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It‘s finally here! After almost eighth months of waiting, Chuck officially returns with a two-hour season opener that‘s sure leave you wanting for more. And this time, Chuck Bartowski‘s training wheels are bound to come off!Last time we saw the NBC spy dramedy, Chuck destroyed the Intersect but not before downloading it into his head. Now, he‘s loaded with new physical abilities, allowing him to learn Kung Fu at an instant flash. But besides his fist of fury, Chuck also has other new skills such as playing the guitar, dancing and mastering a foreign language. And we see that firsthand in "Chuck Versus the Pink Slip." Read more »
Following last night‘s two-hour season opener, Chuck returns tonight to its regular timeslot at 8pm with the episode "Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte." The third episode of Chuck‘s third season follows Chuck as he tries to use his relationship with Awesome to protect a visiting dictator Premier Goya, who is the target of an assassination. Read more »
Last season, Chuck found out that his father was the creator of the Intersect. He also destroyed the upgraded version of the Intersect but not before downloading it in his brain. The series returns for its third season set six months later with Chuck training to become a real spy in Prague. The only problem is that his new Intersect isn‘t that reliable, abandoning him at the worst possible scenario. It also doesn‘t help that the General thinks Chuck isn‘t cut out for the world of espionage because of his emotional attachments. As a result, she basically fires him, leaving Chuck depressed and regretful about his decision.  Read more »
Chuck Bartowski isn‘t the only one getting an upgrade this season on Chuck. His brother-in-law, Devon, also known as Captain Awesome, will step into the limelight as he becomes increasingly involved in Team Bartowski‘s spy operations. In an interview with TV Guide, Ryan McPartlin reveals what‘s in store for his character and his relationship with Ellie.  Read more »
The ratings are in for the two-hour season opener of Chuck‘s third season and, remarkably, it delivered 7.5 million viewers for NBC. That‘s a very good start for the spy dramedy and very good news to fans that practically saved the show by supporting its sponsors. Read more »
Raise your hand if you watched the Chuck season 3 premiere. Thereshould be roughly 7.4 million hands raised right now. It was a verysuccessful premiere indeed. Things seem to be looking up for Chuck, andnobody could be happier about that than the dedicated fans who workeddiligently to make season 3 a reality.  Read more »
Remember when I told you about Captain Awesome taking center stage this season on Chuck? Well, the time has come for him to dive deeper into the world of espionage and luckily, tonight‘s episode focuses on just that. In "Chuck Versus Operation Awesome," Captain Awesome is mistaken for a super spy by the evil Sydney Price, who comes in the form of guest star Angie Harmon. Read more »
Zachary Levi is single once again. The star of the NBC spy series Chuck has just ended his two-year relationship with singer Caitlin Crosby, according to Read more »
Fans had to wait a long time and fight really hard to keep Chuck on the air. And as of last night, season 3 has begun. Now I know many of you were glued to your TV during those two hours and are still talking about its awesomeness today.  Well, why not write about?BuddyTV is giving you an exclusive opportunity to write about your favorite TV show, Chuck! We‘re currently seeing a devoted Chuck fan to write recaps and other creative articles each week.   Read more »
Scott Bakula may be busy with his new TNT series, Men of A Certain Age, but that doesn‘t mean he won‘t have time to drop by on NBC‘s Chuck. According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, the 55-year-old actor will be reprising his role as Chuck‘s spy daddy, Stephen J. Bartowski, for multiple episodes this season. Read more »
Ready to watch Agent Carmichael go on his first solo mission? Buckle up because you‘ll soon see how it plays out when "Chuck Versus First Class" goes on air. For now, though, you can get sneak peek at the highly anticipated fifth episode of the spy comedy‘s third season in which guest stars Brandon Routh, Kristin Kreuk and Stone Cold Steve Austin appear.  Read more »
