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As the final episodes of Bones begin, the cast and crew are starting to feel nostalgic about their 12-season run on the FOX procedural drama. Creator Hart Hanson penned a heartfelt goodbye letter to Bones in The Hollywood Reporter, the cast shared their favorite episodes of all time and executive producer Michael Peterson isn‘t willing to say goodbye to the series just yet. Find out all the thoughts shared by the cast and crew of Bones on the end of the series below. Read more »
Bones kicked off its final season with "The Hope in the Horror," which picked up where last season left off: Zack kidnapped Brennan. But was he a murderer? It looked like it -- even to him -- but there was a lot more going on than the team originally thought. Here are eight times someone was wrong about what was going on in the season 12 premiere. Read more »
Bones returns for its final season premiere with "The Final Chapter: The Hope in the Horror." Dr. Zack Addy, The Original Squintern, is in the hot seat, as we learned in the season 11 finale. This episode picks up right where "The Nightmare Within the Nightmare" ended, with Brennan drugged and held captive by Zack, whom everybody thought had been locked up in the loony bin for the last however many years. Come to find out, the kid has been intermittently on the loose for quite some time, and he has big plans for the Jeffersonian crew. Yikes.Though no one can figure out how he escaped the secured facility, every Bones fan is much more interested in why the hell fan favorite Dr. Addy kidnapped his former mentor. Well, it has been a delicious 11 years so far, and FOX has teased lots of Bones-y goodness for their 12-part swan song, but I have some serious reservations about this case‘s resolution. I‘m curious if you viewers feel the same. However, let‘s review how Brennan, Booth and The Avengers take down the most recent bastard on their docket first. Read more »
Emily Deschanel has been with Bones since the show‘s conception in 2005 but she had her first chance to direct in the episode "The Final Chapter: The Hope in the Horror," the season 12 premiere. Her directorial debut drew positive feedback from fans, but what about her co-stars? Read more »
Brennan‘s celebrating a birthday in Bones‘ "The Brain in the Bot," but what does she have planned for the big day? Plus, is the murderer in the case an A.I. bot? According to FOX, "After discovering the body of a man involved with creating artificial intelligence bots, the team must figure out whether the victim‘s own A.I. bot was programmed to kill him. In the meantime, Bones plans a special surprise for everyone for her 40th birthday." Read more »
Bones is going to be dealing with drama in a retirement home during the case in "The New Tricks in the Old Dogs" -- and that is also going to drive the conversations in the lab. According to FOX, "When the body of an old man is found in an acid dump site, the team becomes enmeshed in retirement home drama. As they explore the case, talk of marriage and kids begins to dominate the conversation back at the lab." Read more »
An artificial intelligence pioneer gets himself killed while making a deal with the devil in this episode of Bones. "The Final Chapter: The Brain in the Bot" is a perfect combination of Bones-y comedy and heartwarming remembrances after the cloying darkness knit by the Puppeteer case. A lighter foray into the world of crime solving, this episode has one of the most enjoyable recurrences of Bones mythology in a long, long time. I could just kiss the Bones Fairies for that one scene alone. What‘s so fantastic about "The Brain in the Bot" is that Booth is a stitch, Cam is stunning, Angela is humble, Hodgins is goofy and Brennan, well, she‘s a constant surprise -- and there‘s even some singing. That might even be my favorite part and a big clue about that fab blast from the past that I alluded to a moment ago. I see a lot of memes in Bones‘ social media future. Read more »
It‘s up to the team to figure out if a man‘s own A.I. bot could have been used in his murder in Bones‘ "The Brain in the Bot." Also in the episode, Hodgins loses an eyebrow and Brennan plans a surprise for the others for her 40th birthday.  Here are the best quotes from "The Brain in the Bot." Read more »
TV revivals are big now but there is one broadcast network that is more enthusiastically embracing its past than any other. With their upcoming reboot of 24, the sequel series of Prison Break and news that The X-Files could continue for yet another season, FOX is really into making something old into something new. FOX‘s revival spree is so aggressive that TV Guide reports it‘s even possible the network could revive a show that hasn‘t even wrapped up yet. According to some comments by the creator, Hart Hanson, Bones might eventually get a revival of its own. Read more »
