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It‘s that time of year again.  Big Brother fans have been waiting since last September for their favorite reality series to return and now is finally the time.  The show has a new executive producer (Alison Grodner) and some new twists (enemies and "America‘s Player", both of which will certainly be covered tonight).  How will the first episode shake out?  How will the housemates react when they realize they have to coexist with an enemy?  Who is "America‘s Player"?  We at BuddyTV will be here all season to give live thoughts, recaps for every episode, commentary, and interviews with the eliminated housemates.  I‘ll be updating these live thoughts throughout the show.  Read more »
There‘s always a ton of ground to cover on the first episode of Big Brother.  We have to meet all of the houseguests, learn the twists, see the house, get a feel for the relationships so far, and have a Head of Household competition.  This being the case, there are some aspects that will remain less fleshed out than some fans would like.  For instance, a few of the 14 houseguests didn‘t get much screen time, and we therefore know very little about who they are.  Tonight, these people were: Mike, Zach, Amber and Jameka.  CBS did do as good a job as they could with setting up the season, giving viewers all the necessary information, and making it an entertaining hour of television, even if it was almost all exposition.  On to the recap! Read more »
We‘re back tonight with the second episode of Big Brother 8.  With the premiere out of the way, we can get to some nice houseguest interaction.  We know the twists, we know the relationships, we know the Head of Household, and now we get to see how all the hamsters react to their new digs.  How will the so-called enemies get along?  Will Evil Dick and daughter Daniele reconcile?  Will Jessica and Carol entertain us with cat fights?  Will Dustin and Joe settle their gonorrhea debate?  I‘ll be here updating live throughout the show. Read more »
Episode Overview:  The enemies discuss their relationships, the food competition gets a little buttery, and Kail nominates two housemates for elimination.Free from the requisite exposition of the premiere episode, Big Brother 8 stepped into action earlier tonight with the second episode of its season.  The relationships of the various houseguests receive the most play.  The relationship that will receive the most scrutiny (and screen time) is the Daniele/Evil Dick father/daughter conundrum.  There’s no place like under the voyeuristic eyes of a nation to mend strained familial relations.  Read more »
There haven‘t been any big-time fireworks in the house just yet, but will that change tonight on Big Brother 8?  With Carol and Amber up on the chopping block, both have the chance to save themselves with tonight‘s Power of Veto competition.  If they win, they are allowed to veto one of the Head of Household‘s nominations (of course, if you‘re a fan, you know this).  Will Evil Dick and daughter Daniele have a real conversation?  How about Dustin and Joe?  What will make Jen cry on tonight‘s episode?  I‘ll be updating live throughout the hour with all the action from the house. Read more »
Episode Overview: The houseguests play some hide and seek, Daniele declines to use the Power of Veto, and Jen doesn‘t endear herself to anyone.  Tuesday nights are Power of Veto nights on Big Brother, and that‘s what the show mostly focused on tonight.  Thus far on Big Brother 8, the houseguests have been rather cordial with each other.  It‘s weird, seeing the contestants not butting heads and generally getting along.  What follows is a non-chronological recap of tonight‘s show.  Read more »
Big Brother comes at us tonight with its first live eviction episode of the season.  Who will be cruelly ejected from the house: Amber or Carol?  I‘m leaning toward Carol, only because she hasn‘t seemed to be much of a game player and her ex-friend Jessica wants her gone.  Jessica doesn‘t seem like someone who messes around.  I‘ll be here giving live updates throughout the show.We get a long recap of the first week of shows.  Nothing special.  I, personally, want Amber gone just because she cries so much. Read more »
Big Brother 8 evicted its first houseguest tonight and the result wasn‘t all that big of a shocker.  It‘s really hard to have a surprising result after one week.  Whoever leaves isn‘t going to deserve their exit.  Nor have they really had enough time in the house to prove that they deserve to stay.  Mostly, they‘ll go down as a footnote.  But, that‘s okay.  At least they can enjoy the summer outside the stress-filled Big Brother house.  These Thursday night live eviction episodes are always loaded with filler, as reality TV results shows tend to be, but I enjoy them because of the live interviews between the houseguests and Julie.  Always a train wreck.  On to the recap! Read more »
Carol Journey thought she‘d be in a house full of strangers for the summer.  Unfortunately for her, on the first day inside the Big Brother house, an ex-friend from high school came walking down the stairs, forever ruining the chances of Carol fully enjoying herself in the Big Brother house.  From that point on, Carol, a 21-year-old student at the University of Kansas, was looked upon as a non-game player, someone who wasn‘t into the scheming and deception that her fellow houseguests were already practicing.  Thus, she became the first evicted houseguest of Big Brother 8.  Carol took some time to speak with us earlier this morning about her experience on the show.  Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio for the interview. Read more »
Sunday is nomination day at the Big Brother house and, with Jen as the Head of Household, viewers knew going in that the gloves would come off.  Tonight‘s episode didn‘t disappoint.  Jen‘s nominations were brutal, and her reasoning was bizarre.  But, it made for good television.  Tonight‘s episode featured the nominations, a food competition, an inspired drinking game, and a explanation of the Big Brother house‘s negative vibes.  Let‘s get our recap on! Read more »
Tuesdays are Power of Veto days at the Big Brother house and therefore contain some of the most important moments of the show.  Even this early in the season, the results of tonight‘s Power of Veto will likely have far-reaching ramifications.  With Jen as Head of Household, you knew that fireworks would be aplenty and tonight‘s episode did not disappoint.  The houseguests are no longer shy about calling Jen out over her, well, Jen-ness.  I‘m sure Big Brother is happy about this: it makes for good television.  With the image of Jen‘s leotard seared freshly into my brain, let‘s go to the recap! Read more »
Big Brother leads a double life.  On one hand is the actual CBS broadcast of Big Brother.  On three times a week, its editing provides a somewhat skewed perception of the realities of the house, both in the portrayal of houseguests and the chronology of events.  On the other hand is the live feeds.  The live feed watchers know what houseguests are really like (see: Eric and Dick), know the outcomes of competitions before everyone else, and have a good feel for who will be evicted come Thursday.  This is basically a long way of saying that, although I do know who will be eliminated tonight, I won‘t ruin it for those who want to remain surprised.  Will it be Dick or Joe?  I‘ll be here throughout the hour giving live updates as the show moves along. Read more »
It was a good day for Big Brother.  That is, if you like Evil Dick and don‘t particularly care for Joe.  If you feel the opposite, then I fear you were likely disappointed by the night‘s outcome.  Nevertheless, this evening‘s live eviction episode of Big Brother didn‘t contain a whole lot of new content.  There was a lot of filler involved in the proceedings.  For one, the live voting was drawn out on either end of a commercial break and Chen spent a lot of time doing inane live interviews with the houseguests.  But, that‘s how these things go sometimes.  Shall we get our recap on? Read more »
The big twist for Big Brother 8 was the inclusion of three pairs of enemies in the house.  And, now, after two weeks, two of the enemies have been evicted.  This week‘s casualty was Joe Barber, whose ex-boyfriend Dustin was placed in the Big Brother house without his previous knowledge.  The two, putting it lightly, simply do not get along.  The details are, well, go watch the first few episodes.  In his time on the show, Joe was an outgoing, fun-loving infectious personality (maybe a little too infectious).  He took some time earlier this morning to speak with us about his time in the Big Brother house.  Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
With Dick as the new Head of Household, we pretty much knew from the get-go the two people he would want to inflict vengeance upon:  Jen and Kail.  Knowing that, there wasn‘t much suspense during tonight‘s episode of Big Brother.  Not only were those the nominations that Dick would undoubtedly make, they were also the correct tactical moves.  Everyone in the house would be happy that Jen is up, and Kail is Dick‘s biggest enemy/threat.  However, there were some emotional and touching moments during tonight‘s show that said a lot about a couple of the houseguests, especially Dick and Daniele. Read more »
It was the Evil Dick show tonight on Big Brother.  I‘ve gone on the record saying that I like Dick, think that he really is a good guy, but he does get to be a little grating sometimes.  A little Evil Dick goes a long way.  That being said, he makes for some compelling TV, and I‘m sure that‘s why CBS cast him.  Tonight was the Power of Veto episode, and the results were mildly surprising, but nothing crazy.  I‘ve got a fever, and the only prescription is a Big Brother recap. Read more »
On Thursday night‘s live eviction episode of Big Brother 8, the suspense was ramped up.  Outgoing Head of Household had every intention of trying to boot Kail, but when Mike antagonized him during the Power of Veto competition, the plan changed.  With things turned upside-down, Mike is evicted for what is arguably the worst decision in game history (aside from Marcellas refusing to use the PoV on himself).  Kail‘s luck went from good to great when Dustin, one of the driving forces campaigning against Mike, won the new HoH competition. Read more »
It‘s eviction night on Big Brother 8! Evil Dick, as tyrannical Head of Household (HoH) has been slowly losing it this week, exhibiting some Richard Nixon-level paranoia. His arch-nemesis Kail is on the block with her alliance buddy Mike (another arch-nemesis of Dick). The rest of the houseguests (HGs), many of whom can also be considered arch-nemeses of Dick after this week, will decide.Tonight, who will go home? Who will become the new HoH? How many times will Amber cry? I put the over/under on that last question at five, and will gladly take the bet of anyone who chooses under. And the biggest question of all, just how awkward will Julie Chen be when asking the HGs her questions? The answers to all those questions and more await us, right now, so join BuddyTV for some live thoughts on tonight‘s episode: Read more »
