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The premiere of Big Love season 4 was met with neutral to positive reactions. That being said, things were rolled out pretty quickly on the HBO series, considering that it will only run for nine brief episodes. Such things include Nicki (Chloe Sevigny), who had so far been causing the most trouble among the wives; Bill‘s (Bill Paxton) senate bid; and Amanda Seyfried leaving the show. For starters, Big Love creators Mark V. Olson and Will Scheffer told the Futon Critic that the Washington lobbyist role that went to Sissy Spacek will be "larger than life" especially seeing that Bill‘s candidacy will be a major storyline this season. Read more »
The results are in! The 67th annual Golden Globes, the first Hollywood award ceremony of the year, kicked off tonight at 8pm EST on NBC with several fashion hits and misses, teary acceptance speeches and some witty punch lines served by British comedian host Ricky Gervais. Read more »
Big Love‘s Chloe Sevigny managed to snatch the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, but not before ripped her dress en route to accepting it.The actress who plays stoic and slightly scary Nikki Grant on the HBO series had a wardrobe malfunction after an escort stepped on the train of her Valentino sleeveless number. Read more »
Finally, HBO has confirmed that the long-awaited season 4 of polygamy drama Big Love will kick off early next year. In fact, the series has started filming this month. If we‘d look at past season, we are most probably looking at a January premiere for Big Love season 4.Read on to find out details and potential spoilers for the upcoming season. Read more »
Her alter-ego Sarah may be married and helping a meth-head on Big Love, but Amanda Seyfried is doing a lot more than play the eldest child of polygamist Bill (Bill Paxton) and first wife Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn). The Mean Girls and Mamma Mia actress has a new film coming up, the romantic drama Dear John, and she doesn‘t only star in it, she also sings a song she wrote."Little House" is currently streamable over at E! Online. Listen to it. It‘s worth it, trust me. Read more »
We heard what the Big Love execs had to say about it, now we hear it from Amanda Seyfried herself.In the occasion of her romantic tearjerker Dear John dethroning Avatar last weekend at the box office, Seyfried tells Arizona Republic that filming for Big Love can get "frustrating" at times, citing the HBO series‘ Los Angeles location. Read more »
A big blockbuster film won‘t stop Big Love star Amanda Seyfried from returning to her Mormon roots. In the aftermath of her film toppling Avatar from its seven-week box office reign, the Dear John star tells MTV that she is very much open to reprising her Sarah Henrickson role in the fifth season of the HBO series."It doesn‘t mean I won‘t be coming back," she says. "I‘ll probably guest star on season five."Catch the recap of the last episode here. Read more »
Now that the Olympics are over and we‘re back to regular programming, there‘s lots to take in this week. For starters: Jake takes his pick, Jim and Pam have a baby and Oscar night‘s comedy duo are just a few reasons to tune in. Also of note: American Idol‘s Top 10 contestants perform on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, for those of you following the young hopefuls every inch of the way.  Read more »
A few days before Big Love wraps up its fourth season, Chloe Sevigny, who plays the intense second wife Nicky on the HBO series, opens up about how she prepares for the role, which recently earned her a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress."I read as much literature as I could find," says Sevigny, 35. "Just trying to wrap my head around that world and where these people are coming from and their beliefs. I just wanted to respect the character with respect for her and her beliefs." Read more »
As an avid television viewer and consumer of pop culture media of all kinds, I have been disturbed over the last few weeks to note a trend toward Big Love-bashing. And all I can say is: Cut it out!Several prominent entertainment and television weeklies (you know who you are) have begun a steady drumbeat of negativity as season four draws to a close. The comments mostly run along the lines of ‘the shortened (nine-episode) season has made for hurried plotting‘ and ‘there‘s too much zaniness/craziness/illogical behavior.‘   Read more »
"I‘m Bill Henrickson, and I believe in the principle of plural marriage. I am a polygamist."With those words, Big Love reaches the moment loyal viewers have waited for. And with Bill‘s speech, the fourth season of Big Love--shortened to a mere nine episodes of nearly non-stop action--comes to a close with a quiet bang. But before Bill "outs" his family following election to the Utah state senate, it isn‘t clear he‘ll have a family to reveal. The increasingly unhinged Alby calls it the "end of days," but in reality, it‘s just the beginning.Among the highlights in the season ender:  Read more »
