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I hope I’m not the only one who thinks the CSI: NY episode two weeks ago was a missed opportunity.  Sure, the nature of solving the crime probably isn’t much a matter of forensics than it was a matter of translating languages, but the original press release said so.  A Native American chief was shot in a train, the suspects are those inside the subway train he was in, and they all happen to be of different nationalities.  Perfect way to show what New York is, isn’t it?Instead, we got lip service.  The introduction showed people talking in different languages, a gunman (or a red herring) coming in with a gun, almost shooting, someone dies.  The investigation ensues with sheer confusion—they start talking in languages I don’t understand, with the police similarly confused, and the team doing the initial processing of the crime scene.  All in the first ten minutes or so.  That was all there is to it. Read more »
There was something eye-opening about last week’s episode of CSI: NY.  Sure, we’ve probably heard of the concept of people taking the law into their own hands, although it’s almost always about vigilantes, or those who have been grieved by some previous heinous deed.  It’s always of the adventurous kind, always one powered by passionate anger, and is almost always portrayed as a bad thing.  After all, it’s subordinating authority.But the case in last week’s episode was slightly different.  We have this girl who tried her hardest, via legal means, to pry a stalker away from her trail.  A restraining order, was followed by a change of hair, then a change of name, then a change of address—literally, a change of everything.  But, when she realized that her stalker has followed her to New York, and she’s been bust in a corner, she took things to her own hands.  To give her peace of mind, she killed the guy and almost got away with it. Read more »
We weren‘t here last week, but never mind that--here‘s another round-up of the news that rocked the CSI world off screen, and perhaps on screen, too.  This week, we‘ve got a marriage, a guest star, and a couple of spoilers.  But that‘s what you go here for, right?  Well... we‘ll see.  I must warn you, though.  The spoiler after the jump could ruin the experience. Read more »
This week we only had the folks at Las Vegas to keep us company--well, Miami and New York were on rerun mode, but you get the gist--but the season finales of all three CSI shows are coming forward, so things must pick up anytime within the next month.   Oh, but we‘re still here with the weekly round-up, including bits (and spoilers!) from the season finales in question, plus William Petersen talking about the possibility of a CSI film.  Thing is, it‘s pushing through. Read more »
Thanks to CBS choosing to air President Obama‘s primetime press conference tomorrow night, there‘s been some changes to the network‘s schedule over the next few weeks.  Sure, you‘ve seen some of them already--Harper‘s Island being moved to Saturdays, for instance--but for our purposes I‘d like to talk about CSI: NY‘s season finale.Remember when I told you, during last Friday‘s case file, that the season wrap-up for the folks in New York will hit screens on May 20 at 10pm?  Well, the changes in schedule means another show has taken that slot, and the crime drama‘s season finale finds itself airing earlier than expected. Read more »
Let‘s get the idea out of the way first: the last new episode of CSI: NY, aired two weeks ago, left me confused.Yeah, I actually understand what they‘re getting into.  The guy who fell off the office of media mogul Robert Dunbrook (guest star Craig T. Nelson) is an FBI agent who, many episodes back, pulled Mac (Gary Sinise) out of a crime scene, suspecting him to have a hand in the stealing of a flash drive.  The body disappeared because, if I understood correctly, it was taken by another FBI agent--also involved in that flash drive case--and, uhh, tossed into the sea?  And Dunbrook‘s son killed the man who stole it from the NYPD?  And Dunbrook did have his hand on the flash drive until it got lost in this case?  And... what? Read more »
I‘m obviously too young to be very aware of the horrors of the Holocaust--like Mac (Gary Sinise), the little I know about it came from books.  But the general concepts still haunt me, and I still leave wondering how something like this can be done--and why it‘s never bothered them.  You know what I mean.  Genocide hasn‘t disappeared since then, sure, but nothing hits home as hard as the Holocaust.Thus, the appreciation to what CSI: NY did last week.  It‘s unusual for the show, or its siblings, to deviate from the usual crime-of-the-week formula and tackle something else head-on, much more something that‘s controversial and sensitive.  As a twentysomething guy--I won‘t reveal that much yet!--it helps that we learn the horrors of such affairs, so we can learn from the mistakes and look ahead. Read more »