On Thursday night‘s episode of Big Brother 8, 26-year-old painting contractor Mike Dutz became the third person evicted from the house.  Mike was considered socially awkward by his fellow houseguests, and to home viewers, he made what is already being called the biggest mistake in show history when he provoked Head of Household Dick and got himself put on the block, leading to his current status as evicted.  Mike spoke to BuddyTV about his time in the house, his thoughts on fellow houseguests, and who he thinks will win it all.Below you will find a complete transcript of the interview as well as an mp3 audio file. Read more »
It‘s Groundhog Day on Big Brother 8.  One week after Head of Household Dick nominated Kail and Jen for eviction, Dustin, the new HoH, nominated Kail and Jen for eviction.  The lines become incredibly clear in this episode as we see the same four people targeted throughout for nominations, slop and everything else.  We‘re in that awkward stage where we all know who‘s going home for the next three or four weeks, and it‘s just a matter of seeing it play out and hoping there‘s some sort of strategy earthquake to shake it all up.The rest of the episode deals with the fallout of Mike‘s eviction, leading to an inquisition over who supplied the second vote for him to stay, as well of plenty of crying, from at least three different houseguests, and yes, one of them is Amber. Read more »
There are a few things we can count on for every episode of Big Brother 8.  Amber is going to cry, Dick is going to yell at someone, Jen is going to say some dumb things, Nick and Daniele will flirt.  Now, we have another one: Jameka will bring God into the equation, whatever situation it may be.  Jameka and Kail have formed a Godly duo, discussing their faith and its Big Brother implications.  In fact, it was the focal point of tonight‘s episode.  Tonight was Power of Veto night, including both the competition and ceremony.  Read more »
For a while there I thought I might have to do another column Monday night! These folks have lost their minds! Dick, Daniele and Nick totally went off on Jen, Dustin and Eric cut their hair off, I think Amber was medicated and the beat goes on.I‘m sure everyone has heard about the “Iced Tea Incident” by now, but if not, here‘s a short recap. Dick was going off on Jen, as usual, but Jen didn‘t just stand there and smile this time. Dick said something about her values and morals and Jen busts out with her version of pot meet kettle. She said that she wasn‘t the one with a live-in boyfriend that was engaged to someone else when they first started going out, and she wasn‘t the one canoodling with a different guy in the house, so what‘s that he said about morals? Well ... that didn‘t go over well at all. Dani jumped in and put her two cents in and whined about Jen always being so mean to her ... that it is just SO HARD for her ... blah blah ... typical Dani whine (wow I could hear that whine as I typed that and I shuddered). Read more »
A lot of drama in the Big Brother house these days.  With tonight‘s eviction vote coming live, the outcome can never truly be known ahead of time, especially with America‘s vote hanging in the balance.  So, will it be Kail or Nick.  It looked as if Nick would be the one going home, what with no one but Daniele trusting the former football player.  How much yelling will we see from Dick tonight?  How much crying from Amber?  How often will Jameka invoke the name of God?  And, most importantly, who will go home?  I‘ll be here throughout the episode, giving up-to-th-minute results. Read more »
I wish Julie Chen were a better interviewer.  The live on-air interviews she conducts with the houseguests every Thursday on Big Brother always come across as worthless and awkward, and we receive very little insight into anything.  The moments with the HoH, especially, is a time where you‘d think Chen could wrangle some candid remarks.  But, no.  It just feels like we‘re spinning our wheels.  Nonetheless, there was some good stuff on the episode tonight, including an eviction that will definitely change the chemistry of the house.  Read more »
Well, for a change the flip-floppers didn‘t flip or flop. By a vote of 6-2 Nick was evicted. Even though I predicted a Nick eviction last night, up until the fifth vote, I wasn‘t too sure. There is so much drama in that house. Just this afternoon, Amber went off on Kail accusing her of not helping clean the house. Kail got so upset that she threatened to leave and she went into the Diary Room saying she wanted out.She wasn‘t there very long, but when she came out she was really subdued. And then we went to the wicked blue vortex, or rabbit hole, or whatever they call it this year. Speculation was rampant that 1) Kail left or 2) Dick left. Oh, did I forget to mention that Dick went off on Jen ... again? He had one of those big golf clubs in his hand and slammed it down on the counter. Once again that faction of fans that totally despises Dick, called for his ouster because of his ‘violent behavior‘. In the end, I don‘t know why we the feeds were blocked for so long because when they turned them back on both were still there. Read more »
OK, so this is getting old. Someone in the Late Night Crew wins Head of Household and nominates Kail and Jen. This is the third week in a row that the same two people have been nominated and is a new BB record. Will one of them finally go home this week? Or will they play the pawns to backdoor the third consecutive person?Daniele won the endurance HoH and immediately started making waves. She has really impressed me so far. She‘s no dummy, and she‘s now in the game. The best thing for her, I think, was for Nick to go. At first she was going to put up Kail and another person in the hopes of Jen not being able to play for and/or win the veto and then backdooring her. Later that night, though, she and her dad got together and started putting together the pieces of things going on in the house. Read more »
"I recognize that tree."  This is a line from Samuel Beckett‘s Waiting for Godot, a play about two people forced to replay the same moments and days waiting for the title figure to arrive, though he never does.  On tonight‘s episode of Big Brother 8, that same theme plays itself out as, for the third straight week, the same two people are nominated, though we‘re left wondering if either will ever go home.For all its assets this season (completely insane houseguests and tons of conflict and controversy), the actual "game" aspect of the show is getting quite dull.  Daniele won the endurance Head of Household competition from last episode, and the nomination ceremony was a replay of the last two weeks.  Defying all odds, the homophobic multiple business owner Kail and the obnoxiously self-obsessed Jen are becoming sympathetic, simply based on the amount of crap (and iced tea) the other HGs dump on them, Read more »
The houseguests have sure been scrambling. Daniele said on Sunday‘s show that she wanted to shake up the house, and boy golly has she done that! The Late Night Crew has gone from smug to shaken. While she‘s nominated Kail and Jen for eviction, she‘s made it known that those two are not her target. So who is? And what happened at the PoV ceremony?Article contains spoilers. Read at your own risk! Read more »
Previously on Big Brother 8, Nick went home, a banner outed Eric, Daniele won HoH, Jen and Kail were nominated, but there‘s a plan to backdoor Eric.  It‘s like you didn‘t even need to watch Sunday‘s show.Kail keeps hoping that Daniele sticks to her guarantee about not being evicted.  Yeah, sorry Kail, but that‘s not a promise she can keep.  Dick crows about how the nominations are definitely sticking, and now he‘s just taking pleasure in taunting Jen just for the fun of it, since these are obviously lies.  By the end of this episodes, some things (Dick verbally abusing fellow HGs) will stay the same, while others (the object of his anger) will change.  He‘s growing as a person in much the same way the continents are drifting apart, so slowly it‘s imperceivable. Read more »
This has been another wild week. Daniele shook up the house, Jen won another PoV and, yes, Amber cried . Dick ranted, Dustin ranted, Eric ranted, Amber ranted, and yes, Amber cried. There were four large bunnies spotted in the house, Dick and Jen actually had civil conversations, there IS a houseguest named Zach, the Late Night Crew exploded, and, yes, Amber cried. Kail and Eric are on the chopping block. Who will be evicted?When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was almost sure that Kail was leaving. The girls of the LNC didn‘t trust Eric anymore, but they were going to stick with their alliance. When I woke up this morning, Wednesday, I was almost sure that Eric was going. What the heck happened in those 24 hours? Read more »
Oh goodie, another Thursday, which means five minutes worth of "previously on Big Brother 8" footage, Julie Chen‘s awkwardness and the chance to see someone go home solely for pissing off Dick.  This week sees Kail in the hot seat for the third week in a row for no obvious reason - she‘s not a strong player, she‘s not well-liked, she has no real alliance ever since hat overblown Mrs. Robinson thing fizzled.  And Eric?  Well, he got screwed by some a-hole who can afford to waste money flying banners over the backyard set of a TV game show.Tonight‘s episode is very important, because the loser is gone, but for everyone else, they‘re guaranteed to either be in the final two, or be a part of the sequestered jury that picks the winner.  If Eric stays, America may have a chance to vote.  If Eric is out, the America‘s Player twist is officially the most ill-conceived invention yet for this show.  It‘s a lot like Communism - great in theory, but impossible in practice.  Enough babbling, on with the show! Read more »
This past week saw plenty of mayhem in the Big Brother 8 house.  Eric was outed by that banner, causing Dick and Daniele to plot his downfall as vengeance for Nick, the irony being Eric was one of only two people voting to save Nick.  The Donatos teamed up with, of all people, Kail, Jen and Zach to accomplish this, while the quintet of Eric, Dustin, Amber, Jessica and Jameka stood strong.  With Eric and Kail as the nominees, the vote looked close, and it seemed even closer with tonight‘s episode. Read more »
Wow, what a week that was. What am I now, 1 for 3 in eviction predictions? I‘m loving the uncertainty, though. I never know how these people are gonna vote. Last night was another drama filled night with accusations of diary room manipulation from Amber. I‘m really surprised that they were able to keep their votes a secret, too. I guess CBS decided to stop sugar coating their editing of Amber after her anti-semitic comments. I know the Anti-Defamation League condemned her remarks, and according to, CBS finally made a statement that they were offended by what she said, and that the remarks will not be part of any future broadcast on the CBS Television Network. Evidently she also got reprimanded in the diary room earlier. She started to say something about it to Dustin and we went to the rabbit hole. Up until tonight she got great editing. She was portrayed as the emotional, good hearted, single mom. Tonight, though, the gloves came off. Read more »
