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Agreed, the point of reality TV competitions is to give the spotlight to a bunch of unknowns who are hoping to make it big in Hollywood. But they wouldn‘t really get anywhere without the guidance of professionals. We‘re dedicating this to the hosts and judges of reality television, who have given their support to dreamers all over the country. There‘s Big Brother‘s Julie Chen, the judging panel of America‘s Next Top Model, probably not Idol‘s Simon Cowell, and more.   Read more »
Another week of television has passed, which means it‘s time for us to act like our beloved grandparents: we sit back, we relax, and we look back. And we take a quiz that determines if we paid attention all these years -- or, in this case, all this week. It‘s pretty much like the crossword. Or Sudoku. You get the idea. Read more »
Last night saw the premiere of Big Brother 13, the summer reality phenomenon. CBS came roaring back, with Big Brother 13 turning out some of its best ratings ever, and easily winning the night. That‘s a nice change of pace for CBS, which has been airing reruns pretty consistently all summer. Meanwhile, on FOX, So You Think You Can Dance maintained its Thursday ratings versus last week. ABC‘s lineup of Wipeout, Expedition Impossible and Rookie Blue was a mixed bag, and NBC‘s Love Bites just kept on keeping on.Let‘s take a look at the numbers. Read more »
Welcome back, voyeurs, to the ultimate summer obsession: Big Brother 13! I‘m not ashamed to admit that I get painfully over-involved in this show, following along with what‘s going on with the live feeds, watching Big Brother: After Dark for three hours every single night on Showtime 2 and becoming unhealthily attached to/angry at the houseguests.  Read more »
Big Brother 13 has begun and the live feeds are on, which means we‘ll be able to follow what‘s going on inside the house. And this season is starting out very ominously as one houseguest is already gone!Big Brother 13 Premiere Recap: Old Couples, New Twists >>In the Big Brother 13 premiere, Rachel won the first Head of Household competition, and now we know her nominees.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
With Rachel as the first HoH on Big Brother 13, things are looking good for the veterans, even with a big setback on Thursday. Friday was the big veto competition, and you can find the results below.  Read more »
Watching Big Brother 13 on TV is officially a new experience starting with the second episode, because the live feeds are on and we already know the outcomes. Tonight‘s episode features Rachel‘s nominations, which we already know, but on the bright side, we also get to see what went down in the house before the live feeds went on.  Read more »
Leather jackets, one-liners as piercing as their eyes and the trademark devil-may-care attitude: that‘s what most TV bad boys are made of. Sometimes, we find out they‘re actually softies underneath all that. Other times, they‘re really just jerks.But there‘s always that guy, full of bravado, who makes heads turn as he swaggers into a room. So we‘re paying tribute to some of them today. Expect questions on The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon Salvatore, Community‘s Jeff Winger, and a Big Brother winner who played it dirty.  Read more »
Stupid things are said in the Big Brother house all the time, and thanks to 24/7 live feeds, they‘re all caught on camera. This season is getting off to a good start with controversy thanks to returning HG Jeff Schroeder, who went off on the fact that Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter is gay.  Read more »
Last night, Big Brother 13 had its Wednesday-episode premiere, and boy did it ever. Big Brother enjoyed its best ratings for a Wednesday premiere since 2003. This supplied some stiff competition for NBC‘s America‘s Got Talent and FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance. Love in the Wild too saw a considerable drop.Let‘s take a look at the numbers.  Read more »
We all know that Evel Dick Donato left Big Brother 13 last Thursday, but tonight we finally see it happen. Sadly, we don‘t get any sort of explanation about how it happened, and after he leaves, nearly all of the HGs, new and returning, have a total meltdown.  Read more »
Whew -- that was one crazy week, yes? Someone broke up with someone. Someone joined CSI. Someone joined Castle. Someone sang on America‘s Got Talent. Someone returned to So You Think You Can Dance. And I have yet to talk about the Emmy nominations... Read more »
Shows were down across the board last night, on every broadcast network. Despite this TV-wide drop, CBS won the night with Big Brother. On ABC, Wipeout, Expedition Impossible and Rookie Blue all dipped considerably. And on FOX, So You Think You Can Dance didn‘t fare much better.Let‘s take a look at the numbers.  Read more »
The first Big Brother 13 live eviction episode is here! After a week of shows where we see things that we already knew happened, Thursday‘s shows offer something new as we get to see who goes home and who becomes the new HoH. We also get to see the lovely Chenbot, which is always fun. Read more »
The first week of Big Brother 13 belonged to the veterans, with Rachel as the first HoH, Brendon and Rachel winning the first PoV and Keith getting evicted after Kalia, Shelly and Porsche all agreed to team up with the veterans and turn their backs on the newbies.  Read more »