Can we please live in a world where there are three Chuck episodes a week? I say yes.There‘s a dead body on the table, and where are Awesome and Ellie? Getting their bow chicka bow wow on in a storage closet, of course. Cut to nine years later, and they‘re setting up their new love nest sans Chuck‘s help.Why? Because Chuck is busy working on his spy game. And failing to get the helicopter pilot to find less conspicuous places to land. Still, Devon couldn‘t sound more excited about Chuck‘s exploits. By the way, did anybody else think he was gonna bust out with a "kick awesome" a la Idol winner Kris Allen?   Read more »
With a fresh Fox News deal under her belt, a best-selling biography on the bookshelves (plus a new InTouchmagazine cover!), and a firm RSVP to be the special guest at nextmonth‘s Daytona 500, Sarah Palin‘s 2010 agenda is becoming clear:Total. Media. Saturation.Aspart of her goal to appeal to Americans of all politicalbeliefs, Palin hopes to transcend her lowly "ex-Governor" status to becomea true pop icon, in what we‘re calling the "Backwards Schwarzenegger"maneuver (or "B.S." for short), using the one medium we all know, love,and worship above all others: TELEVISION! Read more »
Introducing Kaye, BuddyTV‘s Chuck Fan Columnist. If you‘re interested writing about your favorite show click here!Sydney, not BristowAnyone else reminded of another dearly departed spy show? Oh Alias, how I miss you.This episode‘s Sydney (guest star Angie Harmon) thinks Devon‘s a spy and wants to recruit him for the Ring. He certainly looks like a spy so I can see where she makes that mistake. Though for being a "spy", Devon‘s a terrible liar.Horrible excuse not to use: I was running in Griffith Park and heard a cat in a tree that wasn‘t really a cat but a bear whose head I decapitated in self-defense.I sort of love Awesome with the team, but Chuck‘s a little hesitant. He‘d rather keep his spy and personal life separate. Unfortunately, they need to use Devon to take the Ring down. Before long, Devon gets a mysterious package on his front step. Inside, an earpiece and a watch to communicate with Sydney. She tells him to meet her at the Crystal Towers in an hour. With one caveat: don‘t take the earpiece off or deviate from her instructions or else she‘ll ruin that lovely face of his.  Read more »
Welcome back Kaye, BuddyTV‘s Chuck Fan Columnist. If you‘re interested writing about your favorite show click here!We got our first taste of Daniel Shaw (guest star Brandon Routh) in this week‘s episode. Routh is definitely a great casting coup for this season of Chuck, but what of Shaw‘s secret past? He sure made a big spiel about the trouble family and friends can cause in a spy‘s life. But if that look on his face as he pulled out a wedding ring is any indication, there‘s a lot more we have left to learn about this guy. Could his desire to keep people at arm‘s length have anything to do with losing someone close to him? If I were a betting woman, I‘d say yes.As for Shaw‘s involvement in the Chuck/Sarah relationship, well, I‘m not entirely opposed to obstacles. See: Bryce Larkin and Jill Roberts. Maybe it‘s because I know (or at least really hope) that Chuck and Sarah will eventually figure out their feelings for each other. While Chuck might have left Sarah standing alone at that train station in Prague, I couldn‘t help but notice the look they shared when Sarah claimed that it can help a spy to know there is something to lose. My conclusion: all hope for a Chuck and Sarah reconciliation is not lost.   Read more »
It‘s time for Chuck to go on his first solo mission and as Sarah and Casey have suspected, he may be in over his head. Knowing Chuck, though, he‘s not going to let anything or anyone get in his way especially when his first solo mission involves a first class trip to Paris. Read more »
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw appears to be an uptight by-the-book kind of spy but things are about to change as we get know his background on the third season of Chuck. In an interview with IESB, Shaw‘s portrayer, Brandon Routh, reveals what‘s in store for his character and how he fits into this season‘s main arc. Read more »
Kaye recaps this week‘s Chuck, "Chuck Versus First Class." To find out how you can write about your favorite show click here. This week‘s episode finds our characters channeling Aretha. All they want is a little respect.MorganAfter last week‘s power play with the Buy More-ians, Morgan finds himself in a bit of a pickle. Lester, in his mute glory, leads the rebellion against Buy More‘s newest assistant manager, and he isn‘t backing down. Hot door knobs, laxative-laced coffee, and glue-smeared chairs, pranks once reserved for crabby substitute teachers, unpleasant babysitters, and would-be burglars, become part of Morgan‘s daily life.  Read more »
