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With the very upsetting 100th episode finally done, is it time to get Prentiss (Paget Brewster) a boyfriend? TV Guide reports that the demand for a Hotch-Prentiss hookup had been astounding, but Criminal Minds executive producer Ed Bernero doesn‘t seem to be too keen on the idea. And his reason? It just might be more shocking than the 100th episode."We don‘t even know if Prentiss is straight," he teases.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Criminal Minds, Agent Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) takes a leave of absence from the BAU, and the team must regroup to solve a home invasion case. Check out the promo below. So will there be a Hotch-Prentiss hug, finally? There are also rumors of a couple breaking up on the show. Is it JJ (A. J. Cook) and Will (Josh Stewart)? Or Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Tamara (if she‘ll be staying for a while)? Read more »
Even the much-anticipated midseason finale of Fox hit Glee wasn‘t able to outsing the perennial ratings juggernaut that is the CBS procedural lineup. Criminal Minds bucked the overall downward trend and registered its largest audience since the premiere, by reeling in some 14.3 million viewers. The Criminal Minds episode - "The Slave of Duty" - is the show‘s 101st. It still has one more episode before it takes its holiday hiatus, returning on January 13th. Read more »
Not exactly the folks-actor, but the folks-character. The actors are yet to be cast.But yes, the idea of a Criminal Minds spin-off was floated as early as July last year, and now the show is all but greenlit for a fall premiere next year. The people behind Criminal Minds have started looking for actors to fill in these roles. But before you Criminal Minds fans freak out, Executive producer Ed Bernero has previously said that none of the BAU people from the mothership will be shipped to the spin-off.Here‘s the planned cast of characters for the Criminal Minds spin-off: Read more »
Joe Mantegna was, among others, Fat Tony on The Simpsons. Coming in as a replacement for Mandy Patinkin on Criminal Minds, then, did he have problems playing a subordinate? After all, his character David Rossi founded the BAU."That was planned," Mantegna, 62, tells If Magazine. "We would address it in the show, where I basically have a line where I tell the government official that I want to come back - I say, ‘I don‘t want to come back to take over the unit. I trained the guy who‘s running the unit. I want to come back just because I want to come back.‘" Read more »
The upcoming Criminal Minds spin-off, set to begin production in February, has found itself a director, and no other than the same guy who helmed the original Criminal Minds pilot that aired some four years ago.Richard Shepard, who directed "Extreme Aggressor" on CBS‘ Criminal Minds, has signed on to handle the show‘s spin-off as well, or at least the pilot episode, Variety reports. Read more »
How‘s this for a Hotch welcome party? On the upcoming episode of Criminal Minds, there will be dolls, and a woman who kidnaps four women to turn them into her real-life doll collection.Elsewhere on "The Uncanny Valley" SSA Hotchner is struggling to return to work, and the team is called upon to profile a suspect with an unusual personal obsession who is abducting certain types of women. Read more »
From someone who abducts women and turns them into real-life dolls, now we go to teens committing suicide? It‘s hard to decide which is creepier/sadder. On tonight‘s episode of Criminal Minds, the BAU is called to assist local authorities in a rural Wyoming town when teens are found dead from what appears to be suicide that is linked to the internet (some sort of Choking Game that is truer than advertised).Catch the very creepy promo here. Read more »
Oscar winner and The Shield alum Forest Whitaker is set to take on another kind of police role, this time as squad leader Cooper for the still untitled Criminal Minds spin-off set to be introduced via a backdoor pilot in the spring, much like NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles.Whitaker, who won an Academy Award for his role on The Last King of Scotland in 2007, will play the dynamic, mysterious, and charming father figure on the spin-off, who will take the reins as leader of the new group of profilers who work outside the FBI bureaucracy. His character Cooper is a former star profiler in Criminal Minds‘ BAU before going off the radar for the past eight years. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Criminal Minds, the team profiles a con artist - a Casanova conman to be exact - whose descent into mental illness is prompting him to kill people involved in his scams. Apparently, the person is too charming that women are just too willing to give him stuff. That can‘t be a good sign.On the last episode of Criminal Minds, meanwhile, "plain good kids" committing suicide simultaneously on a Friday night in a small Wyoming town caught JJ‘s (AJ Cook) attention. So even if they don‘t normally handle suicide, something more seemed afoot. Read more »
