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Well, let‘s meet these new house guests, shall we?  Big Brother kicks off its 9th season tonight and, for the first time, us Big Brother fans are getting a special Winter season.  Executive producer Allison Grodner has promised an extra steamy season of Big Brother this time around - the contestants will be paired up with a soul mate (as determined by a compatibility test) and they will compete in teams.  This is something new for the Big Brother franchise and I, for one, feel pretty good about it.  It should be fun and it will definitely make Big Brother: After Dark something worth watching. We‘ll be here throughout the premiere giving live updates as the episode moves along. Read more »
Big Brother is one of those shows you don‘t really appreciate until it‘s back on the air.  There are a lot of Big Brother haters out there, though I‘d wager most of these people have never seen a second of the show.  People seem to have an issue with the mere idea of Big Brother. I can understand this – the show is sleazy and invasive.  But, if you want guilty, unfiltered fun, Big Brother is the show for you.  This season, on Big Brother 9, the producers have already begun putting the screws to these house guests.  Tonight‘s premiere made it clear that we should be in for a fun season. Read more »
Last night‘s premiere of Big Brother 9 was extremely promising.  It may not have been all that drama-filled, but we need to remember that on Big Brother, things get better as the season progresses.  There‘s usually a bit of a Honeymoon period, though last night there wasn‘t much of one, thanks to Sheila and her immediate hatred of parter/possible soul mate Adam.  Tonight, we‘ll see who Parker and Jen decide to evict from the house.  Should be a tough decision.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode giving live updates as the episode goes along. Read more »
People are unpredictable.  When casting a show like Big Brother (or Survivor) CBS will never be able to fully predict how different people will react to each other once the cameras start rolling.  This fact is no more apparent then in these first two episodes of Big Brother 9.  CBS thought Sheila and Adam were soul mates.  Apparently they didn‘t take into account that Sheila was just about the most shallow, judgmental and negative person on earth.  No matter how extensive your background checks are, it‘s impossible to know how a group of people will interact until they‘re thrown together.  Tonight‘s episode of Big Brother purged the house of two people – one who probably deserved it and one who didn‘t (but probably wasn‘t opposed to getting the hell out of that house).  Read more »
I‘m curious as to how CBS is going to handle Big Brother 9. If they keep on with the couple thing for another couple of weeks, this is going to be a very short season.  I‘m guessing that by week 4, the game will revert into one played by individuals.  This will actually be pretty fun because we‘ll see if the couples remain in alliances with each other.  Tonight, well, nothing much happened.  Mostly, Big Brother focused on Jen and Ryan‘s relationship.  That was ninety percent of the action.  It was a fairly boring hour of TV, to tell the truth.  Things should pick up on Tuesday with our first Power of Veto.  Read more »
If you‘re one of those Big Brother fans who pay attention to the live feeds, you know that things have gotten a little wacky inside the house.  Hook-ups, people leaving, massive fights - anything and everything fans could hope for.  As it stands right now, I think you have to say that CBS hit a home run with their casting this season.  Now, if only those pesky ratings would improve.  Tonight, we should see the very first Nomination ceremony and some quality drama.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode giving live updates as the hour rolls along. Read more »
I have a feeling that tonight‘s episode will finally open the window for Big Brother‘s non-live feed watchers into how completely insane this group of house guests is.  Madness has ensued over the last week inside the Big Brother 9 house and we‘ve yet to truly glimpse this on the CBS telecasts.  Well, tonight should be the night.  Also, if you haven‘t been paying attention to the on line spoilers, you‘ll be surprised to see one of the house guests unexpectedly leave the Big Brother house and another return.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour giving live updates on tonight‘s episode.  Read more »
Big Brother 9 has gotten off to one heck of a start – it‘s a shame that tonight‘s episode had to compete against American Idol.  Not all that many people are watching Big Brother this season.  That was probably to be expected – it‘s never been on in the Winter before and it is going up against some stiff competition.  Though CBS chose not to make a big deal out of it, Neil left the Big Brother house tonight due to urgent personal issues and Joshuah picked Sharon to return to the house and take his place.  That seemingly major plot development took up about 90 seconds of tonight‘s episode. Read more »