Sometimes the most unlikely pair can become a couple we all admire. Fox‘s Booth and Brennan of Bones is one of those couples. They couldn‘t be more opposite from one another when it comes to their beliefs, their humor, finances, how they love and more. But somehow these two have made it work, becoming a complex couple that Bones fans have grown to love over the course of the show‘s 12-season run.Here are five pivotal Bones episodes to understanding Booth and Brennan‘s relationship. Read more »
What makes a good cop? Someone you feel safe around? Someone who cares? Someone who thinks five steps ahead? From sitcom sheriffs to crime drama detectives, television is the home to some truly impressive boys (and girls) in blue who truly embody these traits. It‘s always great when we get to see a cop on TV who goes above and beyond the line of duty. From Criminal Minds to The Flash, certain officers continue to impress us and exemplify everything we want a cop to be. Here are five of our favorite cops on TV. Read more »
As the twelfth and final season of Bones quickly approaches, the cast got together to reflect on their time on the show. Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin and more spoke with TV Guide about what it was like to say goodbye to these characters we‘ve gotten to see them play for so long. Find out all they had to say about their time on Bones and what the future holds for their characters below. Read more »
This episode of Bones, titled "The Final Chapter: The New Tricks in the Old Dogs," humorously rounds out the first quarter of the final season. Each Bones couple discusses how they feel about having more babies, resulting in Brennan making an uncomfortable demand on her squeamish mate. While these three couples discuss sex as a means of procreation, the case highlights an entirely different outlook on sex as it centers on the very active and intimate romantic relationship of two octogenarians in a retirement community. As the case is all about a retirement home community, it brings several delightful and distinguished guest stars to the small screen. Those of us who have been around for a handful of decades will appreciate the appearance of the legendary seven-time Emmy Award-winning Ed Asner, who is known best for his characterization of Lou Grant, Mary Richards‘ acerbic news director, on The Mary Tyler Moore Show from 1970-1977. Also joining the cast for this episode are Hal Holbrook (All the President‘s Men, Mark Twain, Evening Shade) and June Squibb (The Young and the Restless, The Big Bang Theory, Nebraska). Read more »
Bones investigated the death of an old man in "The New Tricks in the Old Dogs" and got caught up in some retirement home drama. Also, Brennan brought up Booth getting a vasectomy and Cam worried about Arastoo‘s desire to become a father. Here are the best quotes from "The New Tricks in the Old Dogs." Read more »
The case is going to be personal for Booth in Bones‘ "The Price for the Past." In fact, the episode is going to bring the past to the present for another character as well.In the fourth episode of the series‘ final season, the team investigates the murder of someone from Booth and Brennan‘s past. Also, Aubrey is faced with a moral dilemma when he learns that his father is back in the picture.  Read more »
Technology controls our lives. Whether you like it or not, we depend on it for nearly everything these days. Because of this, many people have a lot of fears about what it‘s capable of doing. Whether those fears are rational or irrational, it certainly doesn‘t help when a TV show plays to those fears by acting out exactly what we‘re worried about. Let‘s take a look at seven times a TV show has perfectly summed up what scares us about technology. Read more »
Apparently tutoring can be dangerous, as the case in Bones‘ "The Tutor in the Tussle" sees the team figuring out who killed a tutor. According to FOX, "When a tutor of privileged students turns up dead, the team sorts through all the possible perpetrators, from disgruntled parents to the tutor‘s roommate with a criminal record. Meanwhile, Bones is frustrated with the voice of her audio book and tries to prove that she can record it herself." Read more »