Yes, yes, we‘ve mentioned it countless times, yes, but the CSI finales are coming, and in a span of one week, we‘ll see all three shows wrap up loose ends, or perhaps create new ones.  Thus, this extra edition of the case file, with photos from all three concluding episodes, and if you‘ve been living under a rock, the date and time they‘ll be aired.  I‘m guessing you probably saw these slideshows too, but it helps doing this thing, even if all I‘ll probably do is regurgitate stuff.  And then I‘ll do the same thing the day the episodes air.  But anyway, ready? Read more »
We‘re almost to the CSI: NY finale, folks, and it simply means we‘ve got to say goodbye to someone soon.  Actually, tomorrow night.  Relish the moment.But first, there‘s the episode last week, which I actually liked because of the way it tied every element of the plot in.  I don‘t know.  I guess I have something for things that suddenly make sense in the end, either because of the dialogue or the editing.  In this case, it‘s the classic one-goes-and-another-arrives ditty, or better yet, the letting go of one perfectly tying in with the event that I know you‘ve all been waiting for: Lindsay giving birth. Read more »
The thing with having two new episodes air back-to-back is, you don‘t really have much time to think about things.  To make things complicated, what CSI: NY just did was quite heavy: yesterday‘s episode provided a closure to the Greek artifact plot twist and a glance at Stella‘s (Melina Kanakaredes) past, while tonight‘s episode would finally provide an answer--and quick--to that season-long question, about the member of the team who dies.  So, in a fit of hurriedness, I‘ll try writing about both of them here.  This shouldn‘t be hard.First, last night‘s episode was a nice way to close the case that saw Stella go beyond what she should be doing as an NYPD officer.  I could‘ve have imagined another reason for Mac (Gary Sinise) to be angry, very angry, after finding that she still pursued the case--and that it‘s gone more complicated than both of them initially expected.  Sure, I was wondering how this would affect her in the long run, and wondered why that question got quickly tossed when the evidence started stacking up.  Nevertheless, it was quite an interesting way of wrapping it up: a mix of ancient Greek geekiness and personal strife.  I didn‘t expect it to end up tackling Stella‘s past, much more than the professor is her dad!  Or so it was implied.  Must be Kanakaredes‘ writing. Read more »
Did you ever want to know the story behind CSI?  Click on the link below to watch a video of the show‘s creators discussing the creative process behind the original CSI‘s pilot episode.Writer Anthony Zuiker and Executive Producer CarolMendelsohn talk about creating the pilot>> Read more »
Farewell to you, then, Jessica Angell.  Mostly on the sidelines, at least when it comes to episodes of CSI: NY, until it became obvious that you had a thing for Flack, or better yet, both of you had this thing together.  It will always be a sad thing, seeing a member of the force die while on duty, much worse while being helpless about it--sure, she did manage to go down fighting, but considering what she was up against, well, it was bound to happen.Then again, the weird thing is, I wasn‘t really affected much by her death.  Was it the speculation weeks before last night?  Perhaps, but it would‘ve elicited the same reaction nevertheless.  I guess it was more of a gut feel, that if it would be her, it wouldn‘t be bear as heavily--well, I mean it‘d affect Flack waaay more than anybody else.  Just imagine the way they set everything up--the phone call before everything happened, the way he stared at her dead body, and finally, the way he shot dead the person who gave the fatal injury.  Just when you thought he‘d give some compassion, well, he didn‘t--and it‘s one of those moments when all you can do is understand.  You can‘t help but take things personally, sometimes.  Human nature. Read more »
So we meet again.  It‘s been roughly a week since the CSI season finales, and there‘ve been a lot of things, I know.  While it wasn‘t that spectacular in Las Vegas (although I thought otherwise, since that‘s what they usually do anyway), there was a missing cop in Miami, and there was a dead cop in New York--and maybe more.  Now, there‘s this five month wait before new episodes return in the fall, and that means the news tap would run a little dry, but right now, we still have a few things to deal with: what just happened.  On this edition of the case file, Emmanuelle Vaugier discusses her death in CSI: NY, and possible plans for the tenth season--tenth!--of the mother show, CSI. Read more »
