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After far too many months away from our televisions, Burn Notice returns tonight with new episodes. And things look to be a little different for Miami‘s best team of freelance spies. For one thing, hero Michael Westen got his old CIA job back at the end of last season. We can be sure that the fallout from that change (whatever it may be) will have a major impact on the upcoming fifth season of the show. Read more »
Today the nominations for the 2011 Teen Choice Awards were announced, and as usual, it‘s a collection of obvious choices. Guess what? Teens still love Twilight, and they also really like Justin Bieber, Glee and Justin Timberlakie (who, at 30 years old, will probably be given a Lifetime Achievement Award next year). Read more »
These days, strong female characters dominate our television sets. But sometimes they go a little too far. There are bad girls we love, and there are those we just love to hate. On today‘s quiz, we‘re bringing you ten of TV‘s most cunning and manipulative ladies who have made a mark on our lives. We can‘t help but look up to them despite their ties to drugs, alcohol, sex and well, narcissism.   Read more »
Another week of television has passed, which means it‘s time for us to act like our beloved grandparents: we sit back, we relax, and we look back. And we take a quiz that determines if we paid attention all these years -- or, in this case, all this week. It‘s pretty much like the crossword. Or Sudoku. You get the idea. Read more »
Sure, you‘re nursing not having the likes Yvonne Strahovski, Dianna Agron and Nina Dobrev* on your TV screens, but summer TV brings folks like us its own brand of hotties, too. Heck, they call it summer because of that! Read more »
Finally! Comic-Con has begun to release its schedule for the 2011 festivities at the San Diego Convention Center. As you might imagine, there are plenty of TV-related events going on throughout the days. In case you didn‘t want to wade through the entirety of the events schedule, we have a listing of just the television events and panels. Read more »
Burn Notice may be a fun and action-packed procedural, but it‘s the longer stories that keep fans hooked. The show‘s fifth season started off by seemingly resolving all of those issues as Michael teamed up with the CIA once again and took down the people who burned him.But with last week‘s shocking ending as his CIA contact, Max, was killed, with Michael framed for the murder, the mystery isn‘t over yet. This week‘s episode, "Square One," lives up to its name by giving the show a fresh start and a new mystery. Michael and his team covered up all evidence of the murder and now seek to figure out who killed Max and why they framed Michael, and perhaps it‘s connected to the people who burned him in the first place.  Read more »
Cast and crew of USA‘s biggest hits, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs and Psych held a scoop-laden panel Thursday. We‘ve got the highlights!Burn NoticeBruce Campbell Doesn‘t Need to Do Research: Bruce Campbell of Burn Notice joked about the research he did in order to prepare for the role of a former Navy SEAL. "I did two things -- jack and sh*t -- to prepare for the role." Turns out showrunner Matt Nix did all of the research for Bruce, who figured since he was playing a former Navy SEAL that he didn‘t need to know how to act like a current Navy SEAL. Good ol‘ Bruce. Read more »
Yesterday I announced BuddyTV was giving away a Burn Notice prize pack but in order to enter you had to pay attention to last night‘s episode. Need a refresher on what happened?Last night in "Enemy of My Enemy" we saw Michael put Sam‘s life in danger in order to help the CIA save a Serbian asset. Carmello, a heroin dealer, wasn‘t buying what Sam says and the CIA refused to help. Michael and his team used their tricks to save Sam while Fi and Madeline identified the fake Michael Weston. Get all the highlights here.  Read more »
Last time on Burn Notice we saw Michael and the gang redirect leads coming in to the CIA on Max‘s murder and Michael helped an Army sniper try to find the one responsible for harming his sister. Refresh yourself on all the details with last week‘s highlights. As things continue to heat up this season, BuddyTV has a sizzling treat for readers. How would you like to get your hands on an awesome Burn Notice prize pack? What‘s in it? I‘m glad you asked.  Read more »
Michael decides to trick a third enemy -- a dangerous heroin dealer -- to attack some Serbians to regain stolen military drones and to protect an asset of Pearce‘s. The heroin dealer takes an undercover Sam, but that backfires when the CIA deems Sam as not critically important. Michael and the team work to keep Sam safe and proceed with the mission. Fi and Madeline work to find the fake Michael Westen aka Jacob Starky -- who just bought a glock. Uh-oh.  Read more »
