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You have to admire VH1‘s restraint. Certainly they were tempted to create a title for this program that would fit more neatly into their Celebreality brand: Celebrehabality, perhaps? But no, the subject at hand requires some gravitas, so they stuck with the simple and descriptive Celebrity Rehab.And you also have to, just in general, admire the overall ingenuity of the various networks and their reality programming. It seems like every quarter, there is some new reality concept announced that just fills a big part of the population with horror and gives cultural critics plenty of fodder for another article saying “This new reality program (fill in the blank) proves we are going to hell in a handbasket as a society.” The list feels endless: Temptation Island, Age of Love, Kid Nation, Rock of Love, anything remotely associated with Flavor Flav…I could go on, but I think the point is there. Yet every time the response is, “That‘s it, they‘ve gone too far,” the networks manage to pull something one step further like Celebrity Rehab out of their hats. Read more »
The continuing story of Jessica Sierra‘s court-ordered yearlong-rehab visit has been unfolding today even as the hours count down to the premiere tonight of Celebrity Rehab, which features the American Idol alum as one of the addicts. With such a high profile story about the struggles of at least one Celebrity Rehab participant, the show is already starting off on the defensive. Of course, even if every single participant had emerged from Celebrity Rehab clean and sober for the rest of their lives, the show would still have its critics who think it‘s exploitative and prurient voyeurism. But the doctor at the heart of it, Dr. Drew Pinsky, defends what the show is doing. Read more »
Previously on Celebrity Rehab, eight drug addicted celebrities checked themselves into rehab under the care of Dr. Drew Pinsky and began their difficult battle for sobriety.  Brigitte Nielsen, known for her marriage to actor Sylvester Stallone and her relationship with rapper Flavor Flav, former WWF star Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer, Jeff Conaway, who starred on Taxi and Babylon 5, Daniel Baldwin of Vegas Vampires, Seth "Shifty" Binzer of Willowbee, porn star Mary Carey, Family Matters‘ Jaimee Foxworth and former American Idol  contestant Jessica Sierra introduced their painful back-stories, while Dr. Drew started to analyze his patients‘ struggles through a series of one-on-one meetings.  But when Conaway lapsed into a seizure and ended up being rushed to the hospital, the rest of the group realized what rehabilitation is really about.  While Conoway continued struggle with his withdrawal symptoms in the hospital, emotions flared for the others when it was revealed that Conoway brought drugs into the rehab.The celebrities continue to undergo medical detox and suffer withdrawals in tonigt‘s episode of Celebrity Rehab called “New Arrival.”  Read on for a preview. Read more »
When you put together a bunch of troubled celebrities in a show that exposes all the horrors of addiction, along with silly celebrity tantrums, bosomy women, and distressing mishaps, at some point, something has got to give.  Such is applicable to VH1‘s new reality series, Celebrity Rehab, which just lost one of its cast members following claims of inappropriate behavior.Actor Daniel Baldwin, who has been battling cocaine addiction since 1989, has reportedly quit Celebrity Rehab, a reality series on VH1 that features several “has been” celebrities as they undergo treatment to get over their bad habits.  Baldwin is the second oldest of the four Baldwin brothers and is credited for movies like I‘ll Be There with You, Vampires, and the television series Homicide: Life on the Street, just to name a few. Read more »
Former American Idol season 4 contestant Jessica Sierra, who now stars on the reality series Celebrity Rehab, is no longer pregnant, according to TMZ. Confirmation reportedly came from a source close to Sierra‘s family, though the source could not disclose what exactly happened with Sierra‘s pregnancy, which was revealed last December.  The baby‘s father was said to be a rap artist. Read more »
Good news for fans of VH1‘s Celebrity Rehab.  Given the show‘s popularity, the cable network has decided to add two more episodes to the current season, one of which is a reunion special. Originally, VH1 ordered only eight one-hour episodes of the series, with the first season supposedly ending on February 28.  Because of the additional episodes, the last broadcast of the show has been pushed back to March 13. (Warning: may contain spoilers.) Read more »
