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Both CSI and CSI: NY last week tackled issues that‘s literally ripped out of the headlines--although, of course, it‘s given a killer and the crime lab twist, which is exactly what we should expect.First up: CSI: NY, which saw a man who‘s killing off who he thinks is responsible for his worsening condition.  You see, he‘s got lung cancer, and an advanced state at that, and since he can‘t get out of his home he has to kill by hacking into stuff--the hospital owner‘s car, his doctor‘s food, his nurse‘s elevator--just so, he says, they can feel what he feels. Read more »
Remember news that Laurence Fishburne is doing a three-part crossover, with him guest starring on both CSI: Miami and CSI: NY on the same week, apart from his duties on CSI?  We‘re slowly getting some details as to what exactly will transpire on those three episodes next month.  And sure, it‘s too early for this, but we might as well form this little puzzle.  What‘s going to happen?The folks at CBS have released three photos for the second part of the crossover series--CSI: NY‘s part of the deal, so to speak.  Three photos of Langston working with Mac, and with the rest of the NYPD crime lab.  And it says quite a lot--well, the descriptions, at least.  Read more »
That makes it more convenient.CBS is giving us another peek at the three-part CSI crossover, where Laurence Fishburne finds himself in Miami and New York, as well as in Las Vegas, where he really should be.  Yesterday I showed you photos from CSI: NY‘s part of the deal, and now, I‘m showing you some photos from the CSI: Miami side of the deal, which airs November 9.  Read more »
Or as I‘d like to call it, "Langston week", so that it‘s easier for fans to keep track, or for those who aren‘t that fond of the idea, to stay away.CBS has finally released official details on Laurence Fishburne‘s three-part CSI crossover.  Quick history lesson: for a week in November, he‘ll appear on CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, apart from his home show, CSI.  Of course, we‘ll have more details as they come (which is why I won‘t be posting photos yet), but here‘s what you should expect--and here‘s why Langston‘s headed to those cities in the first place.  Read more »
I think we all saw this coming, right?  The return of Sara Sidle (uhh, Grissom) cannot be just for five episodes this season.  Now, it has been confirmed that Jorja Fox‘s return to the current season of CSI will be indefinite, which means we‘ll see more of her than we initially thought this season."This season is about bringing the family back together again," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello.  "Jorja has been the glue that has really helped to reform the bond of our team."  Read more »
In anticipation of the week-long CSI crossover episodes next week--they call it "CSI Trilogy" and I call it "Langston week"--here‘s a behind-the-scenes video on how the whole thing panned out.  Apart from the usual details on what we should expect next week, all those bits about human trafficking and severed legs, here‘s a chance to see why Raymond Fishburne looks forward to working with David Caruso and Gary Sinise, why it took a long time for a three-show crossover like this to happen, and how Langston does a Horatio impression.  Read more »
This morning the People‘s Choice Award nominations were revealed, andas always, it‘s populism at its best.  On the TV side, the nomineesoften look like the top of the Nielsen ratings list, with a few notableand surprising exceptions.  Shows like True Blood and Gossip Girl crept into the Favorite TV Actress categories while Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show features Lost, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.However, those are the very cool exceptions.  For the most part, the list is full of CSI, NCIS, Grey‘s Anatomy, Two and a Half Men and other top-rated shows.  Here are the major television nominees for this year‘s People‘s Choice Awards. To vote for the People‘s Choice Awards, CLICK HERE. Read more »
Last night was the beginning of what is arguably the biggest thing that could happen to the CSI franchise: one storyline, across three shows, all in one week. Now, why did this take so long to happen? Surely there are a lot more crimes that are connected to other occurrences in other cities, right? Well, we‘ve had a few crossovers within the franchise before, and only because it‘s what the case calls for, and for that I‘m willing to let go of that little complaint of mine. Besides, this is looking pretty good already.As we‘ve all known for the past few months, Laurence Fishburne will make an appearance on all three shows, as Langston goes cross-country solving a crime that is more complicated and widespread than it looks. The opening salvo was on last night‘s CSI: Miami, when the MDPD crime lab‘s investigation into the murder of a missing girl uncovers something bigger than they thought. Just proves how small the world can be, since limbs from two different people were dumped in the same place... but I digress.  Read more »