Over the course of 12 seasons, Bones has given fans plenty of amazing episodes -- most of which they will probably never get tired of watching. FOX has asked viewers to nominate their favorites and has now narrowed down the list to 12 episodes. But if you had to choose, which one is the best? Check out the list below and tell us what you think! Read more »
The past comes back to haunt several members of the team in Bones‘ "The Price for the Past," both during the case and in the form of a family reunion. According to FOX, "The team investigates the murder of someone from Booth and Brennan‘s past. Meanwhile, Aubrey faces a moral dilemma of his own when he discovers his dad is back in the picture." Read more »
The past is coming back to haunt Booth and Brennan, in the form of the murder of someone they know, and Aubrey, with his father back in the picture, in Bones‘ "The Price for the Past." But Booth can‘t know that when he‘s happy to get a text about a body after finding out why Brennan wants to take the kids to the water park.  Read more »
Bones pulls a bait-and-switch on us in this episode, "The Final Chapter: The Price for the Past." It begins like most of the comedic episodes, with a birthday party and talk of fecal matter in the swimming pool, and ends with one of the most horrifying deaths in Bones history. The murder is a further kick in the gut with a combat boot because the victim is a much beloved character whom I had desperately hoped we would get to see more of. The moment the remains hit the table in the lab, Brennan begins slowly turning green as she recognizes a constellation of injuries not unlike Booth‘s. Thus begins the unraveling of the mystery behind the final desperate hours of someone who stood beside Booth when he was at his worst while doing what he did best: killing people. This forces Booth to question his worthiness to have such a wonderful life when others who fought beside him have nothing. Read more »
Bones‘ "The Price for the Past" was a tough case for Booth, as it was revealed that the victim was none other than Aldo Clemens. As the FBI and Jeffersonian investigated, however, they discovered that not only was Aldo tortured, but that he made the ultimate sacrifice to protect someone. Here are the most heartbreaking moments from "The Price for the Past." Read more »
The team is headed to a lumberjack competition for the case in Bones‘ "The Flaw in the Saw." Plus, Hodgins is going to be doing something to help Zack -- but not telling the others. According to FOX, "The dismembered body of successful golfer-turned-lumberjack Phyllis Paul brings the squints to the Lumber Sports Regional Championships. At this competition, Booth and Brennan discover numerous secrets that could have resulted in Phyllis‘ murder, including an affair with a married rival. Meanwhile, Hodgins secretly analyzes the bacteria on the bone of a prior victim that he believes will exonerate the murderer, Zack Addy (guest star Eric Millegan)." Read more »
Brennan and Aubrey are both unhappy in Bones‘ "The Tutor in the Tussle," but for different reasons. Aubrey‘s father is back in the picture, while Brennan is frustrated with the voice of her audiobook and tries to prove that she can record it herself.Also in the episode, a tutor of privileged students turns up dead, and the team sorts through all the possible suspects, from disgruntled parents to the victim‘s roommate with a criminal record.  Read more »
"The Final Chapter: The Tutor in the Tussle" is quintessential Bones at its comedic best -- from Brennan and Booth discussing boners and her audio book to Aubrey covered in guts and collecting dry cleaners‘ names and Cam promising revenge on Hodgins for infesting her office with spiders. This hearty gut-buster also manages to insert some startlingly poignant moments between Aubrey and his colleagues in surprisingly brief scenes when he is confronted with his father‘s appearance.Bones once again manages to stuff an episode full of nods to their fans. Booth talks about his abusive childhood, Brennan mentions being in the welfare system, and the topic of her writing career is once again front and center. Perhaps the most affectionate acknowledgement is delivered by Brennan herself when she acknowledges the incredible body of real life amateur writers who have spent copious hours imagining and sharing scenarios involving the Jeffersonian family. Bones continues to pour out their love for their loyal viewers in this final season. It‘s unprecedented, amazing and very much appreciated. Hopefully, the Bones Fairies are well aware of that. Read more »