Last night, real-life couple Jen and Ryan spent their final night together in the Big Brother house.  Jen and Ryan are both up on the block with their respective partners (Parker, Allison) and one is certainly going home.  Now, I purposely have been staying away from the live feeds over the last couple of days, so I have no clue as to how tonight‘s eviction vote will shake out.  I have a feeling that Ryan and Allison will be the ones evicted, but that‘s not based on much of anything.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode, updating as the hour goes along. Read more »
Our first Big Brother live eviction episode of the season wasn‘t all that live.  Sure, Julie Chen was there live (I‘s hard to tell with the Chenbot sometimes), but the votes were not cast live.  This is the major problem I have with the couples system on Big Brother 9.  This was the first vote of the season, yet only four votes were cast.  I think that when it comes to evictions, it should no longer be a team game – they should vote as individuals.  Tonight, CBS aired parts of the brutal shouting match between Joshuah (and Chelsia) and Amanda.  It was pretty ugly, though I‘m not sure the broadcast audience was be able to pick up on the words that were bleeped.  Joshuah didn‘t use your typical F-words and S-words, instead opting to dust off the ol‘ Jane Fonda Special.  That‘s right – Josh repeatedly called Amanda the dreaded C-word.  Good times.  Read more »
This week, Crazy James and Chelsia are the Heads of Household on Big Brother 9.  My BuddyTV cohort John Kubicek takes great offense to James‘ nickname.  Not to the name itself, but the fact that it was self-appointed.  I was dubious – the nickname didn‘t bother me.  The more I think about it, however, the more it actually does bother me.  If you call yourself “Crazy” then you actively will feel the need to self-fulfill that title.  You have created an artificial persona in which the other house guests will pre-judge from the second they meet you.  From now on, maybe I‘ll introduce myself to people as “Awesome Oscar.”  If everyone thinks I‘m awesome from the second they meet me, I‘ll have an automatic leg up.  Anyway, the nomination ceremony went down last night and, thanks to the live feeds, we know who has been put on the block. Read more »
Jen and Parker are gone from Big Brother 9, but it may not be the last we see of either of them.  It turns out that both Parker and Jen were place in sequester following their eviction.  What does this mean?  Well, it might mean nothing.  It might, however, mean that CBS and Big Brother are planning on bringing evicted houseguests back into the house, kind of like with Sharon.  Today, we‘ll see what happens with James and Chelsia as the new Heads of Household.  Read more »
Madness.  That‘s what is going on inside the Big Brother house these days.  CBS apparently did do extensive personality and background tests for all of the Big Brother 9 contestants.  Over the past few days, two of the house guests had to take emergency trips to the hospital and a margarita party went down that involved extensive nudity.  Oh, and there was a Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  The two contestants who went to the hospital are both fine and back inside the Big Brother house, so no worries there.  As for the nudity, well, that‘s what Big Brother After Dark and the live feeds are for, right?  SPOILER WARNING!! GO NO FURTHER FOR SPOILERS!! SPOILER WARNING!! Read more »
Big Brother 9 has been insane.  Already, there have been hook-ups, abundant nudity, charges of racism, secrets and lies and more secrets, fake lesbians, a surprise exit from the house, intense fights with extensive use of the c-word and, as viewers will see tonight, two separate emergency hospital visits.  I guess you can‘t ask for much more entertainment from the Big Brother house guests, though it makes you wonder where they can go from here.  Actually, hold that - maybe I‘d rather not think about how the house guests will top their already outlandish shenanigans.  I‘ll be here throughout tonight‘s episode, giving live updates as the hour goes along. Read more »
Tonight was a “very special” episode of Big Brother 9.  Reality hit the Big Brother house and, possibly, forced a few of the house mates to gain some perspective on their current situation.  At least for the time being.  I don‘t know how to feel about what happened on Big Brother tonight.  On one hand, it‘s nice seeing people band together in a time of trouble despite their differences.  On the other hand, just because someone has a medical emergency, it doesn‘t make them a quality human being.  It rings false when you start treating a person better only because they just got back from the hospital.  You aren‘t required to like someone. Read more »
It‘s eviction, everybody!  After last night‘s tear fest, it‘s back to the reality of the Big Brother house - either Amanda and Alex or Matt and Natalie will be evicted tonight, likely never to beard from again.  Although, like Parker and Jen, there‘s word that tonight‘s evicted couple will also be placed in sequester.  CBS has not given any reasons why their keeping these early evicted house guests in sequester, but the speculation has run rampant.  Is CBS going to bring evicted house guests back into the Big Brother house?  Anything‘s possible.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode, giving you the live results as the eviction happens. Read more »
