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After months of waiting, Castle finally returns tonight with new episodes for the show‘s fourth season. Will there finally be some resolution on Beckett‘s shooting, the conspiracy behind her mother‘s (and now Captain Montgomery‘s) murder, and Castle‘s desperate declaration of love? Having seen the season 4 premiere of Castle, I can promise you that the answer is at least a partial yes. How much resolution do we get? You‘ll have to watch to find out. In the meantime, however, there are some hints I can give about things to come in the premiere episode and beyond. Read more »
This week on the fourth season premiere of Castle, the doozy of a cliffhanger from last season is resolved but mysteries still abound. The most mysterious might be how Beckett feels about our favorite debonair crime writer. Also, there‘s that little lingering case about her mother‘s murder and the conspiracy keeps getting twistier. Good thing Castle has a high-tech computer board to keep track of everything. It‘s like Castle has his own version of the Situation Room in his study. Besides the messy feelings and labyrinthine plot twists, the episode also introduced a new "iron" police chief and a case so insubstantial that the approximate two minutes of screen time devoted to it seemed excessive.  Read more »
Castle kicked off its fourth season this week with a flurry of new revelations (Beckett knows about Castle‘s three little words!) and a bigger flurry of new questions (who‘s that Smith guy?) And yet there‘s a part of me that yearns for the fun times of season 3 -- you know, when all that happened between Castle and Beckett were teasing, and Alexis was just a little girl...Well, the Castle season 3 DVD has just hit stores (you can buy it here, like, now!) and it contains, apart from all episodes of the past season, bonus clips and deleted scenes. More on that later. First, let‘s talk to Castle, Beckett and Alexis -- well, Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and Molly Quinn -- about what we can expect in the fourth season! Read more »
It‘s good to know that, on TV anyway, even the beautiful and successful people are comic-book geeks. It‘s even better to find this out about characters as awesome as Castle‘s Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. The revelations -- seen in a promo video for "Heroes and Villains," episode 2 of the current season 4 -- actually seem to fit these two characters quite well. Read more »
This week on Castle the show steps away from conspiracy theories to indulge in some geeky comic book-inspired fun. Nathan Fillion is never better, or having more fun, than when he can embrace his fanboy roots. Castle gets to bring out his first edition comics and name drop a dozen caped crusaders, all in the name of solving the case. His nerdiness was never so useful.In the Caskett shameless pandering section of the episode, a writer and his policewoman muse neatly mirror Kate and Richard, with a much more make-out filled ending. Hopefully our two favorite crime fighters were taking some notes!  Read more »
This week on Castle the team nearly fell to pieces trying to solve a murder case without a body. That is, until Castle and Beckett found a few too many bodies. Turns out the murder victim was set to be cryogenically frozen, so sometime in the distant future he could party with Walt Disney. Closer to home, Alexis gets a rejection letter from Stanford and spirals into a needy, sweatpants-wearing funk.  Read more »
Season 5 of the web series The Guild has proved itself to be a geek-friendly cornucopia of pop culture. With the many, many geek celebrities that have appeared thus far this season, the bar is set pretty high for the next major Guild guest star.So who will be the guest in The Guild season 5, episode 11? Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Castle, "Kick the Ballistics," the long-absent (since early in season 3 anyway) 3XK serial killer returns in a grim way. Castle season 4 thus reprises one of the show‘s only unfinished murder plots. Will the detectives earn a better outcome than before? A preview video released by ABC indicates that things might instead be a little grim. Read more »
This week on Castle the shadow of the 3XK serial killer looms large over our favorite crime fighting team. While Castle‘s fun romps like the super hero and heads-on-ice episodes are always a good time, it‘s the more serious mythology pieces the show always hits out of the park. This week is no exception when Ryan‘s stolen service weapon allows the audience to find out more background about the team‘s most cheerful member. Seamus Dever, who plays Ryan, really gets a chance to shine in this episode as Ryan slowly unravels from anger and guilt. It‘s also great to see the team rally around another member. We all love Castle and Beckett (and Caskett, let‘s be honest) but it‘s nice to see some of the fantastic supporting players get a chance in the spotlight. It‘s also great to have an ongoing nemesis like the 3XK killer out there somewhere, ready to strike. My guess is around sweeps time.  Read more »
With Castle season 4 off to an impressive start -- featuring episodes about frozen heads, comic-book killers and the return of 3XK -- we have to expect that things might get even better in the weeks to come. If the news reported below is any indication, this is indeed what will happen on Castle. Read more »
This week on Castle Beckett confronts her feelings of jealousy when Castle gets all flirty with a sexy art thief. Not only was the episode really fun after last week‘s heavier emotional Ryan episode, it was also a great Caskett episode.  Read more »
This week on Castle, Beckett ain‘t afraid of no ghosts, but judging by his girly screams Castle surely is. It‘s a fun Halloween themed episode sadly minus Nathan Fillion dressed up as Captain Mal from Firefly. Still, it‘s good, spooky fun when the team has to solve the murder of a famous ghost hunter. Castle obviously is super excited to solve a real life haunted story while Beckett is the Scully of the episode, convinced there must be a rational explanation.  Read more »
It‘s a seat-clenching episode of Castle on this Halloween night. Castle and his mother are held hostage in a bank hold-up by a guy dressed in hospital scrubs. Will an attempt to make a deposit turn out to be a flat-liner? (I promise, that‘s the last of the lame puns).Castle‘s mom only wants a loan for her company. If she would only let Castle co-sign... but no; this just will not do. She‘s a "grown woman." Wait, hold that thought. Castle realizes there are people entering the bank wearing hospital gear and suspicious looks on their faces. Yep, the place is being robbed. Thank God Castle just so happened to be on the phone with Beckett. Dispatch is on the way. A gunman takes the phone from Castle and makes his opinion known by stepping on it. Beckett arrives on the scene and, of course, is kicked out of the SWAT van even though she gives some vital information. Five minutes couldn‘t have passed before the captain calls her back to the van. The gunmen will only talk to the "lady cop with the bedroom voice." This guy isn‘t playing around. Any wrong move and he‘ll kill hostages, starting with Castle! Read more »
This week on Castle, Beckett and the gang investigated a murder connected to an Atlantic City hotel casino. Taking a different approach to the case, Castle, Esposito and Ryan traveled alone to Atlantic City, while Beckett and Gates worked together from the precinct. In true Castle style, there was some mischief from our favorite triad of men, including their dressing up as Elvis impersonators. With so many amusing aspects to this episode, the Twitter community was highly active. Here are the top 10 tweets from "Heartbreak Hotel." Read more »
This week on Castle the boys go to Atlantic City but don‘t get to see Carrot Top, Beckett almost bonds with Captain Gates and Alexis accidentally throws a raging party. After last week‘s intense, fantastic and emotional episode this week is a lighter, more screwball outing. It also breaks up our favorite crime fighting couple, sending Castle off for some bachelor bonding while Beckett holds down the office with Gates. If you think this means that Gates opened up and the two made each other friendship bracelets, you would be wrong. Gates was just as tough, fact-driven and hard on Castle‘s contributions as ever. At least by episode‘s end she seemed to be lightening up a bit, even turning a blind eye to the boys spending some extra bachelor party time in Atlantic City. The guys, meanwhile, cracked open the case with the help of Beckett, some good old fashion detective work and a few convenient Elvis costumes. Viva Atlantic City! Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
Now that we‘re well into Castle season 4, it‘s time for some news about what is to come throughout the future episodes. Keep reading for news items and spoiler teases regarding just about every aspect of Castle. Read more »
Remember the mayor that Castle is always bragging about? It sounds like we‘re going to be seeing an awful lot of the man later in Castle season 4 -- the show has cast Derek Webster in the part of Mayor Robert Weldon. Although this increased exposure will not be so positive for the politician himself, more of the man whose power made the Castle-Beckett partnership possible must be good for audiences. Read more »
Apparently, getting shot and nearly killed by a mysterious sniper in retaliation for investigating your mother‘s murder is something that sticks with you. Viewers of Castle season 4 might have been wondering about that. Considering just how together and competent Kate Beckett has seemed since her shooting, we might have thought her trauma was all in the past."Kill Shot" proves that this is not the case -- Beckett has a long way to go before she is all better. If this episode is any indication, it is going to be a disturbing and intriguing journey. Read more »