Kaye is our new Chuck Fan Columnist.To find out how you can write about your favorite show click here. Last time, we explored Shaw‘s potential involvement in the Chuck/Sarah pairing. With Shaw‘s recent revelation that his spy wife was killed by a Ring agent, he and Sarah have that "we fell in love with spies" thing in common, but there are no hints of a budding romance just yet.Luckily (or not, depending on your stance), there‘s no shortage of spoilers for this would-be couple. The new romantic quagmire comes in the form of Hannah, played by the lovely Kristin Kreuk who was last seen on television as Clark Kent‘s first love, Lana Lang, on Smallville. Time out here, but is Chuck trying to fill a quota with actors involved in the Superman franchise? More than likely just a coincidence, but it still warrants a chuckle.   Read more »
After Chuck‘s first solo mission, he must now turn an enemy agent into a spy in tonight‘s episode entitled "Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler." Chuck thinks he already knows his way around the spy ropes but clearly, being a real spy is a long row to hoe and he realizes this when he gets his very own asset, who is caught up with The Ring.  Read more »
Remember that old mystery series starring Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers? Well, Chuck is doing a storyline similar to Hart to Hart, a show about a wealthy, blissfully married couple who solves crimes together. And producers have enlisted just the right people for the job! Read more »
Kristin Kreuk‘s Hannah made a pretty good impression on Chuck, as well as on fans of the NBC spy comedy, when she first appeared in last week‘s epsiode "Chuck Versus First Class." But considering the circumstances of how Hannah and Chuck met, more and more people are wondering if there‘s more to Hannah than meets the eye.  Read more »
Kaye is our new Chuck Fan Columnist.To find out how you can write about your favorite show click here. After a mostly successful solo misch (that‘s mission for the rest of us), Chuck has given himself agent status. Level up! Shaw‘s out on a super secret mission, but with a large sum of money transferring from an off-shore Ring account to a civilian account, the General wants to know what the money‘s for. Cue Manoosh Depak, a trained computer engineer that dropped out of MIT after his freshman year. Or what Casey calls a "classic geek tragedy". Clever. Now it‘s Agent Bartowski‘s job to develop him as an asset and to find out what he‘s doing for the Ring. Chuck confidently surmises that he‘ll have it done by lunch, but me thinketh it won‘t be that easy.  Read more »
Next week on Chuck, Chuck Bartowski finds himself on yet another mission only this time, his new friend Hannah is involved. NBC has released a new trailer for the seventh episode of the third season entitled "Chuck Versus the Mask," and it looks like Chuck is turning out to be a Casanova, at least in the eyes of his enemies.  Read more »
Kaye is our new Chuck Fan Columnist.To find out how you can write about your favorite show click here.A flashback to Chuck and Sarah‘s first encounter at the Buy More three years ago bookended this week‘s episode. Much has changed since then, but with Chuck getting closer to achieving spydom, it was nice to have a look back to when it all began.   Read more »
Last season, Captain Awesome was thrust in the spy world after learning about Chuck‘s secret life. This season, another character will be joining Team Bartowski, and if you‘ve seen Monday‘s episode, you know it can really only be one of two people.Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead!!! Read more »
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After tapping on Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz for a Hart to Hart-esque storyline, Chuck has enlisted Christopher Lloyd for a future spy mission. The 71-year-old actor is scheduled to appear in the third season‘s 16th episode, which is slated to air in April or May. Read more »
Kaye is our new Chuck Fan Columnist.To find out how you can write about your favorite show click here.Sadly, "Chuck Versus the Mask" is Chuck‘s final new episode in February, but in honor of Valentine‘s Day, this episode packs plenty of couple-y moments to chew on (like a swizzle stick).We open with Shaw‘s mission turned impossible. His intended target is the Mask of Alexander, but I‘m surprised that a "good spy" like Shaw would be careless enough not to secure his descending line properly. Seems a little suspect, if you ask me.  Read more »