Bones investigated the death of a tutor in "The Tutor in the Tussle," looking at the victim‘s roommate and parents of his students. Also, Brennan disagreed with the choice of narrator for her audiobook (and learned that someone was actually a fan of her books despite stating the contrary) and Hodgins was left anticipating Cam‘s revenge after an incident in the lab.Here are the best quotes from "The Tutor in the Tussle." Read more »
Throughout 12 seasons and over 200 episodes, Bones has given us so many iconic television moments. If you could only watch 10 episodes of this FOX crime drama for the rest of your life, which ones would they be? While a few may immediately stand out to you as the most memorable, would they also be the episodes you‘d recommend to a first-time viewer? Which show the most character development? Let‘s weed through and figure out which are the 10 most significant, must-see episodes of Bones ever. Read more »
Bones is heading to a lumberjack competition, as well as returning to what‘s going on with Zack in "The Flaw in the Saw."In this episode, the dismembered body of a successful golfer-turned-lumberjack brings the squints to the Lumber Sports Regional Championships. At the competition, Booth and Brennan learn numerous secrets that could have resulted in the victim‘s murder, including an affair with a married rival. Elsewhere, Hodgins secretly analyzes the bacteria on the bone of a prior victim he believes will exonerate the murderer, Zack. Read more »
Valentine‘s Day can be a fun and romantic holiday if you‘re part of a couple. It‘s a day to celebrate loving relationships with a little extra romance. So many TV shows cover the romantic stories you want to see, but what about the single people? If you‘re spending Valentine‘s Day alone this year, you might want to stay distracted by binging some TV episodes that have nothing to do with love. Instead of focusing on the lack of romance in your life, keep your mind occupied with some funny, scary and gross episodes on TV. From Supernatural to Stranger Things, here are six episodes to take your mind off being single on the most romantic day of the year. Read more »
In this episode of Bones, titled "The Final Chapter: The Flaw in the Saw," Brennan and Booth visit a lumberjack competition in the midst of their own argument over science versus sports. Christine‘s failure to ride a bicycle spurs the conversation about how best to approach all things requiring an understanding of physical dynamics. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins search for conclusive evidence to exonerate Zack of the Gormogon‘s apprentice murder, but a completely unexpected obstacle puts an end to their research. Also in this episode, Aubrey falls in love with a killer pancake recipe which proves to be its own kind of deadly. And in keeping with FOX‘s promise to bring back as many beloved Bones veterans as possible, we have a cameo from Dave Thomas. You may recognize the name since Thomas has produced over 45 Bones episodes, five of which he wrote himself. If that doesn‘t ring a bell, you may notice that he‘s the same guy who portrayed Andrew Jursic, the pessimistic documentarian who had a love connection with Caroline in "The Blood for the Stones." Read more »
Bones headed to a lumberjack competition to find the murderer of a golfer-turned-lumberjack in "The Flaw in the Saw." Also, Hodgins thought he might have found evidence that proves Zack‘s innocence, but he had trouble selling it to Cam.Here are the best quotes from "The Flaw in the Saw."  Read more »
Booth‘s past isn‘t going away on Bones, and in "The Scare in the Score," it once again comes back to haunt him. Also, Max returns but keeps something from his daughter.According to FOX, "When a series of corpses with ties to Booth‘s former Army unit appear around D.C., Booth must dive into his past to find the killer before the killer finds Booth. Meanwhile, Brennan‘s father, Max, hides a serious medical procedure from Brennan, leaving her to grapple with her father‘s trust and mortality, as well as her family being in danger." Read more »
Someone from Brennan‘s past is coming back to Bones in "The Grief and the Girl," just after something happens that creates a rift between her and Booth. According to FOX, "a recent loss creates a rift between Booth and Brennan, as they deal with their grief in different ways. Meanwhile, an old flame (guest star Eddie McClintock) from Brennan‘s past comes to visit." Read more »
One of the most beloved crime procedural series is about to come to an end but the cast of Bones will always have their fondest memories to hold on to. During an interview with TV, Tamra Taylor, Michaela Conlin, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel reveal what they will miss most about the TV series they have been a part of for 12 seasons. Read more »