Kail Harbick, the 37-year-old multi-business owner from Oregon became the fifth person evicted from the Big Brother 8 house on Thursday by a narrow vote of 4-3.  From early in the game, Evel Dick Donato started picking on her, though by the end she started taking it with a grain of salt.  She became the third consecutive person voted out who was a member of the so-called Mrs. Robinson Alliance.Kail spoke with BuddyTV shortly after her eviction to discuss why she‘s relieved to be out of the house now, her feelings on Amber‘s meltdown this week, and who she thinks will win the entire game.  Below you will find a complete transcript of our interview as well as the mp3 audio file. Read more »
Julie Chen messed up again. Did that affect the results of the Head of Household competition? Eric seems to think so, and let‘s face it, it did mess him up. He‘s not making too much of it because his ally Jessica ended up winning. Wonder what he‘d have done if one of ‘the others‘ won it. Most people are pretty sure that Jessica will nominate two of the outsiders. Who will she put up and will the Power of Veto competition mess her up?This article contains spoilers, so read on at your own risk. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Big Brother 8 features a dramatic shift in power.  After three weeks of game domination with their Late Night Crew, Dick and Daniele, the Donatos, have the rug swept out from under them.The "previously on" package goes all the way to back to last week‘s HoH competition when Daniele won.  It allows us to see every step of Dick‘s inevitable downfall, and the failed plot to backdoor Eric.  We again get to see classic moments like Amber‘s meltdown and the look of utter terror on the Donatos‘ faces when Kail was evicted.  Good times. Read more »
This is supposed to be an easy week for the Late Night Crew. Win Head of Household, put up Dick and Daniele, if one comes off the block, put up Jen or Zach. Enjoy the week. Right? Well, no. Between Dick going off on people, Dustin flexing his ego muscle, and Eric hanging all over her, poor Jessica is not having a very good week. I don‘t think she‘s had the HoH room to herself since she got it..This article contains spoilers: read on at your own risk. Read more »
Ask any Big Brother fan about Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin and they‘ll tell you all about the show‘s famous duo.  “Evil” Dr. Will was the winner of Big Brother 2 and in the final four of Big Brother All-Stars. Boogie was also in BB2 and was the winner of the All Stars season.  What are they up to now?For the updates on what‘s going on with Big Brother stars Will Kirby and Mike Boogie, visit for the full story, plus daily  Big Brother 8 Live Feed updates.(Image courtesy of MavTV) Read more »
Jessica is the Head of Household on Big Brother 8, nominating Dick and Daniele.  Jessica wants Daniele out, Dick wants Dick out (or, at least, he‘d prefer that over Daniele being evicted).  Based on the America‘s Player vote, viewers want Dustin out.  I want America out of this game.  If you‘re not going to play fair, you shouldn‘t be allowed to play at all, and as we‘ll see, America is playing dirty.Post-nomination, Dick and Daniele are finally waking up to the realization that they can‘t trust anyone in the house.  Welcome to the game, idiots.  Dick says his daughter can only  trust Zach, which, based on what we‘ve seen, is just an unusual, under-the-radar alliance.  He gets misty-eyed over his reconciliation with his daughter, and if he hadn‘t been so obnoxious for so long, I might care. Read more »
It has been a wild week in the Big Brother house! Jessica thought it would be a fun week, but she‘s learned that being Head of Household doesn‘t guarantee a good time. I have to give it to her, though. She may be the first HoH this season that didn‘t let the room and title go to her head. She‘s still the same fun lovin‘, good time girl she always was.Dick and Daniele were nominated again, but there is a very good chance that both of them will still be in the house at the end of the week .... again. Dick is working hard to get the numbers turned. Where before he was convinced that he was leaving this week, he now sees that it‘s a very real possibility that he will be saved.SPOILER WARNING: This article includes information and details about events in the Big Brother house not yet shown on TV. Read more »
So it‘s eviction night on Big Brother 8, and either Dustin or Dick is going home.  It‘s been a rough week with Dick cutting a swath of terror through the house, at first trying to get himself evicted over his daughter.  Now that Daniele is safe, is it too late for Dick to save himself?  Or will America save him?He‘s certainly controversial, and some people would love nothing more than to see Dick gone, while others feel it would be the end of the show.  Let‘s see how it all unfolds, live, in Chen-Vision!  So odds are, something will go wrong. Read more »
Things just got crazy in the Big Brother house.  The pawn goes, America‘s Player grits his teeth and tries his best to make America like him, and there‘s even a barbershop quartet.  It‘s a trainwreck of awesomeness, and I‘m going to savor every drop until Dick inevitable starts alienating people again as he becomes drunk with power by proxy.The episode begins with Julie Chen trying desperately to forget last week‘s mess up during the HoH competition.  Don‘t worry, Julie, we‘re here to make sure you never forget that you make Jeff Probst look like Edward R. Murrow.  After a week or terrorizing the other HGs in order to ensure his eviction, Dick is suddenly singing a new tun.  With his daughter safe, he struggles to win over all those he‘s verbally assaulted. Read more »
Things could not have worked out better for the Donatos in the Big Brother house this week. They both go on the block, but neither goes home, then Daniele wins Head of Household. Whatever else I might say about Daniele, the girl is here to play. This is her 2nd HoH and she‘s also won two Power of Veto competitions. This win is a great early 21st birthday present.OK, I have to admit to laughing at the shock on Dustin‘s face when Julie said, “By a vote of 4-2 .... Dustin .... YOU are evicted from the Big Brother House.” It would have been better had he worn his king robe and crown as he said he would. His arrogance truly did do him in. What kind of idiot volunteers to go on the block? Read more »
On last night‘s episode of Big Brother 8, shoe salesman Dustin Erikstrup was evicted by a vote of 4-2.  Letting himself be put up as a pawn by Head of Household Jessica, Dustin was overly confident the entire week, and was quite stunned when he discovered he‘d been evicted.Though Dustin is now in the Big Brother sequester house as part of the jury that will decide who wins the $500,000 grand prize, BuddyTV was still able to e-mail in some questions to his secret, undisclosed location to find out his feelings on his ex-boyfriend Joe, who he liked and didn‘t like in the house, and what his stay in the Big Brother house was like. Read more »
With the sequester house starting to fill up, the game on Big Brother 8 is getting good. Alliances have been broken, restarted, and broken again. Enemies are now friends, and it‘s getting easier to see who has the best chance at taking it all.Here I will offer my take on how the houseguests currently rank, in terms of likelihood of winning the whole thing. It‘s not just about this week, it‘s about the long term. Let us know what you think as well, and how the houseguests rank in your eyes. Read more »
This is Daniele‘s second reign as Head of Household. Will she make any bold moves this time like she did last time? Will she manage to get Jen out this time? So far she‘s been pretty calm and I‘m hoping that she continues to have fun. The last time she was so bitter over Nick‘s leaving and vengeful, that I don‘t think she enjoyed her week at all.It seems that Eric and Jessica‘s bold move in breaking from the LNC5 was a good decision. Because you know and I know, if Dick would have been evicted instead of Dustin, Daniele would have been gunning for Eric and Jessica. Dick, Daniele, Jessica and Eric seem to have a final four alliance/deal going on right now. Those things never work out. I just wonder who will turn first.Article contains spoiler information. Read at your own risk. Read more »
So Daniele is beginning her second reign as Head of Household.  Will her new alliance between her father, Eric and Jessica win the day?  Will Amber cry?  Will Zach admire how sexy he looks while wearing a ridiculous costume?There‘s a reason they call them rhetorical questions, and in tonight‘s episode of Big Brother 8, it all plays out as expected.  The dominant figures control the game, the weak outsiders are targeted, and I completely forget that Jen is even in the game because she gets so little screen time. Read more »
In partnership with CBS Mobile and MediaFLO USA, Verizon announced yesterday that they will be broadcasting the Big Brother 8 live feeds 24/7 on their V Cast Mobile TV channel.  The live feeds will apparently be no different from the internet feeds, but V Cast subscribers will not have to pay any extra fee.  Anyone who is on V Cast will have full access to the Big Brother feeds.  Verizon also stated that the feeds will indeed continue uninterrupted for the rest of the Big Brother season.  Of course, this begs the question: Has the coverage of Big Brother become a little absurd? Read more »
With Amber and Jameka on the block, and plans for a backdoor nomination of Jen, this veto competition was all about the prizes to most houseguests this week. They were dreaming of money, trips, and outside excursions.Amber had a vision that she won the veto competition. Daniele and crew were hoping that anyone would win it except Jen. Dick is back to being ugly and hateful towards her. I really don‘t understand the need for these people to demonize or vilify the one they plan on evicting. Especially now ... if she does go out, she‘ll be on the jury. Her vote could be the difference between $500,000 and $50,000.Article contains spoiler information on events not yet shown on television. Continue reading at your own risk. Read more »
Power of Veto night in the Big Brother house and, as a man who succumbs to online updates and spoils myself, I can tell you that we‘re going to see some interesting things tonight.  Or so I‘ve been lead to believe.  As of right now for those who only watch the prime time Big Brother and not the feeds, Jameka and Amber have been put on the block.  Will they be able to get off?  What will Daniele do if she has to put up a replacement nominee?  I‘ll be here throughout the episode updating the action live. Read more »