This season of Big Love, which at nine episodes is as short as they come, has received a lot of criticisms for what some described as over-the-top plotlines and out-of-line narration. The big storylines this season, including the casino, Bill (Bill Paxton) running for office, and crazy J.J. (Zeljko Ivanek) scheming to cultivate Mini-J.J.‘s somewhere in Kansas, were all deemed, well, slightly crazy, even in the Big Love universe, and that is saying a lot.Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Big Love‘ Fan Columnist: ‘End of Days‘ Season Finale RecapThat being said, even the harshest of Big Love critics concede that the season 4 finale "End of Days" did manage to tie any loose ends as far as storylines go, but in the process also opened up a whole world of possibility via the big springboard for next season - Bill‘s coming out as someone who practices "plural marriage," the little red, white and blue alignment of the wives notwithstanding. Read more »
After a compelling story-arc on HBO‘s Big Love, Oscar winner Sissy Spacek has decided to linger on the small screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 60-year-old actress has been cast as the on CBS‘ medical drama pilot that revolves around a "mobile team of volunteer doctors led by a driven visionary that travels the world and the U.S. helping those in need." Read more »
This Big Love season hasn‘t been as hot as the past ones as far as the critics are concerned, but it‘s still crazier and more convoluted than your typical Sunday fare. That being said, the HBO series wraps up its very brief nine-episode run with "End of Days." What are the things to watch out for?Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Big Love‘ Fan Columnist: Top Moments of ‘Next Ticket Out‘ First, the state senate election draws near, and Bill is trying to put the squeeze on Congressman Clark Paley to protect his candidacy. But then Marilyn is still in his midst, scary that she always has been, and it seems that she has an ace up her sleeve that can once and for all bring Bill‘s campaign to ruin.  Read more »
It‘s a good thing Big Love has been renewed for another season, because the action is coming hot and heavy, with many major plotlines galloping to next week‘s finale. On this week‘s new episode, "Next Ticket Out," some stories approached closure, while others are just beginning. It‘s fortunate that viewers will have the chance to see those latter plots play out properly.Among this week‘s highlights: One character announces her imminent departure. One has an epiphany about (gasp!) loving her husband. And one, discovering her own husband‘s treachery, may not live to see the light of day.   Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Big Love - the penultimate this season - we know that Sarah (Amanda Seyfried) is going to say goodbye. Good news: she won‘t be killed off and she‘ll "probably" guest star on season 4. Bad news: her departure will "shake up" the family.Elsewhere on "Next Ticket Out" Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) makes an all-out attempt to be the woman Bill (Bill Paxton) wants her to be, while Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) is put on the defensive when Bill questions her real reasons for getting married. Read more »
If ever an episode of Big Love lived up to its title, it‘s this week. In "Blood Atonement," there are plenty of both on display. The blood belongs to Hollis Greene, until Lois whacks off his arm with a machete before Hollis can kill Bill. The atonement is spread more widely, as Lois, Frank, Bill, Adalene, and even Margene seek to rectify earlier sins, with mixed results. On the other hand, Joey boasts to Bill about Roman‘s murder--but he doesn‘t look particularly remorseful.  Read more »
Things are about to get even more interesting in the Big Love episode "Blood Atonement," with all the Ana drama marinating perfectly, not to mention the aftermath of Dale‘s tragic suicide. So far, we‘ve learned that Ana‘s carrying Bill‘s baby, who was conceived out of wedlock, and has her own fiance. Then there‘s Dale, who finally came clean to Bill that he has been sleeping with Alby only to end his life eventually. Check out the recap of last week‘s episode here. Read more »
How twisted are Roman Grant‘s kids, Nicki and Alby? Pretty bad, right? Yet the latest episodes of Big Love make me think that maybe, just maybe, those two are closing in on becoming human beings.Over the past few seasons, Nicki has played the role of Sister-Wife We Love to Hate. She tells Bill she wants more kids, but secretly scarfs down birth-control pills. She schemes on her father‘s behalf, like taking a position in the DA‘s office when Roman is up on charges. She‘s often nasty to sweet Margene, especially if she thinks it will better her position in the family hierarchy. She lies at the drop of a prairie bonnet. There‘s a reason that she‘s become Bill‘s go-to gal for underhanded dealings (like taking a position in his political rival‘s campaign office)--he knows she‘s up to the task. Read more »
Tonight on Big Love, Ana (Branka Katic) - that‘s Bill‘s (Bill Paxton) former fourth wife in season 3 - resurfaces with a surprise revelation that shakes up the family. Elsewhere, Bill tries to get the casino people Tommy (Adam Beach) and Jerry (Robert Beltran) to rebrand the casino and expand its advertising into Idaho. Elsewhere on "Under One Roof" Lois (Grace Zabriskie) and Frank (Bruce Dern) take naughty Ben (Douglas Smith) and Jodeen (Mireille Enos) south of the border to visit Don Dona, a bird vendor, at their collective peril.  Read more »
Last week‘s Big Love was somewhat pared down to a few essentials about Bill, his campaign, and the repercussions of Ben‘s maybe-or-maybe-not banishment. In a pacing reversal, this week‘s jam-packed episode, "Under One Roof," advanced nearly every major storyline of the 2010 season. Moreover, after a few weeks of Bill-centric action, the show focused mainly on the wives. This resulted in an episode with a few "you go, girl!" moments, as well as some "Oh my God!" ones.In the latter category is the only new plot thread introduced this week: Barb‘s discovery that Ana, Bill‘s fourth-wife-for-48-hours, is pregnant with Bill‘s child. (Oops!) The existence of a child conceived within the Henrickson family gets Barb and the other wives excited, but their excitement will prove short-lived.  Read more »
What, we‘re already halfway this season on Big Love? That‘s how fast things ought to be if you only have nine (crazy packed) episode.On tonight‘s installment, Bill (Bill Paxton) works overtime to secure Paley‘s backing in his quest for the state senate. He also needs to bank on a past experience to weather an attack from Coburn. Elsewhere, Tommy is suspicious of Marilyn‘s motives to lobby for the casino in Washington, D.C. Finally, Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) dives into her role in Bill‘s campaign, as Frank makes a surprise visit to the reservation. Read more »
Last week on Big Love, Bill Henrickson appeared to cross over to the dark side--betraying his best friend and banishing his oldest son. This week‘s episode, "Sins of the Father" pulled Bill back from the brink, but it may be too late to undo the damage.As the episode opens, the Henrickson-for-state-senate campaign is in full swing, but chaos is brewing on the home front. Bill still won‘t forgive Margene for her near-indiscretion with his son. Nicki is still a mole inside the campaign of Bill‘s rival, Colburn--a role she resents. Barb learns that Margene actually meant to kiss Ben in the TV studio and she, too, turns cold to the youngest wife. Ben, meanwhile, is hiding out at Sarah‘s apartment, firm in the belief that his father exiled him from the family home.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Big Love, Bill‘s (Bill Paxton) candidacy encounter more bumps as an audit uncovers insurance discrepancies at Home Plus, so he takes "drastic" steps to protect his secrets. Meanwhile, creepy JJ comes to Alby with a partial solution on how to dispose of a "flock cast adrift," meaning Nicki (Chloe Sevigny). Lois, Frank, and Jodean, meanwhile, encounter a border scare in their quest for exotic birds. Read more »
Apparently running for state senate is an offer Bill Henrickson can‘t refuse.Like Michael Corleone and his rise to become godfather, Bill‘s ambitions are changing him. No longer just the devoted husband, father, and businessman, he‘s become a true political animal. No one can stand in his way--not friends or family.  Read more »
After last week‘s startling episode (Alby and Dale making out and JJ not having fingernails), tonight on Big Love, Bill (Bill Paxton), recent Golden Globes winner Nicki (Chloe Sevigny), and Cara Lynn set off to travel to Washington, while Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) finds on-air triumph with her line. A come-backing Joey (Shawn Doyle), finally, goes to extremes to safeguard a secret.On the last episode of the HBO polygamy drama, the major arc of this season was set to motion: Bill‘s run for the senate. As it turns out, all these attacks against polygamy had him pushed to the brink and convinced. His wives had other things in mind, especially Nicki, who thinks he should be the new prophet. Well good luck on that. Read more »
Following last week‘s stunning season 4 premiere, this week‘s Big Love has Bill (Bill Paxton) contemplating on running for the Utah State Senate because of the attack on the compound (since polygamy is under attack and everything). Sarah (Amanda Seyfried) and Scott (Aaron Paul) decide to forgo a wedding in Bill‘s church, while Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) confronts Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) about her feelings for Ray Henry (Chip Esten), the guy persecuting her father he flirted with last season.The Big Love creators have mentioned in the past that Bill‘s desire to buck the threat against polygamy is a "major motivating factor" for his candidacy, which is a major driving force throughout this season. Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;} Read more »
"I‘m watching birds."Yes, that‘s Alby (Matt Ross) for you. On tonight‘s Big Love season 4 premiere, there was a new opening sequence for the HBO show. None of the thin ice stuff and the Beach Boys tune. Instead, what was previously released as a very vague falling / falling out promo turned out to be the opening sequence of this season‘s Big Love.  Read more »
The harshly long wait is over, Big Love fans. Season 4 of the HBO polygamy drama, which recently bagged a third consecutive Golden Globe nom, will finally kick off with an episode called "Free at Last." Now hold on to your socks, because this shall be a quick one. The total number of episode will be down to nine from the usual 10 to 12.On Big Love‘s season 4 premiere (9pm, HBO), it‘s the grand opening of the supposedly Mormon-friendly Blackfoot Magic Casino, and the Henricksons are doing last-minute preparations under the skeptical eye of Tommy Flute (Adam Beach), the son of Bill‘s (Bill Paxton) business partner Jerry. The other big thing, of course, is the aftermath of the death of Roman (Harry Dean Stanton). The feds are still present to probe unfinished business. Read more »
By this time, everyone‘s probably heard of Big Love star Chloe Sevigny‘s "awful" outburst about the show that had earned her a Golden Globe recently for playing crazy second wife Nicki. Long story short, she called the last season of Big Love "awful" and "very telenovela," an opinion that, in all fairness to her, is shared by not a few people.HBO replied that Sevigny‘s comments were probably taken out of context, to which she agreed and added that she was just exhausted and was "provoked." She apologized to the Big Love creators, who accepted. The AV Club posted the audio recording of the interview and stood by its story. If you‘re like most people, you‘d agree that there was absolutely no provocation. Read more »
Big Love Fan Columnist, Alison, recaps the latest episode. If you‘re interested in becoming a Fan Columnist, click here."Strange Bedfellows," the latest episode of Big Love, might have been better titled "Awkward Much?" From Bill mistaking the (female) lead partner of a law firm for a secretary to Margene‘s impulsive kiss of a stunned Ben, more than a few characters bore the familiar traces of headlight-struck deer. Discomfort, deceit, and missed cues touched everyone throughout. Yet there were moments of triumph as well.As the episode opens, Bill is in Washington, D.C., to secure the endorsement of his congressman for his state-senate bid. Nicki and her newly rediscovered daughter Cara Lynn join him. Nicki dresses the girl in standard teen clothes to get her to fit in. But Cara Lynn feels exposed and out of place, much to her mother‘s annoyance. Ironically, when Bill gives Nicki a pretty negligee, she‘s scandalized the rather demure nighty "has no bottoms!"    Read more »
Big Love Fan Columnist, Alison, brings you insights on Big Love. If you‘re interested in becoming a Fan Columnist, click here.There‘s already a thread running through this season of Big Love: coming out. But as in real life, the path to honesty doesn‘t always run smoothly. For viewers, these rough roads promise an excellent season.There are many elements to the theme. Alby is coming out as a gay man, though he and his lover Dale are still struggling with their feelings. Sarah has "come out" as a monogamist, which flies in the face of The Principle her parents live by. Nicki is coming to terms with the fact that her emotional loyalties may lie elsewhere, with the now-departed Ray.   Read more »
Just as this season‘s Big Love is gearing up for what looks like its biggest story arc ever, HBO has announced that the show will be back for a fifth season. This is reason for fans to rejoice--and breathe a sigh of relief.The current season is only 9 or 10 episodes (I‘ve read both numbers), rather than the usual 13. I‘ve heard that the short season is most likely because of HBO‘s Sunday-night scheduling problems, what with the new mini-series The Pacific on the horizon. Nevertheless, anyone who follows TV closely knows that short episode orders often precede cancellation or at least "on the bubble" status.  Read more »
There weren‘t really any offers, but Michael Biehn, Bill Paxton‘s co-star in 80s flicks Aliens, The Terminator and Tombstone, is shutting the doors on appearing on Big Love, adding that the polygamy concept of the show is "a bore" anyway. Somebody didn‘t watch season 4, that‘s for sure.Chloe Sevigny Versus ‘Big Love‘ Biehn, 53, tells Movie Web that he was supposed to reunite with Paxton as he was considered for the part of Bill Henrickson‘s uncle and his mom Lois‘ younger brother Eddie, a role which eventually went to Brian Kerwin. Read more »
Amanda Seyfried tells the Los Angeles Times that her character, who married and took off from Big Love last season, will be back by the end of the year, while assuring fans that she‘s always open to visiting Utah if her big movie career isn‘t on the way.The Letters to Juliet star says, "I was talking to Bill Paxton the other day, and he was like, ‘You‘re coming back, right?‘ And I was like, ‘Absolutely, if I‘m not busy working on something crazy, of course I would.‘" Read more »
When this year‘s Emmy nominations are announced Thursday morning, there will likely be a lot of new comedies to cheer about, but for dramas, the revolution is over. For the past few years cable has been taking over with Dexter, Damages, Mad Men and Breaking Bad leading the charge.The story on the comedy side is new vs. old, but for dramas, it‘s all about network vs. cable. The major networks have been slipping into oblivion at the Emmys in recent years with House being one of the last hold-outs. This year The Good Wife could help out with a wave of buzz that should get Julianna Margulies a nomination and maybe even let the show sneak in for Outstanding Drama Series.  Read more »
This year the Creative Arts ceremony for the Emmy Awards may be as exciting as the main ceremony with a ton of interesting categories with big stars. The Creative Arts Emmys will be presented Saturday, August 21 and Conan O‘Brien could be the big winner.  Read more »