We‘ve rounded the corner, Bones fans. "The Final Chapter: The Scare in the Score" begins the second half of Bones‘ final season. The search for Aldo‘s killer continues as another of Booth‘s military brothers is tortured and killed. Even more devastating is the toll these events take on the Booth family when they lose a beloved family member.The identity of the man Booth locks away at the close of this episode is a bit of a surprise given how innocent the guy seemed. We‘ve seen so many bait-and-switch situations on crime shows that I‘m not completely convinced that Mark Kovac is the mastermind behind this campaign of torture and murder. We still have five episodes to go, so it is quite possible that we have not seen the end of Booth‘s past coming back to bite him in the ass. Read more »
Bones‘ "The Scare in the Score" saw Booth find out who was after him because of something he did in the past -- but along the way, one of the family paid the ultimate price. Here are the moments that foreshadowed that tragic ending of "The Scare in the Score." Read more »
Bones couldn‘t end without another undercover case, and that‘s what‘s coming up in "The Steel in the Wheels," which will see someone else join Booth and Brennan in disguise. According to FOX, "When a young man dies in a horrendous hay baler accident, Booth, Brennan and Aubrey slap on trashy disguises and go undercover at a rowdy demolition derby competition to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon Wyatt (guest star Stephen Fry) returns and assists Hodgins and Cam when the ongoing Gormogon case hits a dead end."  Read more »
The idea of the one who got away, Sully, returning to Bones probably made more than a few fans nervous, especially those who love Brennan and Booth together. Sully very nearly was the guy who ended up with Brennan and his return might be cause for concern, even if it is coming nearly 10 years after his initial goodbye. In a recent interview with TVLine though, Sully‘s actor, Eddie McClintock, assured everyone that Brennan and Booth fans have no need to worry.  Read more »
In the previous episode of Bones, we watched in breathless disbelief as Brennan shared soothing memories with her injured father at his bedside, then felt him slip away and out of her life forever. This episode, titled "The Final Chapter: The Grief and the Girl," takes us through the stages of grief experienced by Brennan, Booth and their team as they pursue a killer of another grieving woman. Sarah Abbott was in Newfoundland looking for a connection to her beloved grandmother when she was shot, pushed off a cliff and left to drift off among the waves. Who did it and why are the mysteries put before the Jeffersonian in this installment.Adding to the emotional pull of this Bones episode is the brief return of Brennan‘s ex-lover, ex FBI Agent Tim "Sully" Sullivan. We are led to believe Sully‘s appearance on the scene is a threat to the Booth marriage simply because Brennan seeks some time on her own, but the idea of a threat is ridiculous. "Grief mixes us up," Sully mentions, summing up what all those who have been through it know to be painfully true. Rather than endangering Brennan and Booth‘s union, Sully‘s visit confirms what has been true from the beginning and remains true today: it was and always will be Booth for Brennan, no matter how you slice it. Read more »
Bones said goodbye to Max Keenan in "The Grief and the Girl," an episode that also saw Sully, Brennan‘s ex, return to see how she was doing after losing her father. Here are the best quotes from "The Grief and the Girl." Read more »
How is it possible that after 12 seasons on the air, Bones still has the ability to totally and completely emotionally drain us? Any true fans of the FOX dramedy can point to the first time they cried watching this show, and its final season isn‘t pulling any gut-punches. Bust out your tissues, because we‘re about to look back at seven Bones episodes that brought us to tears. Read more »
Betty White returns to Bones as Dr. Beth Mayer in "The Radioactive Panthers in the Party." Also in the episode, Aubrey takes the reins on the case involving an aspiring writer/director. According to FOX, "When the burning, bruised body of an aspiring writer/director crash-lands onto a passing car, the team investigates a series of odd locations and characters that are connected to his film. Meanwhile, Bones seeks guidance from Dr. Mayer (guest star Betty White) on the meaning of passion in the work place and Booth allows Aubrey to take the reins on their current case." Read more »