The CSI crossover going on this week may involve one story split across three shows, but in reality it‘s really three different crimes with one common thread.  I thought it was the former after watching CSI: Miami Monday night, with the cliffhanger of sorts about a woman leaving a written plea for help inside a truck stop‘s restroom.  I tune in to CSI: NY last night and realize that we won‘t see much of a connection between what we saw before and what we‘re seeing now.Sure, there‘s Madeline Briggs.  Pegged in part one of the crossover as a suspect in the murder of a model wannabe, she has become the victim--the person Mac and the team must save as quickly as possible, before she dies of the grim circumstances she got herself in: possibly prostitution, possibly organ farm.  Maybe it‘s just me and my expectations of the crossover, but there was a bit of disappointment when the NYPD finally got in touch with Langston (who‘s still billeted in Miami) and suddenly all these details that we didn‘t see before came in.  The missing notice we didn‘t hear of, the death of the guy accompanying Madeline over there.  It feels a bit plastered in.  Read more »
The tenth season of CSI kicks off on the foot of a very tumultuous year for the Las Vegas crime lab.  A lot‘s already happened after the death of one member, the departure of another, and the arrival of two more, lots of things have happened happen on season 10.  Jorja Fox has returned as Sara Sidle, and Langston has appeared in the other CSI shows as part of a crossover.  CSI‘s season 10 also sees a serial killer with an neat streak wreck havoc, and put the team to the test again.Check back here for more details on upcoming episodes, as well as news surrounding season 10. Read more »
The tenth season is underway, but if you want to get ahead of the rest and get your hands on CSI spoilers, then this is where you should go.  We will post here CSI spoilers for the upcoming season as we get when, when we get them.  Make sure to check back periodically to see the latest details on upcoming episodes. Read more »
So what happened to Dr. Jekyll? We saw him tie a knot out of someone‘s intestines. We saw him insert a clue on someone‘s innards. And then he disappeared.Or maybe not. Tonight, he‘s back.  Read more »
It‘s that time in the CSI season again when we seemingly take a break from the grind of the night shift and do something a little more fun. In this case, it‘s a Hodges/Wendy episode.I‘ll admit, I actually like their pairing. Remember last season‘s sci-fi themed episode, when Hodges was daydreaming of Wendy in a Star Trek-like environment? I don‘t think we‘ll have anything like that on tonight‘s episode, but expect a little light-hearted fun.  Read more »
The way I see it, it‘s as if Sara Sidle never really left.I mean, she left in the eighth, showed up on the ninth, and is sort of returning to the team for the tenth, which starts tonight, right?  Then again, there are a lot of questions now that Sara‘s back on CSI.  You know, stuff about her reasons for her return, or what she‘s been up to in between her first departure, her Costa Rican gig, and her return.  Or whether something‘s happened between her and Grissom. Read more »
Once I got past what is possibly the weirdest two minutes in CSI history--that‘d be that slow-motion freeze-frame whatever-it‘s-called that was amazing only for the first thirty seconds--I sort of figured out what they were aiming to do with last night‘s season premiere: reestablish everything.Of course, we‘ve written a lot about how tumultuous the past couple of seasons have been for the show.  And I don‘t think I still have to list it down.  Anyway, those changes evidently rattled everyone, and judging from Riley‘s exit interview (which I honestly thought was a little out of place), something had to be done, so they did exactly that.  And no, I‘m not thinking of Sara Grissom‘s return.  Read more »
Correct me if I‘m wrong, but it‘s pretty rare seeing CSI introduce a bit of the upcoming episode within the storyline of the previous episode.  You get me?  I was, of course, referring to that one scene at the morgue with Langston and Robbins, opening up a body, and wondering what exactly it is that they saw.  Neither has the answer.  I guess they‘re both still reeling from that attack on the lab (and the subsequent freeze-frame introduction).But if you‘ve been paying extra attention to stuff, you‘ll know that what we have is an odd case of a person‘s intestines getting tied to a bow.  Yes, I‘m just relying on what I saw.  And no, I didn‘t see the intestines.  But the idea of doing that without opening up the gut is... quite iffy.  Don‘t you think?  Read more »
