Articles for Cougar Town Season 4

It‘s the return of Cougar Town and the beloved cul de sac crew! The show makes its official debut on its new network home, TBS tonight in "Blue Sunday." The season picks up after last season‘s finale on ABC when Jules (Courtney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) got married. They are in Week One of marital bliss also known as the precedent setting week.As Cougar Town has been known to do, the premiere starts off with poignant nod to what could have been the show‘s cancellation had TBS not picked up the show. These funny little quips, like the ever-changing title card, demonstrate the unique and lovable side of the show. Read more »
The Cul-de-Sac crew on Cougar Town loves their wine--so much so that newcomer Wade is concerned with how many bottles he‘s got to buy since that‘s his job now.If you‘ve been looking to pound some grape with the crew, here‘s a drinking game you can use for tonight‘s all new episode at 10pm on TBS or throughout the rest of the season. (We wouldn‘t recommend you drink every time they do because that would be a lot.)Fallen behind on the season already though? Find out where to stream past episodes by downloading the BuddyTV Guide for free for your phone. Read more »
Uncork the wine, Cougar Town fans, because the show is staying alive. Today TBS officially renewed the Courteney Cox drama for season 5, to consist of 13 episodes premiering in 2014.  Read more »