I got the opportunity to sit down with Castle star Stana Katic to talk to her about the show, this week‘s highly anticipated new episode "Kill Shot," and the future of Beckett and Castle. I also asked her some questions from you, the fans, about the things you wanted to know. Thank you all for submitting questions -- I asked as many as I could.  Read more »
This week on Castle, a killer sniper sends Beckett on a post-traumatic downward spiral, but thankfully her friends are there to help her pick up the pieces. This episode will undoubtedly be on Stana Katic‘s Emmy reel because she did phenomenal work playing a Beckett coming unglued at the seams. Beckett is usually the stoic member of the team but in this outing her carefully crafted defenses came crumbling down. Katic has never been better or more empathic than she was in this episode. How about some love Emmy voters? Still this breakdown might have also triggered a breakthrough of the more emotional kind. And that could spell good things, not just for Beckett personally but for her future with Castle. Once the floodgates opened up in regards to her shooting some other issues came flooding to light. In particular, Beckett looks ready to deal with her mother‘s murder. It‘s long been her defense mechanism for keeping the world, and especially Castle, at bay. If Beckett really let‘s go maybe our favorite crime fighting pair will finally become partners in more ways than one.  Read more »
As the 12th precinct tracks down a sniper who is murdering individuals with recent successes, Beckett experiences severe post traumatic stress from her nearly fatal encounter with a sniper in last season‘s finale. With the support of the team, Beckett collects herself well enough to be influential in solving the case. Here are the top 10 tweets from "Kill Shot." Read more »
Fans of One Tree Hill and White Collar will be very pleased to learn that Hilarie Burton has been cast to guest star in an upcoming episode of Castle season 4. Fans of the many Kardashian enterprises, however, may not be so thrilled. Read more »
Next week‘s episode of Castle, "Cuffed," certainly looks like a winner. After all, episodic photos mostly show Castle and Beckett handcuffed together in a dark, creepy room. How will they escape? How did they get there? And what fun relationship drama can we expect before they break free? Three preview videos for the episode give some clue as to what might be going on in "Cuffed." Read more »
What happens when Castle and Beckett wake up with no memory of the past few hours to find themselves handcuffed together? Arguably one of the most interesting episodes of Castle to date. Having been abducted, Castle and Beckett attempt to piece their memory back together while attempting various ways to escape the confines of a dungeon. Meanwhile, the rest of the 12th precinct try to solve the case, which involves illegal breeding and selling of exotic animals. Here are the top 10 tweets from "Cuffed." Read more »
This week on Castle, Castle and Beckett work on their circus act, escape a hungry tiger and display some fun sexual tension all while handcuffed together. You know what they say; the couple that‘s handcuffed together stays together. Wait, they don‘t say that do they? In a break from some of the more emotional, character-driven episodes of the season, the midseason finale focuses on humor, fun and sexual tension. It‘s a great light episode of the show that still packs in a lot of great character beats and some development in our favorite partnership. The ease and comfort with which Caskett adjusts to being handcuffed together is also very telling. Hopefully very soon they‘ll be "hitched" again, only this time without the tiger.  Read more »
Castle has had its fair share of interesting guest stars. And Castle has had its fair share of interesting episode themes. But never have the two been so entwined as in an upcoming episode set in the 1940s. Guest starring in that particular episode will be Mark Pellegrino. Read more »
Castle season 4 has already aired its final episode for 2011, but there are still plenty of episodes to come next year. Now, according to reports, there will even be an additional episode of Castle airing in season 4. Read more »
Now that Castle season 4 is taking a break until the new year, it‘s time to take a good, long look at which actors might be appearing when the show returns in 2012. And the most recent piece of casting news will bring Jennifer Beals to the mystery drama.  Read more »
Every year around this time there is a tradition as old as lighting the candles or trimming the tree: harping about Golden Globe snubs. It‘s like complaining about the Emmys, only with the Golden Globes there‘s a guarantee that at least some of our favorite stars will be drunk at the show. Or at the very least they will be offended by host Ricky Gervais. So let me pre-register my complaint: Castle‘s Stana Katic should be nominated this year.  Read more »
The Golden Globes are known for embracing wild cards. The 2012 nominations will be announced Thursday, December 15, and it‘s safe to assume that the television nominees will include one or two surprises.  Read more »
