Articles for Celebrity Rehab Season 4

Running a marathon sucks. (Probably. Not like I‘d know! I watch TV for living.) But watching a TV marathon RULES! Especially at Christmas time, when you want something to do with your family or something to do to avoid your family. Either way, a TV marathon is the way to go.Want to know which marathons to turn on while you hunker down, zone out and stay in this weekend? Well, there are a TON that will be on TV starting tomorrow. But these ones are the best. At least in my highly subjective, highly correct opinion.  Read more »
TMZ reports that an inside source at Dr. Drew‘s Celebrity Rehab has leaked the identities of the celebs who will be checking in and trying to kick their habits in season 5. And they are:Michael Lohan, who‘s apparently addicted to more than shaming his daughter Lindsay on her drug use. Two weeks ago he was in Florida giving interventions to troubled teens, so maybe he‘s addicted to being a hypocrite?Michaele and Tareq Salahi of "White House Party Crasher" and Real Housewives of D.C. fame, who must be addicted to more than pathological lying and negative attention. Dwight "Doc" Gooden, former New York Mets pitcher who was banned from the MLB in 1995 after twice testing positive for cocaine. The "Doc" nickname seemed tragically ironic then; even more so now.Bai Ling, "actress" better known for her addiction to outrageously ugly clothing. So a drug addiction actually explains a lot.Jeremy Jackson, who has transitioned from one form of "washed up" to another since he played Hobie (David Hasselhoff‘s character‘s son) on Baywatch. Since then, he‘s been notably addicted to mullets and also crystal meth.  Read more »