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Last season, the team bid farewell to one of their own and in tonight‘s season 8 opener, we are introduced to a new profiler. How will this seasoned agent handle the challenges of the BAU? Only time will tell, but for now, the team tackles a case in which an UnSub silences his victims.  Read more »
In the season 8 premiere, we were introduced to new agent, Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn). This week, we learn a bit more about the BAU‘s newest member as the team tackles two seemingly unrelated murders committed in two different cities.Alex and her husbandDuring the investigation, Alex and Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) talk about Alex‘s husband. We learn that he is overseas -- he works for Doctors without Borders -- and has a lot of stuff in a storage unit. Alex and her husband communicate via Skype and though it is difficult, they make the best of it. Alex says that whenever they do spend time together, it feels like they are dating and when they don‘t, Alex uses her alone-time to get things done. That sounds like a pretty healthy approach to a long-distance marriage and it makes me want to see one of those Skype sessions later on this season.Alex seems to be adjusting to life in the BAU rather well, at least thus far. Though it still feels odd to see a new face at the table, I like that the agents treat Alex as if she is already one of them and there is no residual awkwardness from her introduction in the premiere.  Read more »
Tonight‘s episode takes a look at families, as the agents investigate two seemingly unrelated cases of missing families and one team member faces a big change in their personal life.A Childhood FantasyAfter three members of a family are found dead and the youngest son is reported missing, the team takes a closer look at the case. They do not believe it is the work of the deceased father, especially when another family also disappears. The agents realize the Unsub is staging the murders to make it look like the father is the perpetrator. When the body of the missing boy is found, the agents focus all of their attention on finding the second family. It turns out the Unsub is abducting these families and attempting to fix what is wrong with them in order to create the perfect family he never had. In the end, the agents arrest the Unsub and rescue the second family. Read more »
In tonight‘s episode of Criminal Minds, the team tackles the case of an Unsub who is not interested in killing or torturing his victims and Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) has a new lady in his life.Not exactly St. Mary‘sThe Unsub in this episode is performing amputations on his victims, namely of their legs. The team wonders if the Unsub might be selling the legs on the black market, but they quickly disprove that theory. Eventually, Reid realizes the Unsub is using his victims as experiments to see if he can successfully re-attach a foreign leg to someone‘s body.The agents figure out that the Unsub is doing these experiments as a way to ‘fix‘ someone close to him. It turns out that the Unsub‘s wife has a limb deformity from chicken pox and he was trying to make her better. The team gets there in time to save the latest victim and the Unsub is arrested.  Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, the team investigates a very strange case involving a health-conscious Unsub and JJ‘s (A.J. Cook) son surprises everyone his with costume choice.Family or Food?Four men vanish into thin air and the team heads to Oregon to investigate the disappearances. Shortly after they arrive, the body of the latest victim is found. After examing the victim‘s body and finding no signs of torture, the agents start to think the Unsub might be a woman. The agents believe the Unsub is abducting these men in a search for the perfect breeding partner to create a family. Then the Unsub kidnaps a pregnant woman and the team thinks they are on the right track, but it turns out the Unsub is up to something else entirely.The Unsub is a hypochondriac and believes both she and her daughter have a horrible skin disease. (The Unsub did have this disease once upon a time, but has since been cured.) She is using her victims to ‘treat‘ this imaginary illness. The Unsub kidnaps the pregnant woman for her placenta and uses her male victims as human fertilizer. (Yes, this episode is nice and gross.) Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, "The Apprenticeship", the team investigates the murders of several prostitutes and Morgan (Shemar Moore) coaches Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) through a new experience. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.Toby and TurnerAfter an Unsub makes the move from animal victims to human ones, the agents take on the case. They soon realize that they are looking for a team of Unsubs, one who is only an adolescent and another who is much older. The older Unsub, Turner, is mentoring the younger one on how to be a better killer. Eventually, the team learns that Turner was also mentored and is passing on the killing legacy in the same way it was passed on to him.The younger Unsub, Toby, eventually steps up the game by kidnapping his boss, Holly. Turner is not thrilled about this, as one of the main rules is to never target someone you know. The two Unsubs, both psychopaths, get into a fight and Turner kills his protege. The team arrives just as Turner is about to kill Holly. Turner, an ex-con, then commits suicide-by-cop to avoid going back to prison and Holly is rescued. Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, "The Fallen", the team investigates the murders of several homeless people in California while Rossi (Joe Mantegna) reconnects with someone from his past. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.Setting a bad exampleThe team heads to California after the bodies of two men and one woman are found on the Santa Monica pier. After they learn that all of the victims were transient, the team realizes that the Unsub is trying to eradicate the homeless population in his city. It turns out that the Unsub is a former firefighter who contracted tuberculosis after saving the lives of several homeless people in a warehouse fire. The agents track him down, but the Unsub sets himself on fire because he can be arrested. Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »
In the season‘s eighth episode, "The Wheels on the Bus," the team investigates a mass-abduction near Washington DC. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.Not Your Average School DayDuring a seemingly normal afternoon, a school bus is flagged down on the road and two Unsubs board the bus, taking everyone on it prisoner. There are 24 students and two adults on the bus but the adults are killed shortly thereafter. The BAU and local law enforcement engage all their resources to find the victims and Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) eventually traces the bus to an abandoned barn. The now-empty bus and 14 of the students have been left behind, meaning 10 kids are still missing.  Read more »
In the season‘s ninth episode, "Magnificent Light," the BAU looks into the disappearance of a motivational speaker they suspected was the Unsub in their latest case. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week. Read more »
In the season‘s tenth episode, "The Lesson", the BAU looks into the case of an Unsub who exhibits ritualistic tendencies. Matthew Gray Gubler directed tonight‘s incredibly creepy episode. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in store for us this week.A Very Strange Puppet TheatreAfter the body of a male victim is found stuffed into a box and a couple goes missing in the same area where the first victim was abducted, the team joins the investigation. The agents know that the Unsub is escalating and the body of the male half of the missing couple soon turns up. After a third male victim is found, the agents realize the Unsub is turning his victims into human marionettes. The Unsub‘s father, a puppeteer, was murdered in a robbery when the Unsub was a child and the Unsub is playing out those events with his victims, trying to get it right this time around and save his father. The agents arrive in time to save all of the Unsub‘s current victims and he is arrested.  Read more »
In the season‘s eleventh episode, "Perennials", the BAU investigates an Unsub who leaves bugs behind at all of his crime-scenes. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.Ending the CycleTonight‘s Unsub-of-the-week murders two seemingly un-connected people via a chisel to the head and the team takes on the case. The Unsub uses a method in his murders that is eerily similar to one used by deceased serial killer Russell Smith and the team eventually realizes that the Unsub actually believes he is Smith. This Unsub also leaves a little something behind at each crime scene -- fly larvae. The Unsub, Kestler, believes in reincarnation and thinks he was born again as Russell Smith. He also believes that all of Smith‘s victims were also reincarnated and are now coming after him. Kestler is convinced he must kill these reincarnated people before they kill him and he uses the larvae as new-born hosts for the reincarnated spirits. In the end, Kestler is killed but thinks he missed his chance for another human life and will be re-incarnated through his bugs. (You know what they say about Karma.)  Read more »