Is season four the best season of Castle to date? It might be a bit early to declare this season a winner with only half of its episodes aired, but the show is definitely running on all creative cylinders this year. Castle has always been a fun procedural that relies heavily on the charm of its leads, but this year, however, the show decided to change the game. While still keeping the delightful Castle-Beckett charm, Castle has dared to shake up several key relationships and story-lines. There‘s no reward without risks, but Castle‘s creative risks have paid off in a compelling season. Here is a list of the reasons why Castle has been doing oh-so-right in this, its best season to date. Read more »
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No one ever said marriage was easy. Marriage is definitely not easy on television. Fortunately, Seamus Dever -- who plays Detective Kevin Ryan on Castle -- is up to the challenge. He will marry his longtime paramour, Jenny (played by Seamus Dever‘s real wife, Juliana), in this week‘s Castle episode, "‘Til Death Do Us Part." Dever recently spoke to BuddyTV about the episode, the character of Ryan and his TV wedding. Read more »
This week on Castle, bodies fall from the sky, Esposito tries to find a plus-one for the wedding like the plucky heroine in a romantic comedy and Ryan finally weds Jenny. Also there were a few cute Caskett moments scattered along the way. It was a nice, light episode to ease us back into the saddle with our favorite crime-fighting team.  Read more »
On Castle‘s midseason return, a man involved with numerous women is murdered. Thrown from a window, he strategically lands in a market among fruit. As Beckett and the boys investigate, they find that the victim was hiding a fake ID and $60,00 in cash and worked with a group of men who make a game out of picking up women. It appears as if the victim was targeting rich women for extortion. However, in the end, they find that he was murdered because of corporate espionage. Meanwhile, Ryan and Jenny attempt to do a bodily cleanse before their wedding by drinking only green juice. Ryan, though wanting to avoid solid foods, gives in to Moo Shu Pork and calmly admits that he knew Jenny could be in the victim‘s ledger. In the end, the wedding takes place, with Castle and Beckett agreeing to be each other‘s plus one. Here are the top 10 tweets from "Till Death Do Us Part." Read more »
If you tuned out at one point during the 2012 People‘s Choice Awards, well, I can‘t blame you. This year‘s proceedings were the usual mix of awkwardly scripted spiels, product placement and winners you could see from a mile off. Well, almost.There were a bunch of pleasant surprises in tonight‘s two-hour ceremony, hosted by The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco. Now, me doing a roll call of said surprises.See this year‘s People‘s Choice nominees Read more »
This week on Castle, the mayor becomes a suspect for murder while the conspiracy surrounding the death of Beckett‘s mother gets all the more twisted. It was a strong episode that raised more questions than it answered while building on the sense of danger surrounding Beckett from the premiere. Beckett‘s already gotten shot once for asking too many questions. This week, she doesn‘t face any bullets, but she also doesn‘t walk away with any answers either. Read more »
How does one investigate a conspiracy theory without being fully briefed on its depth? In an episode of Castle that brought back questions about Joanna Beckett‘s murder and showed Castle trusting Ryan to keep secrets from Beckett, the precinct looks into the death of a young girl connected to the Mayor. Finding out that funds are being embezzled from the Mayor‘s charity, Beckett makes the decision to pursue Mayor Weldon as a suspect even though his guilt may mean the end of her and Castle‘s working partnership. Just before a man in custody was about to give up the leader of the conspiracy, a lawyer enters the room to quiet him. In the end, Castle once again meets with his mysterious informant concerned with Beckett‘s safety and he gives Castle hints about a working plan. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Dial M for Mayor". Read more »
Castle and Beckett are brought into the world of reality television and dog shows when one of the contest‘s judges is murdered. A Kim Kardashian inspired character, Kay Cappuccio, becomes highly entangled in the investigation, as she was seen fleeing the murder scene. Through investigating her connection to the murder suspect, the team realizes that in addition to training show dogs, the victim had a side business of breeding drug-sniffing dogs. In the end, Kay‘s boyfriend was revealed to be the murderer because he was friends with a major drug cartel family. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett temporarily share joint custody of the victim‘s dog, Royal. Here are the 10 best tweets about "An Embarrassment of Bitches." Read more »