CBS did an incredible job casting Big Brother 8.  I cannot stress this point enough.  The people are interesting and dynamic, unafraid to mix things up and are weirdly likable.  Take Dick and Daniele.  The estranged father/daughter storyline is great TV in and of itself, but they are both strong personalities who have polarizing qualities.  They‘re perfect houseguests.  Anyway, tonight‘s episode featured the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, as well as some CBS cross-promotion that may actually be quite effective. Read more »
It‘s been another wild week in the Big Brother House. I cannot understand why these folks don‘t like calm. They create drama. They seem to thrive on drama. They make this game harder than it should be. And they are making it harder to watch, too. Two nights this week, I‘ve turned off my live feeds in disgust.Their gang mentality is wearing. And the ringleader is a 44-year-old man with arrested development. These are supposed to be adults but they persist in acting like Junior High kids. If my kids acted like the houseguests have acted this week, I‘d have reached out and touched them ... and not in a kind way, but with love.SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information on house happenings that have not aired yet. Read more »
Nick Starcevic, the former professional football player from Minnesota, became the fourth person evicted from Big Brother 8 on Thursday.  Well aware of his fate, he spent his final moments giving a heartfelt speech to Daniele, the houseguest  he formed a special connection with that threw off his game plan.  Originally a part of the Mrs. Robinson Alliance with Mike, Zach and Kail, it quickly fell apart when his relationship with Daniele and her father, Dick, resulted in the MRA becoming prime targets.Nick spoke with BuddyTV about his time in the house.  He discussed his opinions of other houseguests (including Daniele and Jen), who he thinks will win it all, and how he enjoys the America‘s Player twist, despite the fact that it could have been the reason for his eviction.  He also elusively answered questions about the popular and rampant Internet rumors surrounding his sexual orientation, though he played dumb with respect to one famous conversation he had in the hot tub.  Below you will find a complete transcript of the interview as well as the mp3 audio file. Read more »
Is this the night that Jen finally leaves the Big Brother house?  It‘s either Jen or Jameka tonight, and if you‘ve been paying attention to the live feeds, you know that the odds are definitely stacked against Jen.  Jen, who was supposed to be on slop for the remainder of her time in the house, broke the rules and began eating her heart out.  After much discussion, the Big Brother producers decided to give Jen a penalty vote in this upcoming eviction vote.  So, things don‘t look good.  However, as we all saw last week, anything can happen during the live vote.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour giving live, up to the minute updates during the show. Read more »
Jen went out with a bang. I loved it when she said to Daniele on her way out “Thanks for having my back”. Once again a person that Daniele made a commitment to walks out the door. Eric’s comment, about everyone being happier to see her leave than she was, was totally uncalled for and I hope it bites him in the tail. She was treated horribly by some of those people in that house, and it was not necessary for him to rub it in that she was not wanted there.The only reason I can think of for his comment is that male ego flexing thing. He seems to pick what he thinks are the perfect moments for his asinine comments. He must think it makes him seem like a big man, but I think it only makes him look like a little boy pretending to be a man. He may be America’s Player, but as far as I’m concerned, he can go to sequester now. We have our final two vote, so he serves no further purpose. Can you tell that he’s been annoying me? Read more »
Jen, it‘s been nice knowing you.  Usually, controversial (read: unlikable) characters on reality shows have moments, if fleeting, of goodness where a viewer might feel a change of heart coming on.  But, no, Jen was not going to tease us with any likable qualities on this season of Big Brother 8.  The vapid model/nanny from Beverly Hills was as self-centered and annoying on day one as she was tonight, when she was finally, mercifully, evicted from the Big Brother house.  Those watching the live feeds knew that this had been a foregone conclusion for quite some time, as did Jen.  Nonetheless, here‘s what went down during tonight‘s live eviction episode. Read more »
For many weeks, Big Brother 8 viewers have been commenting on BuddyTV about how much they love Dick.  Well, after Jen‘s eviction last night, things have changed.  As controversial as she was, and as much as the Big Brother producers tried to make her look like the bad guy on the TV show, a clear majority of BuddyTV readers support her and pick her over Dick in their bitter rivalry.The fight everyone focused on involved Dick blowing smoke in Jen‘s face, Jen destroying Dick‘‘s cigarettes, and Dick hiding Jen‘s clothes.  Many readers felt there was an unfair bias in the way Big Brother producers treated the two.  One user explained how what we saw on TV was slightly different from what actually happened.  "[Jen] was told by BB that she could destroy cigarettes and when she did they gave Dick more in the storage room to replace the ones she ruined, but when he hid her stuff or followed her around to just be an ass they didnt do a thing." Read more »
This is Jessica’s second Head of Household week. In fact, for the last month, either Jessica or Daniele have held this position. It seems like so long ago that Daniele nominated Eric in a snit over Nick being evicted. So much has happened in the house since then.Eric stayed, the Donato’s joined a final four alliance with Jessica and Eric. They turned on Dustin and he’s gone. Dick finally pushed Jen over the edge and she was evicted. Who will be nominated this week and who will go home? Those are two separate questions because these people love to backdoor each other. The people nominated are not necessarily the targets for eviction.SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information on events not yet televised. Read more »
With Jen Johnson out of the Big Brother house, whose everyone going to get mad at?  What will Evil Dick do?  Jen was a controversial figure on Big Brother 8, and by the end of her stay she had become an extremely polarizing figure.  Either you were on Jen‘s side, or you were on Dick‘s side.  No in-between.  Her ability to seem unfazed by anything angered her houseguests to no end, but Jen just kept on being Jen.  With all the evicted houseguests now heading to the sequester house, our interviews have to of the written variety.  So, we sent in a batch of questions to CBS and Jen answered them in writing.  What follows are Jen‘s exact, unedited answers. Read more »
Jessica is back as Head of Household after a week of Daniele in the power position, and on tonight‘s Big Brother we‘ll get Jessica‘s nominations.  Will she put Jameka and Amber back up on the block?  Who will America tell Eric to try and get nominated?  Will Jessica renege on her alliance with the Donatos?  How will everyone in the house get along with Jen gone?  As happy I am to be rid of Jen in the house, every time I have to hear Amber cry, I die a little bit inside.  Regardless, I‘ll be here throughout the hour with my live thoughts.  Read more »
Jen is gone from the Big Brother house and everyone is really happy about it, especially Dick.  This was to be expected, but how will everyone function now that she is gone?  Jen worked well as an outlet for everyone‘s frustrations.  Whenever anyone was stressed out or mad, they could take it out on Jen.  Jen bashing had become a nice little communal event in the house.  Now that she‘s gone, will the houseguests take it out on each other.  Tonight‘s episode of Big Brother held a luxury competition and Jessica‘s nominations as Head of Household.  And everyone got naked together.  Read more »
Why do people name their alliances these little cheesy names? And, curiously, soon after they name them, they get busted up. Little Cheesy Names seems to be the Kiss of Death, i.e. 4 Horsemen, LNC, the Triad in Pirate Master, etc. Now the final four alliance with Dick, Daniele, Jess and Eric have named themselves LJC, for Little Julie Chens. Yes, I‘ll wait while you roll your eyes, too.I am rather surprised that neither pair has turned on the other pair yet. Will this week change that? It could get tricky this week if the Power of Veto is used. Jessica has said that she will NOT put up Jameka, so if one of her nominees is removed, what will she do?Spoiler Alert: This article is about events not yet shown on the CBS show. Read more »
An issue has risen over the past couple of weeks on Big Brother 8.  It‘s one that has certainly come up before, and often, among fans of the show, but it‘s never felt as pronounced as it has lately.  The Dick versus Jen argument has become the most volatile of the season, polarizing fans and directing venom at CBS.  You see, for fans who only watch the three episode a week, prime-time CBS version of Big Brother, you know only parts of the story.  Live feeders have a much different perspective.  The basic argument is this:  CBS unfairly skewed the coverage of the Dick vs. Jen feud in favor of Dick, making Jen look far worse than she actually was and making Dick seem much better.  Read more »
It‘s Power of Veto night in the Big Brother house, but I don‘t for see any change of nominations.  Zach and Amber haven‘t been all that good in competitions and Daniele has been a force.  Also, only Jameka will be fighting for Amber and no one will be fighting for Zach.  But, I‘ve been wrong before.  So, did everyone watch the Power of Ten with Amber and Daniele.  If not, you missed some classic Amber moments, the best one probably being when Amber asked Drew Carey what "scrutinize" means.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode giving live updates as the episode moves along. Read more »
Amber and Daniele from Big Brother 8 won a trip out of the house a few weeks back during a Power of Veto competition.  We soon learned that this trip involved some CBS cross-promotional goodness: the two were flown out to New York City to compete on the Drew Carey hosted game show Power of 10. Tonight, CBS aired the episode with Amber and Daniele in the hour before Big Brother.  What happened?  Well, there was lots and lots of crying. Read more »
We‘re at a very important part of the Big Brother 8 competition right now.  The two power alliances, Eric/Jessica and Dick/Daniele know they will have to face off soon, but the reason they‘ve made it this far is their alliance.  So, do you pick off the other players, or gun for the other alliance?  Tough decisions abounded tonight on Big Brother, but we also got some of the usual Amber crying/praying tandem, some Eric/Jess flirting and a surprisingly docile Dick. Read more »