A young boy‘s life may be in danger tonight on Burn Notice, but let‘s put that off for later. First, we‘d all like to remind you of something that could just change your life a little. It‘s the last day to enter our Prize Pack giveaway!This could be the best thing that happens to you, Burn Notice fans, so don‘t forget to sign up and play. If you win, you get the whole package, which contains a season 4 DVD, a backpack with the show‘s logo, and more.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Burn Notice, "Company Man."Six months later, Michael Westen is in the good graces of the CIA again as a CIA asset as theytry and find the fugitives who burned him. But returning from civilian life isn‘t as awesome asMichael‘s yogurt. Michael enlists Fi and Sam (unofficially, according to the CIA) to look for oneJohn Kessler, the key to the four-seasons worthy of conspiracies. So Michael goes undercoveras a Russian comrade to get into the workings of said John Kessler. But for once, all of thishot operation stuff doesn‘t occur in Miami, but in Venezuela! Michael and Max, senior CIAoperative, locate Kessler -- but he shot himself in the head before Michael get the answers heneeds. Now, Michael‘s still working with the CIA, but it isn‘t the happy reconciliation he waslooking forward to all of these seasons... I mean, years.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Burn Notice, "Bloodlines." In government official news, Michael is charged with babysitting some Brit nuclear scientist because his libido is almost as high as his IQ. Fi takes over and lets out her crazy to scare him safe. In renegade unofficial business, Jesse enlists Michael, Fi, and Sam to help with a human trafficking case. This week‘s twist on human trafficking (they have done that storyline a lot): Asian gangsters and trafficked girls. Michael ‘emotionally manipulates‘ his mother, who is undercover as a hostage nurse. Yet, Madeline becomes essential to getting the hostage to talk and Michael has to trust her untrained spy skills. Maddy fakes an escape with the hostage -- proving her spy skillz. And Michael asks Fi to move in with him!  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Burn Notice, "Mind Games." Michael‘s brother Nate is back in Miami, with son baby Charlie in tow. And because Nate‘s back in town, his friend is the client-of-the-week and Nate is this week‘s newest Westen team member. Basically, the client is a widow being harassed by the loan sharks that gave money to her dead husband (worst husband ever). Michael goes undercover as a sleazy idiot with connections to the best fake documents ever. The team frames the loan shark‘s right hand man as a good guy for some reason, but he actually is an undercover FBI Agent. Awkward. But then, they round up all the illegal documents and get the bad guys. During the entire episode, Michael has a case of post-operation paranoia: he‘s tense, uptight, and a little cray-cray -- at least more than usual -- and he can‘t get over his burn notice.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Burn Notice, "Square One." Michael and the gang (Fi, Sam, and Jesse) begin covering up Max‘s murder by burning/exploding/cool stuff-ing the gun that killed Max. The CIA starts its murder investigation on Max and Michael tries to redirect the leads. However, the people who framed him (still unsure who/why) used an imposter. In the client of the week, Michael and an Army sniper look into finding who is responsible for harming his sister; a domestic violence case on Burn Notice? No, it‘s never that simple; it‘s a medical scam (a little unclear on what -- it was just important this time to get the ringleader out of power)! So the team plus Ethan -- the client -- fake a scam clan of their own; but of course, Ethan nearly messes it up because he has sniper powers. Whatever; the bad guy is caught, Ethan avenges his sister and agrees to meet with CIA recruiters, so we might see him again (probs not).  Read more »
Tonight on Burn Notice, Michael and Sam try and rescue an asthmatic boy from a dangerous, extremist militia. The militia is all against the government, yet views themselves as soldiers of war (even though they never served in a war). That‘s what you call cray-cray. Michael gets new house guests when he must protect his imposter, Jacob, and his dog, Mr. Pickles.  Read more »
On tonight‘s Burn Notice, Fi‘s ex-boyfriend Armand helps Michael find out who tried to blow him up in exchange for Fi thievery. Michael, Jesse, and Sloan are stuck on an island in the Caribbean with a bunch of mercenaries and work to steal back information that was leaked by an NSA agent.  Read more »