In the season‘s harrowing twelfth episode, "Zugzwang," the case-of-the-week is a personal one, as the BAU investigates the disappearance of Reid‘s girlfriend. Will the agents be able to save Reid‘s friend before it‘s too late? And will the two finally come face-to-face? Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.Maeve Goes MissingAfter an extremely disturbing dream in which he is about to marry a faceless bride, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) wakes up and puts in a call to his mystery girl, Maeve. However, the person who calls back is not Maeve but someone named Adam Worth. That name, combined with the phrase ‘Adam‘ utters before ending the call, sends Reid into panic mode. Reid tells Hotch (Thomas Gibson) about Maeve‘s stalker and explains that for the first few months of their relationship, Reid and Maeve would only communicate via letters and pseudonyms. ‘Adam Worth‘ was one of those pseudonyms and the phrase the caller uttered was a chess term that meant Reid could bow out of the ‘game‘ or play through to the bitter end. Reid knows Maeve has been kidnapped and asks for the team‘s help in finding her. (I confess that the pseudonyms and chess terminology is a bit over my head but I imagine some viewers will catch on to the intellectual clues and be delighted by their inclusion.)  Read more »
In the season‘s thirteenth episode, "Magnum Opus", the team heads to San Francisco to investigate an Unsub who drains his victims‘ blood for a very specific reason. Meanwhile, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) continues to deal with Maeve‘s death. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.Murder is Not ArtAfter several bodies are found with most of their blood drained, the team takes on the case. They soon realize that the Unsub is using his victims‘ blood as a unique medium for his paintings. The Unsub is desperate to be recognized for his work and keeps returning to the same gallery to try and sell his paintings. Eventually, the woman in charge of the gallery tells the Unsub that his work just is not good enough and as one would expect, the Unsub does not take this well. He then abducts the gallery owner to use as his latest blood-paint source. When the agents locate the Unsub, he is moments away from killing the gallery owner. They try to talk him down but the Unsub chooses suicide by cop, hoping that his death will finally make people notice him and his work. But this guy is no Van Gogh, so I imagine his creepy blood-art will soon be forgotten.  Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, "All That Remains", the team looks into the disappearance of two teenage girls who went missing in the same way their mother did a year before. Tonight‘s Criminal Minds has plenty of star-power behind the scenes, as it is the first episode directed by cast member Thomas Gibson, with show-runner Erica Messer pulling double-duty as the episode‘s writer. Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us this week.Mother and Daughters VanishExactly one year after his wife‘s disappearance, a man reports that his two daughters are also MIA. The team takes notice because the man uses the same phrasing in both 911 calls and the disappearances happened one year apart. The father and potential suspect, Bruce Morrison, claims to have lost time before both disappearances and the agents think his alcohol abuse is to blame. Alas, it is much more complicated than that.  Read more »
In the season‘s 15th episode, "Broken," the investigation of a serial killer leads to the discovery of something even more sinister. Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us this week.  Read more »
In the season‘s 16th episode, "Carbon Copy," a copy-cat murder in Philadelphia has the team getting closer to the season-long Unsub. This well-plotted, team-inclusive episode is one of the strongest of season 8, but did it live up to your expectations? Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us this week.  Read more »
It‘s March, which can only mean one thing: March Madness! Here at BuddyTV, we‘re all about pop culture instead of NCAA tournaments. But we do love brackets. So instead of pitting your favorite college basketball teams against each other, we‘re pitting your favorite TV buddies in a death match to determine the ultimate favorite TV duo!  Read more »
Following The CW and FOX, CBS has now revealed their season finale dates for spring 2013. Read more »
As the Buddy Battles rage on, we continue to narrow down our field of favorite friends. (Alliteration!) This go-around is the battle of the crime fighters as flirtatious Morgan and Garcia from Criminal Minds go up against best bros Ryan and Esposito from Castle.  Read more »
In the season‘s 17th episode, "The Gathering," female victims are targeted through their online activity and the team travels to St, Paul to investigate. The episode also touches on a few personal matters and the fallout from the still-unsolved Replicator case. Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in store for us this week. Read more »
It‘s March, the month that enters like a lion but exits like a lamb. As the weather improves (marginally) and we plan our green wardrobes for St. Patty‘s Day, there‘s another important March tradition: March Madness! Here at BuddyTV, we care more about TV than we do about NCAA brackets. That‘s why last week we announced we‘d be running Buddy Battles throughout the month of March.  Read more »