It‘s another week, and what I thought would be some serious downtime isn‘t turning out to be just that.  The biggest news in CSI this week is, well, a lawsuit filed against the producers!  Sure you‘ve heard of this, but I‘ll have my own take on this later.  Also on this week‘s case file, Delko talks about girlfriend materials, and Mac talks about why he‘s happy with having a secure job in New York. Read more »
Continuing in this exciting week of Fall schedules, CBS revealed its lineup today, and while many shows remain fixed, there are some big moves.  The Mentalist, this past season‘s top new show, will get the coveted post-CSI timeslot Thursdays at 10pm.And one day after NBC officially cancelled Medium, CBS scooped it up and Patricia Arquette will now see ghosts right after Jennifer Love Hewitt does the same thing on Ghost Whisperer.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW  Read more »
Today CBS announced when its fall shows will premiere, and many of thedates are easy to remember because CBS is essentially launching all ofits shows in a single week.  From Monday, September 21 to Sunday,September 27, CBS will premiere all but two of its shows.Those exceptions include the newest season of Survivor, which premieresone week early to allow a two-hour premiere on Thursday. September 17,and the series premiere of Three Rivers starring Moonlight‘s AlexO‘Loughlin which comes Sunday, October 4, one week late to allow TheAmazing Race to have a two-hour premiere. Read more »
I‘ll start asking a handful of questions first, if you may.Flashback to CSI: NY‘s season finale.  They promised it‘d be pretty crucial for many people, and indeed, it is.  I still remember that guessing game we all had, about which character will die in the first ten minutes of the episode--well, someone leaked it pretty early and, while watching the finale, I already knew that Angell was going to die and breaking Flack‘s heart at the same time. Read more »
So, yes, I remember writing about A.J. Buckley when I began writing stuff on CSI: NY.  I guess it‘s because he‘s just one of my favorites on the show.  I find Adam slightly squeezable, in the same way you find Sid the complete opposite.  But I digress.So it‘s quite fun hearing that he‘s got a lot of thanking to give the folks at CSI: NY.  Of course, you can say it‘s his biggest break so far, being the lab rat who‘s pretty good but bumbling in his attempts to, I dunno, feel accepted or something.  Talking to The Calgary Herald while attending the Calgary Stampede--some event in Canada with cowboy stuff promoting the area‘s tourist spots--he revealed that he was in a pretty hard spot before the show came along. Read more »
As I write this, the folks at CSI: NY are shooting the first episodes of the sixth season.  I‘m looking at Hill Harper‘s tweets from the set, and his slightly amusing attempts at being interactive.  "You guys want me to wear glasses or not?" he asked as he prepared for a scene with Anna Belknap.  Looks like he did catch Twitter fever.That aside, though, he‘s got a handful of interesting thoughts about that cliffhanger ending which closed the fifth season a couple of months back.  You know, stuff about whether anybody will die, or what the new character will be up to when it all begins again--pretty much the same hyperactive questions I asked before.  And, since it‘s Hill Harper talking, well... Read more »
Looks like when Hill Harper said they‘ll have an announcement regarding who will play the new character on CSI: NY, he really meant it.  Now we have a name.  Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello reports that Sarah Carter has joined the sixth season of the crime drama as a series regular.The problem is, I don‘t have an idea who she‘s playing. Read more »
I don‘t know why the discussion went there, but I‘ll let it be, then.  Despite all that talk at the end of CSI: NY‘s finale--about who got affected by that drive-by shooting, or how Danny and Lindsay will deal with family and work--some people are still looking at that one thing they‘re wondering about: will Mac and Stella ever come together?  And by that, I mean beyond their already close workplace relationship. Read more »
The world of BuddyTV personality quizzes has finally equaled that of the CSI franchise with our third personality quiz, Which CSI: NY Character Are You?Answer the 15 questions to see which of the great CSI: NY characters you are, and be sure to also take our CSI and CSI: Miami quizzes to complete the trifecta. Read more »
This interview is fairly old, but I‘ll talk about it anyway because it poses a pretty interesting question.  Emmanuelle Vaugier was killed off on the CSI: NY season finale because of budget cuts, she says, so why hire Sarah Carter to play a new character?  Budget cuts, then get someone else?  Slightly confusing. Read more »
