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On Monday last week, the fifth season of Boston Public hit the airwaves with “Smoke Signals,” which featured Alan teaming up with Denny‘s former flame Bethany to try a case against a tobacco comapny.  Tonight, the David E. Kelly series returns with Episode 5.2 entitled “Guardians and Keepers.”Tonight on Boston Legal, the courtroom battles ensue as Alan sues the drug companies after a client asks for his help, given that he has been taking 42 different medications daily.  Katie takes a case involving a young woman who claims that she was raped by a guard when she was sent to a private drug treatment center.  Meanwhile, Carl works on a case with Shirley’s granddaughter. Read more »
On the last episode of the legal dramedy Boston Legal, we witnessed how Denny (William Shatner) fainted in the lobby of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt, while Alan (James Spader) helped someone take on the drug companies that contributed to how critical his condition had become.  Meanwhile, Carl (John Larroquette) helped Shirley‘s (Candice Bergen) granddaughter who found herself in a legal debacle after voting in the presidential primaries.  For her part, Katie (Tara Summers) took a case of a young woman who claimed he was raped by the guard of a private drug treatment facility.Tonight, Denny faces arrest once again after he is found carrying a concealed firearm when he shoots a man who tries to mug him and Jerry.  It looks like it was a case of self-defense.  Meanwhile, Alan fights for the right of a sex surrogate to get joint custody of her daughter.  A little side note and something that might complicate matters: he was a former client of hers. Read more »
On the last episode of Boston Legal called "Dances with Wolves," Denny faced arrest when he was found carrying a concealed firearm which he used to shoot a man who tried to mug him and Jerry.  It pretty much looked like a case of self-defense.  Meanwhile, Alex fought for the right of a sex surrogate to get joint custody of her daughter. On tonight‘s episode of Boston Legal called "True Love," Alan Shore is called by a former flame by the name of Phoebe Prentice to get him to defend her husband‘s innocence in the nurse murder case.  As he is in love with Phoebe, he kind of wishes that her husband is guilty so they can rekindle their relationship.  Meanwhile, Denny thinks it will all work out for Alan since the client is unlikeable and the jury will rule against him.  This moral and professional dilemma will be the center of the Boston Legal episode as he secretly hopes for a conviction. Read more »
On the last episode of Boston Legal, his ex-flame Phoebe Prentice called Alan (James Spader) to attest to the innocence of her husband in the murder of a nurse.  Unbeknownst to her, Alan was secretly hoping that her husband was guilty and convicted to get a second chance at Phoebe.  Meanwhile, Denny thought things would work out for Alan since the client looked kind of unlikable and the jury would most likely rule against him.   It was a moral and professional dilemma on Crane, Poole & Schmidt. On tonight‘s episode of Boston Legal, Alan and Shirley (Candice Bergen) are on for what looks like an uphill fight against the military while fighting on the side of a man whose brother died in a military hospital under suspicious circumstances.  Meanwhile, Jerry (Christian Clemenson) has to help his sister Joy (Annie Potts) in her quest for the identity of the father of her son. Read more »
The last episode of Boston Legal opened with Carl Sack, Shirley and Alan staring intently at Denny‘s eyeball.  So he went to Shirley for medical advice.  Meanwhile, some have commented how it had come to that: the four top lawyers of a top law firm all lounging around and doing nothing, when someone who looked like a poor person came in.  Also, it was weird, according to some, how Bill Shatner assured James Spader that him losing an Emmy had nothing to do with “being the star of the show.”  It sure broke the proverbial fourth wall.Tonight on Boston Public, Alan Shore and Denny Crane take a break from all the lawyering and go to a Dude Ranch in Utah.  However, they would soon find out that they have very little in common and find themselves at odds with some of their fellow enthusiasts in the ranch.  Fortunately or not, Melvin Palmer happens to be at the same ranch so they call on him despite finding him irritating.  Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt has to defend someone who unintentionally blows up her doctor when she set his office on fire for prescribing potentially fatal medication. Read more »
Boston Legal fans will soon have to bid farewell to the spin-off that follows the personal and professional lives of the lawyers working at Crane, Poole & Schmidt. ABC has already booked the two-hour series finale of the legal dramedy for Monday, December 8.  In the mean time, fans can still enjoy the remaining new episodes of the fifth season, including tonight‘s “Mad Cows.”Read on for a preview. Read more »
As the spin-off of The Practice nears its December 8 series finale, the Emmy-winning writer-producer of Boston Legal David Kelley is said to find himself without a television series for the first time in two decades.  For the fans of the legal dramedy who are dreading to see its five-season run come to a close, NBC recently scooped up a script by Kelley for a possible Fall 2009 premiere.  The script is reportedly about an aging lawyer who works with his adult daughter at a Chicago firm.  The premise sounds pretty bland at this point, but additional developments should be in the offing.“It‘ll feature a cauldron of eccentric characters,” Kelley tells Entertainment Weekly.  “It‘s much more of a comedy than some of my other shows. Some of the [touches] will remind you of Boston Legal and Ally McBeal, but it won‘t be an issue- or case-driven show.  It‘s about the comedic relationship.” Read more »
Last Monday on Boston Legal, Cheri Oteri guest starred as Martha Headly in an episode that saw her as the client of Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt after she got fired from her job for voting for John McCain for President.  This week, it‘s all about holiday disasters as old faces return for the episode called “Thanksgiving.”Read on to find out what‘s in store for tonight‘s Boston Legal episode.Warning: This article may contain spoilers.  Read more »
Crane, Poole & Schmidt will plead its case one last time.  After five seasons, David E. Kelley‘s offbeat legal drama Boston Legal is calling it a night with a two-hour finale called "Made in China" and "Last Call," which finds the infamous law firm in dire financial straits.  There‘s no telling how the show will come to an end, but the series won‘t be the same if Alan and Denny don‘t get to share one last cigar smoke on the balcony. To find out what‘s in store for Boston Legal‘s two-hour farewell, read on. Read more »