Former American Idol finalist and Celebrity Rehab cast member Jessica Sierra has been doing so well at the Pasadena Recovery Center in California that a judge has allowed her to stay in the facility to continue her treatment.  The judge‘s ruling comes after West Coast officials told Sierra that in order for her to transfer her Florida probation to California, she would have to first go back to Florida, apply for California probation status, and then go back to the West Coast. "It‘s almost nonsense," Jessica Sierra‘s attorney John Fitzgibbons told the Tampa Bay Tribune.  Fitzgibbons was the one who informed Circuit Judge Daniel Perry that every progress report and all other indications show that his client is doing well in the California facility. Read more »
At the end of last week‘s Celebrity Rehab, the remaining cast members were told that sober living will be provided free of charge for those who opt to continue their treatment.  The announcement has called for a deep re-thinking and contemplation of future plans for the celebrities, and their individual responses to the announcement will be featured tonight on the show‘s first season finale. To find out more about Celebrity Rehab‘s season ender, read on for a preview and some mild spoilers. Read more »
Steven Tyler, frontman of Boston-based rock band Aerosmith and father of actress Liv Tyler, has reportedly entered the Las Encinas Hospital‘s drug rehabilitation clinic in Pasadena, California where Dr. Drew‘s Celebrity Rehab is staged. According to website, the 60-year-old rock star will go through a detox in the infamous facility where Hollywood Madame Heidi Fleiss, rocker Sebastian Bach and pop star Aaron Carter will be treated as they make a public attempt at sobriety on reality TV program Celebrity Rehab, which will start filming season 2 next month. Read more »
As Celebrity Rehab heads into its sophomore season, the participants of Dr. Drew Pinsky‘s reality series are gradually making their way out in the open.  As hinted previously, season 1 cast member Jeff Conaway has already expressed his desire to continue with the program he once prematurely left.  Now, another controversial actor will be checking into the infamous Pasadena facility and he comes in the form of Gary Busey.An Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-nominated actor, Busey has appeared in numerous films, including The Buddy Holly Story, Big Wednesday, Lethal Weapon, Point Break, Valley of the Wolves Iraq and Under Siege.  He‘ll be starring in the horror flick Nite Tales: The Movie and the family-sports-themed movie Down and Distance, which will both hit theaters later this year. Read more »
Recently, iconic actor Tom Cruise was thrown into a verbal war with Celebrity Rehab star, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who questioned the latter‘s belief in Scientology.  Cruise, who is openly a Scientologist since 1990, claims that the study helped him overcome dyslexia.  He is a very outspoken advocate of the study, which he has promoted to be fully recognized as a religion in Europe.  Dr. Drew, on the other hand, has a very different point of view when it comes to Cruise‘s passion for Scientology, saying that it is pointless."Why would somebody be drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology?" Dr. Drew said in an interview with Playboy.  "To me, that‘s a function of a very deep emptiness and suggests serious neglect in childhood – maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect." Read more »
Troubled actor Jeff Conaway left VH1‘s Celebrity Rehab prematurely and was unable to complete his treatment for his addiction to alcohol, cocaine and painkillers.  However, the 57-year-old actor, most known for playing Kenickie in the iconic 1978 film adaptation of Grease, isn‘t throwing in the towel just yet. "It‘s not over, I‘m gonna go back in," Conway said, expressing his desire to return for another round of Celebrity Rehab.  He also insisted that the recent passing of his mother is not what made him fall off the wagon.  “I miss her a lot, but I didn‘t go back to using over that." Read more »
Now that filming has just gotten underway for the second season of Dr. Drew Pinsky‘s Celebrity Rehab, could the new cast already be complete?  Or, is there room for more famous faces needing to conquer their demons? Rumor has it that CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s Gary Dourdan is the latest addition to the season 2 field.  There are unconfirmed reports that the former CSI star will check into Celebrity Rehab to hopefully help him kick some habits that landed him in very hot water two months ago. Read more »
More and more people are revealed to be in major need of professional help via the hit VH1 reality show .  After Oscar-nominated actor Gary Busey, arguably one of the most famous cabbies in American history is entering the infamous Pasadena facility to seek help.Associated Press reports that Rodney King, who became famous when he was beaten blue by Los Angeles Police officers one night in March 1991, will appear in the sophomore season of Celebrity Rehab.  The show, which features semi-famous people undergo therapy for whatever addictions they may have, recently began filming, with the new season scheduled to premiere in October. Read more »