Apart from the question of whether anyone else got hurt in the drive-by shooting that kept us all hanging in the season finale of CSI: NY, and the question of how the new characters will change the team‘s dynamic, there‘s the question of the cases they will tackle.  There‘s an idea: a serial killer. Read more »
Again, I sense another split in the middle.This news may either be good news or bad news, depending on what you feel towards Laurence Fishburne‘s entry in CSI last season, or perhaps better yet, what you feel about how the writers dealt with his character.  Come November, Langston will be leaving the Las Vegas lab--no, not for good, but for a crossover to both CSI: Miami and CSI: NY.  Bah, it‘s something even Grissom didn‘t get to do. Read more »
The sixth season of CSI: NY kicks off on September 23 on CBS, and already there‘s quite a lot in store.  There‘s a new member of the team, a serial killer on the loose, and someone‘s life will be radically changed by the events of last season‘s finale.  If you want to get ahead of the pack, we have CSI: NY spoilers here, and we‘ll post the new ones as we get it, when we get it.  As always, check back here for spoilers and episode details for CSI: NY‘s sixth season. Read more »
The third week of September can be pretty much called CSI week.  It helps that CBS has decided to air the season premieres for all their fall shows in one week, so waiting for answers to whatever‘s happened to the teams in Las Vegas, Miami and New York isn‘t going to take that long, really.  And a lot‘s happening, too: a couple of new characters, a couple of returning characters, a couple of characters in the balance, and the usual crime investigations. Read more »
"Good point," I thought, when I read someone‘s question to the folks at  "Is there any scoop for Greg on CSI?" it went.  "We‘ve heard something about everyone else but him."And indeed, there hasn‘t been much on Greg.  Same goes for CSI: Miami‘s Ryan, a fact that I remembered when someone asked me for details about the half-forever outsider of the MDPD crime lab.  So I‘m going to make this an appreciation of sorts, for the slightly underappreciated characters in the CSI franchise.  Sorts, because I don‘t have info on everyone, I‘m afraid. Read more »
CSI: NY‘s fifth season ended with, literally, a bang.  Lots of it.  It was a pretty stormy episode, I‘ll have to add: Angell was killed within the first twenty minutes, Flack took things a little bit personal, and in the end, someone sprays machine gun fire at the entire team.  The question, of course, is this: whose life will be put on the line?No, I mean, not after all that happened on that day, no.  Read more »
Well, for a conclusion to a really tight season finale, this was a bit of run-of-the-mill.  Or maybe it‘s because I haven‘t watched a new episode in months, so I‘m still readjusting to all that these folks do.  Still, CSI: NY‘s return last night did show something: it‘s never going to be the same.  More so, because one of them is bound to a wheelchair, and it had to be Danny.It wasn‘t exactly the show‘s best-kept secret.  It seeped out of the cracks, fans started talking about it, and you know we pretty much confirmed it when the first photos came out.  Still, it‘s a little odd seeing the team‘s virtual third-in-command shift from the nitty gritty of field work to, well, being stuck on a chair most of the time.  (While he tried at the beginning to get something done, you know he knows he can‘t, and possibly won‘t.)  Read more »
During an idle stretch last week, I imagined Danny, now bound to a wheelchair, chasing bad guys down.Of course, it seems a bit ridiculous, but last week‘s message of hope against all odds--however cheesy that sounds--seemed to fit with my daydream.  He‘s just temporarily paralyzed, after all; just a few months of physical therapy (reflected on air) and a little more time should give him his ability to walk back.  For the meantime, though, that‘ll remain as an elephant of sorts in the NYPD--a reminder of what happened before.  Read more »
Both CSI and CSI: NY last week tackled issues that‘s literally ripped out of the headlines--although, of course, it‘s given a killer and the crime lab twist, which is exactly what we should expect.First up: CSI: NY, which saw a man who‘s killing off who he thinks is responsible for his worsening condition.  You see, he‘s got lung cancer, and an advanced state at that, and since he can‘t get out of his home he has to kill by hacking into stuff--the hospital owner‘s car, his doctor‘s food, his nurse‘s elevator--just so, he says, they can feel what he feels. Read more »