The outcome of week 2 on Big Brother 13 is pretty obvious. With veteran Jordan winning HoH, another newbie team will definitely be nominated and one of hem will be evicted. And since we know that Kalia and Shelly voted with the veterans, there are only four people in real danger.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Big Brother 13 has been all about the veterans, winning the first three competitions and making all of the decisions in the house. With Jordan as HoH, it looks like another veteran week, but the Power of Veto competition offered up a pleasant surprise.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
I have to give credit to the veterans on Big Brother 13. I can‘t stand them, especially Rachel, but they successfully flipped the house and made all the newbies paranoid and confused. Now that we‘re in week 2 of Big Brother 13, the newbies are broken up and they don‘t trust each other at all, while the five veterans are thick as thieves.  Read more »
If you follow the live feeds on Big Brother 13, you already know exactly who is going to be evicted on Thursday. This is one of those boring weeks where the decisions have been made, and now it‘s time for pointless crying and useless drama, all of which stars Rachel.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
This episode of Big Brother 13 is all about Rachel (surprise), but on the bright side, it‘s about how unbelievably stupid she is and how bad she is at playing this game. She can criticize Cassi for being a floater and playing the victim and having bad gameplay, but she‘s not the one crying in the bushes.  Read more »
The veterans remained in power for the second week of Big Brother 13, but you might not be able to tell it by Rachel‘s attitude. This week she voluntarily took two weeks of slop and cried in the bushes after getting into a fight with Jeff, showing some problems for the Veteran Alliance. But things remained solid and Cassi, who Rachel wanted out all along, is on the block.  Read more »
So much has been going on inside the Big Brother 13 house this weekend that it‘s hard to get excited about this episode all about Rachel‘s HoH and special guest David Hasselhoff. The scheming and plotting has reached new levels, and Wednesday‘s episode is sure to be a hot one, but for now, it‘s still The Rachel Show.  Read more »
The Game of Thrones week on Big Brother 13 continues with the very important Power of Veto competition. The evil Lannisters (Brendon and Rachel) are in charge, and Daniele has turned her game into overdrive this week, pushing very hard for Brenchel to backdoor Jeff. Will that happen? I think Dani is stepping up as the show‘s Littlefinger, a character on Game of Thrones who is brilliantly manipulative, always looking out for himself and willing to shift allegiances or lead others to battle if it means the target will be off his back.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
With Rachel in power once again on Big Brother 13, I‘m going to need to find ways to keep myself (and all of you) from giving up on the show. And I think I came up with the perfect solution.I am declaring that week 3 of Big Brother 13 is officially the Game of Thrones week! Based on what‘s going on inside the house, I‘ve decided that the HGs are strangely similar to the cast of HBO‘s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones. This week, we see the two main factions splitting apart and preparing for war. The sides are obvious: Jeff and Jordan are the Starks, the noble and beloved people who work hard to serve the king. Meanwhile, Brendon and Rachel are the Lannisters, the over-privileged and cocky family in power.  If that‘s not enough, Cersei and Jaime Lannister also have a sexual relationship as disturbing as that of Brenchel (because they‘re siblings, in case you‘re not familiar). I‘ll have more on how all of the different HGs resemble characters from Game of Thrones on Monday, but for now, let‘s get to the nominations.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
I put myself on suicide watch following Rachel‘s second HoH win on Big Brother 13, but now I‘m good. Many of the other HGs have confronted her about her cockiness and ability to turn people off, so theoretically, she should be better now. But she isn‘t, of course, so I‘ve just accepted that she‘s incapable of being a good person.And as much as I hate her, the fact is that during her Big Brother career, she‘s played in five HoH competitions and won four of them, which is an incomparably impressive statistic.WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Sadly, my Game of Thrones week on Big Brother 13 is coming to an end. I decided that this week the HGs resembled the characters of the brilliant HBO drama based largely on apparent fractures between the two primary warring couples: Brendon and Rachel (the evil and powerful Lannisters) and Jeff and Jordan (the noble Starks). The problem is that, while Game of Thrones featured the two in a brutal power struggle, the Big Brother 13 couples have reached an uneasy peace.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
The premiere of CBS‘ new reality series Same Name (and an accompanying plug on Big Brother) has put David Hasselhoff back into the spotlight, or whatever defines "spotlight" at the moment, which is a Twitter trending topic.Anyway, it‘s not that he was gone for a long time. Sure, he left America‘s Got Talent a couple of seasons back, and sure, he only lasted one week on Dancing with the Stars. But surely whenever you hear the Baywatch theme tune you have flashbacks of Mitch Buchannon holding that red floater thingie? Or maybe you watch the recent remake of Knight Rider and can‘t get the original Michael Knight off your head? Read more »