One night after the frightening double hospital visit, Big Brother 9 was forced to evict two people from the Big Brother house.  Amanda and Allison returned to the Big Brother house healthy and ready to play, and with some goodwill accumulated from their worried house guests.  The eviction episodes are always boring for the first forty or so minutes, ending with a whirlwind of action – the live votes and eviction followed by the all important Head of Household competition.  Tonight was no different.  Read more »
Lost in all this madness (hospital visits, fake lesbians, gay porn, quasi-orgies, c-word fights) inside the Big Brother 9 house is the fact that there‘s not a whole lot of strategery going on.  Not for lack of trying, mind you.  It‘s just that having couples compete instead of individuals is not at all conducive to alliances and game play.  Getting two people to play the same game, have the same friends and act in a totally unilateral manner is unreasonable.  Since this is the case, it‘s very difficult to figure which couple has the upper hand.  When you add to the mix the very real possibility that an evicted house guest or two may come back to the house at some point (all four evicted house guests remain in sequester at this moment), this thing is completely wide open.  However, I‘m going to do my best to sift through all the nonsense and tell you is has the best chance at winning the half million. Read more »
Big Brother 9 is about to reveal some large twists.  I think.  Julie Chen teased it last episode when she said that evicted house guests Alex and Amanda were being whisked away to sequester and would soon be part of a huge Big Brother twist as the series began a new chapter in its existence. What will this be?  Well, it seems that Alex and Amanda (and maybe Parker and Jen) will head back into the house.  Somehow.  Whether they‘ll be allowed back into the game to compete for the money is unknown. Read more »
Joshuah on Big Brother 9 is quite a character.  If you thought Dick Donato was volatile and said some awful things to people, then you haven‘t witnessed the wrath of Josh this season.  His first target was Amanda, who he blew up on out of nowhere, calling her some awful, awful things.  At least with Amanda, Josh said he was sorry and the two got back on good terms.  This episode, we see Josh explode on Allison.  He does have a couple sort of valid reasons for his anger, but he definitely went overboard.  And, he doesn‘t seem to feel any remorse about it.  Such is life inside the Big Brother house. Read more »
Lots going on in that crazy Big Brother house.  If you thought last year‘s cast was combustible, just wait.  The next few prime time episodes of Big Brother 9 are going to be chalk-full of intense character drama.  It‘s hard to top the sheer audacity and vulgarity of Evel Dick Donato, but Joshuah from Big Brother 9 is challenging Dick‘s throne.  Just yesterday, Josh let loose one of the most ridiculous and obscene displays Big Brother has ever seen.  You know that word that Jane Fonda accidentally let slip on national television last week?  Yeah, Josh drops that bomb a number of times.  It‘s directed at Amanda for no truly specific reason (as far as I can tell...though I‘m not an avid live feed watcher).  There‘s a lot of tension in the house, which is a bit unusual for this early in the season.  I think, in this way, the team aspect has been a home run for CBS.  Forcing house guests to play with another person really intensifies the inter-house clashes and adds a whole layer of extra tension to everything.  SPOILER WARNING!!!  Veto Competition Results Below  SPOILER WARNING!!! Read more »
Big Brother 9 is full of colorful characters, larger-than-life personalities, the kind of people who have no problem being filmed 24 hours a day.  It turns out that Crazy James (or, James Zinkand) is probably the most out-there contestant on the show.  His backstory is crazy enough.  Before being on the show, James was homeless, traveling around the world on his bike with only $1,00 to his name.  He had been down to Argentina, where he worked as a mannequin dresser.  He has the pink mohawk hair and, as live feed watchers know, is somewhat of a willing exhibitionist.  Thanks to our friends at RealityBBQ, we‘ve uncovered another significant piece of James‘ past: James Zinkand has dabbled in the world of gay porn.  That‘s right, gay porn. Read more »