This week on Castle, reality starlet Kim Kardashian -- whoops, I mean Kay Cappuccio -- is the prime suspect of a doggone murder. Usually, Castle episodes only have one pun-heavy, jokey premise to them. Tonight‘s episode, however, had two. Read more »
Everybody loves fairy tales these days, don‘t they? The folks at Castle are apparently no exception to this trend -- the show is planning a fairy tale (and murder, of course) themed episode to air later in Castle season 4. What storybook characters could possibly inspire murderous rage? Keep reading to find out more about the stories and actors coming to Castle. Read more »
Will it take a trip back to the 1940s to finally get Castle and Beckett together?As it turns out, it might take even more than that. A clip released from the next Castle episode, "The Blue Butterfly," gives us a look at the Castle stars in their 1940s-era alter egos. And they are still having trouble getting together! Keep reading for a sneak peek at "The Blue Butterfly." Read more »
The upcoming Castle episode, "The Blue Butterfly," has it all: style, mystery and an atmospheric saxophone playing throughout. Sure, the film-noir style is just a gimmick on a show like Castle, but rarely has a gimmick succeeded so well. Read more »
Castle is going back to the 1940s. And, fortunately, Tamala Jones is ready to explain exactly what that means for our favorite Castle characters.The actress who brings Dr. Lanie Parrish to life as the Castle medical examiner spoke to BuddyTV about the unusual episode, "The Blue Butterfly," which incorporates a film-noir style and a trip back to the 1940s. Keep reading to hear what she said -- and watch a clip featuring Tamala Jones‘ film-noir character. Read more »
Castle steps back in time in this film noir influenced episode. After the 12th precinct finds the body of a modern day treasure hunter named Stan, Castle begins reading a diary that Stan possessed; a diary that belonged to a private investigator from the 1940s. As he is reading the entries concerning the case of the Blue Butterfly necklace, Castle imagines the stories unfolding as if his friends and family were the people written about. Beckett and the team, by finding the surviving individuals involved in the necklace‘s disappearance, are able to solve the original case as well as the present day murder of Stan. Here are the top 10 tweets about "The Blue Butterfly." Read more »
This week on Castle, things take a turn for the film noir when Castle and Beckett uncover the case of a priceless necklace, a hardscrabble detective and the gangster‘s dame that stole his heart. Read more »
At the center of this week‘s Castle episode, "The Blue Butterfly," there was a necklace. It was a very sparkly and pretty necklace. People killed, gave up everything and even died to get their hands on it. Maybe it was cursed, but no one cares about that, do they?Hopefully not. Because the good people at Castle are now auctioning off the Blue Butterfly necklace for charity. Read more »
The Castle episode, "Pandora," finds Castle and Beckett dealing with crimes that lead them to the CIA and to a whole lot more trouble than they may have been expecting. The episode guest-stars Jennifer Beals as CIA agent Sophia Turner -- a woman who shares a past with Castle. What will be discovered? Get a hint with a video clip and Castle spoilers for "Pandora." Read more »
In the first hour of a two-part event, Alexis begins a new internship with Lanie, and Castle and Beckett are taken by the CIA to work on a case involving national security. Agent Sophia Conrad, Castle‘s former muse, leads the joint investigation as they track down Thomas Gage, a murderous and dangerous ex-operative trying to unleash a metaphoric and literal Pandora‘s box. Following a paper entitled "Pandora," Gage moves to release the linchpin capable of destroying the United State‘s economy. After surviving run-ins with Gage and being locked in a trunk, Castle and Beckett are left to drown in a sinking car at the harbor. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Pandora." Read more »
This week on Castle, there‘s dangerous CIA rouge operatives, a doomsday scenario and murder. Most shocking of all, though, is finding out that Beckett wasn‘t Castle‘s first muse. That honor goes to the gorgeous Jennifer Beales, playing CIA agent Sophia Turner. Castle based his first books on her and spent a year following her around for "research." We haven‘t seen Beckett this jealous since Castle‘s flirtation with sexy Indiana Jones. Read more »
In the conclusion to a two-part episode, WWIII looms nearer as the CIA works with Castle and Beckett to prevent the death of a young Chinese child. This girl, the daughter of a Chinese businessman, is the linchpin, and her "accidental" assassination by a member of the CIA would cause other nations to refuse the United States loans, leading to the downfall of the economy. The investigation leads them to realize that there is a mole within the CIA, and after a few false accusations, Agent Sophia Conrad is finally revealed as the traitor. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Linchpin." Read more »