You know I usually make a slideshow when new photos from an upcoming episode of CSI (and, obviously, all the other shows I cover) come out.  But anyone who‘s done a slideshow on BuddyTV know the rules: you need to have at least three slides before you can make one.  Unfortunately, for next week‘s episode of CSI, the folks at CBS only gave us one.So I decided we‘ll just have a little bit of fun and make up a caption to this image.  Nothing‘s at stake.  Just a bit of fun.  This photo, by the way, if for next week‘s episode, named "Working Stiffs"--and involves a case of office politics gone wrong.  Really wrong.  Read more »
Two interesting details from last week‘s CSI.  The first is, obviously, the discovery that we have another serial killer in our hands--the sort that ties a victim‘s small intestines around the spleen like a bow.  Sounds icky, sure.  Ickier, since there‘s no visible opening.  Even ickier, Langston can‘t figure out how to do it just yet.The other interesting detail: Langston himself.  We now know that his dad fought in the Korean War who brought the fighting with him when he returned from duty.  I don‘t think he sees himself as connected to his dad--he‘s still remorseful from what happened when he was still a doctor, after all.  But he didn‘t feel bad when he killed someone in last season‘s finale.  Obviously we‘re setting things up--especially with the surprise blood sample from that medal.  Read more »
Did they just mention MythBusters on last week‘s CSI?  Because anyhow, I actually love it.  I remember watching them actually test the thing about opening a safe with explosives and lots of water, although I don‘t really think it worked--more because the blast will destroy whatever‘s inside the safe, too.Then again, the safe only contained money.  Read more »
I liked last week.  Let‘s see if we‘ll like this week.If last week‘s CSI looked into a policeman who shot a fellow policeman who he thought was shooting indiscriminately, but turns out was shooting someone who was shooting his ward--yeah, I know that sounds confusing--then this week, we look at one big entity: a football team.  Read more »
In the end, it all boils down to the guy who doesn‘t like the way the poor coach did things.  Of course, it takes a turn for the worse when it involves another crime that seemingly did not have a relation before.Looks like the folks over at CSI are up to something, then.  On tonight‘s episode, the team investigate, again, two seemingly unrelated crimes--but at least, right now, we know that these crimes are part of some twisted revenge plot that seems scary, just judging from the episode title.  Read more »
It‘s been a pretty action-packed CSI: NY last night, but now the stakes are much higher, and Langston‘s cross-country trip ends tonight.  The trilogy, the crossover, ends here.Tonight‘s CSI sees the culmination of Langston‘s search for a hostage, one that he somehow (almost!) chanced upon in Miami last Monday, and went after in New York.  He‘s gone up against a gang involved in prostitution, and eventually a trucking ring involved in selling organs in the black market, as well as human trafficking.  Read more »
The CSI crossover episodes wrapped up last night, with Langston returning to Las Vegas to solve one case with implications to the bigger case he‘s been following: the disappearance of Madeline Briggs, who apparently was caught in the middle of a trucking ring that dealt with prostitution and illegal organ harvesting.  By now the ground rules have been more than set: each of the episodes this week are stand-alone ones, with a common thread, and Langston, linking across the three.  By the time we got to Thursday night, I honestly didn‘t have any expectations, because Langston is back in his home turf.Therefore, it felt like watching any other CSI episode.  It‘s a little weirder than watching CSI: NY two nights ago: even if it felt like nothing much has changed, the present of a central figure in a sister show changes the mood a bit.  Last night just wrapped everything up: the Langston we saw was the Langston that was established the past week--dedicated and passionate to a fault.  The only thing holding me on to it, admittedly, was the promise that the storyline I followed over the past week will be wrapped up here.  And it was: they did find Madeline, but many others continue to be victimized, because he‘s obviously not out (or not capable) of bringing down a country-wide trucking ring.  Read more »
It‘s been a while since I‘ve gone bowling. How old was I, around ten, I think? I couldn‘t hit a strike, I couldn‘t hit a spare, even--but miraculous, I didn‘t hit the gutter as often as I should. I guess I was meant for bowling greatness, but I‘m writing stuff about crime dramas instead.I mention this because tonight‘s CSI sees the team investigating a murder at a bowling alley. Nothing really peculiar--sometimes murders happen in the most unlikely of places, and as long as tempers flare, and the circumstances are right, something bad will happen.  Read more »