Kaye is our new Chuck Fan Columnist.To find out how you can write about your favorite show click here.I‘m still firmly a Chuck and Sarah fan, but I didn‘t hate that my favorite spy couple went their separate ways this week. Whether Hannah or Shaw has an ulterior motive is still debatable, but for now let‘s assume that things are headed in an unmistakably upward direction, as How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney Stinson would say.  Read more »
While other viewers welcomed the new pairing mix-up, most Chuck fans were definitely not pleased after seeing Sarah with Shaw and Chuck with Hannah in the episode "Chuck Versus the Mask," which aired Monday. Some even questioned the direction of the NBC spy series, feeling betrayed and puzzled as to why Sarah and Chuck have not gotten together when Sarah already found out what Chuck said to her in the vault in "Chuck vs. the Three Words."To address frustrated Chuck fans, series co-creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak explain why the love trapezoid had to happen and what‘s preventing the Sarah-Chuck romance from happening.  Read more »
From BuddyTV‘s Kris De Leon to EW‘s Ken Tucker, much has been made about the Chuck and Sarah shake-up in the last episode and the ardent fan response to the separation. As the resident Chuck Fan Columnist, I‘m putting in my two cents.   Read more »
It‘s only been a little over a week since we last saw Chuck but it seems like forever already. We still have the rest of February to wait for Team Bartowski‘s return so in the meantime, here are five things to look forward to on the spy dramedy post-Olympics.Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!!! Read more »
After several weeks of speculations, I‘ve finally stumbled on more clues as to which character will find out about Chuck‘s secret spy life.  The identity of the said character will be revealed in the ninth episode of Chuck‘s third season but if you‘re getting impatient already, you can check out the answer after the jump.Warning: Spoilers ahead!!! Read more »
SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details about the remaining episodes of Chuck‘s third season. Read no further if you don‘t want to be spoiled. Read more »
Team Bartowski isn‘t the only group returning on Chuck on March 1. Jeffster, the two-man cover band consisting of Nerd Herd employees Jeff Barnes (Scott Krinsky) and Lester Patel (Vik Sahay), will be gracing Buy More once again to give their odd and twisted take on music, hopefully attracting more audiences than ever before. Read more »
We‘re still quite far from the ending of Chuck‘s third season but it never hurts to get some scoop on the future direction of the show. If you‘re thinking renewals at this point, think again. It‘s too early to tell, after all. What I‘m referring to is the explosive finale that will undoubtedly shape future episodes of Chuck, if and when it gets another season. Now whether it wraps up in a cliffhanger or a big bow that ties up loose ends is anyone‘s guess.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details about the third season ender of Chuck.  If you don‘t want to be spoiled, I suggest reading no further.  Read more »
Only a few more days until the television shows preempted by the Winter Olympics (way go Team USA!) make their much anticipated returns, and of course, that means some brand spanking new Chuck. Woo hoo! If you‘re a spoiler fiend like me, you‘ve more than likely read, seen, or heard about what to expect for the rest of the season. Personally, I‘m most excited about seeing Jeffster again!But peering even deeper into the crystal ball for season three, EW‘s Michael Ausiello reports that Josh Schwartz is casting the younger versions of Chuck and Ellie (at 7 and 11, respectively) for the two hour finale set to air on Monday, May 24. Not much else is revealed, but this surely coincides with the return of Scott Bakula as the elder Bartowski.  Read more »
If only Ellie knew the truth about Chuck‘s "secret life". But even a shirtless and upside-down Awesome can‘t snap her out of her daze. She rushes over to Chuck‘s apartment for answers only to find a towel-clad Hannah. It‘s an awkward moment not even a box of donuts can remedy. But Chuck has an idea: double date dinner! Say that three times fast. Also, chicken pepperoni sounds delicious.Meanwhile, Sarah lays down the law during her lunch with Shaw. She doesn‘t think they should see each other outside of work. Yeah, girl needs to break the cycle. Shaw seems to take rejection well as Casey, atop a nearby building, readies his tranquilizer gun.  Read more »