This week on Castle, Beckett and Castle prevent the end of the world while sharing some wonderful sexual tension. I have to admit, I didn‘t see the Sophia Turner reveal coming, mostly because I thought it would be too obvious for her to turn out to be evil. And boy was she evil. The only thing she was missing was a mustache to twirl or a small lapdog to pet. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Castle, Beckett and the boys investigate the murders of women dressed as fairy tale characters. They connect the deceased Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and the unconscious Sleeping Beauty through a seven-year-old photograph taken the night Little Red‘s relative by marriage passed away. The writing on the back of the photo reveals that the three were being blackmailed because of the circumstances surrounding his death. The NYPD catches the man responsible for the blackmail and also accuses him of the murders however, through Castle‘s stroke of genius, they catch the true killer: Sleeping Beauty. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Once Upon a Crime." Read more »
Once upon a time on this week‘s Castle, fairytale characters are dropping like flies. First, the gang finds a less than lively Red Riding Hood, followed by a cold Snow White. The story of who committed the crimes takes our crime fighting duo back to a fairytale-themed rave. So this episode was one part cashing in on the newest fairytale trend and another part harking back to the days of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Read more »
Having recently saved the world from global meltdown and brought a "happily ever after" to a fairytale-themed murder spree, what could possibly be next for the detectives of Castle? Keep reading to learn a whole bunch of Castle spoilers for upcoming episodes. Read more »
If we can‘t get Firefly back on TV, this may be the next best thing. Adam Baldwin will make a guest starring appearance on Castle later in season 4. Read more »
May is just around the corner, and with it comes the end of another fall season. TV shows are gearing up to say goodbye until next fall (and possibly forever). Now ABC has announced its finale dates, with an early end for Castle, a one-hour wedding finale for Cougar Town and a two-hour series finale for Desperate Housewives.  Read more »
There aren‘t many police procedurals that inspire fanatic devotion like Castle. And that‘s probably a major reason why the 2012 Paley Fest -- a panel series celebrating some of the biggest and most beloved shows on television -- included Castle in its lineup. Keep reading for all of the highlights -- and spoilers -- from the Castle panel. Read more »
After a few weeks off, Castle returns this Monday with new episodes. What could possibly be in store for the final episodes of Castle season 4? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
A contestant on the reality show, "Night of Dance," is murdered and the team must wade through her deceiving life in order to discover the truth. The victim, Odette, began acting strangely after surviving a train crash about a year prior to her death. As her peers began to take notice, she blackmailed them into keep their mouths shut. No one realized that Odette Morton actually died in the train crash and her doppelganger, Barbara, who had been in training to impersonate Odette to keep her out of legal trouble, took over her identity. The story ends with the family financial advisor, who was also Odette‘s ex-boyfriend, confessing to murdering Barbara, thinking he was getting revenge on Odette for keeping the money she received in inheritance after she had her father killed. Here are the top 10 tweets about "A Dance with Death." Read more »
This week on Castle, we learn the price of following your dreams thanks to a look-a-like with Broadway aspirations and a snobby theater critic. Barbara dreamed of being on Broadway and ended up dead, Martha‘s dream of getting some positive ink from harsh theater critic Oona Marconi stuck Castle reading chick lit and Ryan‘s dream of being irresistible to ladies got Esposito to finally put a ring on it. Needless to say, sometimes dreams just don‘t turn out like you imagined. Read more »
There are only a handful of episodes remaining in Castle season 4. But the show is definitely going to make them count. Secrets will be exposed. Bombs (both literal and metaphorical) will explode. And a whole lot of things could get kind of weird. Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Castle, the twelfth precinct investigates a bombing at an Occupy Wallstreet-esque protest. Because no one was specifically targeted, the case proves more difficult than others. Through cell phone GPS tracking, analyzing video footage of the forty-seven seconds prior to the blast, speaking with Westside Wally and a street musician, and wrongfully arresting a pickpocket, they finally catch the man responsible for planting the bomb. However, he was not responsible for setting it off; that would be the reporter who covered the bombing.This case causes Castle to evaluate what he wants out of life because he has seen death take the least expectant. Martha urges Castle to tell Beckett that he loves her (again). When he goes back to the police station, Castle hears Beckett admit that she remembers everything from when she was shot. Although Kate appears ready to let Castle express his feelings, Castle has now lost hope in a future relationship with her and keeps his knowledge a secret. Here are the top 10 tweets about "47 Seconds." Read more »