In the season‘s 18th episode, "Restoration," Morgan‘s past is re-visited thanks to a case that hits close to home. In part, tonight‘s episode is a follow-up to season 2‘s "Profiler, Profiled" -- arguably one of the show‘s best episodes. Will "Restoration" live up to the quality of its predecessor? Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us this week.  Read more »
In the season‘s 19th episode, "Pay It Forward," the team heads to Colorado to investigate the murders and decapitations of several townspeople in the ‘City of the Future‘. If fiction has taught us anything, it is that any place that gets an award for being perfect is hiding some dark secrets. Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us this week. Read more »
We‘re only weeks away from being able to watch the season finales of our favorite TV shows. To get us to tune in, CBS has released the storylines for their spring 2013 finales, including The Good Wife, Two and a Half Men, NCIS and Elementary. And many of them are bringing in famous guest stars like Hilary Duff, Black Sabbath, Marilu Henner and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to spice things up and bring in more viewers. Which shows will they be guest starring on? And which season-enders are sure to leave us with huge cliffhangers? Read on to find out all the details. Read more »
If you‘re worried about missing your serial killer fix now that Showtime has announced Dexter‘s upcoming eighth season will be its last, I wouldn‘t worry too much. Serial killers on TV are having a moment right now.  Read more »
In the season‘s 20th episode, "Alchemy," the team heads to South Dakota to investigate a case involving dismembered bodies and we learn that Reid is still processing Maeve‘s death. Tonight‘s episode is directed by Matthew Gray Gubler so fans should prepare for another creepy yet creatively shot episode. Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us this week.  Read more »
Back in March, CBS announced renewals for 14 of its current shows for the 2013-2014 season. Criminal Minds was suspiciously absent from these early renewals but the show was expected to return for season 9 as soon as new deals were secured for several main cast members.  Read more »
In the season‘s 21st episode, "Nanny Dearest," the team closes in on an Unsub who has kidnapped young women and the children in their care around the same time every year. Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us this week.  Read more »
With just days to go until the networks announce their 2013-2014 schedules at the upfronts, word is starting to travel around on which current shows are getting renewed and which have been cancelled. Fortunately, there‘s good news for Criminal Minds -- CBS has renewed the crime drama for season 9. Read more »
In the season‘s 22nd episode, "#6", the agents investigate an Unsub who targets married couples and Blake gets a surprise visitor. Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us this week. Read more »
May sweeps have come to a close, yet The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, and Modern Family stood their ground throughout. We expect this to change dramatically, though, due to the imminent season turnover of the three shows.  Read more »
This has not been an easy season for the profilers on CBS‘ procedural hit Criminal Minds. Reid saw his love killed before his eyes. Morgan had to face the man who abused him as a child. Rossi was shocked to discover a former military pal now lived on the streets. And of course, the whole team is being stalked by the "Replicator," a serial killer replicating the many cases the BAU has solved this year. Read more »
Tonight, Criminal Minds wraps season 8 with two back-to-back episodes. In the first hour -- the season‘s 23rd episode, "Brothers Hotchner" -- Hotch gets pulled into a case while trying to help his brother. And in the second hour -- the 24th and final episode of season 8, "The Replicator" -- the team finally comes face-to-face with the man who has been hunting them for months. Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us this week. Read more »
Despite inferior ratings from those of last year, the season finales of Modern Family and Criminal Minds topped the top most-engaged TV shows last week. They were followed closely by The Voice and the soon-to-finale Law & Order: SVU, along with two of NBC‘s new series. Read more »
The May sweeps period is at its peak this week, characterized by the major network upfronts. Primetime schedules and new programming are being announced in style, so be sure to check out BuddyTV News for the latest in TV along with video extras and expert commentary. Read more »
CBS revealed its schedule for next season, and it‘s very comedy-heavy with four new sitcoms and an extra hour on Thursday to compete with NBC.  Read more »