Chuck might have some real internal conflict going on these days, but one thing‘s for certain: he has a way with women. Or as Lester so profoundly puts it, "Chuck‘s the greatest lady killer Burbank has ever seen." And yes, I realize that moniker makes him sound more like a serial killer than Rico Suave, but whether it‘s his unassuming demeanor or the way he rocks that Nerd Herd uniform, you can‘t deny all the lovely women that have taken to Chuck‘s charms.In "Chuck Versus the Fake Name", Lester, Jeff, and Big Mike have a hilarious discussion about Chuck‘s success with the ladies: Jill, the hot girl from Stanford, Lou, the brunette with the overpriced deli (who according to Big Mike was a fine miniature piece of woman), and now Hannah (whose feet Lester would moisturize with his saliva). Regarding that last bit, eww!    Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Chuck was deemed special for several reasons. Not only did we see the return of Jeffster and find out which character discovers Chuck‘s secret spy life, we also got a taste of Zachary Levi‘s directorial debut. Read more »
Rachel and Monica. SpongeBob and Patrick. Chuck and Morgan. In short, fictional BFFs that stick together through it all. But of the latter? Well, things haven‘t been so rosy. They‘ve known each other for 22 years through their eternal awkward phases, but Morgan doesn‘t know what‘s going on with Chuck lately. He wants the truth and nothing but. Chuck can‘t come up with anything to say so Morgan does what anyone would do in this situation. He fires Chuck as his best friend.It‘s just not a good time for Chuck. He‘s sans girlfriend, his lack of flashtitude (flashing + aptitude) causes Shaw to bench him indefinitely, and now he‘s best friendless. What‘s a guy to do?This was Zachary Levi‘s directorial debut! Click here to read about his experience.   Read more »
Best friends are awesome. They‘re not entirely easy to find (good ones, at least), but when you do, you can rest assured knowing that person has your back no matter what happens.I‘ve known my best friend since fourth grade, but it wasn‘t until we were in college that we really cemented our friendship. So I can only imagine how close Chuck and Morgan are after BFF-ing it since childhood. Twenty-two years is quite a long time. Read up on this week‘s Chuck recap   Read more »
Chuck has given fans small doses of Casey‘s past so far but now it‘s time to up the ante. This week we finally get a Casey-centric episode and as hinted previously, there will be three things revealed about everyone‘s favorite colonel. Find out tonight in the episode entitled "Chuck Versus the Tic Tac." Read more »
Past episodes of Chuck involving John Casey (Adam Baldwin) have always been entertaining on my book and tonight‘s "Chuck versus the Tic Tac" was no different. It was packed with action, funny moments, emotional punches and lots of shocking revelations. However, I have to admit that most of what I‘ve learned about our favorite colonel was somewhat hard to swallow. Not that his past wasn‘t believable. It‘s actually because Casey has always been a good guy since season 1 and though mysterious, it never occurred to me to doubt where his loyalty lies. Read more »
One thing I like more than Casey‘s hilarious one-liners? Casey-centric episodes! And not only that, but we went back to basics this week with the old gang working together again. Sorry to say it, but I didn‘t miss Shaw one bit."Chuck Versus the Tic Tac" isn‘t just minty fresh in title though. It tackles some weighty decisions made by our beloved characters so let‘s get to it.The Secret Life of John Casey  Read more »
Michaela McManus maybe flying under the radar for most of her acting career but that‘s about to change now that she‘s taking the female lead in the CW‘s spy series, Nomad, according to Entertainment Weekly. The 26-year-old actress, perhaps best known for her portrayal of Lindsey Strauss, Chad Michael Murray‘s on-screen love interest on One Tree Hill, is the latest to join the drama following Mental‘s Warren Kole and Friday Night Lights alum Scott Porter, who has been tapped to play the male lead.  Read more »
That was some interesting information revealed about Casey in "Chuck Versus the Tic Tac." I can‘t say it enough, but I just love delving into character backstories -- especially when it concerns the past lives of super secret spies.That said, Casey serves as a great foil for Chuck and his current predicament. Casey reveals in the episode that he chose to relinquish the love of his life in order to serve his country. Even with the bombshell of his supposed teenage daughter (though with a name like Alex how could she not be, right?), Casey insists that the past needs to stay in the past. I don‘t know about everyone else, but I like a man that lives with no regrets.Catch up on Chuck on this week‘s recap  Read more »