Bones fans were left devastated over the recent departure of one of the show‘s beloved characters but it looks like there‘s more heartache to come. According to lead star David Boreanaz, following the death of Max Keenan, fans should expect more casualties in the final four episodes. Read more »
Buck and Wanda Moosejaw are back in the driver‘s seat in this episode of Bones, titled "The Final Chapter: The Steel in the Wheels." Brennan and Booth revive their white trash alter egos to catch the killer of a bank robber who moonlights as a demolition derby driver. For the first time ever, Brennan is reluctant to don the brassy lipstick, gold lame and pin curls to solve a case. Of course, the poor woman is in serious mourning, and it makes her grouchy all over. As promised by the Bones fairies, beloved characters of seasons past continue to parade through our weekly storylines. While in town to scour Sweets‘ FBI files, the lovable and eccentric therapist-cum-gourmet chef Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt once again nudges Brennan and Booth into working through some difficulties in an unconventional way. This time around, Gordon spends time in the lab colluding with Hodgins, with phenomenal results. Read more »
Booth, Brennan and Aubrey went undercover at a demolition derby to solve the case in Bones‘ "The Steel in the Wheels." Also, Stephen Fry returned as Dr. Gordon Wyatt to help with Zack‘s case. Here are the best quotes from "The Steel in the Wheels." Read more »
It‘s a great time to be a woman on TV. So many shows feature some of the most powerful, influential and badass women around, each with different values for girls -- and women -- to draw inspiration from. From the undying perseverance of Scandal‘s Olivia Pope to the confidence of Bones‘s Temperance Brennan, here are 8 influential women to watch on TV. Read more »
The end of Bones is approaching, and in the penultimate episode of the series, "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life," each character‘s final story will begin to unfold.According to FOX, "Brennan testifies for Zack in trial, Angela reveals some big news, while Aubrey and Jessica come to terms about their future together. All the while, the team discovers Kovac has escaped, leaving Booth in a race against the clock to protect himself and those closest to him from what may be Kovac‘s most dangerous plan yet."  Read more »
This episode of Bones is busy in its simplicity, yet well-paced and resplendent with pure poignancy. It feels wrong to say that Bones is winding down despite what our calendar tells us because the show is now and always has been (perhaps always will be) organic and dynamic. It is never ending, always changing and growing and beginning. "The Final Chapter: The Radioactive Panthers in the Party" is a well-designed microcosm of what Bones is known and loved for on that macrocosmic level. There is a springboard case. While not uninteresting, the death of the director of the campy thriller The Radioactive Party Panthers from Fort Lauderdale is clearly not the focus of this episode. Front and center are Aubrey, Brennan, Wendell and Booth in the understated throes of self-realization and growth, each in their own way taking a step on a path to their next adventure. Read more »
With Bones nearing its end, "The Radioactive Panthers in the Party" saw pieces falling into place for what‘s to come for some of the characters. Did Brennan still feel the way she did about her job when she wrote multiple dissertations? What did it mean that Wendell couldn‘t figure out what to write his dissertation about? What‘s the future look like for Aubrey at the FBI? Here are the ways "The Radioactive Panthers in the Party" saw multiple characters looking at their futures.  Read more »
From Bones to the classic Law & Order: SVU, the criminal and legal shows on prime-time television are a dream come true for a self-proclaimed investigator like me and other fans who tune in faithfully each week. It‘s no secret that there are plenty of these shows to go around. Plus I loved it when series like Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Law & Order: SVU joined together for one major episode to solve a crime. But could you imagine if more of our favorite crime-solving heroes were in on one big case? Take a look at the dream team I‘m itching to see solve a crime together. Read more »