I am in awe of  you Big Brother live feed watchers.  I don‘t know how you do it.  Granted, I‘ve never tried it on my own.  I did watch about one hour of Big Brother: After Dark from a Cuban hotel last summer (definitely a surreal moment in my life), but I‘ve never given the computer feeds a shot.  I don‘t particularly have the time, but even if I did, I can‘t see myself diving in.  To plop down the cash for live feed access takes a lot of commitment, and for this I give you watchers big ups.  Without you, we wouldn‘t have spoilers, sure, but most importantly CBS would be able to manipulate the action.  The live feed watchers keep Big Brother in check.  They force the network to present a fair and balanced account of the in-house action.  On Sunday, Heads of Household Joshuah and Sharon nominated Matt and Natale with Allison and Ryan.  To find out what went down in the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, keep on reading. Spoiler Warning!!! Go No Further If You Wish Not to be Spoiled!!!  Read more »
Big Brother 9 has been a whole load of nonsense so far this season, and I look forward to the shenanigans continuing.  Tonight on Big Brother we will see both the Power of Veto competition and the Power of Veto ceremony.  If you‘re one of those people who read on line spoilers (like me) then you already know what‘s going to happen.  However, that‘s the beauty of Big Brother.  Even if you know what will happen, it‘s still interesting to see how it happens.  As of right now (to you non-spoiler people), Matt and Natalie are up on the block with Allison and Ryan.  Will that change tonight?  I‘ll be here throughout the hour giving live updates. Read more »
Big Brother 9 is about to get crazy.  I think.  Tomorrow night, Big Brother and CBS are promising that some big twists will present themselves tomorrow.  It‘s no secret that the evicted house guests have not been available for interviews and have been locked in sequester since the left the house.  What is a secret is how one, some or all of them will be re-introduced to the game.  My hunch is that two of the evicted contestants will be brought back into the house by a vote, at which point the game will become an individual one.  Read more »
Big Brother 9 hits us with the biggest surprise of the season tonight.  Or, that‘s at least what Julie Chen tells us.  And, as we know, you can never trust Julie Chen.  Will the crazy alarm go off and change tonight‘s eviction?  Will some evicted houseguests return to the house?  If so, who?  How many?  In what capacity?  My hunch is, that regardless of what the twist is, either Sheila and Adam or Allison and Ryan will be evicted for good tonight.  But, I‘ve been wrong before.  I‘ll be here all episode giving live updates as the eviction goes down. Read more »
Big Brother 9 let it all hang out tonight.  There was not one, but two major twists on tonight‘s episode.  Big Brother put a couple of contestants through the proverbial ringer, and left one emotionally beaten down.  The twists were about what everybody expected, and for the first time all season, I‘m actually excited for the next new episode of Big Brother.  I‘d like to know what all the Big Brother fans thought about tonight‘s events.  Please comment below and let your voice be heard.  What did you think about the most action-packed eviction episode in recent memory? Read more »
Now the game gets interesting on Big Brother 9.  The house guests are finally playing as individuals.  Realistically, it‘s going to take a week or two to figure out what the new alliances are and to see which house guests will stay aligned with their prescribed partner and who will go off on their own.  The big wild card is which evicted house guest will return to the house.  For instance, if Jen returns to the house, that gives Ryan both a big advantage and puts a target on his back.  I guarantee these power rankings will change drastically by next week once we get a better feel for the new alliances and see who Ryan nominates, but until then this is what I‘ve got. Read more »
The possibilities are wide open for Ryan on Big Brother 9.  As the first individual Head of Household this season, and as someone who has spent most of his time in the house on the block, there were a number of directions Ryan could take with the nominations.  Would he try to split former partners?  Would he take a house consensus and try to please as many people as he could?  Would he nominate two men who Ryan considers physical threats?  If I was Ryan, I‘d have literally no idea what to do.  His nominations will set a tone for the rest of the season, they will inadvertently create new alliances and Ryan will have new enemies.  Thanks to the live feeds, however, we know exactly who Ryan nominated.Spoiler Warning!!! Go No Further If You Hate Or Even Mildly Dislike Spoilers!!! Read more »
Tonight on Big Brother 9, new Head of Household Ryan will make his choices for nominations.  Who will he put on the block?  Since I‘ve been cheating, and reading about  the action on the live Big Brother feeds, I know exactly who Ryan nominated.  I also know who  won Power of Veto, but that‘s not important right now. The real question tonight is whether we‘ll discover which evicted houseguest will return to the house, as per the on line vote.  I‘m not sure who I want back - Parker would be fun, Jen would shake things up, either Allison or Amanda would be annoying. I‘ll be here all episode giving live updates as the hour goes along. Read more »