Remember news that Laurence Fishburne is doing a three-part crossover, with him guest starring on both CSI: Miami and CSI: NY on the same week, apart from his duties on CSI?  We‘re slowly getting some details as to what exactly will transpire on those three episodes next month.  And sure, it‘s too early for this, but we might as well form this little puzzle.  What‘s going to happen?The folks at CBS have released three photos for the second part of the crossover series--CSI: NY‘s part of the deal, so to speak.  Three photos of Langston working with Mac, and with the rest of the NYPD crime lab.  And it says quite a lot--well, the descriptions, at least.  Read more »
That makes it more convenient.CBS is giving us another peek at the three-part CSI crossover, where Laurence Fishburne finds himself in Miami and New York, as well as in Las Vegas, where he really should be.  Yesterday I showed you photos from CSI: NY‘s part of the deal, and now, I‘m showing you some photos from the CSI: Miami side of the deal, which airs November 9.  Read more »
Last week‘s episode of CSI: NY... okay, I don‘t have much to say about that now.  This week‘s episode?  Now it‘s something you might want to watch out for.  This is, after all, the episode which reintroduces us to the serial killer role that Skeet Ulrich has polished.  He is doing that thing again.Or, for me, an introduction, for I haven‘t seen Scream.  Read more »
Or as I‘d like to call it, "Langston week", so that it‘s easier for fans to keep track, or for those who aren‘t that fond of the idea, to stay away.CBS has finally released official details on Laurence Fishburne‘s three-part CSI crossover.  Quick history lesson: for a week in November, he‘ll appear on CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, apart from his home show, CSI.  Of course, we‘ll have more details as they come (which is why I won‘t be posting photos yet), but here‘s what you should expect--and here‘s why Langston‘s headed to those cities in the first place.  Read more »
A couple of tidbits from last week‘s CSI: NY, then.  First, Skeet Ulrich‘s serial killer is spooky, but very interesting--not because of how he does it, but because of what he‘s exactly up to.  Which, of course, is something that we don‘t know about just yet.  Which makes it much more interesting.  You get the idea.The second tidbit: Hayden Becall finally got a way into the NYPD crime lab.  Sneaky, sneaky you.  While it‘ll still take a while for me to warm to her, it‘s interesting seeing fireworks (of the wrong kind, should be) happen between her and Adam.  But I guess the "cute girl who stole my job" will stay longer.  Fireworks!  More emphasis on Adam!  Yay!  Sort of.  Read more »
Last week‘s CSI: NY was a bit confusing.  It went too many places before we all realize that it‘s just contaminated cotton swabs that‘s responsible for the bad DNA readings.  I didn‘t even know where to look first, really.  A couple of red herrings, an epiphany that came in the middle of nowhere, and me even thinking that Hayden Becall killed the guy--I don‘t know if I just misheard it, but that‘s what I thought of first.Well, at least there‘s a possibility that we‘ll see a standing Danny on tonight‘s episode, because it cannot be Lindsay‘s dream--that, or he cannot be standing that straight so quickly.  Of course, if you‘re paralyzed and undergoing physical therapy, you should be having a pretty hard time standing up for the first time in what seems like forever, right?  Well, there‘s hope.  Then, Danny can shave.  Read more »
In anticipation of the week-long CSI crossover episodes next week--they call it "CSI Trilogy" and I call it "Langston week"--here‘s a behind-the-scenes video on how the whole thing panned out.  Apart from the usual details on what we should expect next week, all those bits about human trafficking and severed legs, here‘s a chance to see why Raymond Fishburne looks forward to working with David Caruso and Gary Sinise, why it took a long time for a three-show crossover like this to happen, and how Langston does a Horatio impression.  Read more »
Two weeks ago, I watched CSI: NY paying particular interest to one of the dancers.  And then I said, "who would‘ve thought he‘d be in the Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance?"  And he was jumping around like crazy!I was referring, of course, to Legacy, but that‘s not really much considering the tragic nature of the case the team was investigating in that episode.  He wanted to become a hero so he faked a robbery?  And all those little decisions proved to be fatal?  Tragic, tragic, tragic.  I do hope the suspect gets a bit loose on this regard.  It‘s an accidental shooting!  There must be accommodations, right?  Read more »
Definitely adding a bit of spice to her life and veering away from her reality TV roots, Kim Kardashian has landed yet another acting gig.  The star of E!‘s Keeping Up with the Kardashians will reportedly be appearing on an upcoming episode of the series CSI: NY.  And, of course, this spells murder.  Onscreen anyway.She‘ll be guest-starring alongside actress Vanessa Minnillo, but this won‘t be the first time the two have worked together.  They both had roles in the 2008 flick Disaster Movie.  Joining the ladies on the series episode are LaLa Vasquez and the band Train, which makes for quite a star-studded installment of the show.  Read more »