Rob Lowe is set to leave Brothers and Sisters later this season, but if rumors were to be believed, another ABC Studios production may be all too willing to make use of his services: the still untitled Criminal Minds spin-off.E! Online reports that some sources said Lowe, who plays Robert McCallister on the ABC series, is in talks to take to take on a leading role on a new series, which in the case of the Criminal Minds extension, means opposite Forest Whitaker. Read more »
Tonight on Criminal Minds, the team profiles a serial killer who murders his victims in public places, hoping to cause widespread fear. The BAU is summoned to Rhode Island to investigate the case in Providence, and things not so surprisingly turn intense as the suspect starts murdering random victims in highly visible places.Catch the promo after the jump. Read more »
Ever wondered why Dr. Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) had to wield a cane throughout this season on Criminal Minds? Apparently, Gubler injured his knee pretty bad while promoting (500) Days of Summer, where he played part of main protagonist Tom‘s posse. For Criminal Minds fans who are worried that their young genius would sport a lifelong limp, Gubler tells USA Weekend that the injury is now a thing of the past."I‘ve actually started to feel like a regular person again," he says. "I forget which knee I even hurt at times, which is pretty amazing considering it was about a seven-month adventure. I really did a good job." Read more »
Fans of Criminal Minds are still a little iffy about the idea of a spin-off for their show, but things are really starting to take shape. Another name, in fact, was added to the cast: Beau Garrett.The 27-year-old former model has bagged the coveted female lead role on the Criminal Minds spin-off, set to be launched via backdoor pilot in the spring. Read more »
Criminal Minds fans still aren‘t fully accustomed to the idea of a spin-off for their favorite show, but from the looks of things it‘s a go for the Forest Whitaker-led Criminal Minds spin-off as CBS unveils its 11 drama pilots for 2010. It‘s also obvious that the network wants to take advantage of its procedural boom, with the spin-off taking the cake.Other than Whitaker, the Criminal Minds spin-off will also star Matt Ryan, Michael Kelly, Beau Garrett and Jason Wiles. It will be introduced via backdoor pilot this season on the mothership as a special two-hour episode. Skeptical fans of the top-rating procedural can take comfort in the fact that the original‘s writing and executive producing team will be onboard to oversee things; that, and that no one from the original team will jump the fence. Read more »
After a three-week hiatus, Criminal Minds returns tonight with another creepy episode. The team profiles a child abductor who may have been harboring children for more than eight years. Like similar cases in the past, there‘s typically a scary explanation to all of it, and that‘s what makes it so creepy. It is also the directorial debut of Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Spencer Reid on the show.The promo, which features a little Hotch-Prentiss scene, is after the jump: Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Criminal Minds, the team comes across a highway serial killer. A truck driver is kidnapping women and disposing of them in random locations. Hotch (Thomas Gibson) interviews the victim‘s mother who might cross paths with the serial killer. Gabrielle Carteris of Beverly Hills 90210 guest stars as one of the victims.Promo and photos after the jump: Read more »
Let‘s see how this goes, folks. Forest Whitaker, the confirmed lead of the Criminal Minds spin-off(tentatively titled Minds 2.0), is set to make his first foray into theCriminal Minds universe on the upcoming episode of the CBS show nextmonth.Don‘t forget to catch: Meet the Folks of the ‘Criminal Minds‘ Spin-off Read more »
He‘s doing it for the kids.Fresh from wrapping up work on the pilot of the Criminal Minds spin-off, Oscar winner Forest Whitaker tells Jam that he‘s doing the tentatively titled Minds 2.0 because the gig allows him time with his kids.Don‘t forget to catch: First Photos of Forest Whitaker‘s First ‘Criminal Minds‘ Episode"They approached me at the right time -- I have two children who are 11 and 13, and I want to see them," says Whitaker, whose The Last King of Scotland role earned him the Academy Award Best Actor plum in 2007. Read more »
It‘s another law enforcement role for Breaking Bad star Dean Norris as he jumps from DEA agent to local detective on an upcoming guest stint on Criminal Minds, TV Guide reports.Don‘t forget to catch: Forest Whitaker Talks about ‘Criminal Minds‘ Spin-off Norris, who also plays the big burly brother-in-law of Bryan Cranston on the AMC series, is set to play a gruff detective at the local Tallahassee police station in May sweeps episode. Read more »