Jeff Schroeder was voted America‘s Favorite when he first competed on Big Brother 11, and ever since then he‘s been remembered as a great guy. I‘ll admit that I too was enamored with him during his season and thought of him as a fine, upstanding dude. But ever since returning for Big Brother 13, that shine has worn off and he‘s been exposed as nothing but a bully.A lot of people turned on him when he made his homophobic remarks about how wrong it is that Dumbledore from Harry Potter is gay, and yeah, his statements were pure idiocy, but this week, it‘s his gameplay that has turned me against him.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information from the Big Brother 13 live feeds not shown on TV.  Read more »
Wednesday‘s episode of Big Brother 13 was a tad frustrating for anyone who‘s followed the live feeds, because we already know whether Rachel or Brendon will backdoor Jeff. What we get to see is how it all goes down, and that‘s the hard part. It‘s nearly impossible to understand Rachel and Brendon‘s trains of thoughts, because they make less sense than Jordan‘s mind. But here‘s my attempt to understand these two enigmas of Big Brother 13.  Read more »
All week things on Big Brother 13 have been boiling and today, they exploded. After a week where a plan to backdoor Jeff backfired severely, the HGs got most of their issues out in the open as Kalia, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel, Dominic, Daniele and Shelly all got into it. For the most part, Adam, Lawon and Porsche were wise enough to stay out of it.  Read more »
I enjoy The Daily Show because it often expresses thoughts and ideas that I think better than I could ever hope to do myself. But I never thought I could apply it to Big Brother 13. Until last night.Maybe I‘m crazy and have Big Brother 13 on the mind (which I do, since it has completely taken over my life), but on last night‘s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart delivered a brilliant and pointed commentary against FOX News that is exactly how I feel about Rachel and the other veterans this season on the CBS reality show.  Read more »
The past week has been an explosive one in the Big Brother 13 house. Daniele tried to stir the pot with a plot to backdoor Jeff, but thanks to Shelly‘s unwavering devotion to Jordan, it blew up in Dani‘s face and now her closest ally in the house, Dominic, is on his way out.  Read more »
I wish I could say that another week has finished, but it‘s been quite crazy here at BuddyTV HQ over the past few days -- thank you, Comic-Con -- that it‘s safe to say we‘re still in a bit of a hangover. And yet there are more things around the corner: Lady Gaga was on SYTYCD, Rachel continues her onslaught on Big Brother, and Ashley was a step closer to finding (really?) her true love on The Bachelorette. Read more »
This week on Big Brother 13, Kalia went from a minor fly on the wall to a major player, and it wasn‘t all good. The veterans have hurled a slew of insults at her and the sheer hatred they have for Kalia is astonishing. But I need to defend her, because to me, Kalia has stepped up as my favorite player in the game. She‘s smart, she‘s logical, and she‘s on Big Brother 13 to win. She‘s not a spineless jellyfish.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information about this week‘s HoH competition.  Read more »
It‘s finally here, the first endurance competition of Big Brother 13! There‘s nothing more exciting than an HoH challenge that starts on the live show and continues into the live feeds, and this week it‘s more important than ever. The veterans have been in control since day one, so will they keep the power, or will it shift to the other side of the house? It also marks the first time since the very first HoH competition that Porsche and Daniele have been able to compete.Read My Recap of the Week 3 Eviction Episode>>WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Big Brother has a long and storied history of putting people in stupid costumes. The most famous instance is the skintight red unitard, started by Jen in season 8 and continuing with Sheila in season 9, Michelle in season 10 and Lydia in season 11 (where it became the uniform for Captain Unitard). Season 12 gave us Kristen in the hippie-tard and Enzo in a penguin suit. Now we can add one more to that great pantheon of people in silly costumes.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details about the HoH competition.  Read more »
If you haven‘t followed the live feeds and spoilers and don‘t know who the new HoH is on Big Brother 13 yet, then you probably aren‘t reading this article. If you are, then you know there‘s going to be a big power shift this week.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
For three straight weeks on Big Brother 13, Rachel and the veterans have had total power and made every single decision. But now the power shifts, as it always done, and Rachel views it as a personal attack on her. If one person hated her in the house, maybe it‘s them. If it‘s two, then it‘s still just a coincidence. But Rachel has gotten into fights with Daniele, Kalia and Cassi this year, and Raga, Britney, Monet and Kristen last season. With all of this information, it‘s abundantly clear to me that they‘re not the problem, it‘s Rachel.  Read more »