Bones is coming to an end with the series finale, "The Final Chapter: The End in the End," and the search is going to be on for Kovac. According to FOX, "with Kovac still at large, the team searches for evidence to track him down. After Brennan experiences a setback, the rest of the team must figure out how to find Kovac without her, putting everything she has ever taught them to the test. When all signs point to Kovac having outside help, as well as a hideout, Booth and Brennan go searching for him."  Read more »
It seems like there is just not enough time to enjoy Temperance "Bones" Brennan and Seeley Booth‘s relationship on Bones. They spent much of the series trying to avoid being together and now that they actually tied the knot a few seasons ago, the show is getting ready to say its final farewells after the current 12th season. While there is speculation the show could go on for another round, I have to take a moment to enjoy the good times we did get to see with Brennan and Booth. They serve as proof that the two are absolutely perfect for one another and have been from the beginning. Read more »
It‘s hard to believe but Bones, FOX‘s longest-running scripted drama, is about to end. The series finale will begin with Tuesday, March 21‘s episode and finally come to a close the following Tuesday, March 28. In anticipation of the big event, FOX has released a 20-minute-plus retrospective on their YouTube channel of the cast and crew saying goodbye to Bones. The video covers the last days of filming as well as the gratitude everyone feels towards the fans of the long-running series. Read more »
The penultimate episode of Bones is going to be explosive as each character‘s final story begins to unfold in "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life." Brennan testifies for Zack, Angela has big news and Aubrey and Jessica come to terms about their future together. Meanwhile, the team learns Kovac has escaped, leaving Booth in a race against the clock to protect himself and those closest to him from what may be Kovac‘s most dangerous plan yet.  Read more »
Bones. Bones. Bones. The time has come to say goodbye. But before we do, we still have the mighty finale of finales delivered to us and 13 million of our closest friends by directors Ian Toynton ("The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life") and David Boreanaz (The Final Chapter: The End in the End.") In preparation for the two-part event, FOX gave the press a little preview screening so we could tease you. Now, if you are cautiously curious like me, you don‘t want to be spoiled, but you enjoy a little harmless flirtation. That is what I have to offer you, fellow Boneheads. Sometimes it‘s the chase that makes the chase-catch interim bearable. In that vein, I offer you my final 13 cryptic teases for Bones‘ last original episodes. Read more »
The penultimate episode of Bones, titled "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life," serves as a set-up for the series finale. Cam gets married, Angela announces her pregnancy, Aubrey fumbles through a disastrous proposal, Zack Addy defends himself in court and Mark Kovac is on the loose with a voracious apatite for blood -- namely, that of the Booth family and all who love him. Read more »
The penultimate episode of Bones, "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life," ended with quite the explosive cliffhanger. There were a few happy moments -- Cam and Arastoo got married, Angela revealed she‘s pregnant and Zack‘s trial pretty much went as well as it could have -- but once they realized Kovac had escaped and was alive, it became a race to figure out what his plan was. That was revealed when Booth realized there was a bomb in the Jeffersonian. Here are the important moments that led to the explosive cliffhanger of "The Day in the Life." Read more »
Bones may be at its end, but star David Boreanaz is already working on his next potential TV series. The actor is going from playing a former Army Ranger on Bones to a tough Navy SEAL in a new pilot that could be a part of the CBS line-up for the 2017-2018 TV season.  Read more »
Remember forever ago when a bunch of avid Bones fans (a.k.a. Squint Squad 200) got together with FOX Broadcasting to produce an infographic enumerating all kinds of fascinating statistics about the first 200 episodes of our favorite crimedy? Well, in celebration of the final two-part conclusion of this mind-bending, record-breaking, heart-tugging series, the Bones Fairies are at it again, but with a little twist it took an entire production company to craft. In case you are wondering what it takes to produce 246 hours of disgusting and titillating prime time scripted entertainment, here it is from behind the scenes, Boneheads. Read more »
