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In tonight‘s season 3 premiere of Covert Affairs, Annie (Piper Perabo) and the D.P.D. deal with a devastating loss as they each tackle new challenges.  Read more »
In tonight‘s episode of Covert Affairs, Annie (Piper Perabo) and Auggie (Christopher Gorham) have to go undercover as a married couple in order to retrieve a dangerous computer virus.  Read more »
USA‘s Covert Affairs has gotten a bit of a make-over in its third season, which kicked off on July 10. With this season shaping up to be the most surprising yet, star Chris Gorham was kind enough to answer a few of our burning questions about what fans can look forward to for the rest of the season and for Auggie, in particular.  Read more »
Last week was a ‘shippers dream as we saw Annie and Auggie pretend to be married for 36 hours. So far according to our poll, 69 percent would like to see them as a couple. The only problem is last week on Covert Affairs Auggie was on his way to propose to Parker. Will his plan go without a hitch? It‘s unlikely if you‘ve ever seen an episode of Covert Affairs.  Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) is taken captive while on vacation and Annie (Piper Perabo) has to figure out a way to bring him home. Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, Annie‘s (Piper Perabo) latest mission gets complicated when her asset, Simon, arrives in D.C.An Uninvited GuestLena (Sarah Clarke) tells Annie they received Intel that Simon contacted a thief who just hit a very high-profile target. Whatever was stolen is classified, but every agency is trying to get a win in this case. In an attempt to get a leg-up on the competition, Annie gets in touch with her one-time ally, FBI agent Rossabi. Annie gives Rossabi the thief‘s name in an attempt at cooperation but Lena worries that it could trace back to Annie‘s investigation into Simon. Lena‘s instincts may be right, as Simon turns up in D.C., presumably to make an exchange with the thief.  Read more »
White Collar, Psych, Suits, Necessary Roughness, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains and Burn Notice are making room for new faces in the coming days. Read on to find out who‘s appearing on your favorite USA Network shows.   Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, Annie (Piper Perabo) teams up with Mossad agent Eyal Lavin (guest star Oded Fehr) to find out how American technology wound up in an Iranian missile.Putting the Band Back TogetherAfter Auggie‘s (Christopher Gorham) arrest, Arthur (Peter Gallagher) takes the OSP job away from him and sends him back to the DPD. As Annie was also recently sent back, the team has been reunited. Annie‘s first mission back with her team is to find out how American technology was duplicated and she partners with her flirtatious friend, Eyal. Meanwhile, Joan (Kari Matchett) informs Auggie that he has to undergo mandated therapy or take a leave of absence. Auggie relents, despite his fear that his therapist could find him unfit for the job. Read more »
Annie (Piper Perabo) takes a huge risk in order to gain a new asset.Risky BusinessThe Prime Minister of Yemen suffers a heart attack and is being brought to the U.S. for medical treatment. Annie wants to use this opportunity to turn the man‘s Chief of Staff into a CIA asset but Joan (Kari Matchett) thinks it is too risky. Annie makes an impassioned argument and eventually Joan relents, giving Annie three hours to accomplish her mission. Since learning that Joan ordered an evaluation of her field performance, Annie is desperate to prove her worth, even if it means taking on a dangerous mission. This fits with Annie‘s characterization but I am surprised Joan did not call her out on it. Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, Annie (Piper Perabo) continues her romance with Simon and Jai‘s (Sendhil Ramamurthy) death is still on everyone‘s mind.Sleeping with the enemyThis season, the writers took a pretty big risk by having their heroine cozy up to the bad guy, all for the sake of her mission. Especially since it seems like Annie might actually be falling for Simon, despite knowing that he‘s a terrorist. Yet in tonight‘s episode, Simon kills his own handler to keep Annie safe, so perhaps he is not all bad. After what Simon did to protect her, Annie is clearly torn over continuing this charade and manipulating Simon by using his feelings for her. On the one hand, if Simon poses a real threat, then he needs to be stopped. But at what cost? After several seasons of playing it safe, the show is heading into grey-area territory with this storyline and that makes for some pretty fascinating television.  Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, we finally learn who the Big Bad is and Annie (Piper Perabo) is forced to choose between love and loyalty.Annie is betrayed!In the intense final moments of tonight‘s episode, Annie‘s new boss/mentor (Sarah Clarke‘s Lena) sneaks into Annie‘s home and shoots both Simon and Annie, revealing herself as the traitor all of those USA promos warned us about. Given that Piper Perabo is the star of the show, I doubt we need to worry about Annie‘s survival, but Simon‘s fate is less certain. While we will certainly learn more about Lena‘s lying ways in next week‘s episode, one can assume she either ordered the hit on Jai or she is working for the people who did. Whatever her involvement in Jai‘s untimely demise, Lena has set Annie up to take the fall. All season, we have seen Lena continually coax Annie into pursuing a romance with Simon and now, she has managed to put together a folder chock-full of damning ‘evidence‘ -- one she just presented to Arthur (Peter Gallagher) -- as proof of Annie‘s betrayal. But does Arthur really believe Lena‘s lies? And who will be the one to bring the truth to light and take Lena down? Read more »
It‘s hard to believe that it has already been 11 years since that fateful morning when so many of our lives changed forever. I don‘t think the pain and trauma of 9/11 will ever really go away but some celebrities, like Michael J. Fox are also trying to turn today‘s terrible anniversary into a day about helping others.  Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, with Annie (Piper Perabo) fighting for her life, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) tries to prove her innocence.Lena the mastermindThe writers did an excellent job of laying in little bread crumbs throughout the season that are pointed out in this episode to show just how long Lena (Sarah Clarke) has been setting Annie up to take the fall. And while it appears that Lena covered all of her bases, it‘s a bit strange that she would just assume her evidence would be enough to convince Annie‘s friends that she betrayed them. (Of course, that could be due to Lena‘s cynicism or her ego in believing she would get away with everything.) But as fans predicted, Auggie fights to clear Annie‘s name and his enhanced sense of smell eventually leads him to discovering that Lena is the true traitor. Yet for all the extremes Auggie goes to in order to prove Annie‘s innocence, it strikes me as odd that he leaves Annie alone at the hospital with someone he thinks is dangerous. Surely he could have placed guards on Annie‘s room, just as a precaution, while he went to Joan (Kari Matchett) with his suspicions. But Auggie‘s mistake does leave room for Lena‘s second attempt on Annie‘s life, which is thankfully thwarted by Joan. And while Joan manages to save Annie, she is unable to catch Lena and everyone‘s Most Wanted is now in the wind.  Read more »
In tonight‘s summer finale, a time-jump puts Annie (Piper Perabo) back in the action and on the hunt for Lena (Sarah Clarke). Annie the AvengerI really enjoyed seeing Annie go full-on Emily Thorne in tonight‘s episode and seek revenge against Lena for her betrayal. (And as a bonus, it allows Piper Perabo to give a truly phenomenal performance.) Annie has always been a very emotional character but she was usually able to separate her feelings from her mission. That changed when Simon entered the picture. We have already seen Annie make several questionable choices thanks to her relationship with Simon so it makes sense that his death would be the thing that pushes her over the edge. Most of these agents have gone rogue at some point during the series, but Annie takes things further than ever before in tonight‘s episode. Not only is she risking her own life and career but her actions are also putting Joan (Kari Matchett) and Arthur (Peter Gallagher) in hot water. And yet, it would have felt wrong if Annie did not go after Lena, given everything Lena did. While it could have been off-putting to see the show‘s main character kill someone, the writers walked that line really well by having Annie wait until Lena tried to pull a gun on her. So while Annie technically kills Lena in self-defense, she still manages to get justice for herself and for Simon. Read more »
It‘s a good day for a trio of popular USA shows as White Collar, Covert Affairs and Royal Pains have all been renewed.  Read more »
If you missed the first half of Covert Affairs season 3, you missed out on some of the series‘ most intense cliff hangers, romances and life altering decisions. We said goodbye to a beloved character, saw a capture by pirates, Auggie got in a bar fight, Annie was rushed to the hospital and someone double crossed the CIA.Sorry you missed out? You‘re in luck. You can now watch all ten episodes of Covert Affairs season 3 online at USA Network or On Demand. Whether it‘s for the first time or a much needed second dose, you can catch Annie and Auggie as they go undercover as a couple, Annie question Joan‘s leadership and Arthur struggle with a possible promotion.But don‘t go start your marathon yet! BuddyTV is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a Covert Affairs prize pack! If you like to travel, you‘re going to love this. Read more »