Just when I think I have the Big Brother 13 house figured out, it takes a dramatic turn. I‘ve followed the live feeds and was certain I knew what would happen in the Power of Veto ceremony, but then things took a turn.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
A lot of weight was put on this week‘s Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 13, but really, it‘s just for bragging rights. Even if the nominations change, the outcome will probably be the same.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
I know, I know, this article‘s title doesn‘t make much sense. "What‘s so real about reality TV?" you might ask. "It‘s fake situations involving not-so-fake people. I don‘t watch that sort of thing!"And yet we still do, which explains why Heidi Montag remains as (supposedly) relevant as ever. It‘s also the reason why we watch the Kardashians make an issue out of birth control. And also the reason why Team Cupcake exists. And why we hate Rachel on Big Brother. And why Paris Hilton survived that sex tape and managed to run for president of the United States. Read more »
CBS may have done a decent job keeping fans guessing about which former HGs would return at the start of Big Brother 13, but now they‘ve screwed up and spoiled the next big twist a little early.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
If you‘re still unsure of what the word "irony" means, this episode of Big Brother 13 has the answer. All week Brendon concocts an elaborate scheme and a web of lies all to throw a wrench into HoH Daniele‘s plans. But in the end, even though he thinks he succeeded in destroying her game, his "wrench" actually gives Daniele exactly what she wants, proving that the real tool in this game is Brendon.  Read more »
All bad things must come to an end, and with this live eviction episode of Big Brother 13, I‘m referring to Brendon and Rachel. The overly aggressive, arrogant and emotionally unstable power couple once again face the consequences of their alienating actions as Brendon is nominated against sweet, beloved Jordan. Between the crying, the snuggling and a fake Brenchel wedding, this week has been an exhausting bipolar rollercoaster for viewers, so I can only imagine how bored with their B.S. the other HGs are.  Read more »
Another crazy week has gone past this flat-screen in front of me. (Of all of us, really.) Ashley got tired of the him-or-him? question and settled for a cupcake. The guidos decided to trace their roots and ended up doing more of the same. And we‘re a little (emphasis on little) closer to how Ashton Kutcher will end up with Charlie Sheen‘s shoes on Two and a Half Men. Read more »
In the first four weeks on Big Brother 13, Brendon won three Power of Veto competitions (one with Rachel) while Dominic got the other. In other words, this week, we‘re going to have a new veto winner.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Kalia is running the Big Brother 13 house this week, and despite some general paranoia about the big twist that‘s coming (remember, the HGs have no idea what it is), things are pretty clear. At this point, the house has divided into three camps. There‘s the Pajama Jam Gang (Kalia, Daniele and Lawon), the Veterans (Rachel, Jeff and Jordan) and the Floaters (Adam, Shelly and Porsche, who switch to whatever side has power).SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
For the first time on Big Brother 13, a newbie has won the HoH. Kalia is queen, which means for the second straight week, the veteran power couples (now minus Brendon) are on the losing side of the house. And while some things change, others remain the same.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Sometimes Big Brother 13 episodes are nothing but filler, and that‘s the case this week. When special segments focus on Adam taking off his elf costume or Shelly playing a joke on Kalia in the hammock, you know the producers didn‘t have enough good footage to fill a whole hour. But we do get a disgusting competition and the return of Big Jeff the Bully.  Read more »
Winning HoH says a lot about how you play the Big Brother game. Sure, you can make alliances and deals until the moon cows come home, but once you have to make the real decisions, the pressure is on. With Big Brother 13, Kalia‘s reign as HoH has shown what kind of player she is, and it‘s one filled with self doubt and misguided trust in others.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Over the past few days, it‘s become clear in the Big Brother 13 house that Shelly Moore, the nice older lady of the season, is the most deceitful and manipulative houseguest. She has shown a pattern of underhanded behavior, but I‘m sure she‘d claim that she never lied. That‘s because she‘s playing the Bill Clinton card.Surely you remember how the 42nd president of the United States vowed that he "did not have sexual relations with that woman," only to be exposed as a liar to the world. Only he didn‘t think he was a liar, because it depended on what your definition of the word "is" is. That‘s the same game Shelly plays.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information from the Big Brother 13 live feeds not shown on TV.  Read more »
Somehow, ratings shoot up when guys expose their barreled chests on screen. That‘s not the reason behind today‘s quiz choice though (although if that helps, why not). It‘s simply because the timing is right for the White Collar and Covert Affairs finales. And well, we know how big of a role six-packs play in those shows.  Read more »