For the most part, this has been such a fun week in the Big Brother house. They‘ve gone back to playing games in the middle of the night. First it was Zuma Zuma, then Beer Pong, then their version of Spin the Bottle and Quarters. A few nights this week have been so much fun to watch. No game talk, no stress, just fun. Last night we saw the girls having to wear panties on their heads and Zach having to kiss Dick. Read more »
On tonight‘s Big Brother, one thing is certain: either the crier or the ogre are going home.  After Eric won POV on Thursday‘s episode, he declined to use it leaving the two original nominees on the block.  Eric and Jessica blew their final chance to backdoor one of their biggest competitors, Dick or Daniele, and get them out of the BB house.  We‘ll see if it comes back to haunt them in the end.  Who will go home?  Zach, who has failed to form true friendships with anyone in the house?  Or Amber, whose incessant crying is on everyone‘s last nerve?  Hey, if she goes, maybe the modeling thing will work out for her.  Time for some live thoughts and I‘ll be here for the next hour, updating you as the episode unfolds.  Read more »
Tonight‘s the night we say goodbye to the most tear-prone human in the history of television.  I bet if we look throughout the history of television, that Amber from Big Brother 8 holds the all-time record in tears-per-minute (TPMs).  Really, looking back, her ability to cry at even the most innocuous moment was completely ridiculous.  Add to that her propensity to speak loudly to God about His involvement with Big Brother, and her anti-semitic comments, we can agree that the Amber Experience was something to behold.  Tonight‘s live eviction episode, on top of Amber‘s ejection from the house, also contained an appearance by Cheryl, Eric‘s infamous maybe girlfriend, and the most annoying Head of Household challenge ever.SPOILER WARNING: The end of this article contains spoilers about the winner of the HoH competition, which will not be revealed on TV until Sunday‘s episode of Big Brother. Read more »
First let me take this time to say, “Bye-bye, Amber.” I thought for a while there that she‘d pull off staying in the Big Brother house again. I can‘t say that I‘m too sad to see her leave. Her delusions and rationalizations were annoying me. I was afraid that if she‘d stayed, she‘d be even more full of herself. She will be in for a rude awakening when she gets out, though. She‘s so sure that she made such a good showing and that everyone loves her. I‘ve read that the Associated Press refuses to even interview her because CBS said that no one could ask her questions about her anti-semitic rant.That Head of Household competition was different. I like that. I hate it when they just regurgitate old competitions. I‘m such a klutz, I‘d do terrible at it. There were basically two parts to it, the slipping and sliding and then filling that bowl with a teacup. I actually thought they‘d be there longer than they were.Spoiler alert: Article contains information on the Big Brother HoH competition not yet aired on CBS. Read more »
I‘ve never had more trouble coming up with a Big Brother power ranking.  And, still, what I‘ve come up with is almost totally arbitrary.  So much depends on who new Head of Household Zach nominates and who he intends to evict from the house.  If he‘s smart, which I think he kind of is, he‘ll make a deal with Jameka in which he won‘t nominate her in return for possession of her vote.  That way, Zach can dictate exactly who he wants gone, by nominating one person each from the Daniele/Dick and Jessica/Eric alliances.  And, when you add the fact that next Thursday is going to be a live double eviction, there are an almost infinite amount of ways that things can play out.  Nevertheless, here are the rankings I came up with.  Feel free to comment and add your own rankings.  Read more »
We were left Thursday night with Head of Household still undecided. The LJC alliance would like Dick, Daniele or Eric to win it, obviously. Jameka and Zach are the outsiders looking in the windows like the lady in the Mervyn‘s commercial. Poor Jameka is at the mercy of whomever wins it since she still can‘t compete.I wonder how many times a day she smacks herself upside the head for that stupid and, perhaps for her, fateful decision. The thing that kills me is that she wasn‘t even nominated that week! I‘ m all about loyalty, however, Big Brother is ultimately NOT a team sport. You stick with your alliance until it no longer is in your best interest to do so.Spoiler Alert: The rest of this article contains HoH, Nomination and Power of Veto spoilers. It has information that will probably not be on network television until Tuesday. Read more »
A pivotal week in the Big Brother house.  With Zach as the Head of Household, there are a whole bunch of ways it could all play out.  Zach‘s nominations tonight are going to greatly impact the entire rest of the season.  Is he going to target Dick and Daniele?  Jessica and Eric?  Will he make a deal with one of the alliances?  To be honest, I‘m not sure if there are any great options for Zach in regards to nominations.  He‘s goiung to have to make a deal with somebody.  We shall see.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour with updates of all tonight‘s Big Brother action. Read more »
Eric is feeling remorse.  A lot of it, and unfortunately, he probably should.  The major tactical error of Big Brother 8 occurred when Jessica and Eric failed to take the opportunity to back door either Dick or Daniele last week.  That would‘ve been a huge swing in the season, and put Eric and Jessica in the driver‘s seat.  Tonight, we saw the eviction of Amber backfire immediately, when Zach won HoH.  Tonight‘s episode was our first without tear-machine Amber, but that doesn‘t mean it was devoid of crying. Read more »
When Big Brother went off the air Sunday night, we saw that Jessica and Jameka were nominated by Zach. We were also told of Eric‘s next task as America‘s Player and given the opportunity to vote on it. What would America‘s mindset be? Will they make this an easy task for Eric or will they vote to make his life harder? There are a couple of people in the house that he could imitate and it would be hilarious, but there are a couple that sometimes seem to be lacking in humor.This is going to be a difficult week for some of the houseguests. If the nominations stay the same, will Dick and Daniele honor their commitment to Eric and Jessica? Or will they realize that Jess is the bigger threat and take the opportunity to get rid of her? Dick and his fans make such a big thing about his honesty in the game. It‘s kind of amusing to see them try to rationalize his possible vote to evict Jessica. It‘s really simple. He made a deal, if he votes her out, he‘s broken his word. Yes, everyone in this game lies, but not everyone in this game has made such a big deal out of being the most honest. It will be the best strategic decision, but at what cost? What a conundrum he would face.Spoiler Alert: The rest of this article contains information not yet aired Read more »
Tonight is veto night and one of our old Big Brother friends is returning to participate.  That‘s right: good ol‘ Janelle Pierzina, from Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7 is going to be involved somehow in tonight‘s veto competition.  Might be fun, might be contrived, we‘ll see.  Regardless, it‘s a big night for Jessica and Jameka, the two contestants Zach put on the block.  Will either be able to save themselves?  Also, there‘s a big decision on the horizon for Dick and Daniele if the nominations remain the same.  Will they honor their agreement with Eric and Jessica? Or, will they do the strategically intelligent thing and vote Jessica out?  Tough decisions.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode, giving live updates during the hour. Read more »
Janelle returned to the Big Brother house tonight and she looked and acted like Janelle from Big Brother.  The rest of the episode featured a perturbed Jessica, a devastated Eric, about 4 seconds of screen time for Zach despite being HoH, and the Donatos mulling over their options on way to some very important decisions.  After Thursday‘s eviction episode there will only be four players left in the house, and what went down on tonight‘s Big Brother episode will say a lot as to who those four are.  Read more »
Late last week, CBS let the media (which includes us over here at BuddyTV) know that they would not be allowed access to the evicted houseguests.  Since the premiere of Big Brother, the evicted houseguests have been totally available for interviews.  Once the contestants began heading to the sequester house, we were allowed to send questions via email, for which we received written answers from the evicted party.  This stopped abruptly last week when Amber was eliminated from Big Brother.  This is clearly not a coincidence. Read more »
Man, this has been a boring week. I know the houseguests, and many Big Brother fans, were all excited about Janelle‘s visit and hosting of the Power of Veto competition, but I wasn‘t. I‘m not a Janiac, so it wasn‘t the highlight of my week. I was more interested to see how Jessica and Jameka would take to being on the block against each other and how Dick and Daniele would play it this week.Alas, boredom set in around Monday afternoon. They sleep all day and stay up all night. The problem is that they are still boring at night. At first I was quite entertained by their nightly games, but at this point, quarters is boring. Heck, even Dick and Zach‘s frisbee game was exciting in the scheme of things. Sad, I know. Read more »
This is it, the biggest, most important Big Brother episode of the season.  Who will be evicted first, Jessica or Jameka?  How will the contestants react when told that tonight two people will be leaving the house?  Can either of the power alliances stay intact?  Will Dick and Daniele end the night with a stranglehold on the $500,000?  I don‘t know, but I am visibly excited.  If tonight is like last season‘s double eviction episode, we‘ll start off with the first live eviction, have a quick HoH competition, then the veto comp and ceremony, followed by the second live eviction.  Should be a whirlwind.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour giving up-to-the minute updates on the proceedings. Read more »
Well, that certainly changes things.  Jessica and Eric were perhaps the strongest alliance in the Big Brother house, even with the father/daughter combo of Dick and Daniele.  It‘s only fitting that they were both evicted tonight in the span of one hour.  The surprise double eviction episode wasn‘t all that exciting, save for a few moments during the HoH competition, but besides that, the Donatos were in charge and their intentions weren‘t difficult to read.  Read more »