Last night was the beginning of what is arguably the biggest thing that could happen to the CSI franchise: one storyline, across three shows, all in one week. Now, why did this take so long to happen? Surely there are a lot more crimes that are connected to other occurrences in other cities, right? Well, we‘ve had a few crossovers within the franchise before, and only because it‘s what the case calls for, and for that I‘m willing to let go of that little complaint of mine. Besides, this is looking pretty good already.As we‘ve all known for the past few months, Laurence Fishburne will make an appearance on all three shows, as Langston goes cross-country solving a crime that is more complicated and widespread than it looks. The opening salvo was on last night‘s CSI: Miami, when the MDPD crime lab‘s investigation into the murder of a missing girl uncovers something bigger than they thought. Just proves how small the world can be, since limbs from two different people were dumped in the same place... but I digress.  Read more »
I can‘t talk about what happened last week on CSI: NY because, frankly, there are more pressing stuff to tackle.  So here goes the revised introduction: two night ago on CSI: Miami, Horatio called Langston to help them look into the murder of a wannabe model.  A little digging, and turns out it‘s a gang that‘s into prostitution, killing off those who might talk to the police.Of course, the last exchange on that episode says it all: it‘s much bigger than they realize.  Cut to the lady they encountered earlier, and we have a continuation.  Read more »
The CSI crossover going on this week may involve one story split across three shows, but in reality it‘s really three different crimes with one common thread.  I thought it was the former after watching CSI: Miami Monday night, with the cliffhanger of sorts about a woman leaving a written plea for help inside a truck stop‘s restroom.  I tune in to CSI: NY last night and realize that we won‘t see much of a connection between what we saw before and what we‘re seeing now.Sure, there‘s Madeline Briggs.  Pegged in part one of the crossover as a suspect in the murder of a model wannabe, she has become the victim--the person Mac and the team must save as quickly as possible, before she dies of the grim circumstances she got herself in: possibly prostitution, possibly organ farm.  Maybe it‘s just me and my expectations of the crossover, but there was a bit of disappointment when the NYPD finally got in touch with Langston (who‘s still billeted in Miami) and suddenly all these details that we didn‘t see before came in.  The missing notice we didn‘t hear of, the death of the guy accompanying Madeline over there.  It feels a bit plastered in.  Read more »
After the crossover episodes last week, as I said before, it‘s back to normal for everybody--and in the case of the NYPD crime lab, they still have some crimes to solve. Say, the Compass Killer? They‘re no closer to finding out where he is, or more importantly, why he‘s doing it--have the police run around the city looking for the next victim. Well, Mr. Eckhart, you‘re doing a good job keeping the police fit.On tonight‘s CSI: NY, the Compass Killer strikes again, killing a third victim. The team, this time, are at the 59th Street Bridge, where a body just falls from nowhere. And then there‘s a pinned note, and then there‘s a passport pointing east--and another one of those cross-city chases.  Read more »
Last week‘s CSI: NY held pretty significant breakthroughs in the effort to crack just who the Compass Killer is. So, Hollis Eckhart is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He‘s a paranoid schizophrenic. His wife died in a tragic shooting. And now, he‘s exacting revenge, or something like it. But that doesn‘t mean we‘re any closer to the truth--especially now that he‘s escaped from the clutches of the cops again, and possibly out for his next victim......and then Terence Davis returns, saving Flack from messing himself up big time. I know Angell died, and I know it‘s hard, but a little more and you‘re going the Compass Killer‘s direction, and that‘s not fun.  Read more »
Surely you‘ve already heard about Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo playing would-be criminal masterminds on CSI: NY, right? Well, that episode airs December 16--so that‘s really soon now--and we‘ve gotten our hands on some photographic proof that they are appearing on the show. Well, surely Kim would not lie on her Twitter page.That episode, entitled "Second Chances", sees the team investigate an extremely violent murder of a young man. And a clearly premeditated one, too. So that makes the idea of these two celebrity hotties playing possible murderers a little weird, right? Read more »