Big Brother 9 is finally interesting.  While the partnering experiment was fun for a little while, it took a lot of the strategy and fun out of the Big Brother game.  With the couples, every individual player was limited in how hard they could strategize and play the game.  Also, people like Parker and Alex were unfairly hurt by the relative ineptitude of their partners.  Tonight, the first episode that showed the house guests playing as individuals, was a breath of fresh air.  The partnerships did not linger.  Pretty much everyone branched out and either chose or were forced to find new alliances. Read more »
Tonight on Big Brother 9, the houseguests compete for the first individual Power of Veto. However, with the live feeds and all the places to find out what actually happened, I really don‘t understand the purpose of watching the Sunday and Tuesday episodes of Big Brother. Besides, every episode starts with about five minutes of “previously on…” clips, which tell you everything you need to know.Speaking of which, what show‘s “previously on…” packages do you find more annoying, the extensive ones on Big Brother, or the obscenely long recap of all the performances on the American Idol results shows? Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Big Brother 9, we get the typical aftermath of the nominations of Chelsia and Sharon. Now that the pairs have been split up, these houseguests are running wild with new alliances. There are deals within deals within deals, and it‘s a bit confusing to keep everything straight. Everyone seems to be playing everyone at some point. We get the first singles Power of Veto competition, which is a rehash of last season‘s Nasty Christmas, complete with a red unitard. In the words of Jesus, my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken us? Read more »
The one person on Big Brother 9 that I‘ve been unable to pin down is James.  While many of the house guests cultivate bizarre personalities and have continually baffled me with their actions, James has always come off as more normal than his self-prescribed nickname (Crazy James) would merit.  Help me out, live feed watchers: Is James crazier than the Big Brother editors are letting on?  Besides the pink hair, James seems like a grounded dude.  He stays within himself, is reasonable when it comes to game play, and has endured a very relatable situation with his crush on Chelsia.  If it weren‘t for the gay porn, I‘d think James was the most normal guy in the house.  However, when judging someone‘s true character, a history in gay porn has to be a key piece of the puzzle.  I don‘t get it.  I‘m calling on you, live feed watchers, to tell us what James is really like.  OK, now to the business of spoilers.  On Sunday‘s Big Brother, we saw the bros get together and nominate Chelsia and Sharon.  We have the results of the Power of Veto competition and Power of Veto ceremony.  Spoilers below. SPOILER WARNING!!! GO NO FURTHER IF YOU WISH NOT TO BE SPOILED!!! Read more »
Who will be the first house guest sent home as an individual (if we don‘t count Allison) on Big Brother 9?  Sharon or James?  More importantly, is Ryan a super genius or is he just making a bunch of random moves?  His actions have at once impressed me and befuddled me.  I have no idea waht he‘s up to - hopefully we‘ll get some further insight tonight.  Also, who will be re-entering the house?  I think we‘re supposed to find out tonight, but with Big Brother you never know.  I‘ll be here throughout the entire episode tonight, giving live updates as we learn who is evicted and who becomes the new Head of Household.  Stay tuned. Read more »
Big Brother 9 has, by and large, been a frustrating season.  The coupling experiment was an ambitious attempt at innovation, but I think I speak for all Big Brother fans when I say that it didn‘t particularly work.  The game play was completely bogged down.  It was extremely difficult to get a beat on what was going down in the house.  Even the house guests, it seemed, didn‘t know what to do with themselves – they were playing an entirely different game than they‘d seen on TV.  Now that the game is back to an individual one, things are more promising, thought the last two weeks have culminated in the most anti-climactic of live evictions.  Tonight‘s (or last night‘s if you‘re on the east coast) Big Brother eviction episode was the most egregiously anti-climactic episode (probably) in the show‘s history.  Anyways, we have the results of tonight‘s Head of Household competition below.  If you watched the episode, then you know that the competition did not finish prior to the end of the alloted hour.  SPOILER WARNING!!! GO NO FURTHER IF YOU‘RE ANTI-SPOILER!!! Read more »
Even though tonight‘s episode of Big Brother 9 was action-packed, nothing really happened.  Much ado about nothing.  Not that this was all CBS‘s fault.  Some of the blame goes to the house guests.  There was a live eviction, the return of an evicted house guest, and then the beginning of a marathon Head of Household competition.  Julie Chen proved once again that she probably shouldn‘t be doing live television, and we saw how wide open this Big Brother game is right now.  The house is in chaos.  Read more »