Boston Legal‘s Monday episode saw a satisfying conclusion that left viewers wanting more.  Unfortunately, that episode marked the ending of the legal drama‘s five-year run.  And even though series creator David E. Kelley, the cast and crew, as well as the fans of Boston Legal, wanted the show to linger on for at least another season, that decision was sadly up to ABC, which opted to pull the plug on the program this year. "ABC didn‘t want us back," Kelley told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  "It‘s as simple as that.  They didn‘t even want us back for this year at all.  We had to fight to get back on with 13.  It‘s not a product they care to market." Read more »
Last night, CBS launched the second season of the reality TV game show called Million Dollar Password, which is an updated version of the classic game show Password.  Still hosted by Regis Philbin, the series features contestants as they team up with celebrities to give and receive clues to one another to determine a password designated for a particular round. Read more »
William Shatner, who gained worldwide fame and became a cultural icon for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk on the television series Star Trek and as attorney Denny Crane on the television drama Boston Legal, left a bold statement Wednesday night on The Tonight Show with Conan O‘Brien. The 78-year-old actor graced the late night talk show to promote his book, Up Till Now: The Autobiography, as well as his latest comic effort, William Shatner Presents: The Tek War Chronicles, which arrives in stores on June 24. However, the interview was reduced to a farce when he stuck up his middle finger at O‘Brien. Read more »
Taraji P. Henson, who played Whitney Rome on Boston Legal and most recently as Brad Pitt‘s mother in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, will soon take on yet another motherly role. This time, the BET Best Actress winner will be playing the mother of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s son Jaden in the remake of The Karate Kid."I‘m off to Beijing [soon] to work on a film," actress Taraji P. Henson revealed to MTV News. "They‘re remaking The Karate Kid." Read more »
It‘s Emmy nomination eve as TV fans are looking forward to tomorrowmorning‘s Emmy nominations, announced at 8:35am ET by Grey‘;s Anatomy‘sChandra Wilson and The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons.This year there are plenty of interesting changes and storylines goinginto the announcement.  As always, Grey‘s Anatomy has plenty of drama,with Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight‘s behind-the-scenes decisions andPatrick Dempsey‘s choice to submit himself as a supporting actor forthe first time.  Expanding the major acting and series categories tosix nominees each should also add some extra spice into the morning.  Read more »
The Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and there were sometruly out-of-the-box nominees.  Sarah Silverman for Lead Actress in aComedy for her Comedy Central show?  Flight of the Conchords for ComedySeries and Jemaine Clement for Lead Actor?  Simon Baker from TheMentalist?  And Family Guy for Outstanding Comedy Series?  Yeah, thesearen‘t your daddy‘s Emmys.Complete List of Nominees >>Emmy Fun Facts>> Read more »
Have we found a replacement for Dr. Tara Price?Emmy-winning actor Christian Clemenson is joining the cast of CSI: Miami, although only in a recurring role.  He is set to appear in at least two episodes as a yet-unnamed medical examiner.  Read more »
The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday at 8pm on CBS.  Hostedby Neil Patrick Harris, it looks like two shows will have astranglehold on the night: Mad Men for Drama and 30 Rock for Comedy,both coming in with an overwhelming lead in total nominations.But will they really prevail.  Check out the nominees for the majorEmmy Drama categories below and who I think will win, then make yourown picks and watch along with me Sunday night. Read More: Comedy Category Predictions>> Read more »
Justin Mentell, who played Garrett Wells on Boston Legal, was found dead Monday morning near his wrecked Jeep in rural Iowa County, reports the Wisconsin State Journal. According to Iowa Chief Deputy Jon Pepper, someone saw Mentell‘s car while driving along Moscow Road, the only spot from which the wrecked car was visible. The vehicle went off the road and struck two trees while the Boston Legal actor, who was reportedly driving alone without a seat belt, was thrown from the Jeep. The accident was believed to have occurred after 3am and Justin Mentell was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Read more »
Many of our favorite TV shows are celebrating their final curtain call this month--some are season finales, some endings are just for a series. And this got us thinking of TV endings that left us scratching our heads or screaming at our TV screens, and quite possibly left us in our own little world of loathing. It‘s hard enough to deal with the fact that your favorite TV series is coming to a close, but it‘s even more frustrating to see an ending that didn‘t live up to its hype. Here‘s our list, with some help from our Facebook followers, of some of the most controversial and disappointing finales. Read more »
Is all this Office casting news making your head spin yet? Well, screw it back on tight, because there‘s more speculation to be had ... right now:TVLine reports that Ray Romano, British actress Catherine Tate and the great James Spader (Boston Legal) will all appear in the Office season 7 finale, which already boasts guests Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais. Ausiello suggests that these three could be on the short list as Steve Carell replacements, but Mindy Kaling‘s recent tweets tell a different story: The Office writer/Kelly Kapoor says Arnett will play the Scranton Strangler, while Spader will play his public defender. It‘s possible Kaling could be misdirecting us, but since she also joked about how Spader and Arnett would share a "Secretary"-like storyline, the Strangler reveal sounds more legit. It at least sounds like more exciting casting than a room full of comedy heavyweights all vying for one little regional manager gig.  Read more »
With this latest round of casting news from Harry‘s Law, it‘s looking like the NBC legal drama has picked up just about every actor out there. A grand total of five actors have signed on to play regular and recurring roles on the series. Read more »