Bones is coming to end and lead stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are giving fans some teasers before they officially bid farewell. In the clip below, the pair describes the episode "The Final Chapter: The End in the End" and even hints at an ominous death. Read more »
How does one wrap up 245 hours of nail-biting intrigue, mess-your-panties humor, mind-boggling science, vomitous yet ultimately amusing detritus, gut-wrenching tragedy, unshakable loyalty and sizzling hot romance in one hour-long series finale? That‘s just it; it cannot be done. Bones has committed to giving it the old college try.The previous episode set the stage with a phenomenally executed explosion at the Jeffersonian Institution, trapping Brennan, Booth, Angela and Hodgins inside. If it had not been for Booth disarming the primary bomb under the forensics platform, nothing would have remained of the building or the people within. Read more »
Bones came to an end with the aptly-titled series finale, "The End in the End," which saw Booth take down Kovac, Brennan face an uncertain future and the beginning of (some temporary) changes in the lab.  Here are the most emotional moments from the series finale, "The End in the End." Read more »
It was an action-packed and explosive (literally) series finale for Bones. While most fans are pleased with how things turned out, there have been some dissenting opinions. Most of them revolve around the fact that Brennan regained all her mental capabilities in the series finale. In an interview with TVLine Emily Deschanel weighed on this development, how it felt to see the Jeffersonian lab get destroyed and more. Read more »
Bones is over but if everything goes to plan, fans won‘t have to wait that long to see David Boreanaz on TV. As was previously reported Boreanaz has landed the starring gig in a CBS pilot about Navy SEALs. It‘s a move that his Bones co-star Emily Deschanel respects but doesn‘t completely understand. In an interview with TVLine, Deschanel explained that she has no plans to do something similar any time soon.  Read more »
Are you going through a Bones withdrawal? Do you miss all your friends at the Jeffersonian and hopelessly wish you could get more stories from them? Well, we‘ve got some suggestions for you. We know, nothing may ever compare to Bones again, but these four shows share some of Bones‘ best traits. Read more »
Bones is officially over. You knew this was coming and you‘ve probably even read interviews of the cast and crew bidding farewell to the viewers and the show but no matter how hard you mentally prepared for the end of Bones, it‘s still hard to accept that there will never be a new episode of the FOX procedural drama. The good news is you‘re not alone and we‘ve come up with a coping plan to make your mourning a little less difficult. Read more »
David Boreanaz returns to the small screen as the respected leader of of the most elite unit of Navy SEALs on CBS‘ SEAL Team but the Bones star isn‘t the only one to look forward to on CBS‘ new military drama. Read on to find out more about the cast and their fearless characters. Read more »
The trailers for David Boreanaz‘s new CBS series, SEAL Team, have painted a very serious and emotional picture of the show. While the series is obviously aiming for a level of realism and desire to honor the real-life heroes on which the show is based, three new sneak previews show off a different side of the drama. SEAL Team will be dramatic and emotional, but that doesn‘t mean it‘ll be depressing.  Read more »
SEAL Team, David Boreanaz‘s latest show, has been picked up for a full season order just three episodes in. It‘s fast-paced, sometimes emotional and full of action. Bones fans will find it the perfect way to fill the gap in their week, whether they want their Boreanaz fix or characters they can connect to. Here are seven reasons Bones fans need to check out SEAL Team. Read more »
CBS has ordered seven new shows for the 2017-2018 TV season, in addition to the Big Bang Theory prequel Young Sheldon. The new line-up includes plenty of familiar faces, including Bones‘ David Boreanaz and Criminal Minds‘ Shemar Moore.  Read more »
Every year audiences all over the nation lose their television guilty pleasures. Be it that the story has come to an end and all the plot twists straightened out with a nice bow on top, or the networks cut them from existence abruptly, sometimes we just have to say goodbye. We have compiled a list of eight shows we must leave behind in 2017, knowing they will not easily be forgotten. Please note that there may be spoilers ahead. Read more »