Who takes the time to rig their house with booby traps?Maybe someone who has all the money, all the imagination, and all the time. So it‘s easy to put in a trap on the front door, and a trap in the kitchen, and slippery floors in the bathroom, and a mattress that eats whoever is committing nefarious deeds there up. Maybe a flamethrower in the lawn.  Read more »
We‘re slowly getting a better idea on what to expect on next week‘s CSI: NY--you know, the one with Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo. I didn‘t exactly think it would be a feel-good holiday episode, but considering what these two guests play--Kim is the girlfriend of a recovering drug addict, while Vanessa is the fiancé of another--I get the idea.Still, this is CSI: NY, and while these two are doing their best to get someone back in the right track, that doesn‘t mean they don‘t get questioned for a murder.  Read more »
There‘s quite a lot of unanswered questions as we begin season 6 of CSI: NY on September 24.  At the end of the last season, one member of the team died on duty, and another‘s life is placed on the line after a drive-by shooting targets the entire team.  Season 6 also sees two new cast members, one of which is Sarah Carter as clean-up tech Hayden Becall--and, of course, how the team will be affected by that one shooting. Check back here for news, details, and thoughts on the episodes as they come along. Read more »
The obligatory Christmas-themed episode in the CSI franchise this year goes to CSI: NY. But, really, it wouldn‘t look like it if not for those pictures of Danny, Lindsay, and some dude named Santa Claus circulating.But tonight‘s episode, they say, is one where we see the good side of people, after seeing the bad side of everyone. (Sorry for being a cop.) If you think drug addicts can just stay stuck there, going nowhere, then they‘ll say this is the exception: drug addicts recovering, and friends helping them recover. Read more »
Here at BuddyTV, we really like ships. We get invested in the relationships or potential relationships of our favorite characters and we definitely get a bit obsessed. We‘ve already told you our rankings for the Best Ships of 2009, but we want you to be able to convince us otherwise. We decided to put together a video contest for the best (relation)ship of 2009. Simply watch the video below for the rules and then submit your entry.UPDATE: Due to the large number of entries winners will be announced Friday January 15! Thank you to everyone who submitted. Read more »
The last time we left CSI: NY, everyone was feeling so good--although, eventually, we realized that some good deeds are just for, well, bad ends. Gar, Vanessa and Kim. But, still, it‘s a Christmas episode, we get some songs and Hawkes in a Santa suit. Must be a feel-good episode.And then we‘re back to the darker stuff. There are the Santas of the world, and to use a sketchy metaphor, there are the Grinches. I think here‘s one.  Read more »
Surely we‘ve watched football in one way or another, and we know that it‘s a contact sport, the sort where "contact" means "serious injury". There are broken bones, and there are the scarier stuff, like the bits about brain damage we‘ve been hearing lately. Turns out, all that gear those players put on aren‘t enough, although they do limit the damage that‘s done.So, a Lingerie Football League? The selling point must be the lingerie. Boys love girls in lingerie and just lingerie. Do the girls wear protective gear? If they wear them, boys don‘t get to see the lingerie. Oh, pickle. Do they even play football? I don‘t really know. I haven‘t seen one.  Read more »
Looks like Mac Taylor‘s getting more loving after three seasons.Madchen Amick is set to join the cast of CSI: NY later this season. reports that her recurring role will set her be a love interest for Gary Sinise‘s character. However, there‘s no confirmation on when her first episode will air.  Read more »
It was nice seeing Sid take center stage in last week‘s CSI: NY. Formerly the dude with all the quips and the slightly awkward moments with the rest of the team, this time he‘s the one with a personal stake on the crime--and sure, he isn‘t exactly related to the victims, but doctors try their best to figure out what went wrong with someone, and as the case unraveled, so did his journey to finding out the truth.That, and it‘s refreshing to see Sid pull off the dramatic moments--remember last season‘s bit with a former colleague harvesting organs to create drugs? Then again, to get there, Mac had to think he‘s a fan of the Lingerie Football League, something I still don‘t understand.  Read more »