Looks like the CSI franchise is falling in love with musicians lately. Nelly returned to CSI: NY a couple of weeks back, and band Train‘s set to appear in an episode a couple of weeks from now. Then there‘s P. Diddy on CSI: Miami last year. Surely CSI had their own share of musician love, and the same goes next year, as the crime drama booked country band Rascal Flatts for an upcoming episode.  Read more »
I actually forgot about the existence of that freaky serial killer. You know? Dr. Jekyll? The guy who kills people and leaves their intestines tied in a knot, without any visible incisions? It seems we left that behind after Sara‘s return and that crossover... and then, this. Yes, we are back, it seems. No wonder this episode is called "Appendicitement".But on CSI tonight, Nick, Greg and Hodges give Henry a birthday treat for him. Happy birthday, you. So they go to a biker bar, you know, just to have fun... well, you know the thing with being CSIs: your job will rear its ugly head wherever you are.  Read more »
Last week‘s CSI is one of those rare episodes where you laugh when you shouldn‘t--but you just can‘t help it. So yes, Henry, it sucks to be you on your birthday: a car flipping, a sprained ankle, a closed ribs restaurant, someone making the moves on you... and work. Work. Work. I mean, it‘s one of those days when you deserve a break (and got just that) but......well, it‘s fun relishing those few times when CSI decides to become funny and give us a different side of the lab rats. At Henry‘s expense, unfortunately. Read more »
Is it just me, or did the revelation of the killer in last week‘s CSI feel a bit lacking? He killed two ladies who were out to con him. I understand he had to, else his affair would be revealed and he‘d get so screwed. But something really feels missing. Or maybe I wasn‘t struck with his "there‘s an 80% chance of this and that so I did this" thinking.Or maybe I was getting more drawn towards the Dr. Jekyll storyline. Interesting that dude doesn‘t do the same thing over and over, which is probably why Langston and Nick got off track with their arrest. But still, it‘s interesting.  Read more »
CSI returns with an all-new episode tonight, and it‘s one full of unusual killers. Or, at least, unusual motives.For one, Langston is still out looking for Dr. Jekyll, who turns out isn‘t necessarily into tying up a dead person‘s guts. I mean, the last time he struck, he performed a delicate operation on someone sleeping, and just that! Last time we left they were a bit closer (just a bit) to identifying who the guy is, but of course, it‘s gotta take a while.  Read more »
It‘s been a month flat since the last new CSI episode--that one, if you still remember, was the one with the cheerleader who got hit by a car and flung so far out, as well as her boyfriend who was going to die anyway. That was a little scary (imagine, being flung that far out!) but it was oddly fun, thanks to Wendy‘s line about Hodges reading up on Twilight.Tonight, it‘s Rascal Flatts.  Read more »
It‘s a little disappointing to see the team investigate a crime that doesn‘t turn out to be a crime. It‘s a little disconcerting thinking that a flyaway broken driver can kill you. And it‘s a little funny that, in the last CSI episode a couple of weeks back, there was a lot of space for double entendres.Oh, and Hodges‘ pride on the line. Yeah, it‘s on the line in every single case, but this time around, when he was tasked to find the crime scene? I actually liked how it all panned out. The montage, too, especially when he literally went nowhere.  Read more »
A little reminder tonight: CSI will be on at 10pm, an hour later than the usual. Some say it‘s another experiment on the network‘s part to see whether The Mentalist will do better in the 9pm slot, like they did with the reruns over the past few weeks. I think it‘s because tonight‘s case is just pretty, you know, odd.If you‘ve seen the photos from tonight‘s episode, you‘ll notice me pointing out that the network didn‘t release the episode title early. They eventually did: it‘s called "The Panty Sniffer". Sounds iffy, don‘t you think?  Read more »
It seems we‘re done with the stunt casting for now.Then again, the Rascal Flatts appearance on last week‘s CSI went down pretty well. Maybe it‘s because the focus on the episode wasn‘t on their odd case (the culprit‘s excuse was flimsy!) but was on the death of a former CIA agent who... did I hear that right? A possible connection to Langston‘s father?  Read more »
Looks like Langston is getting a familiar face to help him find Dr. Jekyll on CSI--and no, it‘s not Grissom.Entertainment Weekly reports that Bill Irwin is returning to the last two episodes of CSI‘s current season as Nate Haskell, also known as the Dick and Jane Killer. You probably remember him last season, in the two episodes that saw the departure of William Petersen‘s Grissom and the entry of Laurence Fishburne‘s Langston.  Read more »