This week on Castle, the Occupy Wall Street movement gets its moment in the Castle spotlight with a bang, while the real explosion is the truth bomb Castle discovers about Beckett‘s "lost" memories. Read more »
Detective Inspector Colin Hunt from Scotland Yard assists the 12th Precinct in investigating the murder of his model friend Naomi, who left a clue for him on her body. This clue, a key, opens a locker containing a number sequence and picture of Consulate Nigel Wyndham. To get a copy of Nigel‘s fingerprints to run against those found on the victim, Hunt escorts Beckett to the Consulate party, but the prints are a dead end. Castle then solves the mystery of the number sequence, identifying it as a diplomatic pouch that contains missiles shipped from Uganda to JFK by Nigel‘s partner, the murderer. All the while, Lanie urges Beckett to go after Castle, but Beckett ultimately refrains, as Castle has been brushing her off for another woman. Here are the top 10 tweets about "The Limey." Read more »
This week on Castle, Castle is pulling away from a confused Beckett just when she‘s becoming ready to admit her feelings. God, these two crazy kids are just the worst at timing, aren‘t they? When Castle‘s ready to admit his feelings, Beckett isn‘t. When Beckett‘s finally there, Castle is throwing rich guy temper tantrums by skipping out on cases and dating flight attendants. Read more »
Adam Baldwin is a pretty big deal in the nerdy world of genre television. The gun-toting Jayne Cobb of Firefly and the equally gun-toting John Casey of Chuck will guest-star in the next episode of Castle, "Headhunters." Baldwin talked about all of these shows when appearing at the Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle. Keep reading to check out what he said and to watch a preview for next week‘s Castle episode. Read more »
Castle season 4 looks ready to go out with a bang. We‘re only a few weeks away from the May 7 Castle season 4 finale, but there are still Castle spoilers for your enjoyment -- because a lot of action is coming at the end of the season. Who and what exactly? Keep reading to find out! Read more »
Keep calm, Browncoats. And then forget about calm as you watch this clip from the next Castle episode, "Headhunters"! In the episode, Nathan Fillion teams up with his former Firefly co-star, Adam Baldwin, for a case. The result is, of course, extremely entertaining. Keep reading to check out the Castle video clip. Read more »
It‘s hard to believe that it has taken Castle four seasons to stage a Firefly reunion. But at least that reunion looks to be worth the wait -- Adam Baldwin will guest star in this week‘s episode, "Headhunters."Who will Baldwin play on Castle? What antics can the former Malcolm Reynolds and the former Jayne Cobb get up to when fighting crime in New York City? We talked to Adam Baldwin himself for the answers. Read more »
Castle decides he wants a change of pace and begins to shadow Detective Slaughter (guest star Adam Baldwin), who is Kate‘s polar opposite, on the case of a young man found dead alongside severed heads. Slaughter relies on unconventional and illegal methods to investigate, which puts Castle in harm‘s way and breaks his trust in Slaughter. Before Castle even asks for help, Beckett hands him a folder, showing that she had his back the entire time. Castle and Beckett then walk the crime scene together and realize that it was the boy‘s father who murdered him out of disappointment, instead of it resulting from gang wars as Slaughter believed. Meanwhile, Alexis opens numerous acceptance letters from prestigious colleges but struggles to decide on one. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Headhunters." Read more »
As the season of Castle gets closer to the end, Rick Castle gets thrown a few curveballs. Or more to the point; he gets himself thrown into a frantic gang drama, adorned with three severed heads in a duffel bag and a dead kid named Glitch. Castle is saddled with rogue cop Detective Ethan Slaughter (guest star Adam Baldwin, making a Firefly reunion with Nathan Fillion!), who in one day hands Castle a gun, gets him into a bar fight with very, very bad guys, and even ticks Castle off to the point of taking a couple punches on the chin himself. And by the way ... Slaughter! Now, who would have thought this questionable fella would get a name like that? Slaughter is the kind of character a crime novelist like Castle dreams about; a rugged, maniacal wild card with unknown motives and a never-ending supply of one-liners. Played by guest star Adam Baldwin, this guy is here to create some drama before the season‘s end, maybe turn the entire police force on its head and get himself in some bad, bad trouble in the process. Watching this guy operate is exhausting, but the entertaining part is seeing Castle in a completely new role -- as a badass.  Read more »