Let‘s talk about stunt casting later. Let‘s talk about the surprisingly good CSI: NY episode last week. You know, the one with the vampires, the one that could‘ve been about Twilight but ended up being very understated, elegant and poignant. I never thought I‘d use "poignant" as a word to describe something about vampires--surely Edward Cullen can be a bit poignant, but that‘s too cheesy. You know what I mean?Okay. Now onto the stunt casting bit. No, I‘m not saying that Danica Patrick appearing in tonight‘s episode is inappropriate--it‘s about professional racing, after all--but if you‘ve seen the photos, you‘ll have a sense that she‘s just there for a little bit of eye candy. But maybe I‘m getting too suspicious too early. She is, after all, the closest competitor of tonight‘s casualty, and we could expect seeing her do more than pose for the cameras.  Read more »
Nope, I don‘t think he‘ll be screaming "Waaaaaalt!" this time.Harold Perrineau has booked a guest role in an upcoming episode of CSI: NY, airing in April. Entertainment Weekly reports that Perrineau, best known as Lost‘s Michael Dawson, will play a death row inmate who finds himself fighting for his life when he finds himself in the middle of a prison riot.  Read more »
A couple of weeks back we reported that Mac is getting another love interest on CSI: NY this season, this time in the form of Madchen Amick. The star of the short-lived My Own Worst Enemy will join the show in a recurring role, and her first episode will air on March 10.The episode is "Pot of Gold" and, as the title suggests, the case happens some time near St. Patrick‘s Day. But while the team start chasing people along the annual parade, Mac and Amick‘s character will meet up somewhere and see sparks fly, as these photos suggest:  Read more »
Harold Perrineau is returning to Lost tomorrow night, but that‘s not the only show he‘ll be popping up in this week: he‘s also making an appearance on this week‘s CSI: NY.And judging from what we‘ve heard about it so far, it‘s shaping up to be a huge episode. Anyone who follows Hill Harper‘s tweets would be excited too, seeing that the actor‘s calling it a landmark episode for his character, Sheldon Hawkes.  Read more »
The CSI crossover episodes wrapped up last night, with Langston returning to Las Vegas to solve one case with implications to the bigger case he‘s been following: the disappearance of Madeline Briggs, who apparently was caught in the middle of a trucking ring that dealt with prostitution and illegal organ harvesting.  By now the ground rules have been more than set: each of the episodes this week are stand-alone ones, with a common thread, and Langston, linking across the three.  By the time we got to Thursday night, I honestly didn‘t have any expectations, because Langston is back in his home turf.Therefore, it felt like watching any other CSI episode.  It‘s a little weirder than watching CSI: NY two nights ago: even if it felt like nothing much has changed, the present of a central figure in a sister show changes the mood a bit.  Last night just wrapped everything up: the Langston we saw was the Langston that was established the past week--dedicated and passionate to a fault.  The only thing holding me on to it, admittedly, was the promise that the storyline I followed over the past week will be wrapped up here.  And it was: they did find Madeline, but many others continue to be victimized, because he‘s obviously not out (or not capable) of bringing down a country-wide trucking ring.  Read more »
Summer is upon us and that means it‘s time to mark our calendars and bid farewell to some of our favorite shows, including Lost, Grey‘s Anatomy, Glee, and 24, just to name a few. To help you plan your TV schedule, here‘s a rundown of shows that are about to wrap up and their respective finale dates. Read more »
We‘ve got two things to talk about on the CSI world tonight. One‘s on departing CSI: NY producer Peter Lenkov, talking about his plans on the upcoming reboot of Hawaii Five-O.  Read more »
Today CBS announced its plans for the fall, and while the vast majority of the schedule comes from returning shows, some of the biggest series are getting new timeslots.  CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Survivor and The Big Bang Theory are all moving to new nights.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>> Read more »
CBS has reportedly picked up at least six new series for its upcoming fall season.Leading the new pick-ups is the remake of the classic crime series Hawaii 5-O, the much-buzzed about project from Fringe producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and CSI: NY producer Peter Lenkov. The reboot features Three Rivers‘ Alex O‘Laughlin and Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim in lead roles, along with Taryn Manning, Grace Park and Scott Caan.  Read more »