Well, I can‘t say that I‘m surprised by tonight‘s outcome. Even though I don‘t like Eric, I was hoping he‘d win that last Head of Household competition just to shake things up. Then when he didn‘t, I was hoping that Zach would win the Power of Veto competition, use the veto, and shake things up. I was just an 0 for gopher today. Zach did win the veto, but he didn‘t use it. It would have made it interesting if he‘d used it to save either nominees and made Dick put his own daughter on the block. I have to admit, I‘d have never picked these particular four houseguests to be the last four standing. I thought that maybe one of the Donatos would make it to the end, but not both of them. I figured Zach was a goner way early when the rest of his alliance was gone. I‘m glad to see Jameka still there, but I really didn‘t expect her to make that deal with Dick. He said that he was going to make her swear on her Bible to have his and Daniele‘s back. I wonder if he really worded it that way. I just don‘t see her doing that, and Daniele even told him that.Spoiler Alert: The end of the article contains results of the latest Head of Household competition  Read more »
Last night‘s enormously important Big Brother double eviction episode left a lot of fans upset. Not all fans, mind you, but a significant portion. Daniele and Dick Donato have become reprehensible villains in some segments of Big Brother fandom, and people are getting fed up with their success. BuddyTV users had a lot to say after last night‘s show, and we‘ve chosen the best of the best user comments to publish right here. You all had explosive opinions on the two evictions last night, the purported evilness of Dick and Daniele, and outrage over Zach‘s unwillingness to use the Power of Veto.  Read more »
OK, you know it‘s getting bad in the Big Brother house when they break out the crafts. Yes, Dick, Daniele and Jameka were painting and making little aquariums last night. That made Big Brother After Dark such an exciting show. Yes, that was sarcasm. Actually that was the highlight of the show and that‘s bad. I think the first 30 minutes or so we were treated to Daniele silent at the kitchen table, Jameka silent in the hot tub ... you get the picture.Even the conversations are getting boring. In between drilling for the next competition, they are bashing the other houseguests. Dick is still obsessing over Jen, and he‘s still as crude as ever. He‘s been such a disappointment to me. And just when I begin to rationalize his behavior as just strategy, he says something else that just sets me off. Daniele is almost as bad as her dad is when she doesn‘t get her way. What a pair ...Spoiler Alert: The article contains house information not yet aired Read more »
Four housemates left in the Big Brother house and two of them are related.  Who do you think are the favorites to make the final two?  Here‘s the deal: the Head of Household competition this week is not the important one.  If either Daniele or Dick win the Power of Veto competition, they assure two spots in the final three.  Furthermore, if Zach is this week‘s HoH AND Dick or Daniele win the Power of Veto, they assure themselves a spot in the final two.  Simple as that.  But, as we all know, anything can happen in this game.  We can‘t hand the $500,000 to one of the Donatos just yet.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour giving live updates on tonight‘s show. Read more »
Big Brother 8 is down to its final four and it‘s all about the Donatos.  If they can keep winning competitions, they‘ll be in the final two together.  Jameka hasn‘t won a competition yet and doesn‘t have much hope against three people who dominate the competitions.  Basically, it comes down to whether Zach can win some comps.  It‘s him versus Dick and Daniele.  Tonight‘s Big Brother episode featured the second to last HoH competition and the final nomination ceremony.  Tensions were high. Read more »
The debate has raged all season.  It seemed inconsequential at start of the Big Brother season, but has gained more steam (and validity) as the weeks have passed and the number of houseguests dwindled: Was it unfair for CBS to put the father/daughter team of Dick and Daniele Donato into the same Big Brother house?  Dick and Daniele have now made it into the final four of Big Brother 8 and are the favorites to win the entire thing.  The Donatos have their supporters, but recently the apologists have been drowned out by the hordes of haters.  Dick and Daniele are despised far and wide amongst the Big Brother nation.  One of the most prominent battle cries of the anti-Donatos is “it was unfair to put a father and daughter in the same house”.  I don‘t buy it.  Read more »
Big Brother 8 is coming to an end.  What happens in the next week isn‘t going to please all fans, but we can now look back at the Big Brother season and reflect on the good times.  Everyone‘s going to have different favorite moments, but I‘ve tried to choose some universal highlights and, while the people involved may not be your favorite, remember that it‘s just one man‘s opinion.  Please feel free to comment below and tell us what your favorite moments from this season were.  I‘m a well-documented Donato supporter, so I expect some well-reasoned venom to be espoused in the comments.  I welcome it.  On to the highlights! Read more »
All right, another live results show.  Big Brother 8 will have its final three houseguests tonight, and it comes down to the all-important veto competition.  If Dick or Daniele win, Jameka is going home.  If Jameka or Zach win, a Donato will be evicted.  Zach‘s is in as good of shape as he could hope for to make it into the final two, and the Donatos are also in prime position.  For Jameka, history is not on her side.  Competitions have not been her strong suit and, if she wants to make the final two, she‘s going to have to perform.   I‘ll be here throughout the show giving live, up-to-the-minute updates. Read more »
Tonight sawhe most important Power of Veto competition of Big Brother 8 and the Donatos have come out on top once again.  They‘ve antagonized almost everyone in the house and one of them will be in the final two, if not both.  It‘s not unlike what we saw last year from Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, although their partnership was a bit more houseguest friendly than the often abrasive Donato clan.  Tonight‘s Big Brother also saw the beginning of a three day Head of Household extravaganza that will end Thursday with the final two being selected.  It was a very important night in the Big Brother house: here‘s what went down. Read more »
If this week is anything like last week in the Big Brother house, the feeds will be deadly dull. The Donatos are mad at Zach and for the most part are treating him like crap. Zach had been hiding in the Head of Household room, but that won‘t be available to him this week. He‘ll probably sleep in the big room, since it‘s empty right now. I‘m rather surprised that Big Brother didn‘t shut down at least one of the rooms once the house got emptier.I can take only so much of Dick gloating or bashing. At least last week, we got a break when Jameka was around. They were so nice to her trying to curry her favor. I guess they are hopeful that she will get to the jury house and tell them that Dick is not as bad as everyone thinks. I don‘t think she bought it, but I‘m sure she was glad that it was at least moderately pleasant for her before she left.SPOILER ALERT: This article contains the results of Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition.. Read more »
After a marathon seven and a half hour competition, being pelted by rain, soaking wet and shivering cold, the first part of the three HoH competition. In case you don‘t want to be spoiled, we won‘t say who won, but it was a gutsy display by all parties. The fact that it went almost eight hours is incredible. The Big Brother final three is set and the next two legs of the HoH competition is ridiculously important.  All you BuddyTV users had a lot to say about last night‘s Big Brother eviction episode and we‘ve chosen to post some of the best comments from the night.  Feel free to let yourself be heard in the comments section below and, if worthy, we may just post your thoughts.  Read more »
Big Brother 8 is down to the final three.  Dick, Daniele and Zach are currently in the midst of a three-part final Head of Household competition that will ultimately decide who makes it to the final two.  The uncertainty of who the final two will be is simpler than it has been in previous seasons because of the father/daughter alliance of Dick and Daniele.  If either of the Donatos win the HoH, they will take the other to the final vote.  If Zach wins the HoH, everyone assumes that he‘ll take Dick with him to the final vote, but I don‘t think that‘s a foregone conclusion.  I wouldn‘t put it past Zach to bring Daniele into the finals, if only to avoid a few days of verbal lashings from Dick.  It‘s also quite possible that Zach will figure that the Donatos are interchangeable in terms of final jury votes.  With all this mind, let‘s take a look at who would win the jury vote in each of the three possible final two combinations. Read more »
Tonight, part two of the three-part final Head of Household competition was held in the Big Brother 8 house.  Part one began on Tuesday‘s show, and the results left everyone‘s tongues wagging.  Though the live feeds were blacked out during the second competition, discussions afterwards revealed which of the remaining two houseguests won, setting up an epic showdown on tomorrow night‘s live show to determine who will be the final Head of Household, who will be the final person sent to the jury house, and who will be in the final two for a shot at half a million dollars.  The stakes can‘t get any higher.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information about the Head of Household competition not yet shown on TV. Read more »
I don‘t watch the Big Brother 8 live feeds.  I try to keep up on all the big action and I know the challenge results before the episodes air, but that‘s about the extent of my non-television knowledge of Big Brother.  This being the case, my power rankings may skew slightly from you live feeders, but they should hopefully be pretty close.  What I‘m basing the rankings on is simple: who I think has the best chance to win the whole thing. That‘s it.  Not who has the chance to make it to the final two, but who can win it all.  Read more »
With Jessica and Eric‘s departure from the Big Brother house, it‘s getting easier to see the finish line.  There‘s certainly a clear hierarchy and bot Jess and Eric are going to look back at their opportunities to rid the house of a Donato with regret.  This was the easiest ranking we‘ve had this year.  After a couple weeks of having Jessica ranked in the top spot (which I will defend to the death), we have a new houseguest gracing the top spot.   It wasn‘t all that difficult a decision and I think most people will agree with me.  The Donatos have the power, because they‘re good at challenges and are loyal.  They‘re in the driver‘s seat. Read more »