Langston isn‘t going away any time soon.Laurence Fishburne has extended his contract with the CBS crime drama CSI, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Reports state that the new contract will see the Emmy winner stay on the show for its 11th season later this year.  Read more »
We had a pretty light CSI last week. Wendy pulling off all those pranks on Henry? Hodges actually taking the fall? These two should really get together now, right?But enough of that. We all know romance isn‘t a priority when other people‘s lives are on the line, and right now that‘s just the situation. The focus shifts back to Catherine, as she investigates a murder in her child Lindsay‘s school. And, as always, there‘s a connection between that case and past atrocities. Read more »
I‘d usually make a slideshow whenever photos from new episodes would come around, but to create a slideshow, we need three photos. And next week‘s CSI episode only has two. So, we get an article instead. Not exactly an unfamiliar situation, don‘t you think?Anyway, this CSI episode, airing on May 6, will revolve around a mother who lost her family three years ago--and suddenly becomes a suspect in an investigation. And judging from the photos, Catherine is the star of the show.  Read more »
Here‘s a thought. Put yourself in the shoes of this famous comedian. Famous back then--maybe in the ‘50s or something--but you‘re still much loved. You need some cash, so you return to the stage, and to boot, you convinced your old partner-in-crime to join you. "One night only," you say. He goes, "sure."And then, nights before your reunion show, someone kills you. Where‘s the comedy in that?  Read more »
If you like daydreaming about dating your favorite TV characters, then you‘re not alone. After all, TV Land might just be the best place to find that perfect hunk, whether you‘re looking for someone who will knock you off your feet with grand romantic gestures, a knight in shining armor who will rescue you from serial killers or that special friend with benefits. We asked and you answered the call for your favorite TV boyfriends. Here‘s who made the short list:  Read more »
Imagine the scenario again. You‘ve been largely considered a victim of something. In the case of tonight‘s CSI, you‘re the mother of a family that disappeared just like that. It‘s been three years since, and you haven‘t quite gotten over the crime, especially since there‘s no resolution to that.Now, imagine the police knocking to your door, telling you that you, the mourner, has become the suspect in one of their investigations. Read more »
For CSI fans who were largely skeptical of Laurence Fishburne‘s entry as Ray Langston, they probably didn‘t enjoy this season‘s major serial killer, that freaky guy known as Dr. Jekyll. You know, he who tied someone‘s intestines into a knot, and he who put some radioactive material in someone‘s head... nobody knows what he‘s up to.It‘s something Langston has taken a deep interest in, partly because he‘s a doctor, one with regrets, and partly because it‘s a serial killer, something he specialized in--remember the Dick and Jane Killer? Well, maybe he‘s taken too much of an interest, because on tonight‘s episode, he‘ll be pegged as the suspect rather than the investigator.  Read more »
Summer is upon us and that means it‘s time to mark our calendars and bid farewell to some of our favorite shows, including Lost, Grey‘s Anatomy, Glee, and 24, just to name a few. To help you plan your TV schedule, here‘s a rundown of shows that are about to wrap up and their respective finale dates. Read more »
They said last week‘s CSI was the first part of a two-part season finale, but it sure didn‘t feel that way. Sure, we got a little glimpse into how obsessed Langston was with finding out who Dr. Jekyll is -- to the point that he‘d get himself suspended from the crime lab -- but for the most part it was another case altogether... at least until we learn that Dr. Jekyll is following him and that Nate Haskell has the answers to all our questions.At least, after a whole season of wondering, we finally get to know who this Dr. Jekyll guy really is. And when we do learn his identity, things are going to go bottoms up.  Read more »
We‘ve got two things to talk about on the CSI world tonight. One‘s on departing CSI: NY producer Peter Lenkov, talking about his plans on the upcoming reboot of Hawaii Five-O.  Read more »
Oh, man, what about the Wendy-Hodges story?Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello reports that CSI‘s producers have dropped Liz Vassey, best known as lab rat Wendy Simms, from the cast.  Read more »
Today CBS announced its plans for the fall, and while the vast majority of the schedule comes from returning shows, some of the biggest series are getting new timeslots.  CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Survivor and The Big Bang Theory are all moving to new nights.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>> Read more »