Are two minds better than one?It was a long wait for Criminal Minds to return, but CBS made sure that tonight‘s installment will be worth it. Tonight‘s "The Fight" introduces Forest Whitaker as Sam Cooper, the leader of a new group of profilers that will headline the spin-off Minds 2.0, eventually leading to its launch as a new series in September.Catch: Meet the Folks of the ‘Criminal Minds‘ Spin-offBut before we get ahead of ourselves, this is still the original Criminal Minds. Tonight, the BAU team heads to San Francisco to investigate the murders of several homeless men and teams up with a separate group of BAU operatives who are working on another case that is most probably connected to it. This is where Whitaker and the gang comes in.Check out the promo after the jump: Read more »
You think Criminal Minds can‘t get darker? The still untitled spin-off will certainly try, producer Chris Mundi tells TV Guide."These guys definitely try to exist free of as much bureaucracy as they can," Mundy adds. "It‘s tough to get darker than [Criminal Minds] ... but they‘ll be a little looser, a little scruffier." Read more »
If you‘ve seen at least one episode of Criminal Minds, you know what showrunner Allen Bernero was talking about when he called the Minds writers "pretty perverted" in an interview with If Magazine. On the last episode, for instance, a poor kid found himself in a staring match with three decapitated (Mexican) heads.‘Criminal Minds‘ Spin-off ‘Darker‘ Than Original"What we try to do a couple of times a season is not do a serial killer. We do an arsonist or something that‘s a little bit different. No, we just try to scare people. Our writers are pretty perverted," says Bernero, who adds that Criminal Minds always tries to outdo itself in terms of plot. Read more »
It‘s T minus one week before the next installment of Criminal Minds, and while everyone‘s busy debating on the prospects of the Minds spin-off,  Austin Highsmith of Big Love has bagged a guest role on the CBS series. The 29-year-old recently wrapped up a guest-star spot on Grey‘s Anatomy, plus stints on CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and Ghost Whisperer.‘Criminal Minds‘ Roundup: New Guest Role and ‘A Thousand Words‘ PhotosWe reported not too long ago that Breaking Bad‘s bad-ass resident DEA agent Dean Norris is also headed to Minds, where he‘ll play a gruff detective at the local Tallahassee police station in a May sweeps episode. Read more »
Green Bay Packers fans are in for a treat tonight on Criminal Minds. Wide receiver Greg Jennings is slated to make his acting debut with a cameo appearance as a lab technician who will be interacting with cast member Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) in one scene.‘Criminal Minds‘ Roundup: New Guest Role and ‘A Thousand Words‘ PhotosOn tonight‘s "A Thousand Words" the team profiles a serial killer covered in tattoos who commits suicide and leaves clues to the whereabouts of his last victim. Dean Norris of Breaking Bad will also guest star as Detective Barton. Read more »
After NFL‘s Greg Jennings dropped by on Criminal Minds, Tony-nominated theater actor Tim Curry will appear on the CBS series as a serial killer in Los Angeles.‘Criminal Minds‘ Spin-off ‘Darker‘ Than OriginalCurry, 64, will be on the May 26 Minds finale as a murderer who kills entire families except for one person, who will in turn live to remember the gruesome crime. The big season 5 closer, entitled "Our Darkest Hour," will also feature Without a Trace‘s Eric Close as well as Profiler‘s Robert Davi.Promo after the jump: Read more »
Summer is upon us and that means it‘s time to mark our calendars and bid farewell to some of our favorite shows, including Lost, Grey‘s Anatomy, Glee, and 24, just to name a few. To help you plan your TV schedule, here‘s a rundown of shows that are about to wrap up and their respective finale dates. Read more »
Matthew Gray Gubler tells TV Guide that tonight‘s season finale of Criminal Minds is not "as insane" as some of their "in-your-face finales" in the past (gun at Hotch‘s head, exploding cars, etc). But for co-executive producer Erica Messer, it‘s definitely the "scariest." CBS Picks Up ‘Hawaii 5-O‘, ‘Criminal Minds‘ Spin-Off, Four Other SeriesA pretty tall order considering the show‘s long list of creepy episodes, from a serial killer who impregnate young women then kills them after giving birth to someone who removes the eyes of his victims and keeps them as souvenirs. And those were just from one season. Read more »
Today CBS announced its plans for the fall, and while the vast majority of the schedule comes from returning shows, some of the biggest series are getting new timeslots.  CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Survivor and The Big Bang Theory are all moving to new nights.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>> Read more »
CBS has reportedly picked up at least six new series for its upcoming fall season.Leading the new pick-ups is the remake of the classic crime series Hawaii 5-O, the much-buzzed about project from Fringe producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and CSI: NY producer Peter Lenkov. The reboot features Three Rivers‘ Alex O‘Laughlin and Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim in lead roles, along with Taryn Manning, Grace Park and Scott Caan.  Read more »