Big Brother is a funny game sometimes.  After an eviction episode last night where the same nine people who began the night inside the house ended up inside the house, the balance of power noticeably shifted.  That‘s what happens when a formerly evicted and scorned house guest returns.  The Head of Household competition, which did not end by the time the episode was over, also featured a number of verbal deals which will, at the very least, greatly influence the events of the coming week.  Being the Big Brother spoiler afficianado I am, I know who won the Head of Household competition last night and, therefore, I‘ve taken that into account with these power rankings.  SPOILER WARNING!!! PLEASE, IF YOU DON‘T LIKE SPOILERS, TURN AROUND!!! Read more »
I have to tread lightly here for all of you non Big Brother live feed watchers or spoiler mongerers.  If you only watch the CBS broadcasts and nothing else, then you are still unaware of who won the all important Head of Household competition.  Therefore, I can‘t really discuss the thought process behind the mystery HoH‘s nominations, which we now know.  I think these nominations will take a lot of people by surprise come Sunday, but if you paid attention to Wednesday‘s Big Brother non-eviction episode, then it makes a whole lot of sense.  In fact, I actually kind of predicted this in my Big Brother power rankings yesterday.  SPOILER WARNING!!! YOU KNOW THE DRILL!!! TURN AROUND!!! Read more »
Big Brother 9 keeps on keeping on tonight.  For non live feed watchers and non internet spoiler gatherers, the newest Head of Household will be revealed tonight, as will their nominations.  It‘s rare when I don‘t look forward to a Big Brother episode, but tonight it was one of those times.  I‘ve been paying too much attention to the live feeds and reading spoilers, that I can pretty much predict, beat by beat, what will happen on the show tonight.  I hope Big Brother still gives me some entertainment in the form of some serious debauchery.  If not, I fear my boredom will be overwhelming.  Whatever - if it does get boring, I‘ll start filling out my NCAA tournament bracket. Read more »
Big Brother 9 is growing on me. This is weird for me to say, because I absolutely hated tonight‘s episode.  The thing is, and it‘s a big thing, I knew exactly what was going to happen during the episode.  I‘ve been harping the hell out of this, I know, but tonight it was very important.  Normally, knowing the outcome of a Big Brother episode isn‘t that important because the random action within the house is enjoyable enough.  However, tonight‘s episode spent literally half the episode covering the Head of Household competition.  32 minutes.  Considering I knew the result of that competition, it was not great television. Read more »
This is becoming a problem for me.  I‘ve been doing these spoiler articles for this season of Big Brother 9 and, up until recently, I‘ve quite enjoyed it.  I‘m the kind of guy who, generally, likes instant gratification.  However, only to a certain extent.  If you watched last night‘s episode of Big Brother, you know what I‘m talking about.  The Head of Household competition, that James ultimately won, was prominently featured.  Well, perhaps that‘s an understatement – it was half of the freaking episode!  Now, if I hadn‘t known the outcome, it probably would have been an entertaining 30 minutes of my life, but since I did know the outcome it was boring as all hell.  How do you live feeders do it?  You know what‘s happened, how it‘s happened and why, yet you seem to have a great time watching the episodes in addition to the 24/7 feeds.  I wish I had your loyalty, I really do.  Anyways, spoilers are ahead.  Proceed at your own risk.SPOILER WARNING!!! SPOILER HATERS, BEWARE!!! Read more »
Alex and Amanda became Big Brother 9‘s first Heads of Household (HoH) on Wednesday, beating out Parker/Jen and James/Natalie.  Parker and Jen had the sole power of elimination and chose to kick Jacob and Sharon out of the house after Parker heard tell that Jacob was calling him a snake.  This led to a series of events which brought Ryan and Jen‘s nine-month relationship out in the open.  There is a lot going on in the Big Brother house right now, so read on.  But only if you want to be spoiled.***Warning: Spoilers Ahead*** Read more »
At the end of Wednesday‘s episode of Big Brother 9, Julie Chen announced that Alex and Amanda, the evicted house guests, would be in for a surprise.  Not only that, that it would be a huge twist and mark a new chapter in Big Brother history.  We know that Jen and Parker weren‘t available for press interviews last week and were instead sequestered (which never happens this early in the game).  There were no interviews with Alex and Amanda, so we can assume they were sequestered as well.  Clearly, one or two or all of those players will be re-introduced into the game in some sort of capacity. Maybe the current house guests will vote one person or one couple back in, maybe it‘s something more sinister.  So, be on the look out, Big Brother fans.  Things should get mighty interesting next week.  For now, we have some spoilers for you.SPOILER WARNING!! SPOILER WARNING!!! Read more »