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ABC will attempt to give its viewers a unique kind of comedy experience with its new pilot called Carpoolers. The series is about a group of suburban guys in their carpool to work. The said show will debut on the network in September 2007. So what’s so special about a bunch of guys on their carpool? According to ABC, Carpoolers will focus in the everyday situations of four male suburbanites who come from different professions and backgrounds. As they get into their carpool, they bring along their personal and private issues, their obsessions, dreams and problems in their daily route. Read on for more information on the cast. Read more »
In BuddyTV‘s 2007 Fall TV Guide, we analyzed which great stars are working on shows that aren‘t worthy of their skill levels. The three to earn that distinction in 2007 are Fred Willard in Back to You, Jerry O‘Connell in Carpoolers, and Joshua Malina in Big Shots.Jerry O‘Connell is one of those actors who is just constantly on the verge of busting through the dorky-guy stereotype into serious stardom land.  Not that O‘Connell isn‘t well known, but with his range, physique, and recognition he seems capable of making a Brendan Fraser/Will Smith transition into big time movie star material. The problem is that between Stand By Me, Jerry Maguire, Sliders, and Crossing Jordan, you have such career deflating gems as Joe‘s Apartment, Tom Cats, Kangaroo Jack, and now Carpoolers. Read more »
Premiere Date and Time: Tuesday, October 2, 8:30pmNetwork: ABCTime Slot Competition: The Biggest Loser, NCIS, Bones, Beauty and the Geek Cast: Faith Ford, Fred Goss, TJ Miller, Jerry O‘Connell, Allison Munn, Jerry Minor, Tim Peper Read more »
In conjunction with our 2007 Fall TV Guide, BuddyTV will be publishing exclusive interviews with the stars of some of the hottest new shows this fall throughout the week.  Check back all this week for interviews with the actors and actresses of the new shows.Jerry Minor is one of those comedians who you‘ll certainly recognize even if you don‘t remember the name.  Getting his start in the famed Second City of Chicago, his comedic resume includes roles on Mr. Show, The Daily Show, Arrested Development and most notably as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.  Now he can be seen on Carpoolers as Aubrey, an uptight working husband who is emasculated at home and who uses his daily carpool to the office as a respite from the constant conflict.  Jerry spoke to BuddyTV about his role in the new show, his co-stars, and Jerry O‘Connell‘s wedding.  Below you will find the transcript as well as the mp3 audio file of the interview. Read more »
Jerry O’Connell sure has it tough these days.  Everyday, he can’t make up his mind whether to be married to Rebecca Romijn or not.  His biggest dilemma – how to make sure he never misplaces the wedding band he has to remove daily on the set of Carpoolers.Ironically, the newlywed Romijn and O’Connell play a recently divorced couple in at least one episode of the upcoming ABC comedy.  Because of his Carpoolers character, the actor must constantly ditch his wedding ring for his regular filming sessions.  Understandably, O’Connell is worried about losing the precious metal so soon after the nuptials.  Ever the boy scout, the actor has found an almost certainly fool-proof way of keeping the item safe and close to his person. Read more »
ABC‘s new comedy series, Carpoolers, is set to premiere next week.  The series follows four male suburbanites as they share life stories with one another while carpooling to work. The cast is led by Jerry O‘Connell (Crossing Jordan), Fred Goss (Sons & Daughters), Tim Peper (Guiding Light) and Jerry Minor (Arrested Development).  O‘Connell plays Laird, the recently divorced playboy, Goss portrays Gracen, the man who started the carpool, Peper plays Dougie, the eager newlywed and Minor plays Aubrey, the breadwinner of his family. Read more »
After being turned down at about 40 pilot auditions, Tim Peper finally hits gold as one of the main cast members of ABC‘s new comedy series, Carpoolers, which premieres tonight at 8:30pm.  But the 26-year-old actor reveals that nailing the part was not easy since he had to go through various tests before landing the role of Dougie, the eager newlywed who is also the newest member of the carpool.In fact, he even got sick after a hectic day of photo shoots and costume fittings which prompted him to fly home to New York to recover.  In less than 48 hours, he was summoned back to Los Angeles to start shooting for the pilot, which was created by Bruce McCulloch.  The speedy turnaround was necessary because Peper was the final addition to the cast, which includes Jerry O‘Connell, Fred Goss and Jerry Minor. Read more »
In many popular sitcoms in recent years, humor has been created by putting the spotlight on dysfunctional relationships, but for actress Allison Munn, who stars in the new ABC comedy series, Carpoolers, a stable relationship can be just as fun and hilarious to watch. On Carpoolers, Munn plays Cindy, the wife of the youngest carpooler, Dougie (Tim Peper).  Munn, who is set to marry fellow actor Scott Holroyd (As the World Turns) in November, said her character is “the perfect wife,” as her main priority is her new husband and their 6-month-old baby.  “It‘s a very loving and positive relationship, and that‘s fun to play.  I‘ve discovered that you don‘t have to focus on dysfunctional relationships to find laughs,” Munn told The Read more »
Carpoolers, a new comedy series about four men trading life stories while traveling to and from work, is the brainchild of actor-director Bruce McCulloch.  Known for penning surreal sketches, McCulloch said he was inspired to create the show while on a “man trip” with a friend. "We were coming home and were in traffic," he told TV Squad, "and I had the image of an emotional breakdown in the carpool lane.  That was sort of the start of it, and it sort of came fast.  Within two weeks I was pitching it." Read more »
Actors Jerry O‘Connell and Rebecca Romijn tied the knot early in the summer, but the two are not exactly experiencing wedded bliss – on screen, that is. Previously, it was reported that Romijn would be guest-starring on her new husband‘s half-hour comedy series, Carpoolers.  On the show, the 34-year-old actress, who currently appears as transsexual magazine editor Alexis Meade on ABC‘s Ugly Betty, is set to play Joannifer, the ex-wife of carpool member and dentist Laird, played by O‘Connell.  The episode, the sixth in the season, will air on November 6. To learn more about the episode, read on for spoilers. Read more »
There‘s been a slew of 30-something 1980s stars getting brand-new series lately.  There‘s Alicia Silverstone of The Babysitter and Clueless fame landing the pilot, Bad Mother‘s Handbook.  For a while it seemed Beverly Hills 90210 beauty, Jennie Garth, would star in another pilot called My Best Friend‘s Girl until she bailed after a table read. The latest is Jerry O‘Connell, who has just been tapped to play the lead opposite Clean House‘s Niecy Nash in The Inn. Read more »