Does Chuck have the killer instinct to become a real spy? We‘ll find out in the episode "Chuck Versus the Final Exam." Tonight, Chuck embarks on mission that puts everything he‘s learned so far to the test, and if all else fails, he‘ll be forced to return to his old life, just like John Casey. Read more »
May 24 couldn‘t come any sooner and I‘m not saying that because I want the third season of Chuck to end. I‘m actually excited to find out how exec producer Josh Schwartz intends to wrap up the season and so far, everything I‘ve learned about the finale have only made me look forward to it even more. Warning: Major Spoilers Revealed! Read more »
Phew. That was a doozy of a final exam. How happy am I to have mostly encountered tests of the standardized variety? I bet Chuck was missing those Scantrons.You May Begin ... Now.At Castle, the General informs Chuck that he‘s ready for a mission that will test everything he‘s learned. He seems enthused, but something tells me this isn‘t the type of test you take sitting down. If you missed "Chuck versus the Final Exam" you can watch it now>>  Read more »
The conclusion I‘ve reached? Shaw is sort of a jerk for putting Sarah through that whole ordeal with Chuck.Knowing that Chuck would happily meet Sarah for what he thought would be a congratulatory dinner and then using their complicated relationship to get Chuck to commit to the Red Test was sneaky. Perhaps a part of it stems from Shaw wanting Chuck to actually succeed as a spy, but there must be some conflicting emotions present now that he‘s getting closer to Sarah.  Read more »
Operation Bartowski is in full swing now that Chuck (Zachary Levi) is determined to win back Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). But getting back the love of his life proves to be a difficult task even when Casey (Adam Baldwin), Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) are around to back him up now that she‘s seemingly moved on to the arms of someone else. Read more »
In case you haven‘t heard, Chuck‘s a spy. He has the badge to prove it.The job brings him to Washington, D.C. Spy guys aren‘t very friendly, but he finds the General‘s office eventually.Once inside, Chuck gets his first assignment--pose as a wealthy expatriate. Sounds good, but Chuck isn‘t sure that he‘s ready to leave. General Beckman sympathizes and offers him a week off. Upon his return, she wants him ready to assemble his team.   Read more »
If you‘ve been confused and somewhat disappointed about the direction of Chuck this season, then you‘re not alone. Many fans of the NBC spy comedy have had several flaws to pick on, whether it‘s the lack of "feel good" comedy, the odd dynamics between Chuck and Sarah, and the fact that the Ring hasn‘t exactly been a national security threat, besides trying to kill Shaw or getting Casey to steal a pill. But hopefully, all that is going to change in next week‘s episode, fittingly entitled "Chuck versus the Other Guy," and according to the promo, this is the Chuck we‘ve all been waiting for! Read more »
I definitely wasn‘t expecting that bit of information concerning the demise of Shaw‘s wife. In short, Sarah is the person that shot her! Call it a soap opera twist, if you must, but I think tying Eve‘s death to Sarah‘s Red Test (which we saw in "Chuck Versus the Final Exam") presents an interesting little conundrum for Shaw. He was getting quite smitten with Sarah (causing some tension in her could-be relationship with Chuck), but if Shaw‘s crazy eyes at the end of the episode are any indication, his actions seem to be playing into whatever plans the Ring has up its sleeve.I, for one, am glad the writers are finally going somewhere with Shaw after stringing us along with the Hannah storyline this season. Turn him into a vengeful husband or not, it‘s better than inserting him into an unnecessary love triangle. I mean, as much as I love Brandon Routh, I just never saw much chemistry between Shaw and Sarah.Need more Chuck right now? Take a peek at Season 3 spoilers  Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Chuck is described as the game-changer that will essentially affect the future direction of the show. When we last saw the NBC spy dramedy, Sarah has seemingly made up her mind regarding Chuck but has walked right into the arms of danger in the form of Shaw, who now knows that Sarah killed his wife.Will Shaw seek revenge on Sarah? Find out in the episode "Chuck Versus the Other Guy." Read more »
Pardon the late recap, but better late than never, right? Besides, I didn‘t want to leave the Chuck fans hanging after such a crazy-good episode (especially in the midst of another hiatus). So let‘s get to it.After discovering the circumstances of his wife‘s death, Shaw embarks on "mission" with Sarah to find the Ring‘s Director.   Read more »
Last week‘s episode, "Chuck Versus the Other Guy", was chock full of goodness that I couldn‘t fit it all into my usual recap. So here are a few stray observations to ponder.R.I.P. Shaw: Love Brandon Routh (hope to see him on-screen again soon!), but I‘m not totally sad that Shaw‘s out of the picture. If anything, his exit is one less obstacle for Chuck and Sarah getting together (and staying together). Watch the full episode here>>>  Read more »
Now that Chuck has finally got the girl of his dreams, things should be in order in the world of Chuck. But we all know that a happy ending isn‘t in the cards yet for Chuck and Sarah and tonight‘s episode, "Chuck Versus the Honeymooners," is proof that there are more roadblocks coming their way. Read more »
Remember when we reported that Chuck is doing a storyline similar to Hart to Hart? Well here‘s more proof surrounding the highly anticipated May 3 episode. In the new promo clip, first reported by Entertainment Weekly, Chuck pays homage to the classic spy series about a wealthy, blissfully married couple who solves crimes together. Read more »
Three weeks without Chuck, and how are we rewarded? With the mother of all Chuck and Sarah episodes! This is the one where they get to have their cake and eat it too. Finally, right? Read on...Outside Paris, Chuck and Sarah (henceforth known as C&S for the sake of brevity) are finally on their train to happily ever after. Third time‘s the charm. They‘re getting cozy inside their compartment, ordering room service, and having sexy time. Everyone expects them to be back in Burbank already, but that‘s not the plan as they exchange vows to leave the spy life behind for good. Read more »
Commenter cladylady was spot-on with her observation. We‘ll deal with tension, but viewers ultimately want our couples to be happy. However, I‘ll leave the Chuck and Sarah goodness from the latest episode, "Chuck Versus the Honeymooners", for another time because I must use this space to gush over the series‘ unlikeliest of duos, Casey and Morgan. Someone get these two a spin-off, stat! Or at least a series of webisodes to highlight their winsome buddy-cop dynamic.Casey‘s anything but a softy, but he was the one who put in a good word with the General to make Morgan an official part of Team Bartowski. And although he was reluctant to consult with Morgan (aka the official Chuck Intersect) about Chuck‘s whereabouts, I think the Bearded One was quite useful. Who would have ever thought left behind eczema moisturizing cream and an affinity for the newest Justice League comic book would be the perfect way to track Chuck down?  Read more »
In "Chuck Versus the Role Models", we get a glimpse into Chuck and Sarah‘s potential future as a couple. There are two extremes: the Hart to Hart-esque super spy couple in Morgan‘s dream and the real life CIA couple of Craig and Laura Turner (guest stars Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz).With the General‘s orders, Chuck and Sarah‘s mission this week is to observe what makes the much accomplished Turners the best couple the CIA has ever produced. Chuck‘s gung-ho to learn from the best, but Sarah doesn‘t see what‘s so special about the supposed super couple.  Read more »
Now that they‘ve chosen to remain spies, Chuck and Sarah must manage life not only as a couple, but as a couple that works together.Sure, there are the normal couple-y things like discussing moving in together and having to deal with poor, sexless roommates who crave vitamin Cs (er, orange juice) in the middle of the night. By the by, Morgan had one of the best lines of the episode to explain Chuck‘s happiness: "Well, duh, you‘re dating a leggy Valkyrie with an aversion to clothing."   Read more »
Interpreting dreams is a tricky thing. In "Chuck Versus the Tooth", Chuck suffers through several dreams (or nightmares) that present some interesting conundrums and set the stage for the last three episodes of the season.While watching television, Chuck says he loves Sarah, but she doesn‘t say it back. Eventually, Chuck falls asleep prompting Dream #1: Sarah says I love you, Beethoven‘s "Ode to Joy" plays in the background, Beckman crashes cymbals together, Shaw‘s at the door with Zamibian take-out, and Chuck shoots Shaw repeatedly until he falls into the courtyard fountain.  Read more »
