Articles for Cold Case Season 6

Lily Rush returns to take on aging evidence and witnesses with buried memories, uncover fresh clues, dig into old wounds and pursue the truth on the sixth season premiere of Cold Case tonight at 9pm ET/PT on CBS.Read on for a preview of tonight‘s Cold Case episode. Read more »
First announced back in May, HBO‘s series based on the documentary Cocaine Cowboys is finally moving forward with big-screen heavyweights on board with the project.  Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay are executive producing the drama pilot, while Meredith Stiehm, creator and executive producer of the CBS drama Cold Case, will serve as writer and executive producer as well. Inspired by Billy Corben‘s 2006 documentary, Cocaine Cowboys chronicles the early days of cocaine trafficking in Miami.  Warned Bros. TV is also on board to run physical production on Cowboys, should it get the green light.  This project marks Bruckheimer‘s first foray into a pay-cable series after he recently landed his first basic-cable pilot with TNT‘s The Line. Read more »
Last week on Cold Case, the team investigated the 2007 murder of good-natured auto mechanic Ed Dubinski whose life changed after he won $8 million in the state lottery.  Dubinski was found robbed and shot to death in an empty lot, which, for the first investigators, looked like a robbery gone awry.  They eventually discovered that the killer recently used the poor man‘s (well, not really poor-poor) ATM card at a local sandwich shop which led them to reopen the case. Upon closer look, they found out that Dubinski was a had-working guy who played the lotto every week religiously, when his dream turned into more of a nightmare after his win caused him his life.  As it turned out, he blew all the money within a mere six months with the help of a corrupt business manager, a gold-digging fiancé, and family members that couldn‘t seem to get enough of dole outs from Dubinski.  With a cast of suspects, Rush and the rest of the team were finally able to crack his ATM PIN that lead them straight to the killer.  Also, Valens needed to reexamine his relationship with Frankie as he met an obstacle that he didn‘t feel they can overcome. Read more »
On the last episode of Cold Case, the team investigated the 1988 murder of Philadelphia news anchor Jane Everett.  After being found strangled in the park in the middle of the night, they discovered that she was just about to report on a huge scandal about a local factory‘s fatal asbestos level.  As it turned out, the news of the show jumping to number in the ratings because of her didn‘t sink well with his co-worker Mort.During the flashback, we saw the victim, who arrived late, telling the producer to get a real story.  Meanwhile, there was something wrong with the teleprompter prompting Everett to think that someone may have manipulated it.  As everyone scrambled to fix the thing, Everett still managed to pull it off without the need to go to commercial.  Later, however, Everett was found dead.  Fortunately, someone found a footage of her getting a phone call while taping a special report, which happened around six hours before the murder. Read more »
Continuing in this exciting week of Fall schedules, CBS revealed its lineup today, and while many shows remain fixed, there are some big moves.  The Mentalist, this past season‘s top new show, will get the coveted post-CSI timeslot Thursdays at 10pm.And one day after NBC officially cancelled Medium, CBS scooped it up and Patricia Arquette will now see ghosts right after Jennifer Love Hewitt does the same thing on Ghost Whisperer.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW  Read more »