire department to Daisy de la Hoya‘s home last May has been released by The Hollywood Gossip.  While it doesn‘t exactly shed light on the reality star‘s actual condition during that time, it still makes for a good laugh. Read more »
Daisy De La Hoya, one of the remaining hopefuls vying for Bret Michaels‘ heart on VH1‘s Rock of Love 2, is gradually creating buzz on the internet due to a racy photo posted on her MySpace page.  The picture shows the 25-year-old reality TV star topless and making an obscene gesture to the camera, while holding a Jack Daniels bottle next to a table that appears have several lines of cocaine.The Rock of Love 2 contestant maintains, however, that the white cocaine-like substance is just plain flour.  Nevertheless, it speaks volumes.  It also hasn‘t stopped several media outlets from criticizing her lack of values.  On the other hand, others speculate that this is exactly the reaction the Daisy was hoping for when she posted the picture. Click here to view the photo. (Warning: Contains Semi-Nude Image) Read more »
Latest Daisy of Love News>>While it seemed as though he would have walked off arm in arm with Daisy de la Hoya, London instead walked away from the competition.  He was pegged as the frontrunner on Daisy of Love, being a very memorable presence on the show.  However, during his exit interview, he said he was 95 percent sure that leaving was the best decision.  London recently talked to VH1 about his time on the reality series, explaining what he did and why."It‘s still kinda fresh," he said of the experience. "I think it was the right call, but I definitely have some regrets."SlideshowMeet the Cast of Daisy of Love Read more »
From VH1‘s official press release:It‘s been a crazy ride for Daisy and her last four guys, especially the two who are lucky enough to make it through a dune buggy ride with her. Luckily, they clean up nicely for a lesson in wine and cheese. But will a surprise visitor tear the house apart or kick the competition up a notch? Read more »
Despite being incredibly nice and never having a bad word to say about anyone, Chi Chi still managed to get himself dragged out of Daisy of Love.  On his VH1 interview, he revealed how he really felt about the star of the series and the bromance he found himself involved in during his stint as a contestant."It was fun," Chi Chi said of Daisy of Love. "It was the best time of my life. I loved it."  Read more »
Even though it‘s been weeks since he was booted off Daisy of Love, Big Rig is still feeling the painful aftermath.  On his interview with VH1, he admitted that he found it difficult to stay in the game because everyone was vying for Daisy de la Hoya‘s attention.  He may have had his feelings crushed when he was eliminated, but he‘s trying his best to move on."I ain‘t gonna lie to you," Big Rig began.  "It sucked, you know?  I don‘t really know how to explain it.  I guess when you know you‘re the better person, don‘t no one like to just necessarily lose." Read more »
From VH1‘s official press release:It‘s down to the wire as Daisy surprises her four remaining guys with people from their pasts. One of the guys may have a girlfriend back home and another could still be in love with his ex!  Read more »
After her Rock of Love heartbreak with Bret Michaels, Daisy de la Hoya moved on with her own VH1 series Daisy of Love.  It wasn‘t long before she went through the arduous process of dating several men and picking out her three favorites.  Of course, there can only be one among them. On this Sunday‘s finale, we‘ll get to find out which among the guys competing for Daisy‘s affections will triumph.  Now though, we can try to list down the pros and cons each of them has to offer the reality star.  For no reason at all, let‘s begin with the musically inclined London. Read more »
Yesterday we took a look at London‘s chances for winning Daisy of Love, but there are two other guys vying for the affections of this Rock of Love reject.  One of them is a guy from Daisy‘s distant past: Dave-slash-12-Pack. The two met on the set of I Love Money, which is an instant clue to their ties to the epic world of reality television.  12 Pack claims there was immediately a connection to Daisy at the time, and decided to pursue her now that he‘s ready for a real relationship. Read more »
We‘ve reviewed the chances of two guys vying for Daisy de la Hoya‘s affections - the indecisive rocker London and the sugar-and-spice muscleman 12 Pack.  Now, let‘s check out the last of these guys.  Flex.At 22 years old, Flex from Ingleside, Illinois works as a gym manager, and it shows.  Daisy thinks there‘s more to him than just his body and the humor she‘s come to admire.  Exactly what‘s behind that exterior is something we just have to find out. Read more »
On the season finale of Daisy of Love, the last three guys will be heading out of the mansion and flying to the beautiful island of Hawaii.  Tonight we find out just who among London, 12 Pack and Flex will be Daisy de la Hoya‘s one and only. The final three are going to Maui to spend some quality time with the girl of their dreams, but things will already get too emotional before they even land.  Daisy has to narrow down her choices to just two.  Tears break out and relationships break up, as it gets all dramatic (or melodramatic) when one contestant has to say goodbye while on the airstrip. Read more »
Finally, another reality dating show from VH1 has ended.  Daisy of Love was packed with crazy stunts and hormonal guys who like wearing makeup, and that‘s now over.  While it‘s boo-hoo for the fans, Daisy de la Hoya is certainly happy.  Choosing from among the final three guys - 12 Pack, London and Flex, she found the person she really had a connection with. VH1 talked to Joshua Lee, aka London, the winner of Daisy of Love.  The rockstar certainly became Daisy de la Hoya‘s own, as the couple continue their relationship with one another. Read more »
Dave-slash-12-Pack is used to being on reality shows, but it‘s always a different experience every time.  On his interview with VH1, he said that his eliminations on I Love New York and I Love Money were nothing compared to what he felt on Daisy of Love.  There were certainly several bumps on the road to Daisy de la Hoya‘s heart, but they only led to a huge crash in the end."I really liked Daisy a lot," he admitted.  "I felt like it was a good shot to go out and compete for a girl that I actually was into." Read more »
The runner-up on the first season of Daisy of Love, Flex didn‘t end up as heartbroken as he thought he would be.  He knew he cared for Daisy de la Hoya somewhat, but the connection just wasn‘t that evident. On his interview with VH1, Flex admitted that all the feelings he had for the girl were because he was caught up in the moment with her.  Of course, there was also the factor of alcohol being added to his "I‘m falling in love with you" confession.  London played a huge part too, since he quickly overshadowed Flex and everyone upon his return. Read more »
While we still await the aftermath of Daisy de la Hoya‘s relationship with Daisy of Love winner Joshua Lee aka London, the star of the show couldn‘t help but share her feelings about the series.  She headed over to her MySpace blog to pump up the anticipation about how things occurred in the finale, as well as thank her fans for their support."I just wanted to say a big thank you to all for helping make Daisy of Love one of the highest rated shows on vh1!!  Hell ya!!," Daisy wrote.  She was obviously very ecstatic at the outcome of her series. Read more »