Big Brother 8 had its share of low moments.  For lots of fans out there, just the presence of Dick and Daniele throughout the season has been a lowlight.  I‘m not in that camp, but there are always moments and trends throughout a Big Brother season that aren‘t going to sit well with the audience.  A couple days back we looked at the highlights of Big Brother 8, so today we‘ll take a gander at the lowlights.  Mine will surely be different from yours, and we encourage everyone to tell us what their least favorite moments of the season were in the comments below. Read more »
One of the reasons that I‘d never go on a show like Big Brother is because of the lack of outside stimulation. I‘m very dependent on my newspaper, television, Internet, novels, etc. Trying to watch the feeds the past couple of days has reinforced my feelings. The three remaining houseguests were given a deck of cards, woo hoo! Dick and Daniele have been monopolizing the cards playing War, a two person game. Zach has asked to play another game, but was rebuffed. With Dick and Daniele virtually ignoring him, Zach has been bored to tears. I‘ve never seen him sleep or lay around in his bed like I have lately. I‘m sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with that.I mean, really, it would have been hard with a house full of this season‘s houseguests to have a stimulating conversation, but with two people that have been bashing you within earshot .... forget about it. Yes, Zach broke their deal and put them up. Dick and Daniele were thinking of doing the exact same thing to him, but he just beat them to it. And didn‘t they break their alliance with Eric and Jessica not even two weeks before? I guess it‘s different if they do it.Spoiler Alert: The rest of the article contains spoilers of HoH competition results not yet televised. Read more »
Here we are, the last hurdle before the final vote on Big Brother 8.  Though they‘ve already been played and live feeds have spoiled the results, we‘ll get to see the first two parts of the final Head of Household competition and discover the winners, who will compete live tonight in the final competition to decide who is the last HoH, then we‘ll get to see that person decide who is being evicted, and who is the other person going to the final two.Foul-mouthed Dick, his Veto Queen daughter Daniele, and ogreish graphic designer Zach are Big Brother 8‘s final three.  For Zach, it‘s win or leave, there‘s no middle ground.  One of the Donatos is guaranteed a seat in the final two, but will it be a family affair?  And will Julie Chen screw up the final HoH competition?  We‘re here, live, for tonight‘s episode! Read more »
Big Brother got its fairy tale ending. The tale began with Dick revealing that Daniele‘s favorite fairy tale was “Alice in Wonderland” and that she played Alice. And it‘s ending with CBS darlings, Dick and Daniele, in the final two of Big Brother 8.In the middle, we have CBS pretending that they hadn‘t spoken in two years, but MySpace entries and accidental comments revealed that to be a lie. There‘s Daniele talking about dinner with Allison and the feeds going to the blue rabbit hole. Then the people in the Diary Room were giving the two of them information not given to the other houseguests, and Julie Chen went on a late night talk show this week talking up and praising the Donatos. Read more »
Game over.  They did it.  The Donatos did it.  If our BuddyTV user comments are any indication, most Big Brother fans are devastated by tonight‘s result.  The Donatos are hated, despised, and constantly railed upon in the Big Brother online world.  There are complaints of cheating, some fans have wanted Dick banished from the game for his “tactics”.  Daniele has been called a vapid whiner.  I‘m sorry, everyone.  The Donatos just shoved it in your face.  What they did worked.  There was some luck involved, of course, but there‘s going to be some luck involved with any Big Brother champion.  The fact is, the Donatos, with a target on their back from day one, vanquished the competition in a decided fashion.  Tonight‘s show was, essentially, the finale.  I don‘t know what they‘re going to show on Sunday‘s episode, but whatever it is, you can assume it‘ll be boring.  Anyway, here‘s how tonight‘s episode got us to where we are now. Read more »
I‘m not alone.  There are some other Donato fans out there and they all came out of the woodwork after last night‘s final eviction episode that saw Zach leave the Big Brother 8 house with only Dick and Daniele Donato remaining inside.  This reader reaction article is dedicated (mostly) to the Donato defenders.  We‘ve heard the anti-Donato stance long enough, here are some testimonials from the pro-Donato camp.  I‘m not going to pretend that Dick and Daniele were saints while inside the house, but you can‘t argue with the results.  Read more »
This coming Sunday brings the penultimate episode of Big Brother 8.  Reality shows tend to get better and more suspenseful as they near the finale, but this will not be the case for Big Brother.  The season essentially ended Thursday night, when the Donatos evicted Zach from the house and left Dick and Daniele as the only remaining houseguests.  Whoever wins the final vote is relatively inconsequential.  That being said, with no suspense left in the season, there are still two more episodes of Big Brother.  Next Tuesday is the live finale, featuring the live votes and houseguest reunions (not to mention Eric revealing his post as America‘s Player).  What, then, will fill Sunday‘s hour of Big Brother?  Read more »
Well, well, well ... those who predicted a 6-1 vote for Daniele may want to rethink that. Last night, or actually early this morning, was the jury questioning to determine the winner of Big Brother 8. The Powers That Be decided on that time because it was right after Big Brother After Dark (which is a whole other story) and they figured that by the time most people woke up, Dick and Daniele would be talked out. You‘d think they would know by now ... Read more »
When CBS announced that they would be airing a nightly three-hour installment of the Big Brother live feeds on ShoToo called Big Brother: After Dark the question of nudity immediately came up.  Nudity is a staple of the European versions of Big Brother and, while previous US seasons have seen some nudity on the internet feeds, that picture quality wasn‘t very good.  With After Dark, Big Brother enthusiasts were promised an uncensored version of Big Brother in vibrant HD.  This was to be the year of rampant nudity on Big Brother!  Young, beautiful ladies topless everywhere!  Topless pillow fights!  Unfortunately, for male Big Brother fans at least, the nudity came from all the wrong places on Big Brother 8.  Read more »
As far as anyone knows, nothing is going to happen on tonight‘s episode of Big Brother 8.  What can happen?  Dick and Daniele Donato have made it to the final two and the jury vote isn‘t until Tuesday.  There is nothing left to decide and it‘s not like Dick and Daniele together, alone on the same house is going to provide 42 minutes of footage.  Mostly, the two just sit in silence or talk smack about their former houseguests.  What, then, will viewers see tonight on Big Brother while they DVR the Emmys?  Maybe a competition, probably some more jury house footage, and I‘d guess we‘ll see some interviews from Dick and Daniele‘s family.  (Tonight‘s episode is being delayed because of football.  The Live Thoughts will get going once the episode begins.) Read more »
Hey, it‘s a Big Brother clip show!  That‘ll get people to turn away from the Emmys.  I suppose that CBS probably realized that they might as well punt tonight‘s episode of Big Brother 8 since most TV viewers would be tuning into the Emmy anyway.  There was no new information tonight, only a little bit of new footage with the Donatos, but it was mostly a highlight show, going through all of the big moments of the season.  It was the old sitcom formula: have innocuous conversations that trigger flashbacks.  Read more »
About a week before the premiere of Big Brother 8, I wrote a two-part article entitled Big Brother 8: Totally Superficial Predictions.  In this article I predicted the order of eviction for all fourteen houseguests with only a picture and short bio for each person.  Needless to say, most of my predictions were off-base.  But, now that we‘re one day away from the Big Brother 8 finale, I thought it‘d be fun to take a look back and see what my best and worst preseason predictions were. Read more »
One more day and it‘s through.  Big Brother 8 will come to an end.  There are only a couple more issues to be dealt with, one of which is the final vote between the Donatos, Daniele and Dick.  The jury members will cast their live votes tomorrow night and either father or daughter will be half a million dollars richer.  Who will it be?  Based on extensive research (watching and writing about every episode) I‘ve predicted who I believe each jury member, and America, will cast their vote for.  I urge everyone to leave their own predictions in the comment section if you disagree with me, which you inevitably will. Read more »
The Big Brother 8 finale is tonight and our BuddyTV reader jury vote predictions are in.  In an overwhelming majority, our readers think Dick Donato will beat out his daughter for the $500,000 prize.  You all have your reasons, and we‘ve posted some of the most well thought out ones below.  All of these user comments are in response to our Big Brother 8: Final Jury Vote Predictions article we published yesterday.  One important note.  We‘ll be interviewing Dick and Daniele over the phone tomorrow.  At the same time!  If any of you have some ideas for good questions, let us know in the comments section below.  The interview should be up on Thursday morning.  Read more »
Here we are, folks.  The end of the line.  It‘s time for those devoted live feed watchers to regroup and ready themselves for nine months of Big Brother-less existence.  I find it hard to imagine a Big Brother finale ever being this anti-climactic.  In most people‘s eyes, including mine, the prize money is going into the same pot, whether it‘s Dick Donato or Daniele Donato who takes home the money.  But, and there most certainly is a "but", there‘s some good stuff to look forward to tonight.  Personally, I can‘t wait for Eric to reveal, on live television, that he was America‘s Player.  Does Jessica already know?  Will she slap him?  Also, even though the general consensus is that Dick is going to win the final vote, I‘m not so sure that Daniele can‘t pull off an upset.  Anyway, I‘ll be here throughout the episode, giving live, up-to-the-minute updates on all the action, including the reveal of the Big Brother 8 champion. Read more »