Summer is nearing its end, as are some of our favorite USA Networks shows. Shows like White Collar and Covert Affairs actually ended last week but other summer favorites like Suits, Burn Notice, Royal Pains and Necessary Roughness still have a few more weeks in them. Thankfully it‘s just a short break for some and gives room for Psych to return! To end the season in style, BuddyTV is giving away the USA Summer Essentials bag to one lucky reader. It‘s got all the must haves in nautical fashion, gadgets and accessories. The Prize (Pictured above):  Read more »
Tonight on Burn Notice, the dream team splits up again into two separate teams like last week. Michael and Sam (who was missed last week) look for the man who framed him and they end up in Tallahassee to a home of a war criminal with a bomb-making fetish. Meanwhile, Fiona helps Jesse‘s latest job of protecting a pharmaceutical inventor, Forte, but he is suspiciously evil so it turns into Fiona and Jesse vs. evildoer‘s security team.  Read more »
If your summer has been dominated by USA shows, you‘re likely going into a bit of a mourning period right now. White Collar and Covert Affairs have already ended their summer runs, and Burn Notice, Suits and the rest will soon follow along into hiatus oblivion. But don‘t get too upset -- USA has already announced the dates for some of the shows to return in the fall. Covert Affairs, Burn Notice and Psych will all air new episodes in 2011. Read more »
Picking up from last week‘s cliffhanger, Michael and Sam go after ‘the man who killed Max and framed Michael.‘ Pearce is back for like two minutes! But that‘s on the backburner as Michael does freelance and Jesse enlists Maddy to take some pictures on a safe job. The safe job turns into a hostage/heist in which Maddy is the hostage and Michael‘s in the heist! Enter to win a USA Summer Essentials Tote>>  Read more »
On tonight‘s Burn Notice, Michael and Fi go on a romantic getaway aka an assigned CIA job. Michael‘s idea of romance is CIA paperwork and undercover work, Fi‘s is guns-a-blazing and bubble baths. Michael and Fi protect some bioweapons traitor and his wife Charisma Carpenter! In a small subplot, Sam and Jesse do Michael‘s dirty work by searching for who framed Michael for Max‘s murder. Read more »
On tonight‘s season finale of Burn Notice, the man who killed Max kills himself before the opening credits and they pretend it is all mysterious and troublesome. But really, they just wanted to bring back "Dead" Larry.  Read more »
Amidst all the buzz Ted Danson‘s entry has generated for CBS‘ flagship crime drama CSI, there‘s one more storyline that will define the show‘s current season: Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) is leaving the crime lab in the middle of the season. And the show‘s crew are getting ready for the goodbye by bringing three big names to send her off.  Read more »
We‘re right in the middle of Burn Notice season 5, waiting for Michael and the gang to return in November. On the previous episode, "Dead to Rights", we saw Dead Larry come back after kidnapping the psychiatrist Anson. But the bigger problem is the victim, because Anson revealed a few secrets of his own: he‘s the man the gang‘s been looking for, and he‘s involved in Michael‘s past. Burn Notice Recap: The Best of "Dead to Rights"We may just find out what Anson has in store for Michael once season 5 resumes. For now though, we have to content ourselves with these Burn Notice spoilers.  Read more »
After Michael and Fiona‘s trip to Puerto Rico last week, Burn Notice returns tonight with the episode "Breaking Point." It‘s another tough case for them as a war between gangs results in a gruesome murder. Worse, it‘s the murder of one of Michael‘s childhood friends.Michael has to find a way to infiltrate the gangs and settle the dispute. Enter guest star Indigo, seen on the Showtime series Weeds and HBO‘s Treme. She‘ll be appearing tonight as the character Dolly, who might just be the ticket to discovering the killer‘s identity.  Read more »
Life has become very complicated on Burn Notice. Although Michael managed to get back into the good graces of the CIA, he simultaneously found himself suffering under Anson‘s blackmail threat. And the second-to-last episode of Burn Notice season 5, "Acceptable Loss," does not seem to lighten anyone‘s load. Our exclusive clip from this coming Thursday‘s episode shows just how complicated the spy life can be. Read more »
The fifth season of USA‘s Burn Notice has put Michael and his team into yet another sticky situation. The big bad, Anson (the wonderfully sinister Jere Burns) is plotting to restart the organization that burned Michael and he‘s threatening to send Fiona to prison forever after he framed her for a deadly explosion.  Read more »
More stars are getting cast for more shows. Some of them are new, others are returning, and one of them is leaving for good. Read on to find out who we‘re talking about:  Read more »