In many ways, this week on Big Brother 13 has been absolutely pointless. For the first time all season a newbie won HoH, but the big twist that whoever gets evicted will have a chance to come back into the game has derailed any momentum Daniele and Kalia had.The HGs don‘t actually know the specifics of the twist, but if you watch the live feeds, you know that they‘ve come pretty close to guessing it. Though they have no idea that they‘re right, Rachel and some of the others have started guessing that the person who gets evicted may have to face-off with another evicted HG to come back. Rachel naturally thinks it‘s going to be Brendon, while Shelly and Daniele have suggested that maybe all four of the previously evicted HGs will compete with this week‘s evicted HG.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Friends, Romans, Big Brother 13 fans, lend me your ears. In this episode we get a Power of Veto competition based on the story of Sisyphus, and ancient history seems to be everywhere. Shelly compares herself to a Trojan Horse and the Sisyphus story itself serves as a metaphor for everything that happens. First Kalia tries to get Rachel out, and then she tries to get Jeff and Jordan to like her again, both Sisyphian tasks. And in the end, Big Brother 13 features perhaps the second dumbest move in the history of the game (behind Marcellas not using the veto on himself) when a HG not only volunteers to be a pawn, but volunteers to get evicted. I don‘t want to make stereotypical judgments, but it seems strange that two of the worst moves ever were both done by gay black men. It just seems kind of weird. Read more »
This week couldn‘t have worked out much better for Rachel, Jeff and Jordan on Big Brother 13. When Kalia won HoH, it looked like the veterans were doomed, but thanks to the paranoia created over the mysterious twist, Kalia‘s desperate need for Jeff and Jordan to like her, and Lawon‘s general insanity, the veterans lucked out.  Read more »
So Brendon is back in the game on Big Brother 13. He‘s reunited with Rachel, Jeff and Jordan are happy that the biggest target came back to keep them safe, and Daniele and Kalia are understandably furious that the past two weeks were just completely undone.I relate to Daniele and Kalia and I‘m angry at the twist. I dislike Brendon and Rachel on a primal level. I don‘t love to hate them as villains and I don‘t find their romantic drama entertaining. I just loathe them and wish they would disappear from my life forever. But since writing about Big Brother 13 is my job, that‘s not an option.Read My Recap of Brendon‘s Return>>SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Welcome to August, or as I‘d like to call it, that awkward moment between summer and fall. It‘s that time of the year when summer shows wrap up (in this week‘s case, So You Think You Can Dance and White Collar), not-so-summer shows start up (Bachelor Pad), and others just go on as usual (Big Brother and True Blood). In other words, it‘s been a busy week. But you knew I‘d say that, yes? Read more »
Hello, my name is John and I‘m a BBaholic.Yes, I‘m addicted to Big Brother 13, and on Thursday night I hit rock bottom. I‘ve become so invested in the show that when Brendon returned to the game, I became seriously depressed. As I left the BuddyTV office after the episode, I joked to my co-worker that I was going to go lie down on some train tracks. But I didn‘t, and now I‘m taking the first step on the road to recovery: Admit you have a problem.  Read more »
After an intense Thursday night where many fans (myself included) threatened to jump off bridges and kick puppies after Brendon got back into the house on Big Brother 13, cooler heads are prevailing. I can admit that, like the people in the house, I got way too crazy and emotional and wasn‘t thinking straight, but now I‘ve slept on it and have a rational head on my shoulders.Are You Addicted to Big Brother 13? Take the Quiz and Find Out>>SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Being locked in a house with no contact from the outside world for more than 40 days can be emotionally exhausting, and in this episode of Big Brother 13, we see just how emotional it can be. Every single HG goes through extreme highs and lows in this one episode.First we get the aftermath of Brendon‘s return to the game, followed by Daniele winning the HoH competition and ending with the surprise nomination of Adam and Shelly, with the likely backdooring of Brendon to come. Now let‘s look at how everyone faired, emotionally.  Read more »
I‘ll admit one thing: doing today‘s quiz is a bit awkward for me. One, I‘m more of an eyes kind of guy. Two, cropping all these lips out of photos feels a bit like Dexter Morgan killing serial killers. Read more »
Daniele‘s second reign as HoH on Big Brother 13 is a bit different than it was last time. Instead of going after Brendon and Rachel directly, she cut a pseudo-deal with them and left room to backdoor one of her biggest threats. Was the backdoor used?SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Things inside the Big Brother 13 house are getting a little boring. The HGs have reached the point of the season where they‘ve said everything there is to say and are forced to fill the time with silly, pointless activities.And thus, the Big Brother Hot Dog Eating Competition was born.  Read more »
Sunday‘s episode of Big Brother 13 was an emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs, fights and deals, and tons of drama. So tonight the show decided to lighten the mood with some comedic relief. There‘s a humiliating unitard, a game of corn hole and a revelation about one HGs secret love of boy bands (hint: It‘s NOT who you think  it would be.) Read more »
The past 48 hours may have been the craziest yet on Big Brother 13. Most of the alliances have been exposed, sides have been chosen, and unlikely allies have emerged. I‘m most surprised by the fact that Brendon‘s return to the house has changed the dynamic of the game for the better, and I never thought I‘d say that.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
To paraphrase SpongeBob SquarePants, "another week, another seven nickels!" And sure, while last week saw a bunch of finales -- and this week, too -- there was still a lot going on our televisions. Life at the Big Brother house continued while werewolves killed each other on Teen Wolf. Twelve talents got another shot on America‘s Got Talent, while Emma (or Sutton, who?) got into some new trouble on The Lying Game. You get the idea. Read more »
Saturday was a big day in the Big Brother 13 house. Not only was there a Power of Veto competition of vital importance, but it‘s also Daniele Donato‘s 25th birthday. So the big question is: Did she get a Veto for her birthday?SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Some weeks on Big Brother 13 seem more inevitable than others, and this is one of them. The outcome was essentially decided the moment the HoH competition was over. Nothing can be done and while the Power of Veto competition might offer some hope, it won‘t change things that much.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
When it rains, it pours. That‘s the best way to describe this week for three HGs on Big Brother 13, because everything is not going their way. This week‘s Have-Nots have been chosen and their food has been revealed.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
For the third time in four weeks, the HoH competition on Big Brother 13 did not end within the live Thursday show. With Brendon gone, this week is very important, and it‘s anybody‘s game.Read My Recap of Brendon‘s Second Eviction>>The competition forces the seven HGs to go back and forth on a soap, slippery surface to transport water in a small cup into a big bowl. Once it‘s filled and they can pull out a ping pong ball, they win. It‘s identical to a competition Jordan played in season 11, but that one was with hot chocolate instead of liquid soap and a marshmallow instead of a ping pong ball. In that competition, Kevin beat Jordan, Michele and Natalie.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Two weeks ago on Big Brother 13, Brendon was evicted. Rachel cried (a lot), Daniele and Kalia danced on his grave and the other HGs pretended to console Rachel while secretly smiling that someone else got rid of such a huge competitive threat. Brendon‘s return to the house was a shock, but even more shocking for him as how quickly Daniele regained control and once again made him the target. Will the zombie get killed off for good this time?  Read more »
For the first three weeks of Big Brother 13, the veterans were in charge and systematically took out three of the biggest newbie competitors: Keith, Cassi and Dominic. Then Daniele‘s rebel alliance took control for three weeks, but thanks to the twist, they only got rid of Brendon and one of their own allies, Lawon.  Read more »
On Sunday‘s episode of Big Brother 13, we saw Jeff promise Daniele that he would not put her up as a replacement nominee if the Power of Veto was used. There was no other way to interpret his comments. So did he keep his word?SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Something very strange is going on inside the Big Brother 13 house. Following Monday‘s veto ceremony, I thought the week would be painfully predictable and dull, but instead, there have been some dramatic shifts in loyalty and some very interesting deals being made.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information from the Big Brother 13 live feeds not shown on TV.  Read more »
The actual gameplay in this episode of Big Brother 13 is kind of boring. Jeff spends the whole time acting like he‘s weighing his options, but it‘s very obvious that, regardless of what anyone says, he wants to backdoor Daniele and that‘s exactly what he does after winning the veto and taking Porsche off the block.He still has a chip on his shoulder about Daniele trying to backdoor him in week 3, and that‘s the only reason he seems to be doing this. So all that time he spent figuring out what to do this week was a total lie because he‘s obviously been wanting to backdoor Daniele for the past four weeks. It didn‘t matter what she said this week and it didn‘t matter that Jeff promised not to put her up as a replacement nominee. Anything and everything Jeff did to suggest that his mind wasn‘t made up was a lie.  Read more »
It was a very busy night on Big Brother 13. On the live double eviction, Daniele was sent home after Shelly flipped to her side, then Kalia stepped up to win HoH for the second time and got Jeff out. The result was an emotionally crippled Jordan and a burst of energy for the newbies as there have now been three veterans evicted in a row. What will the new week hold now that there are only six HGs left?SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