David Lock is murdered by what appears to be a zombie. After questioning a woman who had a past affair with David and after being surrounded by a mob of zombie impersonators, Castle and Beckett discover that their murderer is Kyle Jennings. They find him dead in his home, or so they thought. Upon entering the morgue, Kyle rises and runs out, later ending up in the hospital with no memory of the murder. The 12th realizes that Kyle was drugged and compelled to kill, but they have no hard evidence to prove their suspicion that Tom, the woman‘s fiancee, was behind it. Castle dresses up in Kyle‘s zombie outfit and scares a confession out of Tom, who did it to save his relationship. Meanwhile, Alexis struggles to commit to a college because she is concerned about being too far away or too close by; ultimately, she chooses Columbia. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Undead Again." Read more »
This week on Castle, zombies walk among us! Well, not actual zombies, but people dressed as zombies anyway. It‘s less exciting but more hygienic! As Beckett and Castle get to the bottom of the case of the zombie murder, they also start delving into the state of their relationship. Leave it to Castle to have Beckett and Castle hash out their feelings for each other without ever directly saying they have feelings for each other in an episode about zombies. Castle has always loved to tap into the zeitgeist with its cases of the week and this week is no different. Frankly, considering how Nathan Fillion is a geek god and everyone loves zombies, I‘m surprised it took them this long to get to the brain-eaters.  Read more »
Ever since the Castle season 3 finale, it has seemed that all of the show‘s relationship cards have been on the table. Sure, we all suspected that Castle and Beckett had feelings for each other. But Castle‘s desperate confession of love was the first public admission the show gave us.We‘ve been waiting all year for significant forward movement. Now, with the Castle season 4 finale, it‘s time to move. Which direction should that movement take? Read more »
On the season four finale of Castle, Alexis gives her valedictorian speech at graduation and the 12th precinct investigates a case involving Beckett‘s shooter. A man named Orlando Costas is found dead after breaking into Montgomery‘s house, stealing his files, and being shot by Montgomery‘s wife. DNA found on Orlando matches that of Beckett‘s shooter, Maddox; the team realizes that Orlando, desperate for money, was working with Maddox and was hired to steal the files for their unnamed employer. Castle once again professes his love to Beckett and tells her about his deal to keep her alive. Beckett scolds him for making decisions about her life, which prompts Castle to end their partnership. All the while, the team keeps quiet on Beckett‘s connection to the case to prevent her from being pulled off. Ryan eventually involves the Captain to save Kate‘s life when a fight with Maddox leaves her dangling from the edge of a building. Gates then orders Esposito and Beckett to hand over their badges, but Kate chooses to resign instead. Finally over being defined by her mother‘s murder, Beckett heads to Castle‘s apartment where she all but tells him "I love you". In the end, Maddox threatens Castle‘s informant and swears that he will succeed in killing Beckett. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Always."   Read more »
I don‘t usually cry when watching TV. I enjoy television, of course. That should be obvious, considering my job. I laugh, love and frequently obsess over TV greatness. But I really don‘t cry very much.The Castle season 4 finale was an exception to this. What terrifying and awesome endings and beginnings inspired those tears?  Read more »
This week on the season finale of Castle, the conspiracy around Beckett‘s mother reopens, damaging friendships and forcing revelations to the surface. If there‘s one thing that can be said about Castle, it‘s that the show really knows how to do heart-stopping episodes. Read more »
The newest network to hop on the early renewal train is ABC. The network has just announced the renewal of 7 of its scripted series for the 2012-2013 season. Which shows made the cut? And which still await their fates? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
Following the earlier leads of NBC and FOX, ABC has announced its TV broadcast schedule for the fall of 2012. Much of the schedule does look familiar -- only 5 new series will debut in the fall -- but there are some big changes to watch for. Get the ABC fall 2012 schedule scoop here! Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »