Bones follows Dr. Temperance Brennan ( Emily Deschanel ), a forensic anthropologist who writes novels as a sideline. Law enforcement calls on her to assist when the standard methods of identifying a body fail. Brennan’s special expertise lies in her uncanny ability to read clues left behind in the victim’s bones. She solves these cases with the help of Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI.

Premiere Date

13 September 2005 (USA)


Hart Hanson




Nominated - TV - Choice Actor
David Boreanaz (Teen Choice Award)
2007 - Teen Choice Award (Nominated)
2007 - Image Award (Nominated)
2006 - Satellite Award (Nominated)
2008 - Young Artist Award (Nominated)
2009 - EMILY DESCHANEL, EWwys Award (Winner)


Tamara Taylor
Stephen Fry
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Matt Sigloch
David Boreanaz
Jeff Witzke
Michaela Conlin
John Sterling Carter
Patricia Belcher
John M. Jackson
John Francis Daley
Ryan O'Neal
Eric Millegan
James McMann
Ty Panitz
Anne Dudek
Jessica Capshaw
Heath Freeman
Emily Deschanel
Christie Lynn Smith
Jami Miller
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Burnadean Jones
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Eddie McClintock
Dave Roberson
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Heavy D
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T.J. Thyne
Eric Stonestreet
Jonathan Adams
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Christopher Ambrose
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Hart Hanson
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Gary Glasberg
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Kathy Reichs
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Sanford Bookstaver
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Dwight H. Little
Ian Toynton
Tony Wharmby
David Boreanaz


"Bones, just take the brain. Okay? And put it in neutral. Take the heart, and put it in overdrive"-Booth
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: [She and Booth have just kissed under the mistletoe] Was that enough steamboats?
Caroline Julian: Plenty. A whole flotilla

"Don`t call me Bones!"-Brennan
"I don't know what that means."-Brennan
"Jesus is not a zombie."-Booth
"Well, ya know, crackheads aren't that detail-oriented."-Booth
"I can't just guess! I have a process!"-Hodgins
"I need you to be Dr. Brennan."-Booth
"You read comics and drink beer naked?"-Sweets
"I want you to get federal on his ass!"-Bones
"What if it doesn't end that way? What if it doesn't go wrong?"-Hodgins
"Be kind. Rewind."-Zack
"I'm quite literally in the middle of this conversation."-Zack
"Ew, look at all the sweat."-Bones
"Christmas spirits, they come in many a guise."-Sid
"Nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus."-Booth
"I`m not asking from you to be involved,all I want is your sperm."-Bones
"Whoa.Whoa.Whoa.Whoa.Are you this spontaneous during real sex?"-Booth
"Well,I get nervous when you fall down and don`t get up."-Bones
"You`re the only FBI agent I want to work with."-Bones(to Booth)
"I don`t know your old man,your father,but I think you are made of very,very good stuff."-Bones
"There`s no one I trust more to get my back and crack it than you."-Booth
"I`m dead inside."-Fisher
"Bones,two guys at the same time,it`s not right!I mean, that`s why they invented dueling!"-Booth
"Yeah,he`s acting like a real baby!"-Booth
"Just because I have breasts doesn`t mean I have magical powers over infants!"-Bones
"Stand back ladies,this is about to get medieval!"-Hodgins

Bones:"Now you are a mind reader?"
Booth:"Maybe.You want me to guess your weight?"
Bones:"You do and you lose a tooth!"

Booth:"Yeah, Bones doesn't intimidate."
Cam:"Then... what?"
Booth:"Have you seen the way she stares at human remains before she makes a decision?"
Booth:"You're human remains and... she hasn't made a decision yet."

Booth:"Don't knock therapy, okay? Dr. Wyatt has helped me realize there are certain pressures that build up on the job, and I need creative ways—"
Brennan:"We do everything together."
Booth:"—of dealing with them."
Brennan:"What exactly do you have to contend with on the job that I don't?"
Booth:"You, Bones. You don't have to contend with you."

Booth:"God doesn't make mistakes."
Angela:"Mmm, I don't know. Putting testicles on the outside didn't seem like such a great idea."

Booth:"We're partners, you know, together all the time, all right? You're a woman, and I'm a man. I never had a relationship like this where we were, like, two guys — except you're not, you know, a guy."
Brennan:"No. No, I'm not. Should I feel odd about wanting to hang out with Will?"
Booth:"No, of course not. 'Cause essentially you're a guy, like me, but not really."
Brennan:"That would mean that to me, you are, essentially, a woman. Yeah, I can see that."
Booth:"No, no, no, no. I'd prefer not to be a woman, if you don't mind."
Brennan:"I'm merely trying to follow your reasoning , Booth."

Booth:"You know, people see you with that, the next thing you know everyone in this place is gonna start packing."
Brennan:"This is America. Get used to it."

Sam: [to Booth]"She must be really good in bed. Otherwise I don't see why you'd keep her around."
Brennan:"Yes, I am. Very good. But Booth would have no direct knowledge of that fact."

Hodgins:[finding a rare insect]"Hello, my exotic princess!"
Cam:"What a charmingly inappropriate greeting, Dr. Hodgins."
Zack:"I think he was talking to the bug."
Cam:"Well, now I feel a bit... rejected."

Hodgins:"Does Brennan put "Mr." before your name?"
Hodgins:"That's her very subtle way of saying you're not a doctor."


-In the pilot,Bones says that the next forensic anthropologist after her is in Montreal,where the actual novels are set.
-Temperance Brennan is an anthropologist who writes novels about Kathy Reichs in her spare time.In real life Kathy Reichs is an anthropologist who writes about Temperance Brennan.
-Angela Montenegro`s middle name is "Pearly Gates" which is a name of guitar belonging to ZZ Top member Billy Gibbons,who plays Angela`s father in some episodes.
-Eric Millegan who plays Dr.Zack Addy,a grad student younger than the other scientists,is actually one year older than TJ Thyne(Dr.Jack Hodgins),two years older than Emily Deschanel(Brennan)and four years older than Michaela Conlin(Angela Montenegro).
-TJ Thyne appeared in three episodes of final season of series Angel which starred David Boreanaz.
-The Royal Diner really exists in Washington,but the one in New Jersey,not the District of Columbia.
-Gina Torres,who guest stars on the episode The Bone That Blew(of season 4),also appeared with David Boreanaz on his show Angel,and with Tamara Taylor in Firefly and Serenity.
-Episode The Beaver in the Otter(of season 4) is very similar to the movie Animal House(1978).It all centers around rival college fraternities. The guy who is killed, nicknamed "Beaver", is a womanizer who slept with the dean's wife, similar to "Otter" in Animal House ("Beaver" is also found in an otter costume at the beginning of the show). The dean is Vernon Warner (Vernon Wormer), Greg Harmalard (Marmalard) is the president of the rival house, and the president of their house is Robert Hooper (Hoover). Other references include Eli Rounder ("Flounder"), Gary Bacon (Animal House was Kevin Bacon's first film) and one character is a member of the ROTC (like Douglas Neidermeier). There are also references to "Academic probation" and a Toga Party for the wake.
-Almost every time Booth, played by David Boreanaz, is in front of the camera he has on him a watch, his FBI ID, a holstered sidearm, a Zippo lighter, Craps dice, a $100 poker chip, a floaty pen (they type where a girls clothes fall off when you turn it upside down), 3x5inch index cards, his light brown sunglasses, and he is wearing a St. Christopher medal. All of these items can be spotted being handled by Booth throughout the series.

Former Cast Members

Eric Millegan
Jonathan Adams

Bones' Interns

Vincent Nigel Murry (Ryan Cartwright)
Daisy Wick (Carla Gallo)
Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd)
Wendell Bray (Michael Terry ; a.k.a. Michael Grant Terry)
Colin Fisher (Joel Moore)
Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat)