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The HBO original drama series, Big Love, has received mixed reviews from real polygamists around the Salt Lake City area. The show, which premiered its second season on Monday, focuses on the difficulties of maintaining a polygamous marriage. Bill Paxton plays Bill Hendrickson, a successful hardware store owner who gets married to three different women. His first and legal wife, Barbara Henrickson, played by Jeanne Tripplehorn, is a substitute teacher who almost died of uterine cancer. Chloe Sevigny plays Bill’s second wife, Nicki Grant, the daughter of prophet Roman Grant. Bill’s third wife, Margene Heffman, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, is the mother of his two sons, Aaron and Lester, and pregnant with their third child. Read more »
Bill Paxton may play a polygamous businessman in HBO’s drama series, Big Love, but in real life, the 52-year-old actor’s heart belongs to only one woman- his wife, Louise Newbury, with whom he has two children. The star of Big Love said in an interview that he has been married for twenty years, but has decided not to talk about it publicly because he finds “people who advertise themselves as virtuous family people usually get caught splitting up the next day.” Read more »
Episode Overview: Bill‘s life is complicated even further when Rhonda shows up at his house, raising even more animosity between him and Roman.  One major problem is ended when Bill head‘s to the court house to deal with his brother‘s incarceration.Big  Love is full of big trouble this week.  Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) is spinning about 20 plates all at the same time, fending off the onslaught of Roman Grant (Harry Dean Stanton), the prophet of Bill‘s former polygamist compound.  Bill‘s brother Joey is on trial as a scapegoat for the attempted murder of Roman‘s son Albie, though it was actually committed by Joey‘s wife Wanda, and there‘s an audio recording that links Bill to the cover-up.  Meanwhile, Roman‘s latest child-bride Rhonda stowed away in Bill‘s car, causing more friction, made worse by the hidden fact that Roman is the one who outed Bill‘s first wife, Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) as a polygamist to the government.  This last point is the elephant in the room between Rhonda and Roman‘s daughter, and Bill‘s second wife, Nicki (Chloe Sevigny), who knows all about this but hasn‘t said anything.If you understood all that, you‘re ahead of the game.  Welcome to the surprisingly mundane world of polygamy, where multiple wives and multiple storylines make for a plot-filled episode each and every week.  Don‘t let the intrigue and backstabbing fool you - it‘s actually kinda dull. Read more »
Episode Overview: Bill‘s finances hit a hiccup, as does his love life when a sexy Serbian waitress awakens his desires.  Sarah tries to keep Rhonda hidden and Lois tries to keep Wanda in the nut house.Once you get past the shock value of polygamy, Big Love is really just a show about boring people‘s boring lives.  The Henrickson clan is quite uniteresting, and this episodes highlights the weakness in plot and structure that keeps this from being regarded as a truly great HBO series alongside The Sopranos, Six Feet Under or Deadwood.In tonight‘s episode, Bill (Bill Paxton) is hammering out the details with his business partner on the new touch-screen video poker machines at a quaint restaurant.  The wiatress, a sexy Serbian immigrant, catches Bill‘s eye.  Throughout the episode, he returns to the diner for some more of her sweet rhubarb pie (not a metaphor).  Sadly, Bill also keeps coming back to his business deal.  The intricacies of financing business deals is not interesting, no matter how hard you try, so we‘re stuck with an episode in which Bill tries to drum up some money to put in escrow for...sorry, I nodded off just thinking about it.  Suffice it to say, he‘s worried, his partner Don tries to drop out, and Bill goes to his uncle for help. Read more »
HBO is about to close a deal with The Playtone Company regarding the adaptation of Vincent Bugliosi’s “Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.” The said adaptation will air as a seven-part miniseries on HBO. The Playtone Company’s Gary Goetzman and Tom Hanks will serve as executive producers, along with Big Love star Bill Paxton. Read more »
Episode Overview: Bill begins dating Serbian waitress Ana, to the elation of Margene.  Rhonda is up to her old schemes to gain control of everyone she meets, and the deal with the video gaming business goes south fast.On tonight‘s episode of Big Love, Margene is 17 kinds of stupid, Rhonda is 17 kinds of awesome, and Bill‘s new foe is 17  kinds of scary.  Also, there‘s no action going down at Juniper Creek, meaning it‘s a completely Lois-free episode.  This is bad news, because Bill‘s wacky mom is the only consistently great part of this show.Bill (Bill Paxton) is on a date with Ana, the Serbian waitress from last week he‘s had his eye on.  After a snow cone mishap, they start to kiss, and I‘m instantly dismayed.  Just what this show needs, even more people in this over-extended family.  How else do I know this is a bad idea?  Because Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) thinks it‘s a great idea. Read more »
Episode Overview: Margene‘s lush of a mother visits, stirring up all sorts of trouble.  Barb helps Wanda move back to Juniper Creek, but there‘s trouble waiting for them there in the form of Bill‘s violence-prone father, Frank.Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) gets a phone call from mother Ginger, who‘s coming for a visit.  The Big Love family goes into action mode, with Bill (Bill Paxton) planning strategies.  Margene is happily naive about how great it will all turn out.  When Ginger turns up, she almost immediately starts doing a penguin impression.  She then offers her pregnant daughter vodka and cigarettes.  The nut didn‘t fall from that nut tree.  At dinner with the sister wives, Ginger continues her track record of comically insulting her daughter, and Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) takes an instant shine to her, naturally. After dinner, Ginger takes a smoke break, cracks a window and spies Bill kissing Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn).  Let the hilarious misunderstandings ensue. Read more »
Episode Overview: Bill is attacked from all sides, professionally by Roman and the Greens, personally by his three nagging wives.  He also discovers his son is having sex.  Believe it or not, it all works out quite nicely for him.  Not so much for Roman.It‘s the day before Christmas on Big Love and Bill is swamped with scheming.  His plan is to pit Roman Grant against the Greens, then reap the spoils of that war.  His wives are nagging him for spending too much time on work, so he proposes taking the seventh day off to rest.  Margene is naturally fine with this, Nicki blames Barb‘s anal retentiveness, and Barb is worried for him.Bill‘s dad Frank is enjoying some peas and discovers the money hidden in the can.  His wife Lois rushes to the laundromat and her business partner and brother Eddie, eager to get some of his cash.  Unfortunately, he invested it all in Bill‘s video gaming operation.  When Lois goes to Bill to get some money, the truth comes out, and it‘s hilariously bad for everyone.  Eddie got (or stole) $1.2 million from a woman dying of cancer, and they‘re using the business to launder the money to avoid paying taxes.  Laundering money through a laundromat?  Priceless.  Bill calls Eddie over Lois‘ objections, and she storms off, refusing to let the men conspire to take everything away from her.  You go, girl! Read more »
Episode Overview: In the aftermath of Roman‘s shooting, Nicki is an emotional mess, Bill tries his best to capitalize with the video gaming business, and Alby has some sinister cards up his sleeve.Remember the shock at the end of last week‘s Big Love when Roman Grant was shot three times?  Yeah, forget about that, because he‘s alive, and we learn this from Keith Olberman on MSNBC‘s Countdown.  It‘s kind of hilarious thinking he would agree to film a fake news story just for this show.  Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) is a wreck, watching the coverage and seeing her mother and even Rhonda defend Roman‘s good name.  Bill (Bill Paxton) informs her about the gaming business he wants to by, and she‘s so catatonic with grief she agrees.At work, Bill gets a call from his mom, Lois.  Her ex-husband Frank cleaned her out, but Bill will have nothing to do with her after she exposed his business plans with his father. Read more »
Episode Overview: A business convention finds Bill trying to let Margene pose as his real wife, with poor results.  Nikki decides to throw an engagement party for Joe‘s second wife.  Rhonda, Alby and Frank all try to use manipulation to get what they want.After Alby took over Juniper Creek last week on Big Love and his sister Nikki stole his money, he is in a tizzy trying to find the culprit.  Alby gets news that his dad, Roman Grant, is doing well.  When Nikki tries to get a pass to visit for a ceremony to welcome Joey‘s new second wife, Alby denies it to her because she is banished.  Alby later decides to take Roman home over the doctor‘s objections. Read more »
Episode Overview: Alby closes in on Bill and his family after discovering the details of the gaming business.  Barb‘s mother is getting married, and they try to work out the rift over Barb‘s choice to pursue polygamy.  Nikki dispenses sex advice.Ben outed Nikki‘s party, and Bill looks panic stricken when Nikki lets him know that she told Alby about the gaming business.  Bill goes to Alby and gets read a list of the wrongs the Henrickson‘s have done to him, mainly that whole ordeal with Wanda trying to poison him.  Bill offers to sell Alby his seat on the UEB to end this cycle of intimidation.Barb reads about her mother getting married in the paper, so she stops by.  Her mom is played by Ellen Burstyn, so the Big Love producers must have seen her brilliant 15-second Emmy nominated performance in the HBO TV movie Mrs. Harris. Read more »
Episode Overview: Alby and Bill have a seesaw battle for control of the UEB.  Roman is brought to Bill‘s house for safe haven.  Anna, the Serbian waitress, returns, adding complications to all of the sister wivesBill Henrickson is complaining about Alby to the UEB because, as we saw last week on Big Love, he‘s had it with those motherf***ing snakes in his motherf***ing bed.  The attempted coup is short-lived as Alby shows up to boot Bill from the meeting.  Bill‘s solution is to go to the feds and try to get them to take down Alby. Read more »
Big Love actress Jeanne Tripplehorn is in the midst of expanding her film repertoire once again.  She is currently working on the movie Grey Gardens, a fictionalized account of the award-winning 1975 documentary of the same name.  It centers on the lives of Big and Little Edie, Jackie Kennedy Onassis‘ eccentric aunt and cousin, respectively. The film boasts of a stellar cast that includes Jessica Lange (Big Fish, Losing Isaiah) as Big Edie, Drew Barrymore (Charlie‘s Angels film series, Family Guy) as Little Edie, Daniel Baldwin (The Blue Rose, Moola) as Julius Krug, Arye Gross (The Riches, Medium) as Albert Maysles, Malcolm Gets (Caroline in the City) as George “Gould” Strong and Ken Howard (Cane) as Phelan Beale.  Jeanne Tripplehorn, who portrays Bill Paxton‘s first wife, Barb, on Big Love, is playing the iconic Jackie O. Read more »
Now that HBO‘s Big Love has already wrapped up its second season, Ginnifer Goodwin, has more time to focus on filming the much awaited movie, He‘s Just Not That Into You.Based on the popular self-improvement book written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo called He‘s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth To Understanding Guys, which has been a New York Times bestseller and was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Goodwin‘s upcoming film features how men and women give each other mixed signals in the dating game by telling the stories of numerous singles and how they navigate the waters of love and romance. Read more »
Chloe Sevigny isn‘t just an Academy and Golden Globe Award-nominated actress.  She‘s also a budding clothing designer, and tonight, is set on celebrating the new fashion line that she made exclusively with Opening Ceremony.  The event kicks off at 10pm at Webster Hall in New York City, featuring a special performance by The Slits and DJ sets by her brother, Paul Sevigny, Benjamin Cho, Leo Fitzpatrick, Brian DeGraw and Nate Lowman. Sevigny, who currently appears on the HBO drama series Big Love, has been working on the clothing line for Opening Ceremony since last fall.  She told Paper magazine that her partnership with the chic New York boutique came about “so organically.”  She had told Fashion Wire Daily that if she were to design a clothing line, she would most definitely work for Opening Ceremony.  When Humberto Leon, the boutique editor, learned of this, he immediately contacted the actress and made a deal. Read more »
After three long months, the writers‘ strike has finally come to an end. The walkout had severely crippled the television industry, but now that its all over, networks are scrambling to get their shows back on production in an effort to salvage the current season.  The scene is different over at HBO, however, with Big Love co-creator Will Scheffer saying that they won‘t be in production for at least another three months. “It‘s great we can have that much time to work on the quality of the show,” Scheffer told the Los Angeles Times.  “A lot of networks will be rushing things into production, and people won‘t have much time to think.” Read more »
Ginnifer Goodwin hasn‘t been seriously involved with anyone since her spilt with American Pie actor Chris Klein. Nevertheless, that doesn‘t seem to bother the 29-year-old actress who is presently just eager to start working on the new season of HBO‘s Big Love.Going on its third season, Big Love follows Bill Paxton as modern-day Utah polygamist Bill Henrickson who lives in suburban Salt Lake City as he balances his three wives, seven children, and a mounting avalanche of debt and demands.  On the series, Goodwin plays third wife Margene Heffman. Read more »
The hype surrounding the recently-raided polygamist compound in West Texas has certainly attracted more attention to the HBO series Big Love.  Although the premise of the series centers on a Utah polygamist family that practices plural marriage and keeps it a secret from the outside world, cast member Ginnifer Goodwin says that the show is a far cry from the renegade sect run by fundamentalist Warren Jeffs.On Big Love, Goodwin plays Margene Heffman, one of Bill Paxton‘s character‘s three wives.  While her character‘s clothes are dowdy, the 29-year-old actress points out that Margene doesn‘t really identify with those women in the Texas sect. Read more »
The creators of Big Love have had their share of instinctive “yuck” to polygamy when what they saw onscreen had a different veneer to what seemed so palatable in the script.  However, their initial aversion to the unusual practice of marriage has softened as they‘ve worked on the premise of the HBO series."I couldn‘t tell what I was watching," series creator Mark V. Olsen said.  "Is it a cult at work?  Or is this a loving, valid family?  It was very disturbing to me.  But at the end of the day, I kind of like walking that line and letting the audience make up their own minds." Read more »
Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays third wife Margene on HBO‘s polygamy drama Big Love, has just been honored as MaxMara Face of the Future last Wednesday at the Sunset Tower Hotel‘s Terrace Room. The fashion and entertainment worlds mingled to honor the Big Love star and attracted a bunch of celebrities including Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls), Rose McGowan (Charmed), producer Diane English (Murphy Brown), Summer Bishil (Nothing Is Private), Navi Rawat (Numb3rs) and Jeanne Tripplehorn, who also stars on Big Love. Read more »
Mark V. Olsen, one of the creators of HBO‘s Big Love, is juggling his time between filming the new season of the polygamy-themed drama and overseeing his upcoming play Cornelia, which will be seen at the Old Globe‘s main stage on May 21, 2008 through June 21, 2009.Cornelia features the rise and fall of beauty queen Cornelia Folsom and Gov. George Wallace, a political of couple with White House ambitions in 1970s Alabama. Read more »
This fall, Big Love returns with a few twists and some shocking turns.  You can read more about what‘s in store for the third season in this spoiler article. Additionally, the series is about to get even bigger as it enlists more characters on the polygamy drama series.Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
Just like her character Margene on Big Love, who has gradually forged a bond with Bill Henrickson’s (Bill Paxton) legal wife Barb and second wife Nicki, Ginnifer Goodwin has also developed a friendship with her co-stars Jeanne Tripplehorn and Chloe Sevigny.   But while these three girls have their own share of personal issues with each other on the HBO polygamy-themed series, in real life, however, there is no drama. “I am absolutely surprised that I‘ve worked with these people now for five years and we have no drama. We have no divas.  It‘s the healthiest, most collaborative, prioritized set.  These women are women whose real lives and families, and what I judgmentally consider very good values, come first… People seem to be shocked when they do photo shoots with us,” Ginnifer Goodwin told The Hollywood Reporter. Read more »
As we wait for new episodes of Big Love, the cast of the polygamy-themed drama series is currently tapping on new projects on the big screen.  As reported previously, Jeanne Tripplehorn is working on Winged Creatures and Grey Gardens, while Ginnifer Goodwin has been cast in He‘s Just Not That Into You.  Additionally, Amanda Seyfried has also landed herself a new movie gig. Known to TV viewers as Sarah Henrickson on HBO‘s Big Love, Seyfried will soon be forced to combat evil as she stars in the dark comedy-horror film Jennifer‘s Body. The upcoming feature is written by Diablo Cody (The United States of Tara) and directed by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight). Read more »
Amanda Seyfried has come a long way.  Starting off as a child model, she ventured into the world of show business first by recurrently appearing on soaps like As the World Turns and All My Children.  Then she made her way to the big screen by portraying a ditzy “Plastic” in Mean Girls, which eventually led to her role as a doomed high-school beauty on Veronica Mars and her current small screen gig as Sarah Henrickson on HBO‘s Big Love.  Now, she takes the center stage as she leads the film version of the musical Mamma Mia!, which will hit theaters on July 18.As the cover girl of Teen Vogue‘s August 2008 issue, Seyfried talks about her upcoming movie and gives her insight into the nature of some of the tabloid‘s regular targets. Read more »
Amanda Seyfried is now enjoying her time in the spotlight as the star of the musical Mamma Mia! not just because she‘s had a lot of insecurities in the past as a budding actress, but because she‘s being surrounded some of Hollywood‘s biggest names.In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 22-year-old actress gushed over her hot co-stars on Mamma Mia!, which will hit theaters on July 18. Read more »
Douglas Smith, best known for his role as Ben Henrickson on HBO‘s polygamy-themed series Big Love, will be gracing the big screen as he appears in a biopic about the later life and assassination of San Francisco city supervisor and gay rights activist Harvey Milk.The upcoming movie is simply called Milk, which finds the Big Love actor working with some of Hollywood‘s biggest names such as Sean Penn, who stars as the film‘s title character. Read more »
Last month, we brought you some big casting scoop to ease the wait for the third season of Big Love. Producers of the HBO polygamy-themed drama were reportedly casting at least four new faces to fill in the shoes of new characters that are expected to thicken the drama and tension on the series. Among those new characters is Franky, the character of Bill‘s (Bill Paxton) half-brother.  There is no word yet on how or why this character will suddenly turn up on Big Love so fans will just have to stay tuned to the new episodes to find out.  However, we did find out who has been cast to play the 16-year-old hottie and he comes in the form of Mark L. Young. Read more »
Last Thursday the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences unveiled the comedy and drama series up for Primetime Emmy nominations. Though those lists were made public, the nominations in the acting categories have been kept secret – though Gold Derby‘s Tom O‘Neil has tapped his sources and sifted through rumors to provide the unofficial top 10 lists of who made the cut. The Emmy nominations are a two step process. They begin with a popular vote of all eligible ATAS members that determines what actors and which series will be on the top 10 lists. Each of those 10 nominees then submits an episode that best highlights their work and the academy ranks them, with the popular votes and rankings determining which five will be up for an Emmy. Today O‘Neil unveiled the rumored top 10 lists of best lead actor and lead actress in a drama series. Read more »
We still have to wait until January 2009 before we can catch a glimpse of new episodes of the HBO drama Big Love, and so are the cast and crew.  Before productions get into full swing, some of its stars have pursued other projects. Ginnifer Goodwin, for one, is starring in the film He Just Isn‘t That Into You, whose release date has been moved to February 2009.  Amanda Seyfried is riding on the success of her film Mamma Mia!  The writers haven‘t taken a break, either; one of them, in fact, is staging a play off-Broadway.Rodrigo Aguirre-Sacasa, who has penned a few episodes for the critically-acclaimed drama, is set to premiere his newest Broadway play, King of Shadows, on September 7 in New York City.  The play, set in San Francisco, centers on Nihar, a 15-year-old homeless boy who sells sex to others in order to survive.  He claims he is being pursued by supernatural demons. Jessica, a young social worker, takes care of the boy, and he immediately forms a bond with her teenage sister, threatening to change her perspective on everything she values. Read more »
Anne Dudek, also known as Amber "Cutthroat Bitch" Volakis on House, has just confirmed that she is expecting a baby.  In fact, she brought her baby bump out in full force to the season 2 premiere of AMC‘s critically acclaimed series Mad Men in Los Angeles Monday."I‘m having a baby," Dudek told People with excitement. Read more »
Big Love, the HBO drama about a fundamentalist Mormon family in Utah that practices polygamy, has always filmed in Santa Clarita, northwest of downtown Los Angeles.  And although most of the much awaited third season will still be shot on the show‘s main set, fans will be able to see a change of scenery when the series returns with new episodes in January 2009.In fact, the cast and crew of Big Love is presently in Woodland, California as part of a weeklong filming stint that will take them all over Yolo and the neighboring counties. Read more »
Fans who have been waiting for the return of HBO‘s slate of summer programming will have to wait a little bit longer than expected.  As a result of the writers‘ strike, the fifth season of Entourage,has been delayed until the Fall while Big Love season 3 and the return of Flight of the Conchords are off until 2009.  Also being delayed is True Blood, the highly anticipated new vampire series from Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball.  Though the network won‘t have much original programming to offer during the summer months, they will have the seven-hour miniseries Generation Kill, which is from the producers of The Wire. Read more »
Daveigh Chase, who plays child bride of a prophet Roman Grant (Harry Dean Stanton) on HBO‘s Big Love, will soon be headed to the big screen to frighten audiences with her latest thriller film.  After appearing as Jake Gyllenhall‘s younger sister in the cult movie Donnie Darko in 2001, the 18-year-old actress will be reprising her role as Samantha Darko in the sequel thriller called S. Darko.This isn‘t Chase‘s first movie role.  Prior to landing the role of Rhonda Volmer on Big Love, she first won the lead role as the voice of Hawaiian girl Lilo Pelekai in the Disney animated feature Lilo & Stitch.  For her performance in the film, Chase won an Annie Award in 2003 and was offered to star in the follow up TV series, Lilo & Stitch: The Series.  Read more »
Perhaps unknown to many fans of the show, Lawrence O‘Donnell, who appears in a recurring capacity on HBO‘s Big Love as the family attorney, is actually a political analyst who has had very strong views on certain things.  The producer of The West Wing recently said unsuccessful Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s downfall wasn‘t due to his Mormon faith.  O‘Donnell plays a Mormon lawyer on Big Love, a drama about a fundamentalist Mormon family who practices polygamy.“It was much more do to with his wealth and his flip-flopping,” clarified O‘Donnell.  “Romney is like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Liberals who turned conservative to further their political careers.” Read more »
Amanda Seyfried, who is currently shooting the third season of the HBO series Big Love, will headline the big screen adaptation of Nicholas Sparks‘ Dear John opposite Channing Tatum.  Sparks is the novelist behind A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, and Message in a Bottle, all international bestsellers turned into feature-length films.Dear John will be directed by Lasse Hallstrom and begin shooting in mid-October in South Carolina.  Seyfried, who plays Sarah Henrickson on Big Love, will play a conservative college student who falls for a soldier (Tatum) on leave.  While it may sound simple enough on paper, never take a Nicholas Sparks work at face value.  It is bound to be awash with complications and tearjerkers. Read more »
It‘s been awhile since we‘ve had some update on HBO‘s polygamy-themed series, Big Love.  Luckily, I‘ve stumbled upon a little casting scoop for that will hopefully ease your wait for the highly anticipated third season. Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
As Big Love continues filming its highly anticipated third season, casting updates and spoiler news are gradually making its way to the surface.  Recently, I‘ve stumbled upon yet another update that will hopefully ease several months of waiting before the HBO series returns next year. Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read more »
Will Scheffer, one of the creators of Big Love, has finally set the date for third season of of the HBO series.  According to, fans can enjoy new episodes of the polygamy-themed drama beginning January 11, 2009.  As a result of the writers‘ strike, Big Love season 3 along with other HBO series like Entourage and Flight of the Conchords have all been delayed until the fall.  But while Entourage is likely to premiere in September, Big Love and Flight of the Conchords are now projected to premiere next year, which is later than first expected. Meanwhile, Big Love fans have a lot to look forward to when the new season begins.  In fact, we have already hinted on some big spoilers in this previous article.  But for those who are hungry for more, read on.Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read more »