Dreaming, scheming, and people possibly back from the dead?! With only three episodes left in the third season, I‘ve got a few questions.1) Could Shaw be alive?That would be a fascinating twist, I dare say. When Shaw fell into the water after Chuck shot him, the thought crossed my mind that he may have survived. I mean, I‘ve seen soap opera characters survive far worse so it‘s not that big of a stretch. Read more »
It‘s not official yet but tons of Chuck fans are probably celebrating, thanks to a report from Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello that claims that NBC has given the spy series a 13-episode season order. Read more »
Summer is upon us and that means it‘s time to mark our calendars and bid farewell to some of our favorite shows, including Lost, Grey‘s Anatomy, Glee, and 24, just to name a few. To help you plan your TV schedule, here‘s a rundown of shows that are about to wrap up and their respective finale dates. Read more »
Wow, talk about a doozy of an ending to lead up to what I‘m sure will be an epic two-hour season finale next week. But we‘ll get there. Read on...Chuck‘s been keeping the Shaw dream a secret, but thanks to Sarah‘s intimidation skills, she gets Morgan to crack. But other matters are more pressing as Chuck spots his dad inside the Buy More.  Read more »
Can you feel it in the air? Season finales are upon us! On one hand, I‘m a bit sad that this television season is slowly winding down. How I‘ll miss all of my favorite shows during the summer! But lucky for us, Chuck still has a two-hour finale to come that (based on spoilers) promises plenty of excitement. Also, we won‘t have to wait until the 11th hour to find out whether Chuck has been renewed for a fourth season or not because NBC has done the proper thing and put Chuck on their fall schedule! That‘s a load-off -- although I was ready to storm my local Subway just in case.  Read more »
Now that Chuck has been assured of a fourth season, fans can now enjoy and watch the third season finale without any trepidation. However, that‘s not to say there won‘t be any tension in the two-hour episode. After all, it‘s the kind of season ender that will have everyone buzzing--at least according to the promos. And if last week‘s episode is any indication, it‘s still safe to assume that Chuck has definitely saved the best for last. Read more »
For as long as I lived in Los Angeles, I think I only took the subway once. Not that fantastic an experience, I reckon. But that aside, "Chuck Versus the Subway" finds our intrepid team going underground. As Chuck and Sarah make cute at a farmer‘s market, Chuck spots a Shaw-like figure in the crowd. They say curiosity killed the cat, but Chuck follows the man down to the subway anyway. It feels like he‘s in the middle of a bad nightmare. He‘s supposed to be dead! But that man on the train is most definitely Shaw.  Read more »
Somehow, this second half of the finale flies by. Maybe it‘s because I‘m anxious to see where it all leads. But first, a trip down memory lane.It‘s 1991, and Ellie‘s angry that little Chuck has broken their mom‘s favorite necklace. He didn‘t mean to do it, but Papa Bartowski tells Ellie that her brother has a knack for getting into trouble, and it‘s her job as his big sister to protect him.If you missed part 1 click here  Read more »
How about that for an awesome close to the season! It‘s been fun tagging along with Team Bartowski for the last few months, but nostalgia aside, let‘s talk finale.R.I.P. Papa BartowskiOh, that Shaw. As if he weren‘t already a huge jerk, he just had to put a bullet through Chuck‘s dad, didn‘t he? Granted, it‘s a shame that Stephen J. Bartowski (guest star Scott Bakula) had to bite the dust, but it‘s his death that‘s going to prompt a significant part of the action in season four. (Side note: I‘m still incredibly glad that Chuck has been renewed for another season. Much deserved!)  Read more »
After a midseason kickoff last season, Chuck is back on NBC‘s fall calendar, prematurely leaked by The Hollywood Reporter. Chuck returns to its old Monday 8pm slot, followed by two rookies: global-conspiracy-theory drama The Event and another action drama, this time about a team of US Marshalls who track down fugitives, Chase.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>CBS‘ Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>Wednesday, meanwhile, is Law and Order night, featuring the spin-off Law & Order: Los Angeles at 10, while J.J. Abrams drama Undercovers and Law & Order: SVU open the night. Mercy and Trauma, as well as former NBC flagship Heroes, are nowhere in sight, although network execs are reportedly in talks to give both Heroes and Law & Order "special event" or two-hour finale send-offs next fall. Read more »