Articles for Canterbury's Law Season 1

Canterbury’s Law is Fox’s latest courtroom drama.  Written by Dave Erickson (Murder In Greenwich), the series revolves around Elizabeth Canterbury, a fearless attorney who moves to Providence, Rhode Island with her husband after the disappearance of their young son.  Elizabeth’s job has her working constantly, causing more problems for her already strained marriage. The series is executive-produced by Denis Leary (Rescue Me), Jim Serpico and Mike Figgis under Sony Pictures Television and Apostle.  Figgis is also credited as the show’s director. Read on to know more about the cast of Canterbury’s Law. Read more »
Canterbury‘s Law, an upcoming drama series from FOX, has expanded its cast with the addition of Emmy-nominated actor Aidan Quinn. On the new legal drama, Quinn will play Matt Furey, husband of lead female character, Elizabeth Canterbury, (Julianna Margulies).  Quinn‘s Matt is an Assistant U.S. Attorney who becomes a law professor following the mysterious disappearance of his son. Read more »
As part of its revised lineup for 2007-2008 season, FOX has set a premiere date for Canterbury‘s Law. The latest courtroom drama will be taking the Friday night cluster at 9pm ET/PT beginning April 11, 2008, joining other series like Til Death, which is scheduled for 8pm, and The Return of Jezebel James , which serves as Canterbury‘s Law‘s lead-in at 8:30pm.For those who are not familiar, Canterbury‘s Law is a series about rebellious defense.  It revolves around Elizabeth Canterbury, a defiant female defense attorney who‘s willing to bend the rules in order to protect the wrongfully accused.  A rising star, she puts her career on the line to take on risky and unpopular cases, even when they take a toll on her personal life. Read more »
It‘s been eight long years since primetime television offered a weekly dose of Julianna Margulies‘ quietly strong brilliance and beauty.  When we last saw her on a regular basis, she was ending her stint on the groundbreaking medical drama, E.R., where she had played the complex character of Nurse Carol Hathaway for six seasons. Beginning tonight, Margulies will once again grace our boob tubes as the titular lead in her own legal dramatic vehicle, Canterbury‘s Law, which commences its maiden run this evening. Read more »
Some actors have all the luck, and others don‘t. Every year there are a number of new shows that fail, and sadly for some actors, they always seem to wind up in them.These elite few are known as showkillers, actors whose mere presence in a TV show makes it destined for failure. It might not actually be their fault, but through some cosmic joke, these actors continually get canceled.  Read more »