Dick Donato has won Big Brother 8.  It‘s over.  Everyone who hates Dick and his methods can‘t be too pleased with the final result this evening.  You have to admit, be it grudgingly or not, that it worked.  Everything Daniele and Dick did have suddenly become worth it because they are both significantly wealthier now than when they walked in the Big Brother house.  Tonight‘s episode was enjoyable, as far as finales go, if only because we got to watch the jury members‘ and the Donatos‘ reactions to Eric revealing himself as America‘s Player.  In the live studio audience tonight were former players Janelle, Kaysar, Chicken George and Howie, if that does anything for you.  This is how it all went down.  Read more »
I‘m not surprised that Dick won Big Brother 8, or even the vote. After listening to them discuss the jury questioning, I pretty much figured out the winner. I was looking forward to this show only for the America‘s Player reveal and to see the jury. In that, I guess I was a little disappointed. They wasted 20 minutes on nothing, and the reveal felt rushed.I wanted to hear other‘s view on it. Amber was either pissed off or wanted to cry. I wanted to know which it was. And I didn‘t like that they let Jen think that America hated her. They disliked her from the start and made sure the editing and then tonight‘s show showed it. The only good part was that it took some of the wind out of Dick‘s sails. He was so convinced, and let everyone know it, that it was all his gameplay that got him over. Read more »
Big Brother 8, now over, is still spurning a good amount of discussion.  I have a feeling that this season will always be a divisive one, especially in retrospect.  Dick Donato will either be regarded as a great game player or an evil, venom spewing jackass.  All viewers can agree that some of Dick‘s tirades were out of line, but the debate will rage over whether or not it was ultimately justified.  In the contrived bubble of life that is Big Brother, Dick‘s Machiavellian tactics were effective.  If he won the game as a result of what you might consider despicable actions, the mere fact that it worked has to justify what he did.  Nothing else matters, because it‘s a game.  You can blame CBS for editing the Donatos in a favorable manner, but the jury members were there the whole time, they endured Dick‘s full wrath and still respected him enough to hand him $500,000.  Nonetheless, our BuddyTV reader reactions have skewed anti-Dick for quite some time, although in the wake of his victory, a few supporters let themselves be heard.  Read more »
The line in the sand has been drawn – and not just in the recently concluded Big Brother house, between the “GOOD” people and the Donato Duo.  It seems that America itself has been split down the middle between those gagging over a Donato victory and their pro-Dick and Daniele nemeses. Let me say right off the bat that I never rooted for Daniele.  It didn‘t take long for me to decide she was little more than a whiny, self-absorbed brat.  Of course, there could be a vast world of difference between her Big Brother persona and what she‘s really like outside of the CBS fishbowl.  Nonetheless, if what we saw of her comes close to her true nature, I was right in hoping she wouldn‘t emerge the winner. Read more »
Big Brother 8 will forever go down as the season of the Donatos.  The father/daughter duo, with their big personalities and enticing back story, stole the headlines for much of the summer, a fact that likely pleased CBS to no end.  Big Brother 8 had more to offer than just Dick and Daniele and, when looking back on the season in its entirety, it‘s fun to realize just how much went on for those three long months in the Big Brother house.  There were severe tonal shifts from a number of players and a striking amount of faulty first impressions.  Alison Grodner‘s first season in charge of the franchise was rocky at times, and while her maiden voyage cannot be deemed a complete success, the ratings were up and loyal fans remained loyal.  Read more »
While perusing the internets on this fine fall morning, I ran into some interesting gossip, courtesy of a blog on the Bravo Television website.  This particular blog, written by Senior VP of Production and Programming at Bravo Andy Cohen, claims to have procured a juicy little nugget of info: Amber Siyavus, although she still may not know it, has been fired from her Vegas job as a cocktail waitress for her unfortunate anti-semitic comments made inside the Big Brother house.  Take the truth of this rumor with a grain of salt; Mr. Cohen gives no source for this information, although I do believe it, if only because it just makes sense. Read more »
In a peculiar move, the Big Brother producers left Julie Chen‘s mic on as the closing credits rolled on the Big Brother 8 finale, allowing audiences a candid listen into a conversation between Julie and the Donatos.  Although it mostly centered around their schedule for the following two days, Julie ended up asking the Donatos about their possible interest in teaming up for The Amazing Race.  Such cross-breeding CBS reality star speculation has occurred before, most recently with Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, but the prospect of a double Donato Amazing Race team is exciting nonetheless.  Read more »
If you were to ask any regular viewer of Big Brother 8 who the all-around best person in the house was, the answer would almost universally be the same: Jameka Cameron.  Jameka, although she did play the game harder than many give her credit for, kept her dignity intact and did so in a way that endeared her to fans around the country.  Jameka also made it much further in Big Brother than anyone could‘ve expected, finishing in fourth place and coming very close to the final three.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Jameka yesterday, one day after the Big Brother 8 finale. Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
DIck and Daniele Donato will go down as one of the most infamous pairs to ever grace the world of reality TV.  The Big Brother 8 champion (Dick) and runner-up (Daniele) made their share of enemies along the way with an aggressive style of play, but it all worked out in the end when the father/daughter duo found themselves alone in the Big Brother house, having vanquished 12 other houseguests.  Earlier today, on their first day of freedom in months, we were lucky enough to speak with Dick and Daniele to discuss their season of Big Brother domination.  The Donato haters of the world may not want to read much further, for the pair are as outspoken and brash here as they had been throughout the Big Brother season.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Big Brother 8‘s Amber Siyavus was one of the most controversial houseguests in the show‘s history.  Based on the way the episodes were edited together, you‘d think she was crying every moment of the day.  She polarized viewers with her openness regarding her history of drug abuse and is responsible for one of the most infamous moments of the season with a derogatory comment about Eric and the Jewish people.Amber spoke to BuddyTV and was very open and willing to share her thoughts on all the topics on viewers‘ minds.  She talked about her daughter, her friendship with Dustin and Jameka, her faith, her history of drug abuse, and her anti-semitic remark.  Below you will find the complete transcript and mp3 audio file of the interview. Read more »
Dick Donato‘s celebrity connection came as promised, to support one of Big Brother history‘s most controversial winners.  The multi-tattooed, chain-smoking, cuss-popping, spitting, hacking, flatulent elder Donato proudly declared to his daughter ahead of Big Brother 8‘s finale, that one of his special guests would be the frontman of the band, Suicidal Tendencies.  True enough, the idol showed up to cheer for the man many have come to call Evil. Mike Muir, vocalist, frontman and sentimental leader of thrash metal group, Suicidal Tendencies, was on hand during the finale of CBS‘ Big Brother season 8.  The hard-rocking Muir wore his trademark bandana and SxTx T-shirt as he witnessed first-hand the victory of his number one follower. Read more »
It‘s been over a week since the Big Brother finale and the internet has been full of interviews with some of the cast members. I‘ve not been surprised about anything I‘ve read. I have read nothing that has changed my mind about any of the houseguests, nor anything that makes me think that they were different in the house than they are in real life.The interviews have not been as plentiful or different as in years past and it seems that the bonds that usually form have not been. One thing that did surprise me is the number of interviews that Amber has done. I guess I thought she‘d slink off into the sunset, but she‘s actually been attempting to do damage control. Read more »
We know what Dick and Daniele Donato got paid for their “work” on Big Brother 8.  Dick, as the champion, took home a nice $500,000 paycheck for his efforts.  That‘s a lot of money, obviously, especially when you consider what the man did for it: berate and mentally abuse people with whom he was living.  I‘m a Dick supporter, but anyone who even mildly dislikes the man has to feel sick about this monetary reward.  Daniele, as runner-up, received a nice little $50,000 payday, enough to pay for college, if that‘s what she decides to do with it, which she should.  None of that is a secret, but what did everyone else on Big Brother 8 make for their troubles? Read more »
When Big Brother finally ended two weeks ago, the spotlight was naturally on its eventual winner, Dick Donato.  But aside from the limelight coming from his somewhat controversial triumph, numerous questions arose surrounding the true nature of his relationship with his daughter and regarding the abuse he heaped profusely on practically all of his fellow houseguests. Reality Wanted had a chance to catch up with the man known in the Big Brother world as Evil, immediately after the finale.  The 44-year old, fiery haired and even more fiery-tongued bartender took on even their most direct inquiries. Read more »
Big Brother 8‘s third place finisher, Zach Swerdzewski came home to a big reception last Friday, October 5 in his native hometown of Tallahassee.  The big man known in the Big Brother 8 house as the “ogre” overcame his first few weeks of anonymity on the reality show to give Dick and Daniele Donato a scare in the run for half a million dollars.The online chess competitor and clothing entrepreneur, whose back-to-back competition wins in the homestretch of the recently concluded Big Brother season finally gave him his long-desired chance to hear from his family and friends, finally felt their love in person during last Friday‘s homecoming. Read more »
It has been over a month since Jessica Hughbanks‘ ride ended on CBS‘ eighth edition of Big Brother.  CBS‘ affiliate television station in Wichita, Kansas, KWCH Channel 12, managed to catch up with her early this month during practice sessions of the Wichita Thunder dance squad. The native of Haysville, Kansas became an instant celebrity after spending three months as part of Big Brother 8.  She was the fourth to the last person eliminated from the competition, together with her Big Brother showmance partner, Eric Stein, when they were booted out in a surprise double eviction. Read more »