I feel like Big Brother 13 is trying really hard to make me love this week. First they roll out the Zingbot, my favorite thing in the history of ever (followed closely by chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, the DVR and the concept of love, in that order). And now we get the double eviction episode, which is always the best episode of the season because it‘s nonstop action and gameplay with very little filler.  Read more »
Thursday‘s live double eviction on Big Brother 13 saw the two biggest competitors in the house, Daniele Donato and Jeff Schroeder, sent to the jury house. It was a rather stunning display of the inmates taking over the asylum and now the four remaining newbies are in control.I realize that many fans are upset that their favorite HGs are now gone, but I have to respect the game move from the newbies. The truth is that if Daniele or Jeff made the finale, they easily would‘ve won the entire game. They had to go in order for the others to have a shot at half a million dollars.  Read more »
The Big Brother 13 producers are desperate to keep the two remaining veterans in the game. That‘s the only conceivable explanation for the big twist from today when the first Pandora‘s Box of the season came into play.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
It was a very hot Saturday on Big Brother 13, and it looks like, to avoid having the six remaining HGs compete in 100 degree weather, this week‘s Power of Veto competition was pushed back to late in the day. For the first time all season, every HG gets to play.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother 11 and now Big Brother 13 is America‘s Sweetheart. She‘s a nice little girl who may not be the sharpest tool in the shed (in fact, her intelligence is more comparable to the fertilizer in the shed), but she‘s always nice and pleasant. Until now.Following Jeff‘s eviction on Thursday, Jordan turns mean, angry and annoying, revealing her true colors. I may sound like I hate her, but that‘s only because I kind of do, or at least I hate that she gets to compete on the show. She has admitted on the live feeds many times that she doesn‘t care about the game and the only reason she agreed to come back is because Jeff wanted to do it. Like Daniele, I respect and love the game of Big Brother, so hearing that someone doesn‘t yet still gets to skate by for two whole seasons makes me a little mad.  Read more »
There are only six HGs left on Big Brother 13, and after this week one more will be gone. The endgame is when you start to think about the jury and who deserves to win. But equally important is who DOESN‘T deserve to win.I admit that I get way too invested in Big Brother, watching Big Brother: After Dark every night and following the live feeds. When you add in the fact that, like Daniele, I love and respect this game, I want to see someone win who deserves it.  Read more »
This week on Big Brother 13 production had to step in to ensure that the newbies didn‘t succeed in getting out another veteran. That may not be the version of events CBS shows us, but it‘s the reality. The Pandora‘s Box twist resulted in this week being played in duos, which means Rachel and Jordan could win the veto, both come off the block, and force yet another newbie-on-newbie eviction. And since that‘s obviously what CBS and the Big Brother 13 producers want to happen, that‘s what happens.  Read more »
For the fourth time in five weeks, the HoH competition was not played on the live Thursday episode of Big Brother 13. I guess CBS is really trying to boost live feed sales. This week‘s competition saw Rachel, Jordan, Adam and Kalia racing through a sticky goo to retrieve donuts. Whoever gets the most in 13 minutes wins.Read My Recap of Thursday‘s Live Big Brother 13 Eviction>>So who won?SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
We‘re almost at the end of Big Brother 13. The finale is less than two weeks away and after tonight, there are still five HGs remaining, meaning three more will get evicted over the final five episodes. Tonight it‘s between Adam and Shelly in the ultimate vote of "Which useless floater do you want to keep around a little while longer?" Adam has only won one competition, the corn hole veto that Jeff and Daniele let him win. Meanwhile, Shelly hasn‘t won anything. It‘s a bit like choosing between two Jordans.  Read more »
There‘s a lot of talk in the Big Brother house about past HGs and who played the game the best. What really annoys me about this week is that Adam and Jordan are getting yet another free ride and complaining about how Porsche and Kalia are just acting like puppets for Daniele and how Daniele wasn‘t that great to begin with.I take serious issue with this because, as far as I‘m concerned, Daniele Donato is the best HG to ever play this game. Sure, she didn‘t win either of the two seasons she played, but I think there‘s more to playing the game than winning.  Read more »
Now that we‘re down to the final five HGs on Big Brother 13, the Power of Veto is as important as the HoH. This week has already been filled with excitement after the HoH opened Pandora‘s Box and a celebrity (or two, depending on whether you love Mr. Pectacular) came into the house for some mindless fun. But now it‘s game time.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
On Thursday‘s episode of Big Brother 13, Julie Chen promised that a celebrity would enter the house. Well, it happened, and it made one HG very, very happy. Meanwhile, another one got one of the worst punishments imaginable.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
When Big Brother gets down to five people, the Power of Veto is just as important as the HoH. It can change the game and decide who stays and who goes.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
I think Big Brother 13 houseguest Adam Poch is a Make-a-Wish Foundation kid. He‘s a Big Brother super fan who got the chance to be on the show and meet his favorite HG ever, Evel Dick, and now he gets to meet his dream girl, Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling. Maybe he has a rare disease that makes him age rapidly so he looks like a 40-year-oid, overweight metal head.How else can you explain the fact that Big Brother 13 is giving him everything he wants, despite the fact that he doesn‘t really do anything in the house or add any value to the season?  Read more »
After a long summer, the creepy Fortune Teller on Big Brother 13 finally came to life Monday night inside the house and started talking. Crystal (that‘s her name) revealed fortunes for all of the 14 HGs of the season and promised that they would be a part of the next HoH competition.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
Things are moving quickly on Big Brother 13. On Wednesday night‘s show Kalia was evicted and Adam became the new HoH. Thursday we‘ll see the final Power of Veto competition, ceremony and the last eviction before the final 3.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
CBS has to pack a lot into the remaining episodes of Big Brother 13. After tonight there are only two more episodes (the show is off on Sunday due to coverage of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11). That means in these three final episodes we‘ll see two Power of Veto competitions, an HoH competition, three evictions, all three parts of the final HoH competition and the jury vote for the winner.  Read more »
Big Brother 13 is packing a lot into these final episodes. The finale is on Wednesday, but first we need to see the last Power of Veto competition of the season, the last veto ceremony and the start of the three-part final HoH. Right now we have two newbies (Adam and Porsche) and two veterans (Jordan and Rachel).  Read more »
The end of Big Brother 13 is in sight. Jordan was evicted in fourth place, leaving newbies Adam and Porsche against veteran Rachel. The three-part final HoH competition will decide who goes to the end, and the first part, as always, is an endurance competition.Read My Recap of Thursday‘s Eviction Episode>>The three HGs were attached to a giant mixer in a pool of batter and spun around. It‘s just like the paint can HoH competition from last season, only this time the only thing they can hold onto is the metal bar they‘re standing up against.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
The end of Big Brother 13 is near. With only one episode remaining and three HGs left, it‘s time to predict which one will win half a million dollars. The finale of Big Brother 13 is a bit odd, with two VIP cocktail waitresses (newbie Porsche Briggs and veteran Rachel Reilly) plus the bacon, metal and 90210-loving Adam Poch. Which one deserves the victory, and which one will actually win?  Read more »
The last competition of Big Brother 13 before Wednesday‘s finale is over. The second part of the final HoH competition put two HGs against each other in one last chance at getting to decide who‘s in the finale and who gets evicted third.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.  Read more »
It‘s been a long summer, but Big Brother 13 finally comes to a close with the 90-minute finale. Bacon enthusiast Adam Poch, VIP cocktail waitress Porsche Briggs and second VIP cocktail waitress Rachel Reilly are the three left standing, and now it‘s time for one to walk away with half a million dollars.  Read more »
CBS has officially renewed the ultimate summer reality show Big Brother for a 14th season to air in the summer of 2012, meaning we‘ll get to see more crazy houseguest antics for at least one more year. The show has already done couples, saboteurs, exes, all-stars, enemies and more, but what new twist will they come up with for Big Brother 14?  Read more »
After finishing in ninth place last season and becoming one of the biggest villains ever, Rachel Reilly won Big Brother 13 to claim the $500,000. It was a surprisingly close 4-3 with Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and newbie Shelly voting for Rachel to win over Porsche Briggs.Recap: Rachel Wins Big Brother 13>>It‘s hard for me to argue that Porsche truly deserved to win. Yes, she did pretty well in competitions and her "sit back and play the social game" strategy was OK. But Rachel did win more competitions and she did fight harder to stay. Plus, Porsche pathetically miserable performance in the last two question competitions made me really doubt her ability to even tie her own shoes. She was given 11 questions, each with only two possible answers, and only got three right.  Read more »
The Amazing Race is winding down this season, but a new Race is coming soon. According to fan sites, The Amazing Race 20 began over the Thanksgiving weekend and teams were spotted at LAX, and it looks like, once again, CBS is taking contestants from one